Harrises of Early New Brunswick

NOTE November 2018: I haven't worked on these Harris pages in quite some time. They need updating (which I hope to do, some day), but you may still find them useful.

My information on the HARRIS name in New Brunswick is nowhere near as comprehensive as it is for Nova Scotia. The main reason for this is that many of the New Brunswick Harrises arrived after 1800, and most of my research in Maritime Canada has been in the "Planter" and "Loyalist" periods before 1800. Also, these "late-comers" are seldom covered in the early county history books, a problem for me since my work on the Harrises has involved only incidental work with primary sources of information. [As I noted on my introductory Harris page, my specific interest in the Harrises is limited. (Oops! Since my wife is a Harris - a New Hampshire-Massachusetts one - I better rephrase that: HARRIS is not one of the principal surnames I have been researching in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Nevertheless, I've turned up lots of bits and pieces that may be of use to someone else, so here they are.)]

As occurred with many early Nova Scotia families, some Nova Scotia "planters" eventually made their way into New Brunswick. Others came from the southern American colonies as Loyalists, and some came direct from Great Britain after 1800. I haven't been able to identify the origin of all the groups outlined below, or even to sort them all out. If you know any more about them, let me know. Also, if any particular group or person is of interest to you, check the Harris Family Bibliography (link above). It will tell you where I obtained my information, and maybe give you a little more detail. NOTE: Much of the data presented below came from Internet contacts, who are acknowledged on this page and in the Bibliography. Thanks to them and others for providing information to make this a more complete "working document."


GROUP A - Asa and Ely HARRIS

These brothers are from the Kings County, Nova Scotia, Harrises (link above), sons of Daniel HARRIS [K82] and Hannah FORSYTH. Asa HARRIS [K164] and Ely HARRIS [K167] petitioned for a Crown land grant in Albert Co., New Brunswick in 1808. It appears that Ely did not settle in New Brunswick, but moved on to Maine, and eventually back to Nova Scotia. Asa HARRIS m. Elizabeth ____; he died in Sussexvale, Kings Co., N. B. before 1817.


GROUP B - John Bishop HARRIS of Moncton

John Bishop HARRIS and his descendants lived in and around Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, for a number of generations. He is descended from James HARRIS of Connecticut (born ca 1640) through Asaph HARRIS (b. 1680), Asa HARRIS (b. 1709), and Daniel HARRIS (b. 1739). This family is included on the Harris webpage for Kings County, Nova Scotia (link above).


GROUP C - Thomas HARRIS Line

This family apparently arrived in New Brunswick from northern England some time before 1850. From the information I have, it isn't clear if any of the First or Second Generations came to Canada. The first definite records are of the Third Generation.

Thomas HARRIS m. Elizabeth ____. One known child.

William HARRIS b. ca 1800 England; d. ca 1853. He married in Northampton, York Co., N. B. 31 Jan 1820 Mary BATES. Six known children.

Children of William HARRIS and Mary BATES:

+3-John HARRIS b. ca 1821; married Fredericton, York Co., N.B., 19 May 1857 Matilda CRONKITE. Six known children.


5-William HARRIS b. York Co., N. B. ca 1820.

+6-Mary Jane HARRIS b. York Co., N. B. ca 1826; married Adam STAIRS.
One known child.

+7-Edward HARRIS b. York Co., N. B. ca 1828; d. 1900. Married Margaret STAIRS. Six known children.

8-Joseph HARRIS b. York Co., N. B. ca 1831.

Children of John HARRIS [3] and Matilda CRONKITE:
Amaziah HARRIS b. 17 Jan 1868 Southhampton, [___ County?], N.B.; d. 25 Mar 1943 Woodstock, Carleton Co., N.B. Married Woodstock, N.B. 21 May 1891 Melvina Elizabeth THORNTON. [Melvina b. 21 April 1867, dau. of John THORNTON and Mary Prudence RICKER; d. 22 March 1908.] Eight children born Woodstock 1893-1908 [Mary Beatrice, Jasper Leslie, Mansfield, Humbert Charles, Perley Phillip, Joseph Burden (b. 7 Sept 1904), Isadora Jane, Marguerite Melvina (b. 12 March 1908 Woodstock)].

10-Frank HARRIS m. 11 Feb 1897 Luzetta THORNTON, dau. of John THORNTON and Mary Prudence RICKER. Ten children born York Co., N. B. ca 1898-1913 [Helen, Frank, Harry, Richard Carl, Guy, William, Reta, Fraser, Eugene, Edison].

11-Fannie HARRIS b. 1858.

12-Levert HARRIS b. 1862; did not marry.

13-Annie HARRIS b. 1864; m. John STAIRS.

14-Lewis HARRIS b. 1877; m. Alberta _____. One known child: Donald Dale HARRIS.

Child of Mary Jane HARRIS [6]and Adam STAIRS:

Children of Edward HARRIS [7] and Margaret STAIRS:
Charles Edward HARRIS b. 5 Sep 1874; d. 1950. Married Mary BRIGGS. One known child: William Perley HARRIS b. 22 Nov 1905.

17-Thomas W. HARRIS m. 19 Dec 1894 Alice S. THORNTON.

18-Oakman HARRIS m. Annie DUNHAM. Four known children born 1898-1909 [Shedrick Lee, Weldon Charles, Edward Ernal, Chester].

19-Rachel HARRIS b. Aug 1862. Married William BRADLEY; three known children.

20-Wilmot HARRIS b. 30 Apr 1856; d. 29 Sep 1928; married 9 July 1885 Adelaide Charity THORNTON, dau. of John THORNTON and Prudence RICKER. Nine known children born 1886-1904 [Guy, Nora, Bessie Jane, Henry S., Myrtle Octavia, Tressa, Sterling, Austin Carl].

21-Octavia HARRIS b. 1868; d. 1871.


NOTE: This family appears to fit in the above line, as they share Carleton County, Southhampton, and the name "Perley" - Daniel HARRIS m. Eliza HOLT/HOLTZ. Daughter Jennie HARRIS b. Southhampton, N.B. 1878, married James Norman TOMPKINS in Houlton, Maine, 19 Nov 1902.


GROUP D - William HARRIS Line [Wales]

Rev. William HARRIS b. Wales ca 1811. Married in Douglas, York Co., New Brunswick, 2 May 1824 Sarah RICHARDS [b. Wales ca 1814]. Nine known children.

Margaret HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1836

3-Ingraham Bill HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1837; married Lucy Ann BOONE of York Co., N.B.; later moved to New York State.

4-William Joseph HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca April 1840; died York Co., N.B. 26 Oct 1846

5-Maria Jane HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1841

6-Judson C. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1843. He m. 1st 10 Oct 1869 Mary Jane BOONE. They had several children (names so far undetermined) born in York Co, N. B. He m. 2nd 1 Oct 1891 Mary Elizabeth HAINES. They moved from York County to Massachusetts, and this is apparently where a daughter was born (see Third Generation, below). After Judson died (in Massachusetts?), Mary Elizabeth remarried 1909 in York Co., N. B. (2nd husband's name not known).

7-Isaac W. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1845

8-Sarah A. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1847; married York Co., N.B. 25 Dec? 1868 Jeremiah BURT

9-George T. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1850

10-Clarissa E. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1853

11-Julia E. HARRIS b. York Co., N.B. ca 1855

THIRD GENERATION - Child of Judson C. HARRIS (6) and Mary Elizabeth HAINES

12 - Julie Carrie HARRIS b. 8 Sept 1894, probably in Massachusetts. After her father died, she may have returned to New Brunswick with her mother.




1-James HARRIS b. ca 1800 in England; d. ca 1868 Halcomb, New Brunswick. He married Margaret SUTHERLAND 1 Oct 1842 in Halcomb, N.B. She was born ca 1826, d. after 1871, dau. of Alexander SUTHERLAND and Jane ___. Eleven children.


2-Nancy HARRIS b. 22 Apr 1846 Halcomb, New Brunswick; d. after 1924

3-Alexander HARRIS b. 1 Apr 1847 Halcomb, N.B.; d. 4 Oct 1913 Boom Road, Northumberland Co., N.B.

4-James HARRIS b. 3 Sept 1847 Halcomb, N.B.; d. 10 May 1923

5-George McLean HARRIS b. 16 Apr 1850 Halcomb, N. B.

6-Mary Jane HARRIS b. 30 May 1852

7-Margaret HARRIS b. 14 July 1854; d. 2 June 1924

8-Robert Sutherland HARRIS b. 5 Feb 1857 Halcomb, N.B.

9-John Johnston HARRIS b. 30 March 1859 Halcomb, N.B.; d. 3 June 1933 Halcomb, N.B.

10-David Dunnett HARRIS b. 7 July 1861 Halcomb, N.B.; d. 28 Nov 1912 Sillikers, N.B.

11-Mary HARRIS b. 30 June 1867 Halcomb, N.B.; d. 13 Aug 1933 Red Bank, N. B.

12-Catherine HARRIS b. 12 Dec 1863 Halcomb, N. B.; d. 11 Apr 1945 Sunny Corner, N.B.



NOTE: This group may fit in Group C, above, and this may be William HARRIS-C5.


1-William HARRIS b. New Brunswick, m. 25 March 1835 Sophia ALLEN. Sophia was born 26 Jan 1817 in Douglas Parish, York Co., New Brunswick, d. 14 Oct 1856. She was the eldest dau. of Isaac ALLEN and Rebecca CROUSE. They apparently moved to Ontario at some point, as one of their daughters was reputedly born there. Seven children.


2-Isaac Allen HARRIS b. 4 Jan 1838 Canada (presumably New Brunswick), d. 27 July 1919 U.S.A. He married Kathryn Margaret FREEMAN (b. 5 Aug 1843 Canada, d. 24 Dec 1887 U.S.A.). Isaac probably lived in Ontario, and was later in McHugh, Minnesota (and Florida?)

3-Edward B. HARRIS b. 25 Jan 1841

4-Henry HARRIS

5-Wesley HARRIS

6-Samuel HARRIS

7-Celeste HARRIS b. Ontario, Canada



1-Capt. William HARRIS b. ca 1811; m. Matilda ___ (b. ca 1817 Nova Scotia). Lived in Saint John, N. B. Later lived in Eastport, Washington Co., Maine. NOTE: In the UNLINKED INDIVIDUALS at the bottom of this page, William HARRIS who married Margaret YOUNG in 1837 In Saint John, NB, is likely this person.


2-Isaac HARRIS b. ca 1838 Charlotte Co., N. B.; m. Catherine HANDLEY (b. ca 1843) in Charlotte Co. 17 Dec 1860. They were both of St. George, N. B. at the time of their marriage.

3-Capt. William E. HARRIS b. ca 1836 Charlotte Co., N.B.; m. ca 1842 Rebecca Jane O'BRIEN. Seven children.


4-Stephen K. HARRIS

5-Matilda E. HARRIS m. Orville MITCHELL and lived in Eastport, Maine

6-Fred A. HARRIS lived at some time in Winthrop, Massachusetts

7-George HARRIS at some point lived in Medford, Massachusetts

8-Isaac Newton HARRIS b. 20 April 1858 Back Bay, Charlotte Co., N. B.; d. 29 July 1934 Eastport, Maine. Married 1st Annie McCORMICK; m. 2nd Mary Agnes COOK; m. 3rd Sophie Stewart DUFF.

9-Mary HARRIS b. ca 1861 Back Bay, Charlotte Co., N. B.

10-Capt. William H. HARRIS b. 20 Sept 1871 New Brunswick; d. 8 July 1918 Augusta, Maine; m. Eva HARRINGTON.


1-Elizabeth HARRIS of Wicklow, Carleton Co., N.B., married 2 Sep 1858 Thomas PIPER of Wicklow, N.B.

2-Elizabeth HARRIS b. ca 1803 New Brunswick; d. 8 Sept 1862 Washburn, Aroostook Co., Maine; m. ca 1820 Nathaniel JORDAN.

3-Hezekiah HARRIS b. ca 1805-1810 Northumberland Co., New Brunswick. He died in the American Civil War in 1864. He was probably a Loyalist, with ties to the Boston, Massachusetts area. He had sons: Hezekiah, Franklin, George, Abraham, William, Charles, and Horatio.

4-John HARRIS b. 1788 London, England; m. 3 May 1813 St. Mary's, York Co., N. B., Sarah Elizabeth SUTHERLAND (Sarah b. 22 Apr 1791 Taymouth, N. B.); had son John HARRIS b. 20 Dec 1821; m. Margaret GILLESPIE (b. 1828 Northumberland Co., NB, dau. of John GILLESPIE). NOTE: This group may fit with Group E, above, as James and John are of the same general age, both came from England, both have ties to Northumberland County, N.B., and to the name SUTHERLAND.

5-Rosemund (CARD) HARRIS, widow of Asa HARRIS and dau. of George CARD and Tobey HOOPER; b. ca 1815 Deer Island, New Brunswick; d. 28 Sept 1905 Eastport, Maine.

6-Susan Elizabeth HARRIS b. 1845; m. 1845 S. Henry GILL; lived in Douglas, New Brunswick; had daughter Susan Jane Wilbur GILL b. 1869

7-William HARRIS Jr. received a land grant at St. Marys Parish and Maugerville, York Co., N.B. in 1789. From the timing and the location, he was likely a Loyalist. [A William HARRIS received land grants in the same area in 1816: same person, or son?]

8-William HARRIS of Saint John, St. John Co., N.B. married 9 Dec 1837 Margaret YOUNG of Saint John. NOTE: It seems likely that these are William and "Matilda" of GROUP G, above.

9-William HARRIS b. ca 1774 Wales, d. York Co., N.B. 10 Sep 1845, age 71.

10-William E. HARRIS of Oromocto, Sudbury Co., N. B. married 20 Oct 1878 Martha A. McCULLLEY/McCULLAH of Elgin, Albert Co., N. B. The names of their children are included in the Harris Family Bibliography (link above).

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