A Canadian Lutes Family Bibliography

   Gilbert Lutes and Annie Hurd married in 1877 in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, and began raising their family in the Moncton area. By early in the 20th Century, all had left New Brunswick and moved west to Alberta, Canada, settling around Medicine Hat and Drumheller. The following bibliography mainly concerns New Brunswick and Alberta, with a few records pertaining to British Columbia, Oregon, California, and Massachusetts. Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. I have copies of many of the original documents.

1. Miscellaneous Lutes information.
  Various information I found on the Lutes family, much of it from Ancestry.com, and not all checked for validity.
  a. Harold Gilbert Lutes married Ismay Margaret Lambert - daughter of Alfred Newton Lambert and Lilian Jane Greenslade; born at Glamorgan, Monmouthshire, Wales December 1914 [note: I did find the birth month/year in Welch records, but not necessarily at this place]. The family arrived in Quebec from Liverpool 21 November 1926 when she was 11 [note: I assume there is a ship record for this, but I haven't checked]. She married Harold Lutes at Drumheller, Alberta, 21 February 1933, when she was 18. She died at Burlingame, San Mateo County, California, in 1996, age age 82.
NOTE: As Harold married Evelyn Clark (see below) in 1977, I assume there was a divorce in here, somewhere.

  b. Nevada marriage records are said to have Harold Gilbert Lutes marrying in Reno 11 July 1977, Evelyn (Clark) Brackin. [Note: she is identified on Harold's death certificate.]

  c. Kathleen Smith reportedly married Clarence Kolmer Lutes in 1924. [Note: On a border crossing application, Clarence said they were separated, and he thought she was in British Columbia.]

  d. Mary A. Hartley born 24 April 1895 Caseville, Huron County, Michigan, daughter of Albert Hartley and Mary Steadman. She married Geoffrey Lutes 1913 at Medicine Hat, Alberta. Their son Howard was reportedly born there 10 May 1915.
Mary divorced from Geoffrey before 1922. She reportedly died in Chilliwack, British Columbia in 1994. Their son Howard died at Prince Edward Island in December 1958, was buried at Chilliwack, B. C.

2. Geoffrey Lutes in Portland, Oregon, city directories.
  Geoffrey Lutes appeared in Portland, Oregon, city directories from 1923 to 1941. He worked as a switchman for the Union Pacific Railroad the entire time. In most cases, the listings showed him with his wife.
  1923 - listed alone; 1924-1929, listed with Genevieve - exception 1928, shown alone, living at Nortonia Hotel; 1930-1931, with Minnie (assume this is nickname for Mary, who he married in 1929); later years, with Mary.

3. Anonymous Canada Elections Act - lists of electors.
1945 Burnaby, Vancouver North Electoral District - Newton I. Lutes, retired, and Mrs. Newton I. Lutes

1953 Ladysmith, Nanaimo Electoral District - Newton I. Lutes, retired, and Mrs. Mary Lutes.

1953 to 1962 - Worden Lutes listed for Medicine Hat, Alberta

1963 Campbell River, Comox-Alberni Electoral District - Newton Lutes, retired, and Mrs. Mary Lutes.

1965 Esquimalt-Saanich - Allen Worden Lutes, salesman; and Mrs. Jean Gertrude Lutes, sales secretary.
Allen died 5 June 1965, buried at Medicine Hat.

4. Anonymous British Columbia, Canada, death index records - Lutes.
Newton Isaac LUTES, born 26 September 1878 New Brunswick; widowed; died 3 February 1969, age 90, Campbell River, British Columbia. Father's name - Gilbert Lutes. Spouse's name - Mary MacLeod.
Mary Ann LUTES born 1 January 1884 New Brunswick; died 24 March 1963, age 79, Campbell River, British Columbia. Father's name - Alexander MacLeod. Mother's name - McKinnon. Spouse's name - Newton Isaac Lutes.
Pearl HETHERINGTON born 12 March 1904 Moncton, New Brunswick; died 27 July 1966 Campbell River, British Columbia, age 62. Father's name - Newton Isaac Lutes. Mother's name - Mary McLeod. Spouse's name - Herbert Ainslie Hetherington.
Gordon Newton LUTES died 23 March 1990 Comox, British Columbia [Record from Campbell River Genealogy Society, newspaper obits.]
Clarence Kolmer LUTES born ca 1906; died 29 April 1989 Campbell River, B. C., age 83

5. Immigration and Naturalization Service United States-Canada border crossings by Lutes family.
Crossing into the U. S. at Eastport, Idaho 29 September 1943: Newton I. Lutes and wife Mary Lutes. Age 65, born Moncton, N. B. 26 Sept 1878; retired railroad worker; last permanent residence Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Mother Anna E. Lutes (Sunset Lodge, Calgary, Alberta). Have made various visits to the United States - last one in 1925, went to California. In transit to Vancouver, B.C. - contact Mrs. H. A. Heatherington.
From Canada to Eastport, Idaho, January 1917: Mary Lutes and Howard A. Lutes. Mary age 21, from Medicine Hat, bound for California; husband (not with them) Geoffrey J. Lutes. Howard 1 year 8 months.
From Canada to Sweetgrass, Montana 26 May 1938: Gordon Newton Lutes, born 20 July 1914 Medicine Hat, Alberta, age 23 years; last permanent residence Drumheller, Alberta. Never been in U. S. previously. Purpose of visit - to Kevin, Montana, for fuel oil (6 hour visit). Traveling with Lester Jones.
From Canada to Sweetgrass, Montana 3 September 1938: Clarence Kolmer Lutes, accompanied by Donald Parsons; born Moncton, NB, 24 May 1905, age 33; truck driver; last permanent address - Drumheller, Alberta. Going to Kevin, Montana for gas - l day business; in U. S. previously (to California) in Feb. 1926 and Nov. 1932. He noted he was separated from his wife Kathleen, believed her to be in British Columbia.
From Canada to Eastport, Idaho February 1926: Clarence K. Lutes, age 21, born New Brunswick, final destination Oakland, California.
At Blaine, Washington, 21 May 1925 - Newton Isaac Lutes, born Berry Mills, New Brunswick; current resident Drumheller, Alberta; railroad switchman; going to visit a friend (Charles Forster) in Sacramento, California; traveling alone; wife Mary in Drumheller.
At Eastport, Idaho 19 July 1928 - Pearl (Lutes) Hetherington, accompanied by husband Herbert A. Hetheringon; coming from Calgary; going to Spokane, Washington.
At Eastport, Idaho 4 May 1945 to 31 May 1945 - Pearl Lutes of Portland, Oregon, age 63, born Lutes Mountain, New Brunswick 19 February 1882. Going to Calgary to see sick mother, Annie E. Lutes; had been in the United States 12 December 1900 to May 1942, and June 1942 to May 1945; traveling alone. Noted that she had entered the U. S. from Vanceborough, Maine 12 January 1900.
17 June 1943 - Pearl Lutes of Boston, Massachusetts, returning home; age 60, born Moncton, New Brunswick 19 February 1882; shoemaker; traveling alone by stage. Had been in the United States from 12 December 1900 to 21 May 1943.

6. Lutes, N. I. Newton I. Lutes family bible records.
Note: I don't know who owns this bible; photos of the pages were posted on Ancestry.com
Pearl Lutes 12 March 1904
Clarence Kolmer Lutes 24 May 1905
Vera Geraldine Lutes - no date; apparently born and died between Clarence and Harold
Harold Gilbert Lutes 28 December 1908
Gordon Newton Lutes 20 July 1914
Donald Newton Lutes 7 November 1922

Pearl Lutes to Herbert Ainslee Hetherington 18 October 1926
Clarence Lutes to Kathleen Smith 1924
Harold Lutes to Margaret (Peg) Lambert
Gordon to Beatrice Hawkins 1939

Vera Geraldine Lutes - no date; apparently between 1906 and 1908
Donald Newton Lutes August 1927
Mary Ann Lutes ____ (blurred) March 1963
Pearl (Lutes) Hetherington 27 July 1966

7. Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Vital statistics: county birth registers, New Brunswick (1801-1899). Fredericton, New Brunswick.
This birth registry is on file at the Public Archives, Fredericton, New Brunswick, report RS141 A2/1.
Worden Allen LUTES son of Gilbert Judson LUTES and Annie Elizabeth HURD, b. 4 Nov 1883 Lutes Mountain, Westmorland Co., New Brunswick.
Newton Isaac LUTES, son of Gilbert Judson LUTES and Annie Elizabeth HURD, b. 26 Sept 1878 Berry Mills, Westmorland Co., N. B.
Pearl LUTES, daughter of Gilbert Judson LUTES and Annie Elizabeth HURD, b. 19 Feb 1882 Lutes Mountain, Westmorland Co., N. B.
Pearl LUTES, daughter of Newton Isaac LUTES and Mary Ann MacLEOD, b. 12 March 1904 Moncton, Westmorland Co.., N. B.
Clarence Kolmer LUTES, son of Newton Isaac LUTES and Mary Ann MacLEOD, b. 24 May 1905 Moncton, Westmorland Co.., N. B.

8. Provincial Archives of New Brunswick [Lutes marriage records].
Newton I. LUTES, age 24, of Moncton, "widower," train baggage man (son of Gilbert Lutes and Annie Elizabeth Hurd; born Barry's Mills, N. B.) married 8 September 1902 Mary Anne McLEOD, age 18, of Moncton (parents David McLEOD and ___ McKINNON (?).
Newton I. LUTES, age 22, of Moncton, baggage master for railroad married 20 June 1901 Leona JOHNSON, age 22, of Berry's Mills (daughter of John Johnson and Sarapta Steeves).

9. Provincial Archives of New Brunswick [Lutes death records].
Eddie LUTES of Lutes Mountain, Westmorland Co., N. B., died at home 21 February 1892, of diphtheria.

10. Anonymous. 1877. [Lutes-Hurd marriage]. Daily Telegraph (Saint John, New Brunswick), 8 Dec 1877.
Married 2 December 1877 at residence of officiating minister, Rev. John Gammon: Gilbert LUTES of Moncton, Westmorland Co., N.B. and Miss Annie E. HURD, of Richibucto, Kent Co., N. B.

11. Anonymous. 1881. Canadian Census - Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick.
Gilbert LUTES, 27, born New Brunswick, farmer, Baptist
Annie LUTES, 33, born New Brunswick, Presbyterian
Isaac N. LUTES, 2, born New Brunswick
Daughter LUTES b. Feb 1881, 1 month old, born New Brunswick

12. Anonymous. 1891. Canadian census 1891 - Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick.
Census 28 April 1891
Gilbert Lutes, 37, born New Brunswick; parents born New Brunswick; Baptist; farmer
Annie Lutes, 40, born New Brunswick; parents born New Brunswick; Baptist
Newton Lutes, 12, born New Brunswick
Pearl Lutes, 10, born New Brunswick
Worden Lutes, 8, born New Brunswick
Clarence Lutes, 5, born New Brunswick
Edward Lutes, 2, born New Brunswick

13. Anonymous. 1892. [Deaths of Lutes children]. The Times (Moncton, New Brunswick), 26 Feb 1892.
Deaths from diphtheria: 18 Feb 1892,Clarence LUTES, age 5, and 22 Feb 1892, Eddie LUTES, age 3, sons of Gilbert J. LUTES and Annie LUTES, Lutes Mountain, Westmorland Co., New Brunswick.

14. Anonymous. 1901. Canadian Census 1901 -- Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick.
Gilbert J. LUTES b. 27 September 1854, age 46; trackman
Annie LUTES born 21 July 1848, age 52
Newton LUTES born 26 Sept 1878, age 22; baggage handler - NOTE: also recorded with William and Tamar Steeves, his aunt and uncle.
Pearl LUTES born 18 Feb 1881, age 20
Worden LUTES born 4 Nov 1883, age 17
Geoffrey LUTES born 26 July 1891, age 9
Catherine HERD, mother-in-law, born 26 April 1817, age 83
John HERD, brother-in-law, born 10 Nov 1870, age 30

15. Anonymous. 1902. The M'Cabe monument, Greenwood Cemetery. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Sunday 15 June 1902.
"This granite shaft, just completed, stands in Greenwood Cemetery, immediately adjoining Riverview. It was created by Mrs. Minnie McCabe, widow of Peter McCabe, who died in February, 1896. The monument is 35 feet in height..."
Note: These are the parents of Mary Ella McCabe, third wife of Geoffrey Judson Lutes.

16. Dominion Shipping Lines. 1906. Passenger list - vessel "Canada".
Records of the vessel "Canada" (Dominion Shipping Line) show Nellie Legge departing Liverpool, England, 16 August 1906, and arriving at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on 23 August 1906. A handwritten note on the arrival manifest (displayed at Amazon.com) suggests she was traveling with an aunt (writing hard to decipher), but her traveling companion is not readily identifiable from the list.

17. Anonymous. 1910. Ship passenger list - Nellie Lutes.
Vessel "Lake Manitoba" from Montreal arrived in Liverpool, England 3 July 1910.
Vessel "Lake Manitoba" arrived at Quebec 11 October 1910; passengers arriving from Liverpool, England, included:
Nellie Lutes, age 24, married, previously in Canada 4 years (1906-1910); destination Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Willard Lutes, son, 2 years old, born in Canada

18. Anonymous. 1911. Canadian Census -- Moncton Parish, Westmorland County, New Brunswick.
Gilbert LUTES b. April 1851, age 60
Annie LUTES b. Aug 1842, age 68
Pearl LUTES, daughter, born Feb 1881, 30; single
NOTE: birth dates and ages of Gilbert and Annie are incorrect

19. Anonymous. 1911. Canadian Census 1911 -- Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
Gilbert W. A. LUTES, born Nov 1884 New Brunswick age 27; railroad conductor
Nellie LUTES born March 1886, age 25; born England
Willard LUTES born July 1908, age 2; born Alberta
Annie E. LUTES, mother, widow, born July 1848, age 62; born New Brunswick
Newton LUTES, born September 1875 New Brunswick, age 32; worked for railroad (title obscured)
Marie LUTES, born January 1884 New Brunswick, age 27
Pearl H. LUTES, born March 1904 New Brunswick, age 7
Clarence LUTES, born May 1905 New Brunswick, age 6
Harold LUTES, born December 1908 Alberta, age 2
Geoffrey J. LUTES (brother), born July 1891 New Brunswick, age 19; railway brakeman

20. Anonymous. 1913. Lutes-Hartley. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 18 June 1913.
"A very pretty wedding took place at ten o'clock this morning at 106 Ottawa street when Miss Marienne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hartley, was united in marriage to Mr. Geoffrey Judson Lutes of the local staff of the C.P.R. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. J. Wilson only the immediate relatives being present... the bride entered the room accompanied by her father, who gave her away...Mr. and Mrs. Lutes left at noon for Calgary and Edmonton. They will be at home to their friends next week at their new home, 427 Roy street."

21. Anonymous. 1913. Born - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Monday 20 January 1913.
"Lutes, at Medicine Hat, on the twelfth January, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, a daughter."

22. Anonymous. 1914 - 1953. Henderson's Medicine Hat and Redcliff Directory. Winnipeg, Canada: Henderson Directories Limited.
Listing for Lutes in the Medicine Hat directories:
1914 - Geoffrey J. Lutes, brakeman CPR; Gilbert J. Lutes; H. C. Lutes, brakeman CPR; Newton I. Lutes, express and transfer; Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR. Note: CPR = Canadian Pacific Railway.
1917 - Worden A. Lutes, Conductor CPR; Newton I. Lutes, contractor
1919 - Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1923 - Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1925 - Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR; Emma Lutes, maid at Medicine Hat General Hospital
1927 - Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1929 - Emma Lutes, maid at Hospital; Miss M. P. Lutes, stenographer at Central Garage; Willard Lutes, employee CPR; Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1932 - Gerald Lutes, clerk; Marjorie Lutes, steno, Maple Leaf Milling; Willard Lutes, clerk Beaver Lumber Company; Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1934 - Allen Lutes; Gerald Lutes; Marjorie Lutes, steno Maple Leaf Milling; Willard Lutes, employee Beaver Lumber; Worden A. Lutes, conductor CPR
1941 - Gerald Lutes, clerk CPR; Ralph Lutes, employee Maple Leaf Milling; Willard Lutes, manager Beaver Lumber; Worden Lutes, conductor CPR
1944 and 1946 (same listings) - Gerald Lutes, clerk CPR; Ralph Lutes, employee Maple Leaf Milling; Willard Lutes, manager Gas City Plaining Mill; Worden Lutes, conductor CPR.
1948 - Gerald Lutes, clerk CPR; Ralph Lutes, employee Maple Leaf Milling; Willard A. Lutes, employee Southalta Building Supply; Willard D. Lutes, proprietor Southalta Building Supply; Worden Lutes, conductor CPR.
1952 - Gerald (wife Irene) Lutes, clerk CPR; Willard D. Lutes, President Southalta Building Supply; Willard A. Lutes, employee Southalta Building Supply; Ralph Lutz (wife Lydia) employee, Maple Leaf Milling.
1953 - Bernice L. Lutes, steno Maple Leaf Milling; Gerald Lutes, clerk CPR; Willard A. (wife Evelyn) Lutes, employee Southalta Building Supply; Willard D. Lutes, President Southalta Building Supply; Worden (wife Nellie) Lutes, retired.

Also - 1917 Directory for Lethbridge, Alberta: J. G. (=Geoffrey J.) Lutes, conductor Canadian Pacific; residence in caboose at train yards.

23. Anonymous. 1915. Born - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 4 June 1915.
"At the maternity hospital on Thursday, June 3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, a son."

24. Anonymous. 1915. Social and personal. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Tuesday 19 October 1915.
"A farewell social evening was given by the members of Ruth Rebekah Lodge at the home of Mrs. Albert Hartley...last evening, in honor of Mrs. Lutes, daughter of Mrs. Hartley...Mrs. Lutes leaves tomorrow for Lethbridge where she intends to reside and she will be greatly missed by her many friends in Medicine Hat."

25. Hetherington, H. A. (1915). Attestation paper -Herbert Ainslie Hetherington. C. O.-s. E. Force.
Note: Herbert Ainslie Hetherington would later marry Pearl Lutes.
He was born in Souris, Manitoba 7 October 1896, son of W. G. Hetherington (residence: Moose Jaw). He was currently a student.

26. Anonymous. 1916. Canadian Census 1916 - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
Newton LUTES, 37, born New Brunswick; Presbyterian; machinist in shell factory
Mary LUTES, 31, born New Brunswick;
Pearl H. LUTES, 12, born New Brunswick;
Clarence LUTES, 11, born New Brunswick;
Harold G. LUTES, 7, born Alberta
Gordon N. LUTES, 2, born Alberta
Annie E. LUTES (mother), 65, born New Brunswick

Worden A. LUTES, 33, born New Brunswick; Methodists; railroad conductor
Nellie LUTES, 30, born England; immigrated 1906
Willard D. LUTES, 7, born Alberta
Gerald M. LUTES, 5, born Alberta
Marjorie P. LUTES, 3, born Alberta
Allan W. LUTES, 1, born Alberta

27. Anonymous. 1916. Albert Hartley's funeral. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 24 March 1916.
"The funeral of Albert Hartley was held from his late residence, 870 5th St., yesterday, at 2:30 O'clock to Hillside cemetery... The Masons and Oddfellows attended in a body, the former having charge of the burial. Mr. Hartley was born at Wyoming, Ontario, Sept. 27th, 1861, later removing to Mich., where the family lived for twenty-one years, coming five years ago to Medicine Hat, Alta. The deceased is survived by his widow, two sons William George and Albert Edward, and two daughters Mrs. Mary Lutes and Mrs. Minta Sibley, also by five sisters and one brother."

28. Anonymous. 1916. Was crushed to death by the mill elevator. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Thursday 2 November 1916.
"Some time between midnight and 6:30 this morning Harry Legge, the night watchman at the Lake of the Woods Company mill, met a terrible death in the mill... crushed to death between the elevator used by the employees and the fifth floor...supposition that he went to step on the elevator at the sixth floor but missed it in some way and fell through to the fourth floor where the elevator caught him and crushing him up against the fifth floor.
"Mr. Legge had been employed as night watchman at the mill since November, 1911, and only yesterday the family moved to a house on Maple Avenue so as to be nearer the mill... Mr. Legge was an Englishman, having been born in Southampton, England, sixty-five years ago. He came to Canada with his family three (sic) years ago and has resided in Medicine Hat all of that time. A wife and a large family survive, including Harry, of Calgary; William, of H.M.S. Niobe, Halifax; Joseph, in the North Sea navy; Mrs. King, in England; Mrs. W. A. Lutes of this city; Sybil, Annie, Ray and Richard at home.

29. Anonymous. 1916. Albert Hartley dead. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 22 March 1916.
"Albert Hartley, one of the Hat's most prominent railroad men died last evening at his late residence, 870A Fifth St. Heart failure was the cause of death. Mr. Hartley had been ailing for some time, but the news of his demise will come as a sudden blow to his large circle of friends in this city... The funeral arrangements are in the hands of Mr. Charles Johnson and will be held tomorrow at 2:30 o'clock under Masonic auspices. It is likely there will be a large turnout of railroaders, also... Those who remain are the widow, two sons and two daughters, William George, Albert Edward, Mrs. Mary Anne Lutes (of Moncton, N. B. - sic?) and Mrs. Araminta Sibley."

30. Anonymous. 1917. Mrs. William Steeves. Moncton Transcript (Moncton, New Brunswick), 28 July 1917.
Page 3. Mrs. William Steeves - The death of Mrs. Tamar Steeves, widow of the late Mr. William Steeves occurred this (Saturday) afternoon at the residence of Mr. Geo. E. Stiles, Cheapside street. Deceased, who was sixty-five years of age, has been ill for the past month. She leaves one sister, Mrs. Annie E. Lutes of Reed's Hill, Alta. Funeral announced later.

30. Anonymous. 1917. Local brevities. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Thursday 11 January 1917.
"Mrs. Geoffrey Lutes left on Saturday to spend the winter months in San Diego, Cal."

31. Anonymous. 1919. Birth - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Tuesday 25 February 1919.
"At the maternity hospital on Feb. 24th, to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, a daughter."

32. Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census 1920 - San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, California.
Census taken 8 January 1920
Geoffrey J. LUTES, 28, born Canada; parents born Canada; married; arrived in U.S. 1919; railroad brakeman; renting home
Mary A. LUTES, 24, born Michigan; parents born Canada
Howard A. LUTES, 5 years 7 months, born Canada

33. Anonymous. 1926. Society. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 22 October 1926.
"Former school friends of Miss Pearl Lutes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Lutes, now of Drumheller, will be interested in the announcement of her marriage which took place in Calgary, on October 18 (13?), to Mr. Herbert Hetherington, of the Imperial Oil Company's staff of that city."

34. Anonymous. 1927. Society. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 9 March 1927.
"Miss Pearl Lutes of Brockton, Man. (sic - Massachusetts), is paying an extended visit to her brother, Mr. W. A. Lutes."

35. Anonymous. 1928. Double bereavement of N. J. Lutes and family. The Mail (Drumheller, Alberta, Canada), 30 August 1928.
Two bereavments visited Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Lutes and family within ten days due to the deaths of Gilbert Hudson Lutes, father of N. J. Lutes, and Donald, their youngest son.
Mr. Lutes Sr., who was born at Moncton, N. B., 76 years ago, came on a visit to his sons who reside in the west last May, and while at Medicine Hat was taken ill. Arriving in Drumheller on August 8th, Mr. Lutes Sr. had a relapse and was taken to Drumheller hospital two days later being removed to the Calgary General Hospital only to pass away on the 16th. Mr. Lutes Sr. was laid to rest in Burnside cemetery on the 18th, just seven days before little Donald died.
Mr Lutes Sr. is survived by three sons, N. J. Lutes of Drumheller; Warden J. of Medicine Hat, and Jeffrey Judson of Portland, Oregon, and Miss Pearl Lutes, a daughter of Brockton, Mass.
Donald, who was five years and nine months old at the time of his death, passed away on Saturday last after an illness of several months. Three months ago, Mrs. Lutes took the little fellow to Calgary where specialists attempted to restore his failing health but complications developed about ten days ago resulting in complete breakdown of his physical system.
When it was ascertained that Don was nearing death, a special train was put at the disposal of his father who was in Drumheller, by Chief Night Dispatcher J. D. Buchanan of Calgary, in order that Mr. Lutes could be with his family before his son passed away.
The funeral of Don was held from Shavers' Funeral Parlors on Monday afternoon with H. W. McLean of the International Bible Students officiating, followed by interment in Burnside cemetery alongside his grandfather.
In addition to his parents, Don is survived by three brothers and one sister, Gordon of Drumheller, Harold and Clarence of Oakland, California, and Mrs. A. Hetherington of Calgary.

36. Anonymous. 1928. Funeral notices - Walker. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Sunday 16 September 1928.
"Walker -- In this city (Portland), Sept. 14, Minnie, aged 58 years, wife of John W. Walker of 799 1/2 Michigan ave., mother of Mrs. George Tracey, Mrs. C. E. Smith and Mary McCabe of this city. The funeral will be held Monday, Sept. 17, at 11:30 a.m. at Finley's chapel... Commitment, Greenwood cemetery."
Note: Mary McCabe was Mary E. Lutes, third wife of Geoffrey Lutes.

37. Anonymous. 1929. Funeral notices: Walker. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Sunday 7 July 1929.
"Walker.--July 6, at his late residence, 211 Columbia street, John W. Walker, aged 88 (or 66?), father of Mrs. Mary Lutes and Mrs. C. E. Smith of this city and Mrs. George Tracy of Oakland, Cal. The funeral service will be held Monday, July 8, at 2:30 p.m., at Finley's Chapel, Montgomery at Fifth. Friends invited. Commitment Greenwood cemetery."

38. Cowlitz County - Washington (1929). Certificate of Marriage - Lutes and McCabe.
"DeVere" [Geoffrey Judson] Lutes and Mary Ella McCabe married in Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, 10 September 1929; Mary Ella McCabe, daughter of Pete McCabe and Minnie O'Brien, both born Ireland.
The groom is identified as DeVere Lutes, but father and mother (Gilbert Lutes and Anna Hurd) are correct for Geoffrey Lutes. Information given for the bride leaves no doubt that it is the "Mary E." that married Gilbert Lutes. There are other irregularities on the wedding certificate, in addition to Gilbert's name. Both bride and groom are said to be living in Castle Rock, Washington, when both were living in Portland immediately before and after the wedding. The groom's age is given as 31, when he was actually 38; the bride is shown as 29 years old, but two birth records we have for her would place her actual age at 36 or 38. The groom reported that he was "single," rather than divorced, and gave his occupation as "fireman."

39. Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census 1930 - Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
Census taken 2 April 1930
Geoffrey J. LUTES, 38, born Canada; railroad switchman; married at age 37; arrived U.S. 1919
Mary E. LUTES, 36, born Oregon; parents born Ireland. Married at age 35

40. Anonymous. 1936. Notes and briefs of interest. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Monday 4 May 1936.
"Mrs. W. Wood, of Vancouver, en route to England for an extended visit, is spending a week in Medicine Hat visiting her sister and brother, Mrs. W. A. Lutes and Mr. A. T. Legge."

41. U. S. Department of Labor (1936). Declaration of intent to become a U. S. citizen - Geoffrey Judson Lutes.
On 6 May 1936, Geoffrey J. Lutes, living in Portland, Oregon, signed his intent to become a U. S. citizen. He said he was born in Berry's Mills, Canada, 26 July 1891. His last foreign residence was Lethbridge, Canada. He emigrated to the U. S. from Vancouver, B. C., via Blaine, Washington, on 10 July 1925. He was married to Mary (no last name given) at Kelso, Washington, 10 September 1929; Mary was born at Portland, Oregon, 29 April, 1893.

42. Anonymous. 1940. U. S. Federal census 1940 - Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
Geoffrey J. Lutes, 48, born Canada; lived in same house 1935; railroad switchman
Mary Lutes, 46, born Oregon.

43. Anonymous. 1940. Weddings: Lutes-Marmont. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Wednesday 3 July 1940.
"The marriage took place quietly in Vancouver at the home of the bride's parents June 22, of Margaret Grace, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Marmont, to Corporal Howard Lutes, R.C.A.F., son of Sergt. C. D. McWilliams, RCMP, and Mrs. McWilliams of Lethbridge, Alta... Following the reception Cpl. and Mrs. Lutes left on their wedding trip to Banff and eastern points. On returning they will reside on Vancouver Island."

44. Anonymous. 1941. Engagements announced. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Tuesday 18 March 1941.
"Mr. and Mrs. George E. Clark, of Vancouver, announce the engagement of their youngest daughter, Jean Gertrude, to Lieut. Allen Worden Lutes, Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, Medicine Hat. The wedding will take place quietly on April 17."

45. Anonymous. 1941. Medicine Hat society notes. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Friday 17 January 1941.
"Lieut. Allan Lutes left Friday night to rejoin his regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders at Vancouver after convalescing at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes."

46. Anonymous. 1941. Medicine Hat society notes. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Monday 24 February 1941.
"Miss Marjorie Lutes of guest of honor on Thursday evening when her friends entertained at a no-host dinner at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Miss Lutes, who left Friday to take a position in the government offices at Ottawa, was presented with a handsomely engraved silver cigarette case by her friends."

47. Anonymous. 1941. Medicine Hat society notes. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Tuesday 11 March 1941.
"Miss Katherine Lutes of Calgary spent the weekend with her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, returning to Calgary on Sunday night."

48. Anonymous. 1941. Daily statistics - funeral notices. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Sunday 9 February 1941.
"Rites for the following were held during the past week at the Portland Crematorium and Mausoleum:..... Geoffrey J. Lutes... "
NOTE: Information given on the Find-a-Grave site:
Geoffrey Judson Lutes, born 26 July 1891 Berry Mills, New Brunswick; died 3 February 1941 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon; husband of Mary E. Lutes, married 4 April 1922 in Multnomah County.

49. Anonymous. 1941. Final papers go to 119. U. S. citizenship attained here. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Friday 17 January 1941.
"Final citizenship papers were granted to a total of 119 persons at a naturalization hearing held Thursday morning before Federal Judge Claude McColloch... New citizens included... Geoffrey J. Lutes..."

50. Anonymous. 1942. Engagements announced. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Thursday 4 June 1942.
"Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes of Medicine Hat announce the engagement of their elder daughter, Marjorie Patricia, to Lieut. Alan Sherriff, second son of Mrs. A. Sherriff of Ottawa (formerly of Regina, Sask.) and the late Mr. Sherriff. The wedding is to take place in Ottawa on June 6."

51. Anonymous. 1942. Weddings: Sheriff--Lutes. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Tuesday 16 June 1942.
"A wedding of much local interest took place in Ottawa on June 6, when Marjorie Patricia, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Worden A. Lutes of Medicine Hat and Lieut. Alan Sheriff, formerly of Regina, now of Ottawa, were united in marriage. The ceremony took place in St. John's Anglican church, Ottawa, Rev. Northcotte R. Burke officiating... The happy couple will make their home in Ottawa, where each was engaged in war work."

52. Anonymous. 1942. Medicine Hat social news. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Friday 31 July 1942.
"Lieut. Allen Lutes is a visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes for a few days en route to Gordon Head, B. C., from Montreal, Que., where he has been taking a special course."

53. Anonymous. 1942. Engagement announced. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 6 May 1942.
"Mrs. Inga Odland announces the engagement of her only daughter, Irene Jeanette, to Gerald M. Lutes, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lutes, the wedding to take place on May 14th."

54. Anonymous. 1943. Daily statistics: Vancouver (Washington) marriage licenses. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Thursday 15 April 1943.
NOTE: This is almost certainly the remarriage of the widow of Geoffrey Lutes; there don't seem to be any other Mary Lutes around at that time.
"Waller--Lutes.--Clarence Waller, 62, 1309 North Killingsworth street, Portland, and Mary Lutes, 50, 6569 N. New Castle street, Portland."

55. Anonymous. 1943. Interesting items social and personal. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 9 July 1943.
"Mr. and Mrs. Worden Lutes have left for the Pacific coast, where they will visit their youngest daughter, Mrs. Bill Clarke, for a few weeks."

56. Anonymous. 1943. Interesting items social and personal. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Saturday 29 May 1943.
"Pilot Officer Howard A. Lutes visited his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Hartley, between trains last evening, enroute to Nassau, Bahamas, where he has been posted."

57. Clark County-Washington,. (1943). Marriage certificate - Waller-Lutes. Vancouver, Washington.
Marriage certificate 12 April 1943 for Clarence Waller and Mary E. Lutes, both of Multnomah County, Oregon.
This is almost certainly the widow/third wife of Geoffrey Lutes.

58. Anonymous. 1946. Daily vital statistics for Portland and vicinity. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), Wednesday 17 April 1946.
"Waller -- April 16, Clarence of 1300 N. Killingsworth, husband of Mary, father of Mrs. Gordon H. Smith, brother of Edward, Merlin, Wisc..."
Note: This was probably the second husband of Mary Ella (McCabe) Lutes.

59. Anonymous. 1951. Mrs. Mary Hartley buried in Hillside. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 16 November 1951.
"Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Hartley were held on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in Cook's Funeral Chapel, Rev. H. Meadows officiating... Mary Hartley (nee Mary Steadman) was born in Enniskillen, Ont., April 22, 1868. She married Albert Hartley on Dec. 26, 1887. After residing in the state of Michigan they moved to Medicine Hat in October, 1910. She lived here until 1945 and then moved to Trail where she has since lived with her daughter... She is survived by two sons, W. G. Hartley of this city and A. E. Hartley of Saskatoon; two daughters, Mrs. C. D. McWilliams of Trail, B. C., and Mrs. J. Middlemas of Vancouver; four grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Her husband Albert Hartley predeceased her in March, 1916."
Note: Mrs. C. D. McWilliams was the first wife of Geoffrey Lutes.

60. Anonymous. 1957. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 7 June 1957.
"June 5, Mrs. Nellie Lutes, beloved wife of Mr. Worden A. Lutes of 76 4th St. S.E. and mother of Willard and Gerald of Medicine Hat, Marjorie of Calgary, Allen of Victoria, B. C., and Kay (Mrs. E. G. Clark) of Lloydminster. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in Cook's Funeral Chapel, Rev. William Bell officiating. Interment followed in the family plot, Hillside Cemetery."

61. Anonymous. 1957. Mrs. Nellie Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Tuesday 11 June 1957.
"Mrs. Nellie Lutes (nee Legge) was born in Southampton, England, on March 19, 1886. She came to Canada in 1906 and in 1907 married Worden A. Lutes. The couple would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer. Mrs. Lutes was a member of Murray Chapter No. 58, OES, attended Westminster United Church and had always been active in the WA. After a long illness she passed away on June 5, 1957.
"Surviving are her husband Worden A., of this city; five children, Willard D. and Gerald M. H. of this city; Marjorie P. of Calgary; Allen W. of Victoria and Kathleen M (Mrs. E. G. Clark) of Lloydminster; five grandchildren, Willard (Bill), Jack, Kenneth, Allison Lutes and Donna Clark; also three great grandchildren, Sandra, Willard (Billie), and Janie Lutes; two sisters: Nan (Mrs. T. W. Chenerton) of Port Moody, B. C., and Rachel (Mrs. W. Wood) of Vancouver; three brothers, William of Vancouver; Christ in England and Tommy Legge of Medicine Hat.
"Funeral services for Mrs. Lutes were held on Friday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in Cook's Chapel...Interment was in the family plot in Hillside cemetery."

62. Anonymous. 1958. Ex-resident, Howard Lutes dies. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Saturday 20 December 1958.
"Sqdn. Ldr. Howard Lutes, second in command of Summerside Air Base in Prince Edward Island and a former Lethbridge resident, died unexpectedly in Summerside recently. He was 43. A military funeral was held in Summerside Friday and the body is being forwarded to Chilliwack, B. C., for burial. Sqdn. Ldr. Lutes received his high school education here and enlisted in the RCAF in 1936... His step-father, C. D. McWilliams of Chilliwack, is a former staff sergeant in the RCMP. Mr. McWilliams served at Lethbridge for a number of years as patrol sergeant for the Alberta Provincial Police and the RCMP. He retired from here to Chilliwack in 1938.
"Among Sqdn. Ldr. Lutes' survivors are his wife, two children, step-father and mother and a cousin WO2 L. M. Grant of the Royal Canadian Engineers in Lethbridge."

63. Anonymous. 1959. Social album. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta ), Tuesday 31 March 1959.
"The marriage is announced of Mrs. Ina Dunham to Mr. Worden A. Lutes, all of Medicine Hat, which took place at 76 Fourth St. SE on March 26."

64. Anonymous. 1960. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 8 June 1960.
"June 6, at Calgary, Miss Marjorie Patricia Lutes, of 220 26th ave. SW, beloved daughter of Mr. Worden Lutes of Medicine Hat and beloved sister of Mrs. E. G. (Kathleen) Clark of Edmonton, Willard D. Lutes and Gerald N. H. Lutes of Medicine Hat, and Allen W. Lutes of Victoria, B. C."

65. Anonymous. 1960. Miss M. Lutes service held. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Tuesday 21 June 1960.
"Private family funeral services for Marjorie Lutes, who died June 6 in Calgary following an illness of approximately two weeks, were held recently in Hillside cemetery, conducted by Rev. J. L. Paterson. An earlier service was held in Halloway and McInnes' Funeral Chapel in Calgary, followed by cremation. The ashes were shipped to Medicine Hat to Cook's Funeral Home for final arrangements.
"Miss Lutes, who was born in Medicine Hat and received her education here, worked for several years with the Maple Leaf Milling Company before going to Ottawa during World War II. Returning west to Calgary following the armistice, she again went to Ottawa to work with the Thomas Foundation and returned to Calgary about a year ago. Predeceased by her mother in June, 1957, she is survived by her father, W. A. Lutes of Medicine Hat, and three brothers, Willard and Gerald of Medicine Hat and Allen of Victoria, B. C., also one sister, Kathleen (Mrs. E. G. Clark) of Edmonton."

66. Anonymous. 1965. Lutes rites held. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Thursday 10 June 1965.
"Funeral service was held Tuesday at Cook's Funeral Chapel for Worden A. Lutes, 76 4th Street S.E., who died Saturday in Medicine Hat General Hospital. Rev. Harold McKay officiated interment; interment was in the family plot of Hillside cemetery. Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Nov. 4, 1883, Mr. Lutes received his education there and moved west to Medicine Hat where was employed by the CPR in 1906. He retired from the CPR in 1948. In 1907 Mr. Lutes married Nellie Legge who predeceased him in 1957, and in 1959 he wed Mrs. Ina Dunham. He was a resident of Medicine Hat for 60 years.
"Surviving are his wife, Ina; three sons, Willard D. and Gerald of Medicine Hat and Allan of Victoria; and one daughter, Kathleen (Mrs. Ed Clark) of Lethbridge. Mr. Lutes was predeceased by one daughter, Marjorie, in 1960."

67. Anonymous. 1968. Notice to creditors and claimants. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Saturday 2 March 1968.
"In the estate of Pearl Lutes, late of Medicine Hat, in the Province of Alberta, spinster, who died on the 19th day of February, A.D. 1968 - Take notice that all persons having claims upon the estate of the above named must file... by 1st day of April, A. D. 1968 a full statement of their claims... by Stone, Pritchard, Medhurst & Lerner, Medicine Hat."

68. Anonymous. 1968. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Wednesday 21 February 1968.
"Passed away in Medicine Hat on February 19, Miss Pearl Lutes age 86 of the Riverview Nursing Home. Survived by one brother Newton Lutes of Campbell River, B. C., one niece Kay (Mrs. E. T. Clark) of Lethbridge, 3 nephews Willard and Gerald Lutes of Medicine Hat, and Allan Lutes of Victoria. Private funeral services were held this afternoon at 1:30 in Cooks Funeral Chapel. Dr. D. Bruce Johnson officiating. Interment in Hillside Cemetery."

69. Anonymous. 1972. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Tuesday 23 May 1972.
"Passed away in Medicine Hat, Alta. on May 22, 1972, Mrs. Ina M. Lutes, age 89 years of the Cypress View Lodge. Survived by one daughter Marguerite (Mrs. Roy Lobbin) of Calgary, Alta. five grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Also a brother Mr. George V. Steeves of Pentiction, B. C. Mrs. Lutes was born in New Brunswick on April 25, 1883. Married to Frank S. Dunham in June 1904. Moved to Medicine Hat in 1910. Was predeceased by her husband in Dec., 1954. Was married to Mr. W. A. Lutes in 1959. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock with the Rev. Brian Brown officiating. Interment will be in Hillside cemetery."

70. Anonymous. 1977. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Saturday 8 January 1977.
"On January 6, 1977, Gerald 'Judd' Lutes, age 65 years of 135-3rd St. S.W. Survived by his loving wife Irene, one son Kenneth of Campbell River, B.C., also two brothers Willard of this city and Allan of Victoria, and a sister Kay (Mrs. E. Clark) of Lethbridge, Alta. He was predeceased by this parents and one sister. Mr. Lutes has been employed by the C.P.R., retiring in 1972. Was a member of Fifth Avenue United Church, Moose Lodge, A.F.&A.M. No. 2 B. of R. Train clerks. Funeral services will be held Monday... Interment will be in Hillside cemetery."

71. Anonymous. 1987. Death notices - Clark. Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta), Monday 19 October 1987.
"Passed away in the city on Friday, October 16th, 1987, Mrs. Kathleen (Kay) Mary Clark, at the age of 68 years, beloved wife of Mr. Edward (Ed) Clark of #309 Bridge Villa Estates, Lethbridge. Besides her loving husband Ed, Kay is survived by one daughter, Donna Campbell of Edmonton; three grandsons, Scott, Tyler and Trent Campbell; two brothers, Allen Lutes of Victoria, B. C. and Willard (Adelia) Lutes of Medicine Hat; and nieces and nephews. The funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 20th, 1987 in Martin Bros. Memorial Chapel... Interment will follow in Mountain View Cemetery."

72. Anonymous. 1989. Deaths - Lutes. Medicine Hat News (Medicine Hat, Alberta), Friday 13 January 1989.
"On January 11, 1989 at Medicine Hat, Mr. Willard Lutes of Medicine Hat passed away at the age of 80 years. Mr. Lutes leaves to cherish his memory his beloved wife Adelia; his two sons Willard (Evelyn) Lutes of Brooks and John (Moira) Lutes of Vancouver; his eight grandchildren; his ten great grandchildren; and his one brother Allen Lutes of Victoria. Mr. Lutes was predeceased by his parents Worden and Nellie; his two sisters and one brother. Willard Lutes was born, raised and educated in Medicine Hat. All of Willard's life was spent in the lumber business. He owned the Southalta Building Supplies. He was a past president of the Medicine Hat Rotary Club; past president of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Shriners. From 1961 to 1967 Willard served as an alderman for the city. He was a director of the Stampede Board and was an active curler, golfer and was interested in sports all his life. The funeral services will be held on Saturday afternoon, January 14, 1989 at 2:00 p.m. in Cooks Funeral Chapel with Reverend Canon R. Ivor Ottrey officiating. Interment will follow in the Hillside cemetery."

73. Alameda County Public Health Department (1999). Certificate of death - Harold G. Lutes. Oakland, California.
Harold G. Lutes - born 28 December 1908 Canada; married; railroad dispatcher, Southern Pacific Railroad; lived in Hayward, CA; wife Evelyn C. (Clark) Lutes; died 10 April 1999 Eden Hospital, Castro Valley, Alameda Co., CA; cardiopulmonary arrest/hypertensive heart disease.
Father Newton Lutes; mother Mamie McCleod.

74. Anonymous. 2013. Obituary: Elaine Crabtree Winter. Manteca Bulletin (Manteca, California), Thursday 11 April 2013.
Elaine Lutes, daughter of Harold and Margaret Lutes, was born in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, 27 January 1937; died (in Lodi, California?) 8 April 2013. She married first Kenneth Crabtree (deceased); married 2nd John Winter (deceased). More family connections noted in obit (attached).
Information gleaned from other sources:
California Marriage Index (on Ancestry.com): Elaine Lutes married Kenneth G. Crabtree 14 September 1963 San Mateo, California.


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