The Loyalist Simon Kollock in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia -Part Four

Compiled by Sanford "Sandy" Wilbur

November 2018



PLEASE NOTE: This is a “work in progress,” not a final report. Therefore, I welcome any comments, questions, corrections, new information, that will make it a better product. I’ll post additional generations as I finish drafting them.

10. JAMES KOLLOCK  [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], son of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born ca 1791 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick at Bay du Vin. Some time between 1795 and 1805, he moved with his family to Kouchibouguac, Carleton Parish, Kent (then, Northumberland) County [1]. He farmed at Kouchibouguac, where in 1815 he received a 175-acre land grant.  On 5 January 1837 at Richibucto, Kent County, he married Elizabeth Thurrat [32][33].

   Elizabeth was possibly the daughter of James Thurrat and Jane Cummin. If so, she was born in Kircudbrightshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, perhaps ca 1818. The family came from Scotland to New Brunswick in the mid-1820s [34]. They settled around West Branch, Weldford Parish, Kent County, where Elizabeth was living at the time of her marriage [32].

   James and Elizabeth were living in Carleton Parish until at least 1861[35] [37]. It seems likely James died in the 1860s, and that Elizabeth was the widow "Collack," age 53, born Scotland, who was living in Carleton Parish in 1870 [36][39].


Children of James Kollock and Elizabeth Thurrat:

            18. William Kollock (ca 1839 - 

            19. James Kollock (ca 1840 - 

            20. Simon Kollock (ca 1842 - June 1866)

            21. Jane Kollock (ca 1847 - 

            22. Ann Kollock (ca 1850 - 

            23. Marian Kollock (ca 1852 - 


 11. MARY ELIZA KOLLOCK [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], daughter of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born in 1792 at Bay du Vin, Northumberland County, New Brunswick. I couldn't find anything about her early life. Some time between 1795 and 1805, she moved with her family to Kouchibouguac, Carleton Parish, Kent (then, Northumberland) County [1]. On 23 November 1812, she married James Harrington. At the time, James was of Newcastle Parish (Miramichi), Northumberland County [2]. Apparently, he was a son of John Harrington, who died at Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, ca 1812 [3][4].

   After their marriage, James and Mary lived and farmed for awhile at Newcastle [4], but by  1824 were apparently living at Richibucto, Kent County [5]. They were there until at least 1830 [6], then by 1848 were purchasing land in Studholm Parish, Kings County [7]. They farmed there until 1855, then sold their land [8]. I haven't been able to trace them after that date.


Children of James Harrington and Mary Eliza Kollock:

            24. James Simon Kollock Harrington

            25. William John Harrington

            26. Charles Henry Harrington

            27. Martha Jane Harrington

            28. Julia Isabella Harrington (1828 - 1911)

           29. Mary C. Harrington (ca 1829 -


12. SHEPARD FRANKLIN KOLLOCK [9][Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], son of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born 28 February 1793 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, almost certainly at Bay du Vin [10]. Some time between 1795 and 1805, he moved with his family to Kouchibouguac, Carleton Parish, Kent (then, Northumberland) County [1]. On 23 March 1814, he married Mary Taylor, reportedly of Kings County, New Brunswick [11]. So far, I haven't learned anything about her origins [12].

   Soon after their marriage, Shepard sold his property at Kouchibouguac, and the couple moved to Richibucto, New Brunswick [13]. They lived there until at least July 1831[14], part of that time operating a hotel, the Wellington Inn [15]. By 1833, they were at Bathurst, Gloucester County, where a daughter, Frances, was born 9 November 1833. Mary died 13 November 1833, likely as an aftermath of the childbirth, and she was buried at Old Saint George's Cemetery, Bathurst [16][17]. Apparently, the family stayed at Bathurst until 1837, then continued on to Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan [18].

   Shepard's family remained at Detroit into 1840 [19]. When the oldest son, William, traveled on west and found land in  Waukesha County, Wisconsin, most of the family followed. Shepard is said to have died at Waukesha in 1843, but I did not find any details or locate his burial site [20].


Children of Shepard Franklin Kollock and Mary Taylor:

            30. William E. Kollock (3 October 1815 - 21 October 1889)

            31. Jane E. Kollock (13 June 1817 - )

            32. Wellington Kollock (19 January 1820 - 1863)

            33. Ann Kollock (25 November 1822 - )

            34. Mary Eliza Kollock (15 April 1824 - 3 July 1828)

            35. George Washington Kollock (13 December 1825 - )

            36. Mary Eliza Kollock (3 May 1827 - )

            37. Henry Kollock (12 December 1828 - April 1910)

            38. Nelson Franklin Kollock (28 June 1830 - 1904)

            39. Frances Kollock (9 November 1833 - 21 October 1915) 


 13. GEORGE KOLLOCK [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], son of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born ca 1794 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, almost certainly at Bay du Vin. Some time between 1795 and 1805, he moved with his family to Kouchibouguac, Carleton Parish, Kent (then, Northumberland) County [1]. About 1815, he married Christine McInnis [21]. Christine, almost certainly the daughter of Peter McInnis and Sarah ____, was probably born between 1794 and 1797, either on Prince Edward Island, Canada, or at Kouchibouguac. I didn't learn anything about her early life [22].

   George and Christine lived at Kouchibouguac at least until 1836 [23]. I haven't been able to trace either of them after that year. Their daughter, Elizabeth Ann (Kollock) McDonald, and a number of McInnis and McDonald kin, moved to the Bonaventure - Port-Daniel area of nearby Quebec about that time. It is possible that the Kollocks went with them, but I have not found any confirmation of that. 


Children of George Kollock and Christine McInnis:

            40. Elizabeth Anne Kollock (22 March 1816 - )

            41. Kollock daughter (March 1818 - August 1818)

            42. Simon Kollock (1 October 1819 - )

            43. Genevieve Kollock (27 May 1822 - )

            44. Marie Kollock (27 May 1822 - )

            45. Elizabeth Isabella Kollock (5 February 1826 - )

            46. John Kollock (15 December 1829 - )


14. ANNE ELIZABETH KOLLOCK [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], daughter of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born in 1795 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, probably at Bay du Vin, but possibly at Kouchibouguac, where the family moved some time between 1795 and 1805 [1]. At Richibucto, Northumberland (now, Kent) County, on 19 March 1814, she married William McCully [24].

    William McCully, son of Samuel McCully and ____, was born in Nova Scotia  ca 1781. In his infancy, he presumably lived on land at  Great Village, Colchester County, that his father had purchased from John Mahon some time in the 1780s [25].  The elder McCully was dead by 1788, and it isn't known how long after his death the family stayed on the Great Village property. In 1809, when William sold to his two younger brothers his inherited rights to the Great Village property, all three were living at Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia [26]. By 1814 he was at Richibucto.

   William and Anne lived at Richibucto for over 60 years, he dying 6 November 1879 at age 98, and she in 1886. They are both buried in the Protestant cemetery at Richibucto [27]. Despite their long tenure in the area, and with many descendants in New Brunswick, very little is known about them. Presumably he was a farmer, and probably the “William McCollay” listed on the 1832 Kent County tax records as having paid quit receipts of £3, 4 on 150 acres [28].  There is no record of him applying for a Provincial land grant, nor are there deeds showing him buying or selling land in the area [29]. The one land record we have found with his name on it was executed 16 August 1820 by Simon Kollock, grandfather of Anne. Simon was at that time living in Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. For £50 he transferred his land near Richibucto (acreage unspecified) to William McCully and James Harrington, to pass on to his great grandchildren [30]. 

   A 1933 Trenton, New Jersey, news article that reportedly was about William McCully’s ancestry  was actually a (very confused) biography of Simon Kollock and Jacob Kollock, Anne Elizabeth’s grandfather and father [31]. 


Children of William McCully and Anne Kollock:

       46.  Mary Jane McCully  (26 October 1814 - 2 June 1904)

       47. Catherine McCully (26 April 1817 - 17 April 1903)

       48. Anne E. McCully (17 February 1820 - June 1903)

       49. William Shepherd McCully (24 January 1823 - 27 January 1863)

       50. Rebecca McCully (19 February 1827 - 1918)

       51. Samuel Thomas McCully (29 May 1834 - 1916)


15. JOSEPH KOLLOCK [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], son of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born ca 1800 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, either at Bay du Vin or Kouchibouguac. The family moved to the latter location sometime between 1795 and 1805 [1].  Apparently, Joseph lived and farmed at Kouchibouguac his entire life. I haven’t found any certain evidence that he married [39].

   Joseph was alive at Kouchibouguac as late as July 1870 [38]. I couldn't identify him in the 1871 census, but he was almost certainly the Joseph Kollock recorded in the 1881 census of Carleton Parish, Kent County [39]. I couldn't find a death date or cemetery record.


 16. ANN CATHERINE KOLLOCK [Jacob5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], daughter of Jacob Kollock and Miriam Horton, was born ca 1803, probably at Kouchibouguac, Kent (then, Northumberland) County [1]. She was living there with her parents when, on 4 July 1821, she married John Power [40].

   I didn't find any certain information on John Power. It seems likely that he was a son of John Power and Mary McCarthy/McArty, who reportedly came from Dublin, Ireland, to the Miramichi area, Northumberland County, before 1804. If so, John was probably born in Ireland in the 1790s [41]. Probably, John died before 1838, when Ann Catherine's parents transferred land to their grandson, Joseph Power. The deed mentioned only Catherine, not John [42]. 

   In 1861, Catherine was living in Carlton Parish, Kent County, with her brother, James Kollock [43]. She died there in June 1870, of consumption [44]. I haven't found death or cemetery records for either Catherine or John.


 Children of John Power and Ann Catherine Kollock:

            52. Joseph Power (ca 1822 - 

            53. Mary Elizabeth Ann Power (4 December 1825 - 4 June 1870)

            54. Rosanna Power (ca 1828 - 


17. JOSEPH KOLLOCK [William5, Simon4, Shepherd3, Simon2, Jacob1], son of William Shepard Kollock and Elizabeth Bagwell, was born 30 September 1805 in Sussex County, Delaware, probably in the Long Neck area of Indian River Hundred (township) [45].  After his father died in 1807, he continued to live in the area with his mother [46]. About 2 November 1830, he married Sarah Houston [47]. Sarah, daughter of Robert Houston and Anna Thoroughgood, was born in Sussex County about 25 June 1808 [48].

  Joseph and Sarah moved to nearby Dagsboro by 1840, and remained there the rest of their lives [49]. Joseph farmed, but also involved himself in many real estate transactions. He was said to be one of the largest land owners in southern Delaware, owning more than 1000 acres [50]. Two years before his death, he reported that his real estate was valued at $26,000, and his personal property at $13,000 [51][52].

   Sarah died 13 February 1867, with Joseph following 20 August 1872. Both were buried at Saint Georges Chapel Cemetery, Harbeson, Sussex County [53].


Children of Joseph Kollock and Sarah Houston:

            55. Robert H. Kollock (ca 1832 - 

            56. Annie W. Kollock (ca 1834 - 

            57. Elizabeth Bagwell Kollock (ca 1836 - 1920)

            58. William S. Kollock (29 October 1837 - 10 April 1926)

            59. Mary C. Kollock (ca 1840 - 2 August 1881)

            60. Joseph A. Kollock (1847 - 1931)

            61. Henry G. M. Kollock (27 December 1850 - 30 October 1928)



 1. It isn't always possible to tell where the Kollock families were living between 1793 and 1814. Before 1826, present-day Kent County and Gloucester County were part of the much larger Northumberland County, and only if a specific place was named could one be sure where in the county they living. From scattered records, it appears that Jacob and Miriam Kollock were at Bay du Vin in 1796, and at Kouchibouguac by 1805 (petitions for land filed with the New Brunswick government). Other records merely identifying "Northumberland County" are indefinite.


2. Early Northumberland County marriages, Microfilm #15444, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (Fredericton, New Brunswick).


3. Hale, R. W. 1989. Early New Brunswick probate records 1785-1835. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books.

   Page 199: John Harrington died at Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick before 18 February 1812. He died intestate, and a call went out to heirs and creditors (none named). Jacob Snider was appointed administrator of his estate, along with James Brittain and John Cougle. An inventory of his personal property was made by Peter Cougle, Hugh Doyal and Christopher Sheck, dated 19 March 1812, valued at 70 pounds. It included "only personal effects and various religious and practical books, including copies of 'The Tutors Guide' and 'The Key to the Tutors Guide.'"


4. Kings County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume L-1, pages 149-150: 7 January 1814 - James and Mary Harrington, farmers, of Newcastle, Northumberland Co., and John Harrington of Sussex, Kings County, who were heirs of John Harrington, deceased, of Sussex, sold for £300 to Jacob Snider of Sussex, 200 acres in Sussex.


5. Richibucto Anglican Church records (Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton): Martha Jane, daughter of James and Mary Eliza Harrington, born 31 August 1824, baptized 29 June 1825.


6. Richibucto Anglican Church records (Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton): James Simon Kollock Harrington and Julia Isabella Harrington, children of James and Mary Eliza Harrington, baptized 19 February 1830.


7. Kings County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume I-2, page 236: 28 October 1848, Nelson and Mary McCully, of Studholm Parish, Kings County, for £14, sold 83 acres in Studholm to James Harrington.


8. Kings County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume M-2, pages 86-87: 13 December 1855, James and Mary Eliza Harrington, farmers, of Studholm Parish, Kings County, for £70, sold 83 acres in Studholm to Edward Sharp.


9. The name "Shepherd/Shepard" is spelled a variety of ways within the Kollock families. "Shepard" is the form I found most often for Shepard Franklin Kollock, so I have used that spelling throughout this document.


10. Various "family trees" show Shepard Kollock's birthplace as Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick. No documentation is given, and this almost certainly arose from someone finding records of him at Bathurst after 1830 and assuming he was there earlier. Although I didn't find a birth record, there seems no doubt that he was born at Bay du Vin.


11. Williston Family papers (Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton): Shepard F. Kollock of Northumberland Co. and Mary Taylor of Sussex, Kings Co., married 23 March 1814 by Simon Kollock, Justice of the Peace.  Witnesses: Jacob Kollock and Henry F. Belding.


12. There was a John Taylor at Sussex Vale, New Brunswick, in 1800, but apparently not in 1790 (tax records for Kings County). Between 1802 and 1814, petitions for land in the Kouchibouguac area were filed by Robert, Alexander, John,                                             James, and Thomas Taylor. I haven't determined what, if any, relationship any of these have to Mary (Taylor) Kollock.


13. Northumberland County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume 11, item 95: 25 March 1814  - Shepard H. Kollock and George Kollock (of Carleton, Northumberland Co.) sold to Simon Kollock, Esq. (of Carleton). for £150, the  south half of Lot #12, of the original Simon Kollock et al grant - no acreage stated.


14. Kent County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume B, pages 574-575: 27 July 1831, for £8, Shepard F. Kollock, yeoman of Liverpool (Richibucto), sold to John Wheten 30 acres of land that he had acquired in December 1829.


15. Kent County, New Brunswick, deed book, Volume B, pages 558-574: 23 December 1829, explaining the details of a Sheriff's Sale of land and goods defaulted on, the Wellington Inn and Shepard F. Kollock, innkeeper. are mentioned several times.


16. I wasn't able to determine if Shepard and Mary Kollock intended to move to Bathurst, New Brunswick, or if that was just a location on their move to the United States where they happened to be when Mary gave birth.


17. The inscription on Mary (Taylor) Kollock's gravestone is easy to read. Her name is misspelled as "Koolook."


18. Various later newspaper articles and history books report that the Kollocks arrived at Detroit, Michigan, in 1836, rather than 1837. However, Shepard's daughter, Jane, married Thomas Currie at Bathurst, New Brunswick, on 6 October 1837. It seems unlikely that, after her mother's death and with no family remaining at Bathurst, Jane would have stayed there alone for a year before she and Thomas followed the other Kollocks to Detroit.


19. U. S. Federal census 1840: Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.


20. Anonymous. 1916. W. D. Kollock is dead. Succumbs to cerebral hemorrhage at St. Michael's Hospital Wednesday. Stevens Point Daily Journal (Stevens Point, Wisconsin), 7 Dec 1916.

   Family history: Shepard F. Kollock and Mary Eliza (Taylor) Kollock were from New Brunswick. Mary died when the children were small. "Shortly after," in 1836, Shepherd brought his nine children to Detroit, Michigan, where they lived for four years. In the meantime, Shepherd's oldest son, William Kollock, had gone to Wisconsin and purchased land in Waukesha County. The rest of the family moved there in 1840, and Shepherd died there three years later.


21. Christine McInnis' name is given on the birth and baptismal records of her children. I did not find any personal information about her. Her marriage year is assumed from the birth date of her and George Kollock's first child.


 22. I couldn't find any specific reference to tie Christine McInnis to Peter McInnis, but the circumstantial evidence is good. Peter McInnis was born at  Ashkernish in Scotland's Hebrides Islands. He came to Prince Edward Island aboard the ship "Jane" in August 1790, traveling with John McInnis (his brother?), another adult, with two small children. [Campey, L. H. 2007. A very fine class of immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish pioneers, 1770-1850. Toronto, Ontario: Natural Heritage Books.]

   As Peter traveled from Scotland as a single male, I assume he married after reaching Canada. Peter's wife's name, "Sarey," appears on one land deed in New Brunswick. Her maiden name has been said to be McPhee, but I didn't find any record to verify that.

   Peter and Sarah moved across the strait to New Brunswick ca 1797, and lived at Kouchibouguac. I didn't find any record of her death. Peter lived until 21 August 1861, and died at age 103 (Chatham Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma (Chatham, New Brunswick),  24 August 1861).


23. Elizabeth Ann Kollock, daughter of George Kollock and Christine McInnis, married James McDonald at Glenelg, Northumberland County, New Brunswick, on 21 August 1836. (Chatham Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma (Chatham, New Brunswick),  30 August 1836).


24. Marriage date from the Williston Family papers, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton - File MC216 MS4B.


25. Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Deed Book 2, page 321. John Mahon signed the deed 26 August 1788, acknowledging receipt of one hundred pounds from the since-deceased Samuel McCully: “I John Mahon of the Township of Londonderry... for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds... paid by the deceased Saml. McCully of the Province & Township aforesaid (Londonderry)..” The deed was recorded 8 September 1788. The names of heirs are not provided in the document.


26. Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Deed Book 6, page 81: “I William McCully of consideration of Sixty Pounds... paid by John McCully and Samuel McCully both of Horton... (sell) a certain tract of land... originally granted to John Mahon Esquire of Londonderry and deeded to the heirs of Samuel McCully of which heirs I the said William McCully am one.”


27. Death dates are those recorded on tombstones at the Richibucto Protestant Cemetery, Kent County, New Brunswick.


28. Miscellaneous 1832-1833 Kent County tax records, at Public Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton. Examined at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah:  Microfilm 9440ll 0859653


29. Many of the early Kent County records were destroyed by fire, so McCully deeds may have existed.


30. Northumberland County, New Brunswick deeds (on microfilm at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton), Volume 17, page 245: Grantor Simon Kollock (of Onslow, Nova Scotia) through William McCully (who married his granddaughter Anne Elizabeth Kollock) and James Harrington (married to his granddaughter Mary Eliza Kollock) to their children Mary Jane McCully, Catherine McCully, Ann Elizabeth McCully, James Simon Harrington, William John Harrington, and Charles Henry Harrington.


31. Anonymous. 1933. Canadian farmer impressed by friendliness of Trenton. Times Advertiser (Trenton, New Jersey), Sunday 8 October 1933.


32. Anonymous. 1837. [Marriage: Kollock/Thurrat. The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma (Chatham, New Brunswick), 24 January 1837.

   Married at Richibucto, Kent County, N. B., on 5 January 1837, by Rev. Henry J. Jarvis: James Kollock of Carleton Parish and Miss Eliza Thurrat of Weldford Parish.


33. The spelling, Elizabeth "Thurrat," was used in the newspaper announcement of the wedding, but the surname has been spelled a number of ways (three different spellings on gravestones in one cemetery!). It appears that Thurrot may have been most used.


34. Several children of James Thurot and Jane Cummin (various spellings of both names) were baptized between 1807 and 1820 at Colvend, Kircudbright, Scotland. I could not find records of an Elizabeth, but the reported dates are within the range where I would expect her to have been born. James came to Canada some time in the 1820s, with some of the children, but perhaps not with his first wife. He married a second time in New Brunswick.

  Thurrot is an uncommon name in New Brunswick, and so far I haven't found anyone else who could have been Elizabeth's father.


35. Northumberland County deeds, Volume 14, page 42 (item 33), 6 August 1818 - James Kollock of Kouchibouguac, for 65 pounds, sold to James Hutchison of Richibucto, 175 acres

   Kent County deed, Volume J, pages 251-252, 5 January 1850 - James and Elizabeth Kollock, of Carleton Parish, for 20 pounds, sold to Dominick Robocho of Carleton, 10 acres on Kouchibouguac Bay. Part of Grant G originally made to Jacob Kollock, Thomas Iann, and others.


36. Canadian census 1871, Carleton Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick: Elizabeth "Collack," age 53, born Scotland, widow, shown in household of Jane Carter (37, born New Brunswick, widow, with five children 2 to 16 years); also Mary Chadwick, 22, born New Brunswick, with daughter Jane, 6 months old.


37. Census 1861: Carleton Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick, household of Joseph Kollock.


38. Kent County land records,  Volume O, pp. 357-358, 7 November 1860 Jacob Kollock of Carleton, for £5, conveyed 75 acres in Kent County to, Joseph Kollock.  Note: Deed does not mention relationship, but assume this was Jacob's son Joseph, who he was living with at the time.

   Kent County land records, Volume T, page 51, 20 November 1869 - Joseph Kollock of Carleton Parish, for $56, sold to Michael Kelly of Carleton, 50 acres.

  Kent County land records, Volume T, pages 254-256, 6 July 1870 - Joseph Kollock of Carleton, for $250, to John Sutton of Carleton, a mortgage on land at Kouchibouguac .


39. No age is given for the Joseph Kollock recorded in the 1881 census, but a note says that he was "parish supported," implying he was elderly and without adequate resources.  He was recorded as widowed. There was an Eliza Kollock in the household, almost certainly his sister-in-law, widow of his brother James. No age was given for her, but she was "parish supported," as well.  Both Joseph and Eliza were said to have been born in Scotland, which was certainly an error for Joseph, but it would have been true for Eliza.


40. Northumberland County, New Brunswick, marriage records. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Provincial Archives, PANB microfilm #15488.

-John Power and Anne Catherine Kollock, both of Carleton Parish, married 4 July 1821 by J. Wheaton. Witnessed by Jacob Kollock and Thomas Maunsell.


41. Allen, K. 1993. John Power of Beaubair's Point. Generations (New Brunswick Genealogical Society) 15(3):9-12.


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44. Kent County, New Brunswick, census, 1871 - Mortality schedule: Ann Catherine Power, age 67, born New Brunswick; widow; died June 1870 of consumption.


45. William S. and Elizabeth (Bagwell) Kollock are said to have lived "near Millsboro" in Sussex County, Delaware. It is likely that they lived in the Long Neck area of Indian River Hundred, east of Millsboro, where the related families of Bagwell, Burton, and Houston were settled.


46. U. S. Federal census 1820 - Indian River Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware.


47. Joseph Kollock of Indian River, Sussex County, Delaware, put up $200 surety for his marriage to Sarah Houston.


48. Sarah (Houston) Kollock's birthdate based on the information given on her gravestone, and generally confirmed by her age as recorded in 1850 and 1860 censuses.


49. U. S. Federal censuses 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1870 - Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware.


50. Pages 657-658 in: Anonymous. 1899. Biographical and genealogical history of                                             the state of Delaware. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania: J. M. Runk & Co.


51. U. S. Federal census 1870 - Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware.


52. I have not done an in-depth review of the real estate records of Joseph Kollock, but the high volume of land transactions (both grantor and grantee) in the                                             Sussex County records certainly support the notion that he owned 1,000 acres.


53. Joseph Kollock diied intestate, and his oldest son, Robert H. Kollock, was named administrator of the estate. Robert is alleged to have "wasted, converted and disposed to his own use a large amount of the assets belonging to the estate of the deceased, and refused to distribute and pay over the same to the said heirs at law of Joseph Kollock and legal distributees of the estate of the said deceased."  (Pages 560-567 in: Saulsbury, W. 1889. Reports of cases adjudged and determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware. Rochester, New York: The Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing Company.) He had to pay the Court $3000, selling some of his land to do so. It isn't clear to me what the other heirs got, if anything.





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