The Isaac McCully Line

While researching a line of McCullys in early Oregon, I accumulated information on several other lines that were not closely related to "mine" (actually, my wife's). One line is that of Isaac McCully, born in North Carolina in 1824. My information on his line is not exhaustive, but may be useful to others working on this family. I offer it in this preliminary form.

NOTE, May 2014: Since I first posted this, I have accumulated considerably more information on this family. I will revise as I get the chance. In the meantime, if you are interested in any of the information, contact me, and I'll share what I have.

1. The various federal censuses describe Isaac McCully's parents as both being born in North Carolina. Isaac was reportedly born in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1824, while his brother Calvin McCully was reportedly born in Tennessee ca 1835. In the 1850 census of District 8, Fayette County, Tennessee, there are two families ("next door" to one another in the census) whose heads originated in North Carolina: Miles McCully born ca 1796, and Hardy McCully ca 1800. Miles McCully married Rebecca Cooper 9 November 1829 in Duplin, Lincoln County, North Carolina (marriage record from an North Carolina marriages database). There were few McCully families in North Carolina in the 1820s, and these appear to be the only ones who moved to Tennessee at a logical time. I suspect Isaac's and Calvin's parents are from one of these two families.

2. Isaac McCully was reportedly born 1824 in Lincoln County, North Carolina (1). I have no specific information that he moved from there to Tennessee, but his brother Calvin was reportedly born in Tennessee ca 1825 (2). I have no information on Isaac's early life. He arrived in Oregon Territory in 1847 (1), and was living in "Champoeg County," Oregon at the time of an 1849 state apportionment census (3). [Champoeg County did not survive. I have not yet checked a map of the original Oregon counties, but Champoeg is in the Willamette Valley between Salem and Portland.]. In 1850 he was censused in the household of Samuel Allen of Marion County, Oregon Territory. "Next door" was the household of Richard Stout, age 54 (born ca 1796), a farmer born North Carolina; his wife Sarah, age 50 (born ca 1800), born in Tennessee; and their daughter Lydia Stout, age 21, reportedly born in Illinois (4). Lydia was born 21 April 1830. One reference (1) says she was "probably" born in Roane County, Tennessee, and some later censuses give her birth state as Missouri or Alabama, but so far Illinois seems to be the most likely.

Isaac and Lydia were married in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, 2 March 1851 by Rev. J. A. Cornwall (5). They lived on Isaac's donation land claim (#1040, issued from Oregon City office) near Aumsville, Marion County - 644 acres in T9S R2W, sections 21, 22, 28 and 29 (6). Their four children were born there. Isaac and Lydia divorced in 1878 (7). Lydia moved with two of their children into East Salem, where she was employed as a nurse (8). Isaac apparently continued to farm on the donation land claim (2). I have no further information on either Isaac or Lydia until Isaac died in Salem 7 October 1899, age 76. He had no will; his probate listed their three surviving children, but not Lydia. Isaac was buried in the Salem City View Cemetery; the funeral was ordered by his two sons and arranged by funeral directors W. T. Rigdon Company (9, 10). Lydia reportedly died 12 February 1902 (1), but I haven't found her yet in the 1900 census nor seen her death certificate.
Isaac and Lydia's children were:
4. Augustus McCully
5. Alvetus Austin McCully
6. Jeanette McCully
7. Remus D. McCully

3. Calvin McCully was born ca 1835 in Tennessee. He and his wife Martha (born ca 1832 Missouri; parents both born Missouri) were living with or visiting with his brother Isaac McCully in Marion County, Oregon, in June 1880 (2). This is all the information I have accumulated to date.

4. Augustus McCully was born 14 December 1851 near Aumsville, Marion County, Oregon (1). He was in his parents' household in August 1860 (11) and August 1870 (12). He reportedly died 8 March 1874 (1), apparently in Maine, as his remains were returned from there and re-interred in Salem, Oregon 28 January 1901. The re-interrment was arranged by his sister Jeanette (McCully) Van Dorston [or Van Dorster], and was performed by W. T. Rigdon Funeral Directors in Salem (9). He was old enough at his death to have had a family, but I haven't found any records yet.

5. Alvetus Austin McCully was born 3 June 1853 near Aumsville, Marion County, Oregon (1). He was censused with his parents at Aumsville in August 1860 (11) and August 1870 (12), and with his mother in East Salem in June 1880. At that time, he was unmarried and his profession was dentistry (8). I have found no further records of him until 15 March 1899, when he married Oda Parnell in Snohomish, Snohomish County, Washington (13). The marriage was apparently short-lived, as the Snohomish census of June 1900 records Alvetus alone with his dentistry partner, Charles Short (14). The April 1910 Snohomish census records him as divorced (15). Some time between April 1910 and January 1920, he married 2nd Katie _____. According to the 1920 census, she was born in Wisconsin ca 1880 to parents both born in Illinois. Her marriage to Alvetus was apparently her 3rd, as the census included a son, Charles E. Farrell, born in Washington of a Canadian-born father (Charles' age was not included in the copy of the census I reviewed), and a daughter Grace M.Serles, age 16 (born ca 1904 in Washington of a Wisconisn-born father). Charles Farrell's wife, Ruth D., was also in the household, born in Washington (parents born Pennsylvania and Ireland) (16). I have not traced Alvetus or his family beyond 1920.

6. Jeanette McCully was born 16 April 1856 near Aumsville, Marion County, Oregon (1). She was censused with her parents at Aumsville in August 1860 (11) and August 1870 (12). She married James H. Reed of Linn County, Oregon, 18 May 1873, at her parents' home (17). They divorced before June 1880, when she was living with her mother in East Salem. At that time, she was employed as a dressmaker (8). Jeanette married 2nd Alvin W. Van Dorston (date and place not yet determined), and was living in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington in 1899 (10). They divorced before 1910 when Jeanette was censused in her brother Alvetus' household in Snohomish, Snohomish County, Washington. According to the census, neither of her marriages had produced children (15). In January 1920 she was residing at Masonic House, Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington (listed as an "inmate" and a widow: I don't yet know what sort of institution was Masonic House) (18). I have not yet traced Jeanette beyond 1920.

7. Remus D. McCully was born 13 April 1859 near Aumsville, Marion County, Oregon (1). He was censused with his parents at Aumsville in August 1860 (11) and August 1870 (12). In June 1880 he was living in Goldendale, Klickitat County, Washington, single, and employed as a dentist (19). About 1889, probably in Goldendale, he married Della ___, who was reportedly born in North Dakota in August 1869, of a father born in Pennsylvania and a mother born in New Hampshire. They were living in Goldendale with two daughters in 1900, where Remus was still employed as a dentist (20).

Della  and Remus divorced, and in 1910 Remus was living in Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, with 2nd wife Lucretia Johnson (21). Lucretia was reportedly born ca 1859 in Minnesota. Her father was born in England, and her mother Kate A. ___ was born in Germany (Bavaria). Lucretia's marriage to Remus was apparently her 2nd, as the 1930 census reported her as first married at age 21, ca 1889 (22, 23).

Some time between 1910 and January 1920, Remus and Lucretia moved to Anacortes, Skagit County, Washington, where Remus continued to work as a dentist (22). Remus died there between 1920 and 1930, when Lucretia was censused as a widow, living with her mother Kate A. Johnson (23). Lucretia died 29 March 1950, at age 82 (24); I haven't yet seen the death certificate, so I don't know the location of her death in Washington State.

Remus and Lucretia had no children; Remus and his first wife Della had two daughters:
8. Lola McCully
9. Daisy B. McCully

8. Lola McCully was born May 1891 at Goldendale, Klickitat County, Washington. She was living there with her parents in 1900 (20). I have found no later information.

9. Daisy B. McCully was born August 1892 at Goldendale, Klickitat County, Washington. She was living there with her parents in 1900 (20). I have found no later information.


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