Cox And Waters Records

Three Hundred and Thirty-Two Abstracts of Information

On Cox, Waters and Related Families

From Just About Everywhere


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   As you review the references, remember that I abstracted the information for my purposes, not yours. In other words, there might be information in a specific reference that would be of real interest to you, but it’s not included in my abstract because it wasn’t of interest to me. If something in an abstract strikes your fancy, by all means look up the original reference; there may be more data of use to you. If you can’t find the original, contact me; I might have access to it.

   It should go without saying that I don’t guarantee any of the information below. For me, it was the raw data that I have analyzed, or am analyzing, elsewhere. Use it cautiously.


1.  The Old and the New Monongahela.

   This is written about Washington Co., Pennsylvania

Pp. 261-264, The Teeple Family.

  "Christopher Teeple was born in New Jersey. He came to this country in 1775, and remained only a short time. Leaving his son Isaac, the old gentleman removed to Canada, where he died. Isaac purchased a hundred acres of land, known now as the Teeple homestead, in Horseshoe, in Carroll township. He bought it from Massah or Masiah Case, who was the father of Leonard Case...  Isaac had five brothers and two sisters, but none of them, excepting one sister, settled in the neighborhood. Isaac married Catherine Castner on the farm owned by the Castner heirs in Horseshoe, on the 22nd day of November, 1788. Isaac was born near New Brunswick, New Jersey, August 28, 1760. His wife was born in Greensburg, Pa., or near that place, January 24, 1772. She was a daughter of Peter and Mary Magdaline Castner."

   "Isaac live from his first coming to this country on the Teeple farm, where he died December 7, 1828. His wife died January 9, 1849, and was buried with  the remains of her husband in the Columbia graveyard, but in later years both remains were removed to the Monongahela cemetery. Isaac had a large family of girls and boys. Jemima was born October 26, 1790. Peter and Christopher twins were born August 6, 1792; Mary, September 4, 1794; Joseph, December 13, 1797; Elijah, January 7, 1799; Elizabeth, February 27, 1801; Isaac, February 11, 1803; Michael, May 9, 1805; Catharine, March 29, 1807; Christina, April 9, 1809; Sarah Ann, October 29, 1812; Theresa, April 4, 1814."

   "Christopher and Peter were twins and named after their grandfathers. They died in the state of Indiana


2.  Land records-Michigan.

   Jordan COX on l May 1839 acquired 80 acres of land through the Kalamazoo, Michigan, Land Office - located T1N R8W, section 14. [Document Number 23051 Kalamazoo Land Office]


3.  E. Addison. 1931. Nebraska: the Land and the People. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 3.

   "The pioneer schools of Iowa afforded John W. Armstrong his youthful education... He continued his residence in Iowa until 1882, on November 4th of which year he arrived at Calvert, Nemaha County, Nebraska, in which little village of that period he served as postmaster and where he eventually engaged in the under-taking business. Mr. Armstrong has been established in the hardware business at Auburn, Nemaha County, fr many years... Prior to leaving Iowa Mr. Armstrong had there been united in marriage with Miss Julia Stevens, of Mount Pleasant, that state, she being the daughter of the late Daniel and Mary (Cox) Stevens... the children of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong: Eva is the wife of Ford Skeen, of Auburn, and they have two children, Alberta and Julia, the former of whom graduated from the University of Nebraska and is now a popular teacher in the public schools of Omaha. William Lester, who was for one year a student in the University of Nebraska, is now associated with his father in the hardware business at Auburn. He married Miss Mabel Majors, a daughter of John Majors and a niece of Colonel Thomas Majors, and the elder son of this union is William Lester Jr., who is, in 1926, a student in Kemper Military Academy at Booneville, Missouri, the younger son Paul Victor, being in the junior high school of Auburn. Laura Elizabeth is the wife of Dr. Edward James, who is engaged in the practice of dentistry at Stella, Richardson County. Ernest F., youngest of the children of the subject of this sketch, was born in Auburn and here received an early education by attending the public schools. In 1912 he graduated from the law department of the University of Nebraska, and his reception of the degree of Bachelor of Laws was forthwith followed by his admission to the bar of his native state. He is now one of the leading members of the bar of Nemaha County and in addition to being established in the practice of his profession at Auburn, the county seat, he has served continuously as county attorney since 1914, his present term expiring in January, 1927. He married Miss Grace Kidwell, and they have two children: Edward J. and Eugenia.

   John W. Armstrong... represented the county in the Nebraska Legislature [note: as a Republican] in 1898, 1900, 1907, and 1921."


4.  Anonymous. [Notage/Nottage in Maine census indices].

   The following listings for NOTAGE/NOTTAGE were found in the federal census indices for Maine [married Rebecca COX]:

Prior to 1820 - None found

1820 - Henry NOTTAGE Vassalboro, Kennebeck Co., ME [p.508]

1830 - Henry NOTTAGE Vassalboro, Kennebeck Co., ME [p.112]

1840 - John NOTTAGE Athens, Somerset Co., ME [p.123]

           William H. NOTTAGE Starks, Somerset Co., ME [p.283]

1850 - John NOTAZES Athens, Somerset Co. ME [p.15]

           James NOTTAGE Starks, Somerset Co., ME [p.100]

           William H. NOTTAGE Starks, Somerset Co., ME [p.114]


5.  Anonymous. Obituary: Charles Alfred Riggs.

   Charles Alfred RIGGS b. 25 May 1863 at Salem, Henry Co., IA; moved with his parents to Eddyville and then to Oskaloosa. He married 9 Mar 1887 at Mt. Pleasant, IA, Eva STEVENS. They moved  to Nebraska [apparently Lincoln] that same year, and lived there until 1901, when they moved to Washington State.

  In Washington, he was associated with the Puyallup Mercantile Company and the E. R. Rogers Company of Tacoma. In July 1909 the family moved to Los Angeles, where RIGGS was living when he died of heart failure 26 Nov ____.

  Charles and Eva had three children:

   -Naomi Evalyn RIGGS died in infancy; buried in Lincoln, NE

   -Claire RIGGS, 11 years old at the time of his death

   -Lucile RIGGS, 6 years old at the time of his death.

Eva [STEVENS] RIGGS was living in Los Angeles at the time of her husband's death. She was B. Evaline STEVENS, dau. of Daniel Boone STEVENS and Martha COX.


6.  Anonymous. [Listers buried in Portland, Oregon].

   Buried in Greenwood Hills Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Charles R. LISTER 1884-1945

Clare D. LISTER 1885-1931 "father"

Emma C. LISTER d. 1967 "mother"

Gertrude LISTER 1911-1989


7.  Anonymous. Idaho Death Records 1911-1951.

   Winfield S. WATERS 13 January 1847 to 1 March 1916; died Boise, Ada County, Idaho


8.  Anonymous. Tennessee marriages.

   20 February 1866 at Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee - Prudence Ann HOLT married Thomas F. SAFLEY


9.  Anonymous. California Death Index.

   From version of the California Death Index:

Edna May WATERS nee PATTERSON born 19 December 1894 Iowa; died 28 February 1953, Los Angeles.

Frank A. WATERS died 7 February 1940 Los Angeles [NOTE: I think this is Edna's husband, but there is no birth date and the record says born Illinois, rather than Iowa.]



10.  Anonymous. 1790. U. S. Federal Census - Chemung, Montgomery County, New York.

   In 1790, the Walter WATERHOUSE household in Chemung, New York, had 1 male under 16, 3 males 16 or older, and 2 females.  [This is the household of William WATERS' grandfather and father.]


11.  Anonymous. 1790. U. S. Federal census - Montgomery Co., New York.

   Federal census index 1790 - Montgomery County, New York, Town of Chemung

  Walter WATERHOUSE 3 males 16 years or older; l male under 16; 2 females



12.  Anonymous. 1800. U. S. Federal census - Romulus, Cayuga County, New York.

   In the 1800 household of Walter WATERS [William WATERS' grandfather] were: 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44 years, one male 45 or older, 1 female 45 or older.


Next door, the James WATERS household [brother of William WATERS' father] were: 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10, and 1 female 16-25.


13.  Anonymous. 1800. U. S. Federal census - Newtown, Tioga County, New York.

   In the 1800 household of Walter WATERS [William WATERS' father] were: 2 males under 10, one male 26-44, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-44.


14.  Anonymous. 1810. U. S. Federal census - Williamson, Ontario County, New York.

   -Williamson, Ontario County

  -William WATERS - 1 male 26-44, 1 female 26-44, 1 female under 10.

  -William WATERS - 1 male 26-44, 1 female 16-26, 2 males under 10

  -Walter WATERS - 1 male 26-44, 1 female 26-44, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 10-15, 5 males under 10, 1 female 10-15, and 1 female under 10

  -Samuel WATERS - 1 male 16-25, 1 male 45 or older, 1 female 45 or older


15.  Anonymous. 1810. U. S. Federal Census - Caledonia, Genesee County, New York.

   Jordon COCK - 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 45 or more

                         1 female under 10, 4 females 10-15, 1 female 45 or more


16.  Anonymous. 1820. New York 1820 census index.

   Heads of Households, 1820 Census

-Caledonia, Genessee Co., NY (p.106) - Jorden COX - see separate reference for details

-Williamson, Ontario Co., NY (p.128, 132) - William WATERS, Walter WATERS - separate reference

-Hudson, Columbia Co., NY(p.42) - William WATERS

-Queensbury, Warren Co., NY (p.111) - William WATERS

-Salem, Washington Co. (p.185) - William WATERS


17.  Anonymous. 1820. U. S. Federal census - Williamson, Ontario County, New York.

   -Walter WATERS - 1 male under 10, 3 males 10-16, 1 male 16-26, l male 26-45

                            - 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45

-William WATTERS - 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-45

                                - 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45

-Rachel WATTERS - 1 female 26 to 45

-Silas NASH - 1 male under 10, 1 male 16-26, 2 males 45 and over

                    - l female 16-26, 1 female over 45


18.  Anonymous. 1820. U. S. Federal census - Caledonia, Genesee County, New York.

   -Jorden COX - 1 male under 10, 1 male 26-45

                     - l female 10-16, 1 female 26-45

-Jonathan OAKLEY (next door to Jordan) - 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45

                                                                  - 1 female over 45

-Isaac COX - 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45

                  - 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 26-45

-Samuel COX - 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45

                      - 1 female 16-26, 3 females 26-45, 1 female over 45

-James COX - 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45

                     - l female under 10, 1 female 26-45

-Levi COX - 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45

                 - 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45


19.  Anonymous. 1825. Birth records of the Society of Friends, Rochester, New York.

   "The first meeting of the Society of Friends (also known as the Quakers) was held by Isaac and Aldrich Colvin in 1817. Meetings were held in the Colvin home for the first few years. Permission was granted to hold 'preparative meetings' in Rochester on the 18th day of the 10th month of 1821 (Quaker records are usually recorded in that style). Records still exist from that date. A building was finally constructed on the east side of Hughes St. (now N. Fitzhugh) in 1822. On the 25th day of the 11th month 1825 the Rochester Friends frmed a 'Monthly Meeting.' At that time, members were asked to list their birth date and also the birth dates of their children. Some members also added their birth place. The first part of that list is reproduced below. In 1828 the Rochester Friends split into two factions; Hicksite and Orthodox. The archives at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College has the Hicksite records through 1896 and the Orthodox records through 1901."

James COX 18th day 6th month 1768

Elizabeth COX 25th day 5th month 1788

Henry COX 30th day 12th month 1810

Phebe COX 13th day 10th month 1815

Jordan COX 18th day 6th month 1765

Mary COX 20th day 8th month 1799

Ambrose COX 7th day 6th month 1820

Joseph COX 6th day 6th month 1822

Dorothy COX 4th day 3rd month 1824

Sarah COX 15th day 5th month 1757

Philo COX 20th day 12th month 1806

Samuel COX 25th day 3rd month 1810

Joseph COX 14th day 12th month 1815

Elisha COX 24th day 2nd month 1818

Sarah COX 29th day 12th month 1819

Jane COX 16th day 2nd month 1823


20.  Anonymous. 1830. U. S. Federal Census - Ashtabula County, Ohio.

   Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio:

W. WATROUS - 1 male 15-19; 3 males 20-29; 1 male 60--69; 1 female 15-19; and 1 female 50-59.

W. WATROUS -1 male 20-29; 2 females under 5; and 1 female 20-29

[NOTE: this is Walter WATROUS, and son Walter WATROUS


Saybrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio:

William WATERS - 2 males under 5; 1 male 5-9; 1 male 30-39; 1 female under 5; 1 female 20-29.


21.  Anonymous. 1830. U. S. Federal Census - Caledonia, Livingston County, New York.

   Jordan COX - 0110000100000210001

Jonathon OAKLEY - 0000200001000000200


22.  Anonymous. 1840. U. S. Federal Census - Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio.

   Walter WATERS 0000000001000000000001




23.  Anonymous. 1840. U. S. Federal Census - Bedford, Calhoun County, Michigan.

   Mary COX household: 2 males under 5; 1 male 5-9; 2 males 15-19; 1 female 5-9; 2 females 10-14; 1 female 15-19; 1 female 40-49.


24.  Anonymous. 1840. U. S. Federal Census - Sutton, Caledonia County, Vermont.

   Isaac GORDON

1 male under 5; 1 male 5-9; 1 male 10-14; 1 male 50-59; 1 female 15-19; 1 female 40-49



1 male 20-29; 1 female 20-29


25.  Anonymous. 1840. U. S. Federal Census - Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio.

   William COX

1 male 5-9; 1 male 10-14; 1 male 40-49; 2 females under 5; 2 females 5-9; 1 female 10-14; 1 female 15-19; 1 female 30-39.


26.  Anonymous. 1840. U. S. Federal Census - Warrick County, Indiana.

   Hart Township, Warrick County, Indiana:

William WATEROUS - 2 males under 5; 2 males 5-9; 1 male 10-14; 2 males 15-19; 1 male 40-49

   l female 10-14; 1 female 30-39

Walter WATEROUS - 1 male under 5; 1 male 30-39; 1 female under 5; 2 females 5-9; 2 females 10-14;

   l female 30-39

Jonas WATEROUS - 1 male under 5; 1 male 30-39; 1 female 5-9; 1 female 20-29

Levi COX - 1 male 20-29; 1 female 20-29


27.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - El Dorado County, California.

   16 November 1850, Spanish Canyon, El Dorado County, Califonria

John WATERS, 19, born Ohio; miner


19 September 1850 - Cosumnes River, El Dorado County, California

John D. LOVE, 25, born Tennessee; miner

Samuel R. SCOTT, 27, born Ohio; miner

James LEWIS, 20, born Ohio; miner


9 October 1850, Mud Springs, El Dorado County, California

John D. LOVE, 26, born Tennessee; blacksmith


14 October 1850, Mud Springs, El Dorado County, California

Edward FORD, 35, in hotel; no birth info given. Also in hotel:

_____ THOMAS, 49

Ann THOMAS, 36


28.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census -  Henry County, Iowa.

   Family and neighbors listed in 1850 Henry County, Iowa, Census. 

COX - New London Twp. - William, 52, carpenter, 1000 acres, b. New York; Elizabeth, 52, Pennsylvania; Jordan, 21, farmer, Canada; Catharine, 23, Canada; William, 19, farmer, Canada; Rachel 17, Canada; Elizabeth 13, Canada; Mary 11, Canada (in school); Martha 10, OH (in school); Julius 8, OH (in school); Rebecca 6, OH; Hannah 3, IA.


FORD - (In household with William COX) New London Twp. - Catherine, 24, b. Canada; Edward, 24, Scotland; Elizabeth, 6, OH; William A., 4, IA; Lucinda, 2, IA. [NOTE: Edward FORD was actually in California at this time.]


WATERS -  New London Twp - James, 26, farmer, OH; Nancy Ann, 25, Canada; Chancey, 3, IA; Mary R., 1 month, IA.


WATERS - New London Twp. - Samuel, 28, farmer, New York; Mary, 29, OH; William B., 5, IN; Winfield S., 3, IN; Rachel A., 1, IA.


WATERS - New London Twp - William, 55, farmer, New York.


WATERS - New London Twp - Julius WATERS, 12, born Indiana; in household of James Lawrence, 24, farmer, born England.


TUCKER - Mount Pleasant Twp - Lampton TUCKER, 46, born Kentucky, laborer; Diana TUCKER, 46, born Tennessee; Faithy TUCKER, 15, born Kentucky; Martin TUCKER, 12, born Iowa; Eliza TUCKER, 10, born Iowa; William TUCKER, 9, born Iowa; James TUCKER, 7, born Iowa; Jackson TUCKER, 4, born Iowa; Minerva TUCKER, 6, born Iowa; Happy TUCKER (Lampton's mother), 90, born North Carolina.


29.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Bedford, Calhoun County, Michigan.

   9 September 1850

Mary COX, 49, born Canada; $1000 real estate

Ambrose COX, son, 30, born New York; farmer

Phebe COX, daughter, 24, born New York

Benjamin COX, son, 17, born New York; farmer

Isaac COX, son, 12, born Michigan


30.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal census - Athens, Somerset County, Maine.

   From the 1850 Federal Census - Athens, Somerset Co., Maine -

  John Notage, 39, farmer, b. Maine [misspelled "Notaze"

  Mahaly Notage, wife, 37, b. Maine

  Abraham Notage, son, 11, b. Maine

  Rebecca J. Notage, dau, 7, b. Maine

  Mahala Notage, dau, 6, b. Maine


31.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Rock County, Wisconsin.

   Turtle, Rock Co., Wisconsin - 19 August 1850

Alvin HERRICK, 51, born Massachusetts

Poline HERRICK, 47, Massachusetts

Emerson HERRICK, 17, Massachusetts

Curtis HERRICK, 15, Massachusetts

Mary HERRICK, 14, Massachusetts

Elisha HERRICK, 12, Massachusetts

Augustus HERRICK, 10, Massachusetts

De Forest HERRICK, 8, New York

Orra HERRICK, 6, Wisconsin

Laurines HERRICK, 1, Wisconsin


32.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Dane County, Wisconsin.

   Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin

D. S. BALDWIN, 71, b. Connecticut; farmer

Catherine BALDWIN, 55, b. New Brunswick

James BALDWIN, 20, born Canada West; farmer

Julius BALDWIN, 18, born Canada West; farmer

Anson BALDWIN, 14, born Canada West


Abram WILSON, 31, b. Canada West; farmer

Julia WILSON, 23, b. Canada West [NOTE: this is probably a BALDWIN daughter]

Julia M. WILSON, 2


33.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Walworth County, Wisconsin.

   La Grange, Walworth County, Wisconsin - 19 August 1850

Ralph FORD, 30, born Scotland; farmer

Lucinda FORD, 28, b. Canada

Laura FORD, daughter, 7, b. Canada

D. FORD, son, 4, b. Canada

Julius FORD, son, 2, b. Canada


34.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Sutton, Caledonia County, Vermont.

   19 August 1850 -

Jacob B. GORDON, 32, born New Hampshire; farmer

Betsey GORDON, 30, born Vermont

Hannah GORDON, 51, born New Hampshire

Robert GORDON, 18, born Vermont; in school

Lewis GORDON, 10, b. Vermont


35.  Anonymous. 1850. U. S. Federal Census - Warrick County, Indiana.

   Ohio, Warrick County, Indiana -

Walter WATERS, 50, born New York

Eunice WATERS, 45, born New York

Harriet WATERS, 18, born Ohio

Eliza WATERS, 15, born Ohio

Hester WATERS, 13, born Ohio

James WATERS, 12, born Ohio

Henry WATERS, 10, born Ohio

Angelina WATERS, 9, born Indiana

Harvey WATERS, 7, born Indiana

Phebe WATERS, 2, born Indiana


36.  Anonymous. 1853. [Grand Jury selection]. Oregon Statesman (Salem, Oregon), 19 Jul 1853: p.2.

   J. L. STARKEY and William COX were among those appointed to the Marion County, OR, grand jury, when the new District Court session started 3 Jul 1853.


37.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Josephine County, Oregon.

   1860 Josephine Co., Oregon, census lists Jacob Cox, 32, miner, b. Ohio


  Samuel McCULLY, 48, farmer, New Brunswick; Catherine, 43, OH; J.F., 21, farm laborer, OH; W.A., 15, farm laborer, OH; D.F., 18, housekeeper, OH.


Kerbyville, 16 June 1860

A. W. WATERS, 26, farmer, OH; M.A., 21, OH; W.S (male)., 3, OR; M.C.(female), 1, OR.

  William WATERS, 65, farmer, New York

  John M. WATERS, 29, farmer, OH; N.E. (Nancy), 27, TN; M.J. (Mary Jane), 6, OR; R.A. (Rachel Ann), 5, OR; K.E., female, l, OR.



James HENDERSHOTT, 29, farmer, IL; H.J., 27, OH; M.A., 10, IA; M.J., 8, IA.      A. J. VINCENT also in household.

  S. B. HENDERSHOTT, 28, Jailor, IL.


38.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - New London, Henry County, Iowa.

   Census taken in July 1860


James WATERS, 35, farmer, born Ohio, no real estate, personal estate $700

Nancy WATERS, wife, 35, born Upper Canada

Mary WATERS, daughter, 10, born Iowa

William WATERS, son, 4, born Iowa


Samuel WATERS, 37, farmer, born New York; real estate $3000, personal property $1000

Mary WATERS, wife, 38, born Ohio

Winfield WATERS, son, 13, born Indiana

Rachel WATERS, daughter, 11, born Iowa

Keziah WATERS, daughter, 8, born Iowa

John WATERS, son, 5, born Iowa

James WATERS, son, 4, born Iowa

Thomas WATERS, son, 1, born Iowa

Nancy KETCHUM, mother-in-law, 70, born New York


William COX, 61, born New York; real estate $200, personal property $300

Betsy COX, wife, 55 (or 58?), born Pennsylvania

Julius COX, son, 19, born Ohio; brickmaker

Rebecca COX, daughter, 16, born Ohio

Hannah COX, daughter, 12, born Iowa

Amy COX, daughter? 10, born Iowa

Anna COX, daughter?  7, born Iowa


39.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska Territory.

   Daniel B. STEVENS, 31, born Ohio; brickworker; real estate $200, personal property $800

  Martha STEVENS, wife, 22, born Ohio

  Julia STEVENS, daughter, 6, born Iowa

William H. H. WATERS, 24, born Ohio; laborer

Julius COX, 20, born Ohio; laborer


40.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Siskiyou County, California.

   26 June 1860 Yreka, Siskiyou County, California

Robert A. GORDON, 28, born Vermont; farmer; $300 real estate, $365 personal property

Emily C. GORDON, wife, 32, born Canada

Lillias GORDON, daughter, 5, born California

Sarah H. GORDON, daughter, 4, born California

Lewis G. GORDON, 2, son, born California

Esther GORDON, daughter, 3 months, born California


Shasta Valley, Siskiyou County, California

Elizabeth FORD, 16, born Iowa; "domestic" in household of Elias Stone, age 56 [NOTE: this is the daughter of Catherine COX and Edward FORD, I think.]


41.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Natomas, Sacramento County, California.

   Ed FORD, 45, b. England (sic); laborer; in household with Jas THOMAS, 55, b. England, and Ann THOMAS, 40, b. England


William FORD, 15, born Iowa; in the household of Isaac Wilson, farmer. [NOTE: this is probably the son of Catherine COX and Edward FORD]


42.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Russian River, Sonoma County, California.

   Jordan COX, 31, carpenter; born Canada

Faithy Ann COX, wife, 24; born Kentucky

William COX, son, 4; born California

Abner COX, son, 1; born California


43.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Johnstown, Barry County, Michigan.

   22 June 1860

Benjamin COX, 24, born New York; farmer; $2500 real estate, $545 personal property

Isaac COX, brother, 21, born Michigan

Ambrose COX, brother, 40, born New York; $2400 real estate, $736 personal property

Mary COX, mother, 65, born Canada


44.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Augusta, Des Moines County, Iowa.

   1860 - Augusta, Des Moines Co., Iowa

  Ransom DAY, 32, carpenter, b. ca 1827 in Ohio, $400/200 (real estate/personal)

  Rachel DAY, wife, 28, ca 1831, b. Canada West

  Agora DAY, 9, 1850, Iowa

  Andrew J. DAY, 7, 1852, Iowa

  James H. DAY, 6, 1853, Iowa

  Ellen DAY, 1, 1858, Iowa


45.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Lane County, Oregon.

   3 July 1860 - Siuslaw, Lane County, Oregon

W. W. COX, 29, born Canada; carpenter


46.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Rockport, Luce Twp, Spencer County, Indiana.

   19 July 1860 Rockport, Indiana

Julius WATTERS [=WATERS], 29, saddler; boarder with the GLENNs

Morgan GLENN, 53, born North Carolina; boardinghouse landlord

Cassena GLENN, wife, 32, born Indiana

Maria GLENN, daughter, 21, born Indiana

Sally M. GLENN, , 1, Indiana

Mary A. GLENN, 3

Thomas D. GLENN, 24


47.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Linn County, Oregon.

   Peoria, Linn County, Oregon - June 1860

Henry McCARTNEY, 52, born Tennessee; farmer

Margaret McCARTNEY, 48, Kentucky

John McCARTNEY, 22, Indiana; farmer

Sarah McCARTNEY, 18, Illinois

William McCARTNEY, 15, Illinois

Charles McCARTNEY, 13, Illinois

Sophia McCARTNEY, 10, Illinois


48.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Exira, Audubon County, Iowa.

   Alvin HERRICK, 61

Polina HERRICK, 58

Elisha D. HERRICK, 22

Augustus C. HERRICK, 20

De Forest J. HERRICK, 17

Orra HERRICK, 16

Laurins C. HERRICK, 11


49.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Dane County, Wisconsin.

   Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin - 29 June 1860

Ralph FORD, 41, b. Scotland; farmer; $1880 real estate, $400 personal property

Lucinda FORD, 38, b. Canada West

James FORD, 15, b. Canada West; farmer

Julius FORD, 18, b. Canada West

Julia FORD, 9, b. Wisconsin

Ella FORD, 6, b. Wisconsin

Ida FORD, 4, b. Wisconsin

Edward FORD, 2, b. Wisconsin


50.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Fremont County, Iowa.

   Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa - 27 June 1860

Elias STEVENS, 25, born Ohio; brickmaker {he was listed with a lawyer, J. A. Farony?}


51.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Somerset County, Maine.

   Athens, Somerset County, Maine -

John NOTTAGE, 49; laborer

Mary J. NOTTAGE, 38

John F. NOTTAGE, 10

Active NOTTAGE, 7

Catherine NOTTAGE, 4

Stillman M. NOTTAGE, 1


52.  Anonymous. 1860. U. S. Federal Census - Jackson County, Iowa.

   South Fork, Jackson County, Iowa -

Walter WATERS, 59, born New York; farmer

Eunice WATERS, 54

James WATERS, 23, born Ohio; farmer

Angeline WATERS, 20

Harvey WATERS, 19, born Indiana

Henry WATERS, 16

Phebe WATERS, 12


53.  Anonymous. 1864. Married (W.B.Waters and Mary M'Cooey). Oregon Statesman (Salem, Oregon), 29 Aug 1864: p.2.

   Married 21 Aug 1864 near Brownsville, Oregon, by A. E. Ellis, j.p. - W. B. Waters and Miss Mary M'Cooey.


54.  Anonymous. 1864. Obituary - William Waters. Commerical Press April 1864:

   From the Wayne Co., New York, GenWeb site


April 1864



-On the evening of the 19th of March 1864, Mr. William Waters, closed his eyes upon the bright scenes of this life, to awaken no more upon this side of the grave; that so coldly awaits the comeing of all the living. He was one of those hardy and adventurous Pioneers who made the first opening in the vast wilderness that then bordered the shores of Lake Ontario; but is now the abode of thousands of happy denizens who have no realizing sense of the privations, sufferings, toil, and self denials, of those brave men and women, who so valiantly laid the foundations of  their prosperity and happiness. The subject of this notice was born in Yorkshire, England; and imigrated to America in 1804, and adjourned for a season in Geneva, Ontario Co., N.Y. In 1806 he came to the town of Williamson, and wending his way through the unbroken forest, till he at length found a spot suitable for a residence for one of his indomitable resolution: purchased a lot and settled on the wild shore of the lake, where he built a log cabin, and commenced the life of an independent farmer; which he pursued successfully till competency and old age invited him to retire from the cares of business. Though an alien by birth, he was an American at heart, and supported with becoming zeal and firmness the Republican instutions of his adopted country.

    He was highly respected, held several important offices in the town; reared a large family most of whom are living, respected and esteemed; and died at the advanced age of 84 years.


55.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Douglas County, Oregon.

   At Gardiner, Douglas County, Oregon - 1870 census

   William COX age 39, born Canada; carpenter

     Mary COX, wife, age 24, born Illinois

      Deborah COX, age 6, b. Oregon

      Elizabeth COX, age 4, b. Oregon

      John COX, age 2, b. Oregon


56.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Wasco County, Oregon.

   Fifteen Mile - 1870

-William B. CAMPBELL, 54, farmer, b. Massachusetts

  Frances, 44, b. VA

   William, 19, b. OR

   Ellen V., 7, b. OR


East of Deschutes, Scots Postoffice - 1870

-John McCULLEY, 29, PA, farmer

  Margaret McCulley, 18, OR

    William McCulley, 7 months, OR


-John M. WATERS, 29, OR, farmer

  Nancy E. Waters, 37, TN

   Mary Jane Waters, 15, OR

   Rachel A. Waters, 14, OR

   John H. Waters, 9, OR

   William W. Waters, 4, OR

   George D. Waters, 10 months, OR [born Sept]

In Same Household-

-William McCULLY, 25, OH, farmer

  Nancy J. McCully, 22, IA

  Clara McCully, 1, OR


57.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Henry County, Iowa. 21 July 1870.

   In Center Township, Henry County, Iowa - 21 July 1870:

  Ransom DAY, 43, carpenter, b. Ohio; no real estate, personal worth $150

   Rachel DAY, wife, 36, b. Canada West

    Andrew J. DAY, son, 17, Iowa, brickworker

    James DAY, son, 15, Iowa, brickworker

    Ella DAY, daughter, 11, Iowa, in school

    George E. DAY, son, 6, Iowa, in school

    Lizzie DAY, daughter, 5, Iowa, in school

    Julius G. DAY, son, 2, Iowa


In New London, Henry County, Iowa -

William COX, 72, born New York; carpenter; $400 real estate, $200 personal property

Elizabeth COX, wife, 65, born Pennsylvania

Rebecca COX, daughter, 26, born Ohio

Dora COX, 2, born Iowa [NOTE: this is probably Rebecca's daughter]


In Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa - 15 July 1870 -

Thomas E. STEPHENS, 39, born Ohio; farmer; $10,000 real estate (is this correct?), $500 personal property

Elizabeth STEPHENS, wife, 35, born Canada

Charles D. STEPHENS, son, 11, born Iowa

William F. STEPHENS, son, 8, born Iowa


In Wayland, Jefferson Twp, Henry County, Iowa - 2 August 1870 -

Lewis BROTZER, 38, b. Darmstadt

Caroline BROTZER, wife, 37, born Prussia

Hulda BROTZER, dau, 13, born Iowa

Frank BROTZER, son, 12, born Iowa

Otto BROTZER, son, 10, born Iowa

Albert BROTZER, son, 5, born Iowa

Lewis BROTZER, son, 2, born Iowa

Amy BROTZER, dau, 5 months, born Iowa


New London, Henry County, Iowa

Samuel WATERS, 47, New York, farmer; $9400 real estate, $300 personal property

Mary WATERS, wife, 48, born Ohio

Rachel A. WATERS, daughter, 21, Iowa

Nancy R. WATERS, daughter, 18, Iowa

John N. WATERS, son, 16, Iowa

James M. WATERS, son, 14, Iowa

Samuel F. WATERS, son, 11, Iowa

Charles WATERS, son, 4, Iowa


58.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska.

   G. NORTH, 62, born England; jeweler

W. (or N?) NORTH, wife, 53, born England

E. (M?) NORTH, daughter, 26, born England


W. H. H. WATERS, 34, born Ohio; printer

E. E. WATERS, wife, 26, born England

F. WATERS, son, born Nebraska


S. WATERS, 23, born Indiana; lawyer [Winfield Scott WATERS?]


59.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Butte, Siskiyou County, California.

   28 August 1870

Robert A. GORDON, 38, farmer

Catherine GORDON, wife, 42

Lillias GORDON, daughter, 15

Sarah H. GORDON, daughter, 14

Lewis GORDON, son, 12

Martha GORDON, daughter, 8

Joseph GORDON, son, 5


60.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Johnstown, Barry County, Michigan.

   12 July 1870

Ambrose COX, 50, born New York; farmer; $5000 real estate, $800 personal property

Mary COX, wife, 27, born New York

Mary E. COX, daughter, 6, born Michigan

Benjamin COX, son, 4, born Michigan

Adelia M., COX, daughter, 2, born Michigan


Benjamin COX, 37, born New York; farmer; $3000 real estate, $500 personal property

Hannah A. COX, wife, 38, born New York

Alma L. COX, daughter, 9, born Michigan

Arilla A. COX, daughter, 6, born Michigan

Isaac S. COX, brother, 32, born Michigan; farmer


61.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal census - Sonoma County, California.

   Household of Jordan COX - Russian River, Sonoma Co., California

Jordan COX, 42, Carpenter, 1000/100 (land and property?), b. Canada

Fathy A. COX, 35, b. Kentucky

William COX, 14, b. California

Mary E.? COX, 8, b. California

?Anna? COX, 6, b. California

Martha COX, 4, b. California


62.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Montana, Labette County, Kansas.

   Julius S.  WATERS, 33, born Indiana; lawyer; $2000 real estate, $350 personal property


63.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Linn County, Oregon.

   Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon

Abner W. WATERS, 36, born Ohio, drover; real estate $1200, personal property $700

Sarah A. WATERS, wife, 26, Illinois

Winfield S. WATERS, son, 14, Oregon

Mary C. WATERS, daughter, 11, Oregon

Edward D. WATERS, son, 8, Oregon


64.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Cass County, Nebraska.

   Elmwood, Cass County, Nebraska

James WATERS, 45, farmer; real estate $1000, personal property $400

Nancy WATERS, wife, 46

William WATERS, son, 13


65.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Marion County, Oregon.

   Salem, OR - 1870

In Asa McCULLY household:

W. WATTERS, 24, born Iowa; laborer


66.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Lake County, California.

   Upper Lake, Lake County, California

J. P. SCHOOLING, 53, b. ca 1817, Kentucky; farmer

Eliza J. SCHOOLING, 52,  Kentucky

Oliver B. SCHOOLING, 21, Missouri

William E. SCHOOLING, 20, Missouri

Coleman SCHOOLING, 18, Missouri

Melinda SCHOOLING, 15, Missouri


NOTE: In Hamilton, Butte County, California, there was a W. E. SCHOOLING, age 26, born Missouri, an arborer, who I suspect is another child of J. P. and Eliza SCHOOLING


67.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Dane County, Wisconsin.

   Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin - 19 August 1870

Ralph FORD, 50, b. Scotland; farmer; $3000 real estate, $1980 personal property

Lucinda FORD, 46, b. Upper Canada

James R. FORD, 23, b. Upper Canada; farmer

Julia FORD, 19, b. Wisconsin

Ella FORD, 16, b. Wisconsin

Ida FORD, 14, b. Wisconsin

Edward FORD, 12, b. Wisconsin

Frederick FORD, 7, b. Wisconsin

Edna FORD, 2, b. Wisconsin


68.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Gold Run, Placer County, California.

   15 June 1870 -

Edward FORD, 55, born Scotland; house carpenter

Emma FORD, 47, b. England

Louisa FORD, 22, b. Iowa [NOTE: is this Edward's daughter Lucinda?]


69.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - Lane County, Oregon.

   Forks of the Willamette, Lane County, Oregon - 27 July 1870

Henry NOTTAGE [a.k.a. Abraham H. Nottage], 30, born Maine; farmer - shown in the household of his brother-in-law Martin Van Buren LEACH and family.


NOTE: elsewhere (reference misplaced) I saw that Abraham Nottage's grandfathers were Henry NOTTAGE and Abram NASON.


70.  Anonymous. 1870. U. S. Federal Census - South Fork, Jackson County, Iowa.

   Walter WATROUS, 70, widow, born New York

Henry WATROUS, 25, born Ohio

Phoebe WATROUS, 23, born Indiana

[next door]

Martin ESTY, 38

Elizabeth ESTY, 31


71.  Anonymous. 1871. Birth records (Cox). Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, CA), 16 Nov 1871: p.2.

   Born: COX--In Windsor (Sonoma Co., CA), 12 Nov 1871, a son, to Jordan Cox and wife


72.  Anonymous. 1872. Born (Cox). Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, CA), 21 Nov 1872: p.2.

   Born: COX--In Windsor (Sonoma Co., CA), 14 Nov 1872, a son, to Jordan Cox and wife.


73.  Anonymous. 1872-1915. (News clippings from the scrapbooks of Elizabeth North Waters and Elinor Waters Knighton). Most of these have no dates or other citation.



   Capt. A. W. WATERS d. Weiser, ID, 20 Mar ___, buried Weiser Cemetery; had been partially paralyzed for two years; b. Ashtabula Co., OH 30 Nov 1833; went to CA when 16, stayed a year, then went to OR where he stayed until 1900 move to ID; survived by wife, son, daughter, and two grandchildren.

   Capt. of First Regiment of OR Infantry 1864; U. S. Marshall for 6 years (under President Harrison); 2 terms as State Senator from Multnomah Co., OR; practiced law for 30 years; Mason; Knight Templar; organized George Wright Post of G.A.R. in Portland 1876.


(b). Obituary, Hannah Keziah WATERS McCULLY

   Died in Portland, body brought to Salem; accompanied to Salem by A. B. CROASMAN and family; Mrs. A. CRANE and her daughter; A. L. McCULLY and family; Dr.Clarence CRANE of Boston; Mr. and Mrs. William HARDER; Mr. and Mrs. William CRANE; Mr. and Mrs. P. P.DABNEY (all of Portland); and J. D. McCULLY of Joseph, OR.


(c). DEATH OF MRS. McCULLY [Hannah Keziah WATERS McCULLY, Oregonian 2 Aug 1905]

   Died 1 Aug 1905 at the home of her dau. Mrs. A. B. CROASMAN  (470 Columbia Street, Portland) after a two week illness. She was b. 1828 Ashtabula, OH; m. Asa A. McCULLY 5 Sep 1848


(d). Photo of first hotel in Burns, OR

   In 1886, the hotel was operated by B. R. Porter. "The land office which then occupied part of the building wa in charge of Capt. A.W. WATERS."


(e). Obituary -Mrs. Mary WATERS

   Mary WATERS, wife of Samuel WATERS of New London, Henry Co., IA, d. of consumption 11 Apr 1876, age 54 yrs 7 mo 18 days.


(f). Death Notice - WATERS

   Mrs. John H. [M.?] WATERS  of Brownsville, OR, "whose husband is prominent and wealthy resident" died suddenly of "a congestive chill".



  W. L. LISTER and Allie WATERS m. Thanksgiving night at 1st Presbyterian Church; will live at 151 North 17th.


74.  Anonymous. 1873. Death notices (Cox). Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, CA), 21 Aug 1873: p.3.

   Died: COX--In Windsor (Sonoma Co., CA), 16 Aug 1873, Martha Ann Cox, dau. of Jordan Cox and wife; aged 7 years 6 months and 20 days.


75.  Anonymous. 1874. Died (Edward T. Waters). Daily Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 20 Jul 1874: p.2.

   Died in Polk Co., Oregon, 7 July 1874, Edward T. Waters, son of William and Mary E. Waters, age 11 yrs 11 mos.


76.  Anonymous. 1875. Died [William Waters]. Weekly Mercury (Portland, Oregon), 13 Feb 1875:

   "Died. In this city, Feb. 9th [1875], Mr. William Watters [sic], in his 80th year. Deceased was the father of Mrs. A. A. McCully, of this city. He came to this state in 1853. The remains were taken to Harrisburg on Wednesday for interment, where he had formerly resided."


77.  Anonymous. 1876. Died (William H. Waters). Daily Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 23 Dec 1876: p.4.

   Died at St. Vincent's Hospital, Portland,OR, 20 Dec 1876, William H. Waters, age 46(?-date unclear).  Funeral services to be held at Catholic church.


78.  Anonymous. 1878. History of Ashtabula County, Ohio. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Williams Brothers.

   P. 231 - Orwell Twp., Ashtabula Co., Ohio  - William Waters was one of the earliest settlers (1818) of Orwell Twp.  He came from Chenango County, New York.  Three-four years later, moved to Rome, OH. [NOTE: this William WATERS is not in the Walter WATROUS line, but coming from Chenango County he could be fairly closely related.]


79.  Anonymous. 1878. [Oliver D. Schooling]. Modoc Independent (Alturas? California), 9 March 1878:

   Notice that U. S. homestead patents were at the U. S. Land Office in Susanville; one of them was for Oliver D. Schooling.


80.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Douglas County, Oregon.

   At Camas Valley, Douglas County, Oregon - 1880 census

   William COX, age 49, house carpenter, born Canada; father born New York, mother born New Jersey.  No family shown with him; widowed.


At Gardiner, Douglas County, Oregon - 1880 census

   Abraham NOLAGE [NOTTAGE], age 40, born Maine; farmer laborer; both parents b. Maine

    Rebecca J.NOLATE [NOTTAGE] - note: Rebecca COX], age 36, born Ohio; father b. New York, mother b. Canada.

Also in NOLAGE household: John Q. COX, age 11, parents born Canada and Maine [NOTE: this is the son of William COX, Rebecca's brother, who in 1880 was in Camas Valley. The 1870 census gives his mother's birthplace as Illinois, not Maine.] He is listed as a "servant!"


Other NOTTAGE relatives in Gardiner:

Stillman M. NOTAGE, single, 21, born Iowa, lumberman, parents both born in Maine

[NOTE: This was a boarding house record; lots of other lumbermen, but no family.]


Martin V. LEACH, 43, b. Ohio, farmer, parents both born Vermont

Rebecca J. LEACH, 32, b. Maine; parents both born Maine [NOTE: She is a NOTTAGE, Abraham's sister.}

Mhala M. Leach, dau, 16, b. OR; father b. Ohio, mother b. Maine

Mary E. Leach, dau, 13, b. OR

Lenoria J. Leach, dau, 11, OR

John S. Leach, son, 9, OR

Arilla B. Leach, dau, 7, OR

Francis M. Leach, son, 5, OR

Ida R. Leach, dau, 3, OR

Beckey J. Leach, dau, 1, OR


81.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Linn County, Oregon.

   #98 North Brownsville Precinct - 1880

  John M. WATERS, 49, b. OH; miller/flour mill operator

  Nancy E. WATERS, 48, TN; parents b. TN

  John H. WATERS, 18, b. OR; clerk

  William W. WATERS, 13, b. OR; student

 J. H. MOORE, brother-in-law, 51; b. TN; parents b. TN; farmer. NOTE: John H. MOORE was b. ca 1829 in Tennessee; brother to Robert Monroe MOORE, Nancy  E. (MOORE) WATERS, and Annie (MOORE) CURTIS.


#96 North Brownville

  J. B. R. MORELOCK, 32, b. TN; parents b. TN; miller of flour

  Mary J. MORELOCK, 25; b. OR; parents OH and TN

  Amy E. MORELOCK, 2, b. OR

  Omer MORELOCK, 1, b. OR

  NOTE: Mary J(ane) is dau. of John and Nancy (MOORE) WATERS


#57 City of Harrisburg

  William R. CARTWRIGHT, 25, b. OH (?); store clerk

   Rachel A. CARTWRIGHT, 24, b. OR; parents b. IA and MO

  NOTE: Rachel is dau of John and Nancy (MOORE) WATERS


82.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Salem, Marion County, Oregon.

   Salem Precinct #75 - boarders in hotel

  George WATERS, 12, born Nebraska; parents both born Ohio; bell boy

  W. H. WATERS, 45, born Ohio; both parents born Ohio; writer for newspaper


83.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Amity, Yamhill County, Oregon.

   Household of Asa A. McCULLY: Asa, age 62, farmer, born New Brunswick, father probably born N.B., mother born Maine; Hannah, 59, both parents born New York; brother Samuel, 68, widower; brother John W., 58. Clarence CRANE, grandson. Frank WATERS, nephew, 15, born Nebraska.


84.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Cass County, Nebraska.

   Census for Salt Creek, Cass Co., Nebraska - 1880

James WATERS, 55, born Ohio, farmer, both parents b. New York

Nancy WATERS, wife, 56, b. Canada; father b. New York, mother b. Pennsylvania

William S. WATERS, son, 22, b. Iowa; parents b. Ohio and Canada.


85.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Johnstown, Barry County, Michigan.

   4 June 1880

Ambrose COX, farmer

Mary COX, wife, 36

Mary E. COX, daughter, 15

Benjamin J. COX, son, 14

Adelia COX, daughter, 11

Lydia L. COX, daughter, 9

Rosa B. COX, daughter, 8


Benjamin COX

Hannah COX, wife, 48

Alma COX, daughter, 18

Arilla A. COX, daughter, 15

Frank J. COX, son, 8


86.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Henry County, Iowa.

   Wayland, Jefferson Township, Henry County, Iowa - 16 June 1880

Julius COX, 39, born Ohio; farmer

Hulda COX, wife, 25, born Iowa; parents born Germany

Caroline BROTZER, mother-in-law, 46, born Germany

Albert BROTZER, brother-in-law, 14, born Iowa


New London, Henry County, Iowa -

Charles STEPHENS, 21, born Iowa; farmer; father born Ohio, mother born Canada

Josie STEPHENS, wife, 20, born Iowa; parents born Virginia


Canaan, Henry County, Iowa

John N. WATERS, 25, born Iowa

Sarah WATERS, wife, 24, born Iowa; father born North Carolina, mother born Indiana

Fred WATERS, son, 1, born Iowa


New London, Henry County, Iowa

Samuel WATERS, age 57, farmer  [misspelled WATTERS]

Rachel WATERS, daughter, age 32, born Iowa

Thomas WATERS, son, age 21, born Iowa; farmer

Charles WATERS, son, age 13, born Iowa


87.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

   1880 - Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

  Ransom DAY, 53, carpenter, b. Ohio; father born Virginia, mother born Kentucky

  Rachel DAY, 47, b. Canada; father born New York, mother born Pennsylvania

  George E. DAY, 16, brick worker, b. Iowa

  Elizabeth DAY, 15, b. Iowa

  Julius Grant DAY, 11, b. Iowa


  Next door to Ransom and Rachel:

  Andrew J. DAY, 27, railroad laborer, b. Iowa

  Jane DAY, wife, 24, b. Indiana; parents b. New York and Indiana

  B___, son, age 3, b. Iowa


  Next door on other side of Ransom and Rachel:

  James H. DAY, 25, railroad laborer, b. Iowa

  Elizabeth R. DAY, wife, 26, b. Iowa, parents b. Pennsylvania and Iowa

  Morris R. DAY, 6, b. Iowa

  William W. DAY, 3, b. Iowa

  Martha R. DAY, 1, b. Kansas


88.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California.

   Household of John S. Cook - Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., California

John S. COOK, 26, teamster, b. California; mother b. Maine; father b.p. not given

Emma E. COOK, wife, 16, b.CA; parents b. Canada and Kentucky

Fathy A. COX, 45, mother-in-law, b. Kentucky; parents born North Carolina and Georgia.

NOTE: No indication of Jordan being in Sonoma Co., although family records say he was still alive this date.


89.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Siskiyou County, California.

   At Table Rock, Siskiyou County, California - 3 June 1880

  Lewis GORDON, single, 22, born California; farmer; father born Vermont, mother born Ohio (actually, Canada) - This is a son of Catherine COX and Robert GORDON.


90.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Modoc County, California.

   Adin, Modoc County, California:

  Robert GORDON, 48, b. Vermont; occupation tailor; both parents b. New Hampshire

  Catherine GORDON, wife, 52, b. Canada; father b. New York, mother b. Pennsylvania

  Joseph C. GORDON, son, 15, b. California


91.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal census - Houston County, Minnesota.

   Brownsville, Houston County, Minnesota:

Ralph FORD, 60, b. Scotland; farmer; both parents b. Scotland

Lucinda FORD, wife, 57, b. Canada; father b. Connecticut, mother b. Nova Scotia

Ella FORD, 24, b. Wisconsin

Fred FORD, 18, b. Wisconsin


92.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Adin, Modoc County, California.

   4 June 1880

O. B. SCHOALING [=SCHOOLING], 32, born Missouri; farmer; father born Missouri, mother b. Kentucky

Lillias B. SCHOOLING, 25, born California; father born Vermont, mother born Canada

Leonard B. SCHOOLING, son, 6, born California

Ernest SCHOOLING, son, 4, born California

Robert SCHOOLING, son, 3, born California

Albert SCHOOLING, son, 1, born California


93.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Rogue River, Curry County, Oregon.

   John SMITH, 26, born Wisconsin; laborer

Deborah SMITH, wife, 17, born Oregon

NOTE: I have recorded this because it is possible that this is the daughter of William W. COX. She is the correct age, and not far from where she was living in Douglas County. I have no other reason to believe it is her, however.


94.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Coquille, Coos County, Oregon.

   9 June 1880

Dora M. COX, 12, born Iowa; both parents born Iowa; nurse to Bender children

Edward BENDER, 40, born Maryland; business manager

Otilla S. BENDER, wife, 26, born Maryland

August H. BENDER, son, 2, born Oregon

Ernest E. BENDER, son, 1, born Oregon


NOTE: I think this is the daughter of Rebecca COX, born in Iowa before she was married to Abraham NOTTAGE.


95.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Hamilton County, Nebraska.

   District 99, Hamilton County, Nebraska

Winfield S. WATERS, 31, farmer

Anna M. WATERS, wife, 27; born Pennsylvania; parents born Pennsylvania

Samuel A. WATERS, son, 5, born Nebraska

James A. WATERS, son, 4, Nebraska

Truman A. WATERS, son, 1, Nebraska

Mary E. WATERS, daughter, 2 months, Nebraska


There were several FRY families in the area. Probably Anna's parents were in Union, District 94:

Samuel H. FRY, 53, born Pennsylvania; farmer

Mary M. FRY, 49, born Pennsylvania


96.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Hamilton County, Nebraska.

   Hamilton, Hamilton County, Nebraska

Frank M. JACKSON, 26, born Indiana; parents born Ohio; farmer

Nancy K. JACKSON, 28, Iowa; father born New York, mother born Ohio

Mary E. JACKSON, daughter, 1, Nebraska


97.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Otoe County, Nebraska.

   Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska - 5 June 1880

Elizabeth WATERS, 45 born England; parents born England

Lella WATERS, 13, born Nebraska

Fred WATERS, 6, born Nebraska


Edna NORTH, 65, born England; parents born England

Jim BERKLY, 45, born Kentucky; parents born Kentucky [NOTE: this is Edna's son-in-law]

Anna BERKLY, 38, born Ireland; father born Ireland, mother born England [NOTE: Edna's daughter]

Elizabeth BERKLY, 3, born Nebraska


98.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Multnomah County, Oregon.

   District 140, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Abner WATERS, 45, Deputy U. S. Marshall

Sarah WATERS, 36, born Illinois

Winfield WATERS, 23, leather dealer

Mary WATERS, 20

Edward WATERS, 18; printer


Ella WATERS, 9


99.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Lassen County, California.

   Big Valley, Lassen County, California - 15 June 1880

Augustus HERRICK, 40, born Massachusetts; parents born Massachusetts; stockman

Martha HERRICK, 17, born California

Charles A. HERRICK, 6, born California; father born Massachusetts, mother born Iowa

Alvin HERRICK, 4, born California; father born Massachusetts, mother born Iowa

Orra B. HERRICK, 2 months, born California; father born Massachusetts, mother born California

David A. HERRICK, nephew, 15, born Iowa; father born Massachusetts, mother born England


Laurens HERRICK, 30, born Wisconsin; parents born Massachusetts; farmer

Helen HERRICK, 24, born California; father born Vermont

Mary P. HERRICK, 1, born California

Alma HERRICK, 2 months, born California

Paulina HERRICK, mother, 77, born Massachusetts; parents born Connecticut

Ellis HERRICK, nephew, 19, born Iowa; father born Massachusetts, mother born England


100.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Shasta County, California.

   Township 7, Shasta County, California - 4 June 1880

James P. SCHOOLING, 63, b. Kentucky; father born Virginia, mother born Kentucky; poultry raiser

Eliza J. SCHOOLING, 62, b. Kentucky; parents born Virginia


In household of Henry Bosanks:

C. H. SCHOOLING, 28, born Kentucky; parents born Kentucky; shepherd


Harding MILLER, 30, laborer

Malinda MILLER, 27 [NOTE: this is a SCHOOLING] born Missouri, parents born Kentucky

Olive M. MILLER, 6

Jasper MILLER, 4

Laura MILLER, 2

William E. SCHOOLING, brother-in-law, 30, born Missouri; parents born Kentucky; laboreer


101.  Anonymous. 1880. U. S. Federal Census - Lane County, Oregon.

   Richardson, Lane County, Oregon -

Thomas F. SAFLEY, 35, born North Carolina

Prudence SAFLEY, 33, born Tennessee

William SAFLEY, 12, born Tennessee

Minnie SAFLEY, 8, born Arkansas

John SAFLEY, 6, born Oregon

Walter H. SAFLEY, 4, born Oregon


102.  Anonymous. 1881. Divorce - COX. Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, California), 20 January 1881:

   Notice of divorce application: Fathey COX vs Jordan COX


103.  Anonymous. 1886. [Waters entertaining]. Morning Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 19 Dec 1886:

   Miss Leila WATERS and Frank WATERS of Salem entertained at their house near the corner of Court and Church. Among those present: Miss Lizzie Dearborn, Miss Ella Dearborn, Mr. F. S. Dearborn, and Mr. Abe McCully.


104.  Anonymous. 1888. Portrait and biographical album of Henry County, Iowa. Chicago, Illinois: Acme Publishing Company.

   p. 241 - James Harvey DAY, residing on section 35, Marion Township, was born in New London, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1855. His father, Ransom Day, is a native of Logan County, Ohio, and his mother, Rachel (Cox) Day, is a native of Canada. They emigrated to Henry County about 1848, settling in New London, where he was engaged in carpenter work, which trade he had learned as a young man and still follows. When James was but an infant  his parents removed to the city of Des Moines, where they resided for two years, then going to Augusta, Des Moines County, they made that place their home until 1869, when they removed to Marshall.

   When a lad of fourteen years, James Day went to Mt. Pleasant, where he was employed in a brickyard as one of the burners, working in that yard until 1874, and at last had charge of a kiln. Going to Fairfield, he worked in that city during the summer of 1874 as foreman of a brickyard. Returning to Mt. Pleasant, he was again engaged in the old brickyard, working until 1878, when he went to Wilber, Neb., where he worked at his trade for a short time, but soon returned to Mt. Pleasant. In 1879 Mr. Day decided to go to Topeka, Kan., and in that city worked one winter at the carpenter trade, and the next spring began track work on the Santa Fe Railroad. He was then employed by the railroad company as bridge carpenter, continuing in their employ for nearly two years, and then returned again to Mt. Pleasant. He engaged to work with the St. Louis, Keokuk & Northern Railroad, but only remained with them for two months. Going to Ketcham's, a place four miles west of Mt. Pleasant, he was engaged as Superintendent of the brickyard, being in this employ for a year, during which time he went to Missouri and made a kiln of brick. Returning to Mt. Pleasant, he again took charge of the old brickyard, manufacturing brick for the asylum. He made two and a half millions of brick in three years. In the spring of 1887 Mr. Day purchased seventeen acres of land and a neat cottage on section 35 of Marion Township, and also the brickyard formerly operated by Daniel Stephens. Upon this farm he moved, and continues to carry on brickmaking. This first year he has manufactured four hundred thousand bricks. He intends making stock brick for fronts and fine walls, and will also take contracts for supplying customers with all kinds of brick. Mr. Day is a thorough workman, and understands his profession perfectly, and of the young, enterprising business men none rank higher than our subject.

   Mr. Day was united in marriage, in 1873, with Miss Elizabeth Edwards, who is a native of Henry County, and a daughter of Hiram Edwards. Nine children have graced the union of this worthy couple: Morris R.; Eddie, deceased; Mattie; Belle, who died in infancy; Leander, Bessie, Bertha and Richard. Mr. Day holds the political views of the Republican party, while socially he is a member of the I.O.O.F.

   Within the pages of this volume will be found a fine engraving of the brickyard spoken of above and belonging to Mr. Day.


P. 575, biographical sketch of Samuel WATERS, prominent farmer and early settler of Henry County, Iowa; lives on 120 acres of "well-improved land" in Section 9, New London Twp, also has a 200 acre farm in sections 28 and 33, New London Twp.

  Waters came to New London in the fall of 1847, brought his family in spring of 1848 from Warrick County, Indiana.  Born in Genesee County, New York, 15 Sept. 1822, son of William Waters (b. New York 1795) and Rachel Cox (b. New York 15 May 1802).  Parents moved family to Ashtabula County, Ohio, in 1823, then to Indiana in 1839.

  Samuel married Mary Ketcham 2 Dec. 1844 in Warrick Co, IN, daughter of John and Nancy Ketcham. Mary was born in Ashtabula Co., OH. She died New London 11 April 1876.  She was member of Methodist Episcopal Church.

  Children: William B. 22 Dec 1845 - 22 May 1850; Winfield S. b. 13 Jan 1847, m. Annie Fry, moved to NW Nebraska, had 3 boys and 1 girl; Rachel A. b. 20 Nov. 1848, keeps house for father; Nancy K. b. 5 April 1852, m. Frank Jackson, live in Rooks County, Kansas, 3 sons and 2 daughters; John N. b. 10 Dec. 1854, m. Sarah Moon, live Canaan Twp, Henry Co., Iowa, 1 son and 1 daughter; James M. b. 29April 1856, m. Alice Cornwall, live in New London Twp; Samuel T. b. 26 Jan. 1859, m. Belle McGrue, live in Kansas, 1 daughter; Robert H. 9 Oct. 1863 - 21 Aug. 1864; and Charles E. b. 1 July 1866, lives with father.  William and Winfield were born in IN, rest in New London.

  Samuel Waters lifelong farmer; served 3 terms as Township Trustee; longtime member of school board; Road Supervisor for 28 years.  Politically Whig, then Republican.  Master Mason, member of New London Lodge no. 28.


105.  Anonymous. 1889. Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County, Iowa. Chicago, Illinois: Chapman Brothers.

   Albert GEE born 29 July 1829

    William GEE, a native of Massachusetts,  was one of the first settlers of Geauga County. He married Polly POMEROY in Massachusetts before coming to Ohio. He lived in Geauga County until 1845, when he moved his family to Cascade, Iowa. He was there 8 to 10 years then moved to South Fork Township, Jackson County, Iowa. He lived there until "after the war" (Civil War), then moved to live with their eldest son in Indiana. In 1872, on a visit to another son in Grant County, Wisconsin, he took sick and died there. His wife died at the home of their son Gilbert GEE in Warrick County, Indiana 3 December 1877. They had nine children: Gilbert GEE, Ebenezer GEE, Olive GEE, Mary GEE, Clarinda GEE, William GEE, Lucinda GEE, Philander GEE, and Albert GEE.

   Albert GEE was born 29 July 1829 Thompson Township, Geauga County, Ohio. When he was 16 years old, the family moved to Iowa. He remained with the family until he was 21 [ca 1850], then went to work in the coal mines at Peoria, Illinois. [NOTE: The authors' timing does not fit in this section of the paper, but it looks from the rest of the text that he came back to Iowa about 1855, rather than spending 9 years in Illinois.] He married 24 August 1855 at South Fork, Jackson County, Iowa, Eliza J. WATROUS, daughter of Walter WATROUS and Eunice MONT (MOTT?). She was born in Geneva, Ashtabula County, Ohio 4 February 1832, moved to Warrick County, Indiana in 1840, and to Jackson County, Iowa in 1852. Her parents lived at South Fork until their deaths in February 1870 (Eunice) and February 1871 (Walter), except for two years they spent back in Indiana.

   Albert and Eliza moved briefly to Austin, Mower County, Minnesota in 1857, but left because of "Indian troubles" and returned to South Fork, where they were living in 1889. They had five children:

      1. Ida E. GEE married Eli EDWARDS of South Fork Township.

      2. Flora GEE married Albert STREETS of Monmouth Township, Jackson County, Iowa

      3. Anna D. GEE married Scott BOWEN of South Fork

      4. Belle married Eli EDWARDS of Monmouth, a cousin of Ida's husband Eli EDWARDS

      5. Fred GEE (adopted), 11 years old ca 1889.


106.  Anonymous. 1893. [Herrick birth]. Argus (Adin, California), 21 September 1892:

   Born 20 September 1892, an 11 lb son to the wife of L. C. HERRICK


107.  Anonymous. 1894. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 18 January 1894:

   Born near Lookout, California, 3 January 1894, a daughter to the wife of Ellis Herrick


108.  Anonymous. 1894. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 21 June 1894:

   Born 29 May 1894 a son to the wife of Lester Herrick


109.  Anonymous. 1895. [Catherine (Cox) Gordon ill]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 31 Oct 1895:

   "Mrs. R. A. Gordon was stricken with paralysis last Sunday evening [note: paper was Thursday edition], which for awhile rendered her helpless. She is now slowly improving and able to walk about again."


110.  Anonymous. 1896. Runaway accident. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 10 Sept 1896:

   Runaway Accident: "Lou Gordon and family started on their return to Siskiyou county last Friday [4 Sept 1896], and when about a mile from the toll house, on the Palmer road, one of the horses became frightened and unmanageable, and the team started at a lively gait down the grade. The stumbling of one of the horses brought the team to a sudden halt, which resulted in the wagon turning over, and every body being thrown in a heap. Mrs. Gordon received some bruises about the eye and her right arm was badly sprained, and Miss Belle Herrick, who was one of the party, was caught under the wagon and her left knee severely bruised, but neither was seriously injured. The others escaped without a scratch. It was a lucky escape all around, for Lou says he was thrown sixty feet, and it is a miracle that he was not injured. He brought the folks back and will take a new start in a few days, but he says it will not be on a Friday."


111.  Anonymous. 1897. Died - Gordon. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 12 Aug 1897:

   Died - Gordon - At the home of her son near Edgewood, Monday evening, Aug. 2, 1897, Mrs. R. A. Gordon of Big Valley, aged 74 years.

  Mrs. Gordon was born in Canada in 1823 and removed to New York when 11 years old and afterward to Iowa. She came to California in 1852 where she married Mr. Gordon and raised a family of six children. She came over from Big Valley three weeks ago to visit her son Lew Gordon near Edgewood, where she was taken ill and died. The relatives have the sympathy of many friends in their sorrow. The funeral occurred Tuesday afternnon [3 Aug] the interrment being in the Odd Fellows cemetery at 4 o'clock p. m.

   Gordon has made her home in this valley for the past few years, and has many friends here who will regret to hear of her demise. She is the mother of the Mesdames A. C. and L. C. Herrick of this valley who have the sincere sympathy of the community at the loss they have sustained.


112.  Anonymous. 1898. [Mary P. Herrick marriage]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 10 March 1898:

   Mary P. HERRICK, daughter of L. C. Herrick and wife, married 3 March 1898 at the Herrick home near Bieber, California, Frank McNemar. They will live in Alturas, California.


113.  Anonymous. 1898. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 17 August 1898:

   4 August 1898, a son born to wife of A. C. Herrick, near Bieber, California


114.  Anonymous. 1899. [Herrick divorce]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 27 September 1899:

   Nancy L. Herrick of Pittville, California, filed for divorce from David A. Herrick, who deserted the family 24 December 1897. They had been married 31 December 1889, and had three children: Walter, Helen and Lloyd.


115.  Anonymous. 1900. Waters [Mary Waters obituary].

   Undated/unlabeled news clipping in family scrapbook of Emma McCully Coshow -

   Miss Mary WATERS, about 31 years, d. in Portland, OR, Sunday 6 May 1900; had lived for a time with her uncle J. M. WATERS in Portland; at the time of her death, was living in Harrisburg, OR; had come to Portland to meet her father, and was going to ID for her health when she died. Survived by father, brother, and sister; buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.


116.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Henry County, Iowa. 4 June 1900.

   Shown in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa - 4 June 1900:

   Rachel DAY, head of household, b. April 1833 Canada, age 67; father b. New York, mother b. Pennsylvania.


Shown in Wayland, Jefferson Township, Henry Co., Iowa - 20 June 1900:

Julius COX born February 1846, Ohio, age 59; parents born New York and Pennsylvania; farmer

Huldah COX, wife, born March 1857, Iowa, age 43; parents born Germany

Elizabeth COX, daughter, born August 1881, Iowa, age 18

Emma COX, daughter, born August 1885 Iowa, age 14


New London, Henry County, Iowa

Rachel A. WATERS, born December 1848, 51 yrs [misspelled WATTERS]

Francis A. WATERS, adopted son, born December 1891; both parents born Iowa


James M. WATERS, born April 1856, 44

Atta WATERS, wife, born January 1858 Iowa, age 42; both parents born Pennsylvania


Baltimore Township, Henry County, Iowa

Thomas WATERS, born January 1859, age 41

Belle WATERS, born September 1864, age 35; born Iowa; father born Ohio, mother born Virginia

Mary WATERS, born March 1887? Kansas, age 13?

Mildred WATERS, born February 1891 Nebraska, age 9

Bessa WATERS, born July 1893 Nebraska, age 6

Paul WATERS, born March 1897 Iowa, age 3

Mark/Mart WATERS, born December 1899 Iowa, age 5 months


117.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Ward 2 District 10 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.

   Jordan COX, born Dec 1828 Canada; came to U. S. 1837; 71 yrs old; carpenter

Martha G. COX, wife, 67, born February 1833 Connecticut; parents born Connecticut; married 16 years


118.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Corning, Tehama County, California.

   Oliver B. SCHOOLING, born August 1842 Missouri, age 57; both parents born Missouri; farmer

Irvia SCHOOLING, son, born July 1874, California, age 25

Eva SCHOOLING, daughter, born March 1883, California, age 17


Albert SCHOOLING, born September 1878, California, age 21; farmer

Francis SCHOOLING, wife, born January 1881, California, age 19; parents both born Virginia

Alma G. SCHOOLING, daughter, born August 1899, California


119.  Anonymous. 1900. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 24 January 1900:

   Born 20 January 1900 near Bieber, California: a girl to the wife of A. C. Herrick


120.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal census - Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington.

   4-5 June 1900 Port Angeles, Washington

Abram H. NOTTAGE, born July 1836 Maine, age 60; widowed; father born Wales (?), mother born Maine


121.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Lancaster County, Nebraska.

   4 June 1900 Denton, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Thomas E. STEVENS, born May 1830 Ohio; age 70; farmer; parents born Ohio; married 45 years

Elizabeth STEVENS, born February 1836 Canada; age 66; parents born Canada [sic]; had 4 children, 2 still living

Lowena STEVENS, granddaughter, born February 1881 Iowa; age 19; parents born Iowa; schoolteacher


2 June 1900 Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

William STEVENS, born February 1862 Iowa; age 38; attorney; married 14 years

Medora STEVENS, wife, born November 1866 Iowa; age 34; parents born Pennsylvania and Mississippi; bore 1 child, still living

Helen STEVENS, daughter, born August 1891 Nebraska; 8 years


122.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.

   4 June 1900

Charles D. STEVENS, born Aug 1858 Iowa; age 41; carpenter; married 1 year [NOTE: 2nd marriage]

Bertha STEVENS, wife, born April 1868 Ohio; age 31; parents both born Ohio

Thomas STEVENS, son, born April 1886 Nebraska; age 14; parents both born Iowa


123.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Cass County, Nebraska.

   Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska

Daniel B. STEVENS, born June 1829, Ohio; age 70; landlord

Martha STEVENS, wife, born November 1838 Ohio; had 5 children, 5 still living


Stove Creek, Cass County, Nebraska - 2 June 1900

Charles RIGGS, born May 1863 Iowa; age 37; married 13 years; grocer; both parents born Indiana

Eva RIGGS, wife, born October 1869; age 30; no children; milliner


Stove Creek, Cass County, Nebraska - 2 June 1900

Justus SUTHERLAND, born ca 1862 Michigan

Laura SUTHERLAND, wife, born April 1868 Iowa

Ruth SUTHERLAND, daughter, 6, born 1894 Nebraska

Esther SUTHERLAND, daughter, 4, born 1896 Nebraska

Walter? SUTHERLAND, son, 1, born 1899 Nebraska


124.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska.

   20 June 1900

J. W. ARMSTRONG, born November 1855 Iowa; both parents born Virginia; age 44; married 24 years; merchant

J. ARMSTRONG, wife, born January 1854 Iowa; both parents born Iowa; age 46; 4 children/4 living

William L. ARMSTRONG, son, born January 1880; age 20; born Iowa

Laura ARMSTRONG, daughter, born 1883 Nebraska; age 17

Ernest F. ARMSTRONG, son, born January 1890 Nebraska; age 10


125.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Pleasant, Harvey County, Kansas.

   Lyman McLAUGHLIN, born May 1856 Wisconsin; parents born Pennsylvania; farmer; married 13 years; age 44

Lizzie McLAUGHLIN, wife, born February 1867 Nebraska; age 33; 5 children/4 living

Winfield McLAUGHLIN, son, born February 1888; age 12; born Kansas

Ralph B. McLAUGHLIN, son, born September 1899 Kansas; age 10

Martha McLAUGHLIN, daughter, born April 1892 Iowa; age 8

Hubert S. McLAUGHLIN, son, born February 1897 Kansas; age 3


126.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Eureka, Jefferson County, Nebraska.

   1 June 1900

Herbert E. COVELL, born January 1870 Wisconsin; age 30; parents born New York; minisster; married 6 years.

Winnifred COVELL, wife, born February 1879 Iowa; age 25; milliner; 1 child/l living

George W. COVELL, son, born March 1899 Nebraska; age 1


127.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Valley County, Nebraska.

   District 203, Ord, Valley County, Nebraska

NOTE: this census copy was essentially unreadable, but deciphered:

Winfield WATERS

Anna M. WATERS, wife


Next door:

Trueman WATERS b. ca 1877 Nebraska

Mary WATERS, born ca 1879 Nebraska

Winnie? WATERS, born ca 1894 Nebraska


128.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Adair County, Iowa.

   12-15 June 1900

Summerset, Adair County, Iowa

Morris DAY born Iowa July 1874; age 26; farm laborer; married 5 years

Eliza DAY, wife, born Iowa April 1878; age 22; father born Illinois, mother born Indiana

Jessie DAY, born Iowa April 1897; age 3

Bulah DAY, daughter, born Iowa November 1898; age 1

Bertha DAY, sister, born Iowa August 1885; age 14 [NOTE: also shown in parents' house]


William W. DAY born Iowa December 1876; age 23; farmer; married less than 1 year?

Ina DAY, wife, born Ohio August 1878; age 21; parents born Ohio

Lila DAY, born December 1893 Iowa; age 6; father born Ohio, mother born Iowa [Who is this? Almost too old to be Ina's daughter from previous marriage, and parent birth places are incorrect for either William or Ina (unless reversed)]


23 June 1900

Washington, Adair County, Iowa

James H.  DAY, born Iowa January 1855; age 45; married 27 years; brickmaker; father born Ohio, mother born Canada

Elizabeth DAY, wife, born Iowa April 1854; age 46; father born Pennsylvania, mother born Iowa

Leander DAY, son, born Iowa November 1881; age 18

Bessie M. DAY, daughter, born Iowa April 1884; age 16

Bertha DAY, daughter, born Iowa August 1885; age 14

Richard DAY, son, born Iowa July? 1887; age 13

Lewis DAY, son, born Iowa October 1888; age 11

Iola/Lola? DAY, daughter, born Iowa May 1890; age 10

Maggie DAY, daughter, born Iowa July 1892; age 7

Mamie DAY, daughter, born Iowa September 1896; age 3


129.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Felix, Grundy County, Iowa.

   June 1900

George E. DAY, born October 1862; age 37; farmer; married 9 years

May DAY, wife, born 1872 Illinois; age 28; parents born Illinois; 2 children born, 2 living

Alden DAY, son, born Iowa 1891; age 8

Elen DAY, son, born August 1896 Iowa; age 3


130.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri.

   9 June 1900

Julius G. DAY, born July 1868; age 31; married 7 years

Celia DAY, wife, born Iowa July 1868; 31 years; 2 children born/2 living; father born Ohio, mother born Connecticut

Walter DAY, born Missouri August 1893; age 6

Robin DAY, son, born Missouri January 1896; age 4


131.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Stockton, Rooks County, Kansas.

   Frank M. JACKSON, born May 1854 Indiana, age 46, farmer

Nancy K. JACKSON, wife, born April 1852 Iowa, age 48

Thomas B. JACKSON, son, born December 1880 Nebraska, age 19

Wilber C. JACKSON, son, born Feb? 1883 Kansas, age 16

Ralph E. JACKSON, son, born December 1886 Kansas, age 13

Rachel F. JACKSON, daughter, born June 1891 Kansas, age 8

Francis E. JACKSON, daughter, born July 1892 Kansas, age 6


132.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Multnomah County, Oregon.

   Ward 2, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon - June 1900

William LISTER, born April 1865 Oregon; parents born New York

Allie LISTER, wife, born August 1871 Oregon; parents born Nebraska?

Frank LISTER, brother, born Oregon


133.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Canyon County, Idaho.

   Emmett, Canyon County, Idaho - June 1900

John H. WATERS, 39, clerk

Love WATERS, born November 1872 Tennessee, age 32

Nellie WATERS, 8, (born Idaho or Washington?)

Elliott WATERS, 3 months, born Idaho


William CARTWRIGHT, 45, born September 1854 California; general merchant; father born Iowa, mother born Ohio

Rachel CARTWRIGHT, 43, born July ___


134.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Linn County, Oregon.

   North Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon - 22 June 1900

John M. WATERS, 68, farmer

Nancy WATERS, 65, born Tennessee; father born Tennessee, mother born Missouri


William W. WATERS, 32, born October 1867 Oregon; miller

Ivy WATERS, 27, born April 1873 Oregon; father born Missouri, mother born Oregon

Lyle L. WATERS, 9, born January 1891 (in Washington?)

Norma WATERS, 5, born November 1894 Oregon

Lilla WATERS, 10 months, born July 1899 Oregon


135.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Jackson County, Oregon.

   Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon - 6 June 1900

James R. MORELOCK, 54, born March 1846 Tennessee; parents born Tennessee; justice of the peace

Mary MORELOCK, 45, born December 1854

Homer MORELOCK, 20, born December 1879; day laborer

Pearl MORELOCK, 15, born September 1884

Frankie MORELOCK, daughter, 11, born June 1888

Levie M. MORELOCK, daughter, 7, born September 1892

Richard MORELOCK, 4, born Septemer 1895


136.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Marion County, Oregon.

   Salem, Ward 1, Marion County, Oregon - 2 June 1900

Fred W. WATERS, 34, born August 1865 Nebraska; abstractor

Jessie WATERS, 31, born May 1869 California; father born New York, mother born Missouri

Frank N. WATERS, 5, born February 1895 Oregon

Louemma WATERS, 1, born February 1899 Oregon


Elizabeth WATERS, born England

Lela WATERS, 31, born August 1868 Nebraska

George WATERS, 29, born November 1870 Nebraska; cigar dealer

Fred WATERS, 25, born December 1874 Nebraska; stenographer

Wayne WATERS, 18, born May 1882 Oregon


137.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Lincoln County, Idaho.

   Shoshone, Lincoln County, Idaho - 21 June 1900

Abner WATERS, 66, born November 1833 Ohio; lawyer

Elizabeth WATERS, 52, born March 1849 Rhode Island; both parents born Rhode Island

Eva FITZGERALD, granddaughter, 4, born October 1895 Oregon; father born Ireland, mother born Oregon


138.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Harney County, Oregon.

   Burns, Harney County, Oregon - June 1900

M. FITZGERALD, 44 years, born January 1856 Ireland; parents born Ireland; real estate agent

Elizabeth FITZGERALD, 21, born December 1878 Illinois; parents born Illinois

Gerald FITZGERALD, 2, born January 1898, Oregon

Maurice FITZGERALD, 1, born January 1899, Oregon


139.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Lassen County, California.

   Township 4, Lassen County, California - June 1900

NOTE: this census sheet was almost illegible; I gleaned what I could from it.

Alvin HERRICK, married 3 years

Laura M. HERRICK [nee SMITH?]

C. SMITH, brother-in-law


Charles MAYFIELD born June 1872; parents born Switzerland


Harold MAYFIELD, b. 1899 California


Joseph C. GORDON b. ca 1865 California; wood chopper

Louisa GORDON, born ca 1860 California; parents born California

Edie MARTIN, step-daughter, 12, born California; parents born California


Louis GORDON, b. 1857

Ella GORDON b. ca 1863 California

Lena GORDON b. ca 1889 California

Charles GORDON b. ca 1899 California


Katherine HERRICK, head

Oliver HERRICK, son, father born Iowa

Susie HERRICK, daughter, father born Iowa

Alma HERRICK, daughter, father born Iowa

Sarah HERRICK, daughter, father born Iowa


Augustus HERRICK born June 1840; married 21 years

Martha HERRICK born October 1862; bore 9 children, 8 living

Charles HERRICK born February 1875

Myrtle HERRICK, 17








Laurens C. HERRICK


William B. HERRICK



Frederick HERRICK




140.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Rock County, Wisconsin.

   Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin - 11 June 1900



Lucinda FORD, mother-in-law, b. June 1822 English Canada; widow; Father born Connecticut, mother born English Canada; mother of 9 children, 5 still living


141.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Squaw Valley, Siskiyou County, California.

   25 June 1900

Frank McNAMAR, 29, born California; parents born Iowa; laborer

Mary McNAMAR, 21, born California; father born Wisconsin, mother born California

Viola McNAMAR, 5 months, b. California


142.  Anonymous. 1900. U. S. Federal Census - Lane County, Oregon.

   Florence, Lane County, Oregon - June 1900

John SAFLEY, born September 1874 Oregon; both parents born Tennessee [NOTE: in 1880 census, John's father Thomas SAFLEY was reportedly born in North Carolina]

Francis SAFLEY, wife

Prudence SAFLEY, mother, widow, born January 1850 Tennessee; 50 yrs old; both parents born Tennessee; bore 8 children, 6 living.

NOTE: I didn't record all information on John Safley family; was only interested in Prudence.


143.  Anonymous. 1901. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 30 January 1901:

   22 January 1901, a daughter born to the wife of Ellis Herrick, near Bieber, California.


144.  Anonymous. 1901. [Herrick birth]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 28 August 1901:

   20 August 1901, a daughter born to the wife of A. C. Herrick of Bieber, California


145.  Anonymous. 1901. [Joseph Gordon]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 20 November 1901:

   Joe Gordon subpoenaed as a witness in the trial of J. W. Brown in Alturas, California (a lynching)


146.  Anonymous. 1902. Former Salemite talks. Captain A. W. Waters, once prominent in Oregon relates an interesting account of his experiences. (Salem, Oregon), September 1902:

   In an interview in Sep 1902, when Abner Waters was visiting in Salem, OR, from Weiser, ID, he told about the Harney County group "the 101" who were trying to keep the settlers out of "their" rangeland.  They threatened Abner for helping the settlers, and he wrote a scathing letter to the editor in Burns telling those scurrilous villains to come and get him!


147.  Anonymous. 1902. [Herrick-Gordon-McNemar]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 18 June 1902:

   Reported that L. C. Herrick and family, Lou Gordon and family, and Frank McNemar and family left for Idaho "yesterday" (17 June 1902), "where they intend locating."


148.  Anonymous. 1902. [Joseph Gordon]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 22 January 1902:

   "Word reached us yesterday that Joe Gordon had been arrested in Alturas the day previous on the charge of selling whiskey to the Indians. Joe says the arrest is spite work on the part of an Indian."


149.  Anonymous. 1902. [Joseph Gordon]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 29 January 1902:

   Joe Gordon had been charged with selling whiskey to Indians. He had his hearing before Justice Spargur at Alturas last week, and the charge against him was dismissed.


150.  Anonymous. 1903. Portrait and biographical record of Willamette Valley, Oregon [Mary J. Waters]. Chicago, Illinois: Chapman Publishing Company. 1571pp.


P. 1232, biographical sketch of John M. WATERS - born 21 Jan 1833 Ashtabula Co., OH; ancestors among the early settlers of Rochester, NY, and credited with building the first flouring mill in that city. Moved with family to a farm near Booneville, Warwick Co., IN, in 1838; then in 1847 moved to a farm 16 miles west of Burlington, in Henry Co., IA.

   In 1849 John, William Waters, and Edward Ford joined a 22-wagon party to CA. They had a wagon and oxteam. John broke his leg early in the trip. They were in on the discovery of "the big bar on the Consmers [Cosumnes] River". He drove a team between Sacramento and Hangtown for two months while his leg was healing; built the first cabin at Mud Springs in th fall of 1849. His brother William died at Mud Springs. John bought a team of horses, and made a living hauling in the Redding mining area. He went to San Francisco, then made his way to Portland by steamer in the winter of 1853. He obtained a 160-acre DLC at Harrisburg. In 1858 he had a farm in Josephine Co., came back to Harrisburg and with Jack Hall bought an old mill, which he ran for 19 years. In 1862, Hall sold his shares to Asa McCully. In 1877 John sold out and moved to Brownsville, where he ran a flour mill. In 1890 he tried to set up a 100-barrel mill in Seattle, but he failed for lack of capital. He returned to Brownsville and retired.

  He married Ellen MOORE of TN, had 7 children, only 3 living in 1903: Mary Jane wife of Mr. MOrelock of Gold Hill; Rachel Anna Cartright of Boise City, ID; and John Hamilton Waters of Emmett, ID.

   He was a Republican; many years member of town council; mayor one term; 1892-1896 Linn Co. Commissioner; Mason (Blue Lodge), Knight Templar, and Ancient Order of United Workmen; Baptist.


Mary J. WATERS b. 20 Oct 1847, Iowa, daughter of Edward WATERS; crossed the plains in 1853, settling near Pedee, Polk Co., OR.  Mary J. WATERS married William McDonald TURNER, had eight children. Turner born 3 Nov 1835 Johnson Co., MO, son of Jonas TURNER [b. TN] and Luhettie GILLIAM [b. TN, married MO]; family came west to California in 1853, to Polk Co., OR in 1861.


151.  Anonymous. 1903. [Morelock - Bailey marriage]. The Mail (Medford, Oregon), 9 January 1903:

   July 1902 Pearl MORELOCK married H. F. BAILEY


152.  Anonymous. 1904. [Charles Herrick]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 7 December 1904:

   "Charles Herrick, who assisted W. D. Packwood with his cattle to Honey Lake Valley, returned last Saturday supposed to be with a bad cold. Sunday he was removed to his home and the doctor called, who pronounced it diptheria."


153.  Anonymous. 1904. In Memorium - Charles Herrick. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 14 December 1904:

   Charles Herrick, eldest son of A. C. Herrick, born 25 February 1874 near where he died at Bieber, California, 9 December 1904. One of two diptheria victims that week. Age 30 years 9 months 15 days.


154.  Anonymous. 1904. [J. B. R. Morelock]. The Mail (Medford, Oregon), 22 Januar 1904: p.4.

   The County Court in its January 1904 session appointed new judges; J. B. R. MORELOCK was one of those appointed for Gold Hill, Oregon


155.  Anonymous. 1905. Mrs. D. B. Stevens dies suddenly. Post-Intelligencer (Seattle, WA), 30 Dec 1905:

   Martha [COX] STEVENS died in Puyallup, WA, 29 Dec 1905, of "heart disease." Funeral to be held 31 Dec 1905 at the Methodist church.

  Martha was born in Columbiana Co., OH, 2 Nov 1838. She married D. B. STEVENS in New London, IA, 25 Dec 1855, "to which place she had gone with her parents in 1846." They moved to Puyallup, WA, 3 May 1908, where they have lived ever since.

  She was survived by her husband, and by six children:

   -J. E. STEVENS, of Puyallup

   -C. E. STEVENS, of Tacoma, WA

   -Mrs. L.C. McLAUGHLIN of Puyallup

   -Mrs. C. A. RIGGS [also says B. A. RIGGS] of Puyallup

   -Mrs. H. E. COVELL of Puyallup

   -Mrs. J. W. ARMSTRONG of Auburn, NE


156.  Anonymous. 1906. Some  Reminiscences of David McCully.

   Details of 1849 California trip, published probably in a Salem, Oregon, newspaper

  -Left from New London, IA, with about 65 men and 23 ox teams.

  -Crossed the Missouri River at St. Joseph 20 Apr 1849.

  -At Fort Laramie, a man lost all his money ($800), and was so frustrated that he tried to take his wagon to return home. The ensuing fracas with his two partners left him with a bullet in his chest. He recovered.

  -The party split about two-thirds of the way across the plains, the New London group wanting to move faster. They reached San Francisco with no problems except loss of one head of cattle to Indians.  Those that came later lost a lot of stock to Indians and had other troubles.

  -A man called "Stump" wouldn't stand watch, so they wouldn't let him camp with the main train. He had all but two of his oxen stolen by Indians, but he converted his wagon to a cart and got to CA just fine with the 2 oxen.

  -They discovered a rich gold strike on the Cosumnes River 7 Aug 1849. David and Asa also tried Fremont's old diggings at Mariposa, but Cosumnes was much richer.

  -David and Asa had come well prepared from Iowa, and had surpluses to sell to the miners.  When they ran out, they went to Sacramento and bought  two wagonloads of flour at $8/100 lbs, sold it at $10/50 lbs; went back and bought two more loads at $20/100 lbs, sold it at $25/50 lb.  Socks bought in IA for 25 cents sold for $2 pair, and a used cookstove bought in IA for $20 brought $50 in CA. They sold their oxen for $150/pr and their wagons for $150 each.

  -Their partner [J.?] Kelley got tired of the mines, went to Sacramento to pursue blacksmithing.

  -First Cosumnes claim each person made $8/day for the first three days, then $16/day for the next week.

  -Two people who had been mining with David and Asa [John and William Waters?] for half-interests made another strike that turned out to be very rich [Big Bar?] - invited the McCullys to come in with them.  They made $1 out of the very first pan of dirt, 10 1/2 oz. in 3 hrs work - later sold in New Orleans for $17.25/oz., or $180 for 3 hrs work.  They averaged about $50/day while they were there. The original two parties sold out to them and moved on, but the really rich strike had played out.

  -In 3 months, David and Asa each made $5000.

  -About 1 Nov 1849, 7 people started back for New London via Panama - 51 days from San Francisco to Panama on a sailing ship (cost $125), then steamer to New Orleans; sold their gold dust; up the Mississippi to St. Louis, then by stage to Burlington, IA arriving Feb 1850; took 3 1/2 months to get home, cost $220.

  -People mentioned as being on the trip: David and Asa, J. L. Starkey, Amos Starkey, William Deardorff (living in Umpqua Valley in 1906), Mr. Kelley, "Stump", and Mr. Ikenberg  (captain of the train).


157.  Anonymous. 1906. [A. C. Herrick]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 8 February 1906:

   A. C. Herrick was suddenly taken ill, but now is entirely recovered.


158.  Anonymous. 1906. [George Herrick]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 22 October 1906:

   George Herrick, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Herrick "in precarious condition" at thehome of T. J. Kennedy


159.  Anonymous. 1907. William Hamilton McCully. Brownsville Times (Brownsville, Oregon), 1 Feb 1907:

   William Hamilton McCully died in Brownville, OR, at the home of his dau. Mrs. James Coshow, 20 Jan 1907, age 77.  He was b. OH 2 Dec 1829; married Margaret Cannon fall 1856, had a son and 2 daughters; lived first in Harrisburg, OR, then to Independence, OR, for two years where he engaged in merchandising. Then lived in Salem a number of years.  In 1877 came to Brownsville where he and John Waters operated the flouring mill.  In 1883 went to Joseph, OR, and ran their first flouring mill.  The mill burned, and he returned to Brownsville.

  He had long suffered following a paralytic stroke, but the immediate cause of death was pneumonia.


160.  Anonymous. 1909. Robert Moore. Brownsville Times (Brownsville, Oregon), 8 Jan 1909:

   The death of another pioneer occurred at his home in Smith River, Del Norte County, California, on December 17, 1908. Robert Moore was born in Tennessee February 10, 1817 - over 92 years ago. He went to Missouri with his parents during the early settlement of that state, afterwards marrying Miss Malinda Scrivner.

   To this union seven children were born, two of whom died while quite young. Deceased was farming in Missouri when what was in those days called "The Oregon Fever" took hold of him, and in the spring of 1852 he began buying oxen and preparing to cross the plains. Mrs. Moore having one brother in Oregon was anxious to go. Her mother and one brother accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Moore, but on what was known as Big Dry Sandy Mrs. Moore was buried, having died from Cholera, which had attacked the emigrant train, causing the death of seven persons in three days. Mr. Moore also lost a son about 3 years old.

   After the death of his wife and son Mr. Moore, who was captain of the train, had his hands full looking after his four small children and his aged mother-in-law, besides his many other duties, but he finally landed in Linn County, three or four miles east of Harrisburg.

   During the first winter in Oregon Mr. Moore worked for James McHargue, making fence rails, to support his family, in the meantime taking up a piece of government land. As there was no lumber in those days he built a log house. In 1856 Mr. Moore married Lucinda McDonald, to which union one child was born. Becoming dissatisfied with Oregon he sold his donation land claim in the fall of 1856 and with his family started to Arizona and California, but on the way the infant child was taken sick and they stopped at Van Noyes' (Vannoy) Ferry, where the child died. It then being too late to cross the Siskiyou Mountains he bought a ranch about three miles east of where Grants Pass is now located.

   The next spring he sold out and moved to Curry County, Oregon, where he bought a farm bounded on the west by the great Pacific Ocean. He improved this place by plowing and seeding and building a fine house for that county. The house was burned down and he rebuilt it. Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Moore while residing in Curry County.

   He was elected justice of the peace which office he held several years. Soon after he was elected county judge, serving the people for two terms. His wife deserted him and went to Seattle, taking two of the children with her. He then sold his property and moved to Del Norte County, California, where he bought another farm. Here he was married to Mrs. Jane Yarborough, who survives him; also the following children.

   James M. Moore of Curry County, Oregon; Silas A. Moore of Smith River, California; Horace G. Moore of Del Norte County, California; and J. W. and John B. Moore of this city (Brownsville, Oregon). The daughter who went to Seattle has not been heard from for many years. The son was killed by a live wire while employed by an electric company. Deceased is also survived by 31 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren.

   Deceased was almost helpless for two years before his death. While residing in Linn County he was an active church member, joining the old school Baptist Church in Missouri. The remains were laid to rest on December 19, mourned by the above children and two sisters and one brother, as follows: Mrs. Ellen Waters of this city (Brownsville, Oregon); Mrs. Ann Curtis of Harrisburg, Oregon and Seth Moore of Crook County, Oregon.


161.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal census - Linn County, Oregon.

   North Brownsville Precinct - Linn Co., OR - 1910

Iva E. WATERS, 37 (wife of William W. WATERS, son of John M. and Nancy), b. OR?

  Leslie L.WATERS, son, age 19, b. WA?

  Norma W. WATERS, 15, b. OR

  Damon E. WATERS, 13, OR

  Lula M. WATERS, 10, OR

  Willard W. WATERS, 7, OR


Brownsville, Oregon -

Nancy E. WATERS, widow, 74 [had a 26 year old boarder, a stenographer]


162.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.

   18 April 1910 - Jordan COX, 81, born Canada; father born New York, mother born Pennsylvania; widowed; carpenter; came to U. S. 1837


Chas A. RIGGS, 46, born Iowa; father born Indiana, mother born Ohio; proofreader; married 23 years

Eva RIGGS, wife, 40; 3 children born/2 living

Alfred C. RIGGS, son, 9, born Nebraska

Lucille RIGGS, daughter, 3, born Washington


163.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Pierce County, Washington.

   25 June 1910 - Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington

Lewis GORDON, 52, born California; laborer; father born Vermont, mother born Iowa [sic]; married 29 years.

Ella GORDON, wife, 47, born California; parents born Illinois

Charlie GORDON, son, 11, born California

Belle GORDON, daughter, 7, born Washington

Helen GORDON, daughter, 3, born Washington

John CANADAY, son-in-law, 31, born Missouri; laborer; married 4 years

Lena CANADAY, daughter (wife to John Canaday), 21, born California

John CANADAY, grandson, 2, born Oregon

Nile CANADAY, grandson, 9 months, born Washington


Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington

Julius STEVENS, 45, born Nebraska; teamster; married 20 years

Katherine STEVENS, wife, 43; born Ohio, parents both born Ohio; bore 6 children, 4 living

Ethel STEVENS, daughter, 18, born Kansas

Stella STEVENS, daughter, 17, born Nebraska

Meryle STEVENS, daughter, 8, born Kansas


Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington

Lyman McLAUGHLIN, 53, born Wisconsin; carpenter; married 23 years

Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, wife, 43, born Nebraska; dressmaker

Martha A. McLAUGHLIN, daughter, 18, born Iowa

Herbert McLAUGHLIN, son, 13, born Kansas


18 April 1910 Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington

Charles STEVENS, 46; married 20 years

Louella STEVENS, wife, 36, born Kansas; bore 4 children, 4 living

Lena STEVENS, daughter, 18, born Nebraska

Dan STEVENS, son, 16, born Nebraska

Wilma or Velma (?) STEVENS, daughter, 9, born Iowa

Harold STEVENS, son, 1, born Washington

Daniel STEVENS, father, 80, born Ohio


164.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Okanogan County, Washington.

   16 May 1910 - Brewster City, Okanogan County, Washington

Frank B. McNAMAR, 37, born California; parents both born Iowa; married 12 years

Mary P. McNAMAR, 31, born California; father born Wisconsin, mother born California

Viola D. McNAMAR, daughter, 10, born California

Marguerite McNAMAR, daughter, 8, born California

Eldon McNAMAR, son, 4, born Washington

Elva McNAMAR, daughter, 3, born Washington

Leroy McNAMAR, son, 2, born Washington

Daughter McNAMER, 1 month, born Washington


23 May 1910 - Twisp, Okanogan County, Washington

Laurens C. HERRICK, 61, born Wisconsin; parents born Massachusetts; farmer; married 32 years

Sarah H. HERRICK, wife, 53, born California; parents born Vermont and Canada [NOTE: census has father born in Canada, and mother in Vermont; it is vice versa]. Sarah had 11 children, 9 living.

Jack E. HERRICK, son, 18, born California

William B. HERRICK, son, 16, born California

Clyde HERRICK, son, 14, born California


J. P. RADER born Iowa; parents born Indiana; farmer; married 27 years

Addie RADER, wife, born Oregon; parents born Tennessee

Lester RADER, son, 16, born Washington

Oscar RADER, son, 7, born Washington

Frederick HERRICK, son-in-law, 23, born California, farmer; married 1 year

Emma HERRICK, daughter, 18, born Washington


165.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.

   Charles D. STEVENS, age 51, born Iowa; carpenter; married 4 times

Ruth J. STEVENS, age 38 Iowa; parents born Pennsylvania and Indiana; 3rd marriage; had 4 children, three still living

C. Tom STEVENS, son, age 25 born Iowa; carpenter


166.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal census - Lancaster County, Nebraska.

   Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Elizabeth STEVENS, 75, widow; born Canada; parents born New York and Pennsylvania; had 4 children, 2 living.

William T. STEVENS, son, 48, divorced; justice of the peace


Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Medora M. STEVENS, 43, widowed (sic); born Iowa; parents born Pennsylvania and Mississippi; companion to Mary B. Gibson; had 1 child, still living.


167.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Henry County, Iowa.

   Jefferson, Henry County, Iowa - May 1910

Julius COX, 69; married 36 years; farmer

Hulda COX, 53; 2 children/l still living


Next door: Frank BROTZER, 50, single, laborer


168.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska.

   Bad census copy, but shows: William ARMSTRONG; wife Julia ARMSTRONG, bore 4 children/4 living; and son Ernest ARMSTRONG, 20.


169.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Felix, Grundy County, Iowa.

   George E. DAY, 47

Ada M. DAY, 37

Leroy E. DAY, 17

Elan B. DAY, 12

Baby son, 1 month


170.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Des Moines County, Iowa.

   Danville, Des Moines County, Iowa

Thomas S. WATERS, 51, Iowa, farmer

Annie B. WATERS, 45, Iowa; father born Ohio, mother born West Virginia

Mary S. WATERS, 23?, Kansas; teacher

Mildred N. WATERS, 19, Nebraska; teacher

Bessie L. WATERS, 16, Nebraska

Paul O. WATERS, 13, Iowa

Mark C. WATERS, 11, Iowa

Max M. WATERS, 4, Iowa


171.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Multnomah County, Oregon.

   Portland, Oregon - April 1910

Charles D. LISTER living with his aunt Alice BELMONT


Portland, Oregon (Hill Military Academy) April 1910

William C. KNIGHTON, 44, born Indiana; architect

Eleanor KNIGHTON, wife, 35

Elizabeth WATERS, mother-in-law, 62


172.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Marion County, Oregon.

   1st Ward, Salem, Marion County, Oregon - 16 April 1910

Elizabeth N. WATERS, 60, born England; parents born England

George E. WATERS, son, 37, born Nebraska; merchant

Margaret D. WATERS, daughter-in-law, 30, born Iowa; parents born England

Wayne H. WATERS, son, 24, born Oregon; salesman


Frank W. WATERS, 42, born Nebraska; lawyer

Jessie WATERS, wife, 37, born California; father born New York, mother born Missouri

Frank N. WATERS, son, 15

Louemma WATERS, daughter, 11


3rd Ward Salem, Marion County, Oregon - 20 April 1910

Fred R. WATERS, 36, financial agent

Mildred K. WATERS, wife, 31, born Oregon; parents born Germany?


173.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Jackson County, Oregon.

   Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon - 27 April 1910

James B. MORELOCK, 62, mail carrier

Mary J. MORELOCK, 54

Lela MORELOCK, 17, born Oregon

Olney R. MORELOCK, 15, born Oregon

Goldie MORELOCK, granddaughter, 5, born Oregon


174.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Yakima County, Washington.

   Fort Simcoe, Yakima County, Washington

John H. WATERS, 48, bookkeeper in dry goods store

Mary L. WATERS, 37, born Tennessee; parents born Tennessee

Nellie R. WATERS, 18, born Washington

Emerson E. WATERS, 10, born Idaho

Helen M. WATERS, 7, born Idaho


175.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Canyon County, Idaho.

   North Emmett, Canyon County, Idaho - 15 April 1910

W. R. CARTWRIGHT, 56, born Oregon; father born Kentucky, mother born Virginia; banker


Luverne? Dean CARTWRIGHT, nephew, 26, born Oregon; father born California, mother born Texas; cashier


176.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Burns, Harney County, Oregon.

   20 April 1910 -

Edward B. WATERS, 49, born Oregon; single; postmaster


177.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Washington County, Idaho.

   West Weiser, Washington County, Idaho

Elizabeth WATERS, 58, born Rhode Island; parents born Rhode Island

Eva FITZGERALD, granddaughter, 14, born Oregon; father born Ireland, mother born Oregon


178.  Anonymous. 1910. U. S. Federal Census - Lassen County, California.

   Washington District, Lassen County, California - May 1910

Augustus C. HERRICK, 69 Massachusetts; married 31 years; farmer

Martha HERRICK, 48, born California; father born Vermont, mother Canada; had 12 children, 9 living

Alvin HERRICK, 34, widowed; farm laborer

Elisha H. HERRICK, 29, stallion tender


Lewis HERRICK, 11

Agatha HERRICK, 10

Melba HERRICK, 8


179.  Anonymous. 1911. Passes to the Great Beyond [Martha (Gordon) Herrick]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 9 November 1911: p.1.

   Big Valley Gazette, Bieber, California – 9 November 1911 1;1

Passes to the Great Beyond

        The grass withereth, the flower fadeth. All flesh is as grass and we know

not what a day may bring forth.  Tears quickly crowd upon the heels of

laughter; and the clouds of sorrow suddenly obliterate the sunlight of


        Where but a few hours before there chimed the wedding bells, now sounds the

low, sad requiem; and though well known is the fact of the uncertainity of

life, none the less startling was the announcement Tuesday morning of the

sudden death of Mrs. A.C. Herrick a long time resident of Big Valley and

esteemed by the many who knew her.

        There is a saying that home is where the heart is. ‘Tis true; and the heart

of this mother was in her home; and there she did faithfully and well her

part and her children rise up and call her blessed. “She hath done what she

could; and this that she hath done shall be spoken of as a memorial for


        The maiden name of the deceased was Martha Gordon, and was married to the

surviving husband February 22, 1879, and at the time of her death was aged

49 years and 12 days.

        Seven children are left to mourn the loss of a devoted mother, being Mrs.

Belle Kennedy, Lash H., Mrs. Myrtle Smith Mrs. Mae Billings, Lou H. and two

young daughters Agatha and Melba.

        Funeral services will be held at the home at 2 o’clock this afternoon, and

the remains laid to rest in the Mountain View Cemetery.


180.  Anonymous. 1912. Herman Cyrus M'Laughlin.

   Herman Cyrus McLaughlin, son of S. B. McLaughlin and Mary Lemon McLaughlin, was born 23 May 1856 Didgeville, Wisconsin; married 9 March 1887 Elizabeth Stevens of Mt. Pleasant, IA; died at Glendale  California 7 June [1912? - "at the age of 66 years"].

  Survived by wife, and by three sons: W. McLaughlin [Tacoma,WA], Ralph McLaughlin [Yakima, WA], and Herbert McLaughlin [Los Angeles, CA]; also a brother E. R. McLaughlin [Cedro Wooley, WA] and sister Mrs. F. M. Cooper [Denver, CO]. His mother was also still alive, in Mt. Pleasant, IA.


181.  Anonymous. 1912? History of Yolo County.

   Pages 434-435 - Oliver B. SCHOOLING

   In 1859, when he was 11 years old, Oliver B. Schooling crossed the plains to California with his parents. The wagon train disbanded at Marysville, California. The family purchased a small farm on Horncut Creek, where they lived for about 5 years. They then purchased 1000 acres at Live Oak, California, where they raised sheep for 6 years. They sold out and moved to Lake County, California, where they farmed and raised stock. "They were there during the water and range troubles, when a dam, built on a watercourse by a company for the purpose of drowning out a number of contesting settlers, was destroyed by a band of four hundred angry farmers living around the lake. This occurred in 1870." This was part of the reason that, after 10 years in Lake County, the Schoolings sold out and moved to Modoc County, California. There were there during the Modoc Wars.

   Oliver Schooling married Lillias Gordon, a native of Siskiyou County, California. Children:

     Leonard C. SCHOOLING, deceased

     Ervin P. SCHOOLING married Maggie SLAYTER, have three children

     Robert E. SCHOOLING married Bell CHARTER, have five children

     Eva SCHOOLING married Fred HAMBLET of Dunnigan, had Earl, Russell and Mabel

    Albert SCHOOLING married Fannie FLOURNOY; lives in British Columbia

In 1892 Oliver Schooling moved from Modoc County to Tehama County, and then to Colusa County. In 1909 he came to Yolo County, where he has a farm of 160 acres about 8 miles southwest of Dunnigan, California. He rents adjacent land. He raises grain and hay, runs sheep, and specializes in raising turkeys. In 1910 and 1911 he sold $1000 worth of turkeys each year.


182.  Anonymous. 1913. Obituary - Daniel Boone Stevens.

   Daniel Boone STEVENS died 11 Feb 1913* in Tacoma, WA. He was born Morgan Co., OH, 9 June 1839, where he lived until coming to New London, IA in Feb 1855. He married Martha COX 25 Dec 1855, and they moved to Mt. Pleasant, IA. In 1859 moved to Nebraska; returned to IA 1867; moved to Lincoln, NE, 1887; moved to Puyallup, WA May 1904.

  Martha [COX] STEVENS died in Puyallup 29 Dec 1905, and Daniel moved to Tacoma, WA, in 1909 to live with his children.

   Daniel and Martha had six children; all but the first born William Thomas STEVENS [who died in infancy] were still living at the time of his death:

   -J. E. STEVENS, of Tacoma, WA

   -C. E. STEVENS of Cashmere, WA

   -Mrs. L. C. McLAUGHLIN of Tacoma, WA

   -Mrs. C. A. RIGGS of Los Angeles, CA

   -Mrs.Winnefred S. COVELL of Tacoma, WA

   -Mrs. J. W. ARMSTRONG [adopted] of South Auburn, NE


Daniel and family were Baptists. Daniel was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He was initiated to IOOF in New London, IA, in 1857; transferred his membership to Mt. Pleasant, IA, and kept it there until he died. He was a member of the Grand Lodge, Burlington, IA, in 1875, and was a Past Grand.


183.  Anonymous. 1913. D. B. Stevens, age 83, manufacturer, is dead.

   D. B. Stevens, age 83, died at the home of his dau. Mrs. L. C. McLauglin in Tacoma, WA. [Date not given in this account] He was born in Morgan Co., OH 9 June 1829; later lived in Mt. Pleasant, IA, and in Lincoln, NE. In both places he manufactured building materials.. Since his wife died in Puyallup, WA "about ten years ago", he has lived with his sons and daus. in Puyallup and Tacoma.

  Survived by his children:

   -J. E. Stevens [Tacoma, WA]

   -C. E. Stevens [Cashmere, WA]

   -Mrs. L. C. McLaughlin [Tacoma, WA]

   -Mrs. Eva Riggs [Los Angeles, CA]

   -Mrs. Winnifred Covell, public morals officer for Tacoma, WA


184.  Anonymous. 1916. William Lister dies. (Portland, OR), 5 Jun 1916:

   William Lee LISTER d. 4 Jun 1916 at his residene in the Chetopa Apartments, 584 Flanders St., Portland, OR; 53 years old; born in Albany, OR; lived in Portland 18 years, 15 years engaged in the grocery business there.  Survived by widow Allie Lister [Alice Waters, dau. of Abner Waters], and sons [by first wife Carrie Gertrude Love] C. R. Lister and C. D. Lister.  To be buried in Greenwood Cemetery.


185.  Anonymous. 1916. Lincoln, the Capital City, and Lancaster County, Nebraska. Chicago, Illinois: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. 2.

   Pages 173-174 William Thomas STEVENS

   William Thomas STEVENS, attorney and justice of the peace at Lincoln, Nebraska, was born in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 8 February 1862, son of Thomas E. STEVENS and Elizabeth COX. His parents were long term residents of Lincoln, arriving in 1886. Thomas was a brickmaker, born in McConnelsville, Ohio, 13 May 1831. Elizabeth was born in Canada 2 February 1835. They were married in New London, Iowa, and lived there until coming to Nebraska. Thomas died 23 July 1909, and Martha 18 May 1912. In addition to son William, they had a son Charles Daniel STEVENS, now living in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

   William Thomas STEVENS attended Howe's Academy in Mount Pleasant, then spent a year at University of Des Moines. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1885. He studied law at Clarinda, Iowa, and was admitted to the bar at Lincoln, Nebraska in 1886. He practiced law in Lincoln, and in 1905 was elected justice of the peace, and reelected five times. He married 4 January 1911 Cleona Blanche RUSSELL, and had one son, William Thomas STEVENS Jr. born 17 October 1914.


186.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

   13 January 1920

William T. STEVENS, 58, born Iowa; lawyer

C. Blanche STEVENS, wife, 27; born Nebraska; father born Iowa, mother born Nebraska; stenographer

William STEVENS, son, 5, born Nebraska.


187.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.

   Charles D. STEVENS, 61, born Iowa; carpenter

Ruth STEVENS, wife, 47 born Indiana; father born Pennsylvania, mother born Indiana


188.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Henry County, Iowa.

   T. S. WATERS, 60, born Iowa

Annabelle WATERS, 55, born Iowa; father born Ohio, mother born Virginia

Max M. WATERS, 14, born Iowa

Eunice B. WATERS, 12, born Iowa


Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa - 17 January 1900

Francis A. WATERS, 26, born Iowa; parents born Iowa; retail merchant

Edna M. WATERS, 25, born Iowa; father born Indiana, mother born Iowa

James W. WATERS, 2 yrs 11 months, born Missouri

Robert F. WATERS, 2 months, born Iowa


189.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Linn County, Oregon.

   East Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon

Iva WATERS, 46 [NOTE: the rest of the page is illegible in the copy I examined; don't know who else is there]


190.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Yakima County, Washington.

   Wiley, Yakima County, Washington - 20 February 1920

John H. WATERS, 58, born Oregon; clerk in grocery store

Mary L. WATERS, 46, born Tennessee

Emerson WATERS, 19, born Idaho; rural route mailman

Helen WATERS, 16, born Idaho


191.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Jackson County, Oregon.

   Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon - January 1920

James B. MORELOCK, 76, born Tennessee


Goldie MORELOCK (granddaughter), 14, born Oregon


192.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Marion County, Oregon.

   Salem, Marion County, Oregon - 9 January 1920

Elizabeth WATERS, 65

Wayne H. WATERS, son, 31, cigar store salesman


George WATERS, 49, cigar store merchant

Margaret WATERS, wife, 40, born Iowa; father born Ireland, mother born England


193.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Multnomah County, Oregon.

   Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon - January 1920

W. C. KNIGHTON, 53, born Indiana; building architect; father born England, mother born New York.

Eleanor W. KNIGHTON, wife, 49


Fred WATERS, 46, appraisal engineer - U. S. Shipping Board

Margaret K. WATERS, 40, born Oregon; parents born Germany


Allie LISTER, 44, born Oregon; father born Ohio, mother born Illinois

Charles R. LISTER, step-son, 31, born Oregon; parents both born Oregon; retail clerk


194.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - New York City, New York County, New York.

   New York City - 5 January 1920

Frank W. WATERS, 54; promoter for paper industry

Jessie WATERS, 50; Christian Science practitioner

Frank N. WATERS, 24

Louemma WATERS, 20


195.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Lassen County, California.

   Big Valley, Lassen County, California - January 1920

Augustus HERRICK, 79, widowed/retired; born Massachusetts; parents born Massachusetts

Alvin HERRICK, son, 48, widowed; farm laborer

Lew W. HERRICK, son, 21; farm laborer

Melba HERRICK, daughter, 18


196.  Anonymous. 1920. U. S. Federal Census - Yolo County, California.

   Dunnigan, Yolo County, California - 2 January 1920

O. B. SCHOOLING, 71, widower

Fred HAMBLET, son in law, 50

Eva HAMBLET, daughter, 37

Earl LANGE, son of Eva by previous marriage, apparently


197.  Anonymous. 1922. Death of a Pioneer [Augustus Herrick]. Big Valley Gazette (Bieber, California), 22 June 1922: p.1.

   Big Valley Gazette, Bieber, California – 22 June 1922 1;2

Death of a Pioneer

        The burning of the home of A.C. Herrick some years ago destroyed the family

records and in consequence the Gazette has been unable to obtain a full

account of his career the following facts being gathered from the memories

of the surviving relatives.

        Mr. Herrick was born in the state of Massachusetts in 1839, and was 83

years of age at his death June 13 lacking three days his birthday being the

sixteenth of June.

        At the age of two the family removed to the state of Iowa where they

resided for about twelve years.  Mr. Herrick has lived in Big Valley for 44

years and it is known that he crossed the plains. Farther then this can not

at present be ascertained leaving an interm between the ages of 14 and 39

about which no information is obtainable.

        He married Miss Martha Gordon. Mrs. Herrick is well remembered, her death

having occurred on November 11, 1911.

        Mr. Herrick is survived by eight children: three sons, Alvin, Lew and

Elisha and five daughters, Mrs. Belle Kennedy, Mrs. Agatha Farmer, Mrs.

Myrtle Smith, Mrs. May Billings and Mrs. Melba Walker.

        One brother Mr. Michael Herrick is living and resides at Puyallup,

Washington.  It is not necessary for us to extol the character of Mr.

Herrick for all know his worth. During his long residence in Big Valley he

was engaged in farming and stock raising upon his ranch near Bieber.  He

lived a quiet and unassuming life, an excellent neighbor, the truest of

friends, honest and upright in all of his dealings even to a fault.  Nearly

all of his old friends and associates died before him though there are some

among us who knew him when he was still in this vigor of middle life none of

whom but saddened by his death.


198.  Anonymous. 1923. Fred Waters passes away. Member of State Department at Capital yields to long illness. Oregon Statesman (Salem, Oregon), 23 Oct 1923: p.1.

   Fred R. Waters, 49, died 22 Oct 1923 at home (536 North Summer Street, Salem OR) after being paralyzed for about six weeks - recurrence of an illness of about 3 years ago.

  Formerly a newspaperman, employed by The Statesman and by the Portland Telegram.  For two years, he had worked for the State Department at th Capitol.  He and his brother were formerly with the George E. Waters Cigar Co.

  Born in Nebraska City, Nebraska, came to Salem as a child.  About 17 years ago, married Mildred Kirn.  He is survived by his widow; by his mother Mrs. E. E. Waters; brothers George E. and Wayne of Salem, and Frank of New York; and sister Mrs. W. R. Knighton of Portland.


199.  Anonymous. 1926. History of Sonoma County, California. Chicago, IL: S. J. Clarke Publi. Co. 2.


P.818 - William David COX b. 28 Sep 1868 Butte Co., CA, son of John W. and Virginia F. [PERRY] COX. Virginia was b. OH, John was born "on an island in the Mississippi River" [state not given]. In 1852, John COX went overland to CA, and mined for several years. He then settled in Quincy, IL.  In the 1860s, he took his family back to CA, bought mining property in Butte Co., and mined the rest of his life. He is dead [1926], but Virginia survives, now 74 yrs old.

   William David COX attended public school until age 14, then mined and worked for railroad surveyors. He was a clerk at intervals, including at a store in Forbestown, CA.  In 1906 he came to Sebastopol and managed the Burroughs store there for 10 years. He bought and then sold that business, and organized the W. D. Cox Company, handling ready-to-wear mens clothing.

  He m. Mrs. Bertha PALMER of Marysville, CA, dau of A.F.ROBERTS; she d. 1922, leaving two children: Lois, student at Univ. of California, and Melvin, 12 yrs old.


200.  Anonymous. 1927. Memoir: Arthur Jay Waters. New England Historic Genealogical Register 81 (2):187-188.

   Arthur Jay Waters of Los Angeles California, died Los Angeles 22 February 1923. He was born 4 March 1871 in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Russell Judson WATERS and Adelaide Mary BALLARD. His line of descent was:

1. Jacob WATERHOUSE and Hannah ___ of Wethersfield and New London, Connecticut

    2. Jacob WATERHOUSE and Ann DOUGLAS

      3. John WATERHOUSE

         4. John WATERHOUSE

            5. Nathan WATERHOUSE and Esther MANN

               6. Luther WATERS

                   7. Russell Judson WATERS (born Halifax, Vermont 6 June 1843) and Adelaide Mary BALLARD (born Charlemont, Massachusetts 16 April 1848)

                      8. Arthur Jay WATERS married in Los Angeles 7 June 1899 Charlotte Chapel MILLER; no children.


201.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma.

   C. D. STEVENS, 71; carpenter

Ruth STEVENS, wife, 58

Alice STEVENS, step-daughter?, 22, born Oklahoma; father born Florida, mother born Indiana; bookkeeper

Arthur STEVENS, son, 17, born Oklahoma; parents both born Iowa; clerk


202.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

   William T. STEVENS, 68, widow, born Iowa; father born Ohio, mother born Canada; lawyer


203.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Union, Van Buren County, Iowa.

   Max WATERS, 24

Mattie R. WATERS, wife, 23, born Iowa; both parents born Iowa

Thomas S. WATERS, father, 71


204.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Linn County, Oregon.

   East Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon - 14 April 1930

Iva E. WATERS, 57, widow, born Oregon; father born Missouri, mother born Oregon


Damon E. WATERS, 33, finisher in woolen mill

Lena E. WATERS, wif, 28 born Oregon; father born Oregon, mother born Missouri; burler in woolen mill

Barbara E. WATERS, 9

Leonard D. WATERS, 8

Margaret J. ROYER, niece, 15, born Washington; father born Michigan, mother born Oregon


North Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon

Willard W. WATERS, 26, warper in woolen mill

Bertha WATERS, 26 born Oklahoma; parents born Kentucky; spooler in woolen mill


205.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S.Federal Census - Yakima County, Washington.

   Wiley City, Yakima County, Washington - 25 April 1930

Mary L. WATERS, 58, born Tennessee; parents born Tennessee; postal clerk

Emerson E. WATERS, son, 30, born Idaho; merchant


206.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Jackson County, Oregon.

   Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon - 2 April 1930



207.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Gem County, Idaho.

   Emmett, Gem County, Idaho - 7 April 1930



208.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Marion County, Oregon.

   Salem, Marion County, Oregon - April 1930

George WATERS, 60, cigar merchant

Margaret WATERS, 49 born Iowa; parents born Ireland


Frank W. WATERS, 64, receiver for tire company

Huldah Z. WATERS, 52, born Indiana; parents born Germany


Frank N. WATERS, 35, ice plant manager

Lizzie M. WATERS, 33, born Kansas; parents born Ohio; assistant ice plant manager

Patricia M. WATERS, 5, born Oregon

Donald WATERS, 3, born Oregon


Harry N. WATERS, 47

Dell E. WATERS, 35, born Washington; father born Canada, mother born Indiana


Mildred K. WATERS, 60, born Oregon; parents born Germany; Clerk, Secretary of State Office


209.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Multnomah County, Oregon.

   Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

William KNIGHTON, 62, born Pennsylvania; father born England, mother New York; architect

Lalla W. KNIGHTON, 62


210.  Anonymous. 1930. U. S. Federal Census - Nederland, Boulder County, Colorado.

   2 April 1930 -

Frank A. WATERS, 37, born Iowa, parents born Iowa; quartz miner; married when 21

Edna M. WATERS, 35, born Iowa; father born Indiana, mother born Iowa; married when 19

James W. WATERS, 13, born Missouri

Robert F. WATERS, 10, born Iowa


211.  Anonymous. 1932. Has heard call of death angel: Mrs. J. W. Armstrong has passed away.

   Julia Stevens Armstrong, wife of J. W. Armstrong, died of a heart attack in Milwaukie, WI, while with her husband at a convention, in Oct 1932.  Her dau. Mrs. Evan Skeen was there also when she died.

[NOTE: Julia STEVENS was an adopted dau. of Daniel and Martha [COX] STEVENS.]


212.  Anonymous. 1940. Sportsman dies. Death takes Salem leader. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 21 Oct 1940: p.8.

   George E. Waters, prominent in Salem business for 50 years and owner of the city's baseball club in the Western International circuit died late Saturday night (19 Oct 1940) following a heart attack.  He was 70.

   Starting with the loan of $1000 when he was a young man, Waters "soon built up a large wholesale business now operating under the name of George E. Waters Inc.". He was active in Republican politics for many years.  He befriended many underprivileged boys and girls.

   Survived by his widow; two brothers - Frank Waters and Harry Wayne Waters, both of Salem; sister Mrs. W. C. Knighton of Portland; nephew Frank Northrup Waters of Salem; and niece Louemma Waters Roughton of Portland.


213.  Anonymous. 1940. Salem loses sportsman in death of George Waters. Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), 21 Oct 1940: p.Section 3 page 1.

   "It is said of Waters that he had purchased thousands of three or four-day old newspapers just to help some newsboy dispose of his wares."

   Recently purchased Western International League baseball franchise for Salem, and constructed $60,000 baseball plant, which opened last spring.  All youngsters "who complied with certain conditions" (not stated) were admitted free.  "An entire bleacher was set aside for these children, known as the 'Knothole club'."  The League reportedly balked at the free admissions, so Waters offered to pay the way for any youngster who came.  "I don't give a damn if the club never makes a cent.  If the people like the club that's all I care."

   48 years previously, he and Doug Minto had organized a Salem baseball club.  Waters claimed that he and Minto had lost $1500 on the venture in the first season.


214.  Anonymous. 1940. Heart attack fatal to George E. Waters. Capital Journal (Salem, Oregon), 21 Oct 1940: p.3.

   George E. WATERS, age 70, died in the Salem [OR] General Hospital 19 Oct 1940; had suffered a heart attack at his home a few hours earlier.

  A year ago bought a Salem franchise in the Western International Baseball League, build George E. Waters Field, and had a baseball team that proved a strong contender in the league.  He started in business in 1891, a wholesale tobacco and candy enterprise with D. C. Minto; Waters became full owner after 4 years.  He was married 4 Dec 1905 to Margaret Delphene McGUIRE of Salem; no children

  He was b. 16 Nov 1869 Nebraska City, NE, came to Salem, OR with his mother in 1873 when he was 4 years old; his father had come to OR the year previously; George attended old Central School; parents William Henry Harrison WATERS and Elizabeth NORTH WATERS. His father was prominent in politics in NE, serving as registrar of the Nebraska land office. He ran unsuccessfully for the U. S. Senate from NE.


215.  Anonymous. 1940. America's Interesting People: George E. Waters.

   "George E. Waters is probably the only baseball fan who keeps score on the spectators. Owner of the Salem, Ore., Senators, he sets aside a thousand free bleacher seats for the city's school kids. But before they can get in, they must produce statements by their teachers and parents that they are scoring satisfactorily at school and at home. Otherwise, they pay or watch the game through a knothole. A retired tobacco merchant and lifelong fan, Waters recently spent $60,000 to build a modern baseball stadium seating 9,000 people, to celebrate his team's first year in the Western International League. A nice touch is vertical-grained seats, designed to minimize besplintered posteriors. And to ensure good ball teams for years to come he imported an ex-pitcher for the big leagues to train the local talent. Mr. and Mrs. Waters have no children, but they say one thousand cheering kids are a pretty good substitute."


216.  Anonymous. 1949. Memoir - Frank Edward Waters. New England Historic Genealogical Record 10 (3):227-228.

   Frank Edward WATERS born in North Norwich, New York 2 May 1871, the son of Amos Huntley WATERS and Theresa Jane BISSELL. He died in Hamilton, New York 7 July 1948. He married in North Norwich, New York 16 September 1891, Jennie M. BROOKINS. They have two children: Roland Arthur WATERS and Ernest Clayton WATERS. Frank attended grammar school, and was employed as a station agent 1888 to 1913 by the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad Company. In 1913 he formed a partnership with Charles O. WEDGE in a lumber and building material business. He sold out and retired in 1936.

His ancestry:

1. Jacob WATERHOUSE born 1605 England, and wife Hannah; one of founders of New London, Connecticut.

    2. Isaac WATERHOUSE (1641-1713) and Sarah PRATT

       3. Samuel WATERHOUSE (born 1685) and Frances BRONSON

          4. Gideon WATROUS (died 1811) and Martha BECKWITH

             5. Gurden WATROUS (born 1738) and Theody BECKWITH

                6. Gurden WATROUS (1764-1853) and Lucy HUNTLEY

                   7. Amos Huntley WATERS (1792-1828) and Polly KINNE

                       8. George S. WATERS (1818-1898) and Fidelia KINNE

                          9. Amos Huntley WATERS (1846-1925) and Theresa Jane BISSELL

                             10. Frank Edward WATERS


217.  Anonymous. 1956. Eugene Masonic Centennial, 1956. Lane County Historian 1 (3):15-17.

   15 Sept. 1855, Eugene City Lodge No. 11 A.F.&A.M. approved; first called Spencer Butte Lodge.  On 20 July 1856 the lodge was dedicated.  At that time, its rolls included Samuel A. Cox, A. A. McCully, and David McCully (who was an Entered Apprentice Mason).


218.  Anonymous. 1959. Mrs. Waters Succumbs on Vacation. Oregon Statesman (Salem, Oregon), 1 Feb 1959: p.Section 1, p.7.

   Mrs. L. Mae Waters, 62, of 1545 Center Street NE, Salem, died 29 Jan 1959 of a heart attack in Los Angeles, CA, while she and her husband were on vacation.  She was born 6 Nov 1896 in Almena, Kansas, married Frank N. Waters at Escondido, California in 1920 (her family had moved to CA when she was a child).  They lived in Salem since their marriage.  Survivors:  widower Frank Waters of Salem; son Donald F. Waters, Salem; daughter Mrs. Patricia Hazlett, Salem; brother Delmer Urshel, Pasadena, CA


219.  Anonymous. 1962. Obituary - Mrs. Leona Waters. Oregon Statesman (Salem, Oregon), 17 Jul 1962: p.Section 1, p.5.

   Leona Christina Waters, 65, former Salem, Oregon, resident, died in Oceanlake, Oregon, on 16 Jul 1962.  She was married to Roderick Waters; they left Salem in 1929, later lived in Medford and Lakeview.


220.  Anonymous. 1964. Volunteer post filled at Fairview [Clarice M. Waters]. Capital Journal (Salem, Oregon), 20 Feb 1964: p.Sec 2 p.13.

   Clarice M. Waters, Salem, appointed director of volunteer services at Fairview Home. She is 1957 graduate of Oregon State University; has been recreational therapist at Eastern Oregon State Hospital, Pendleton; director of teen activities, YWCA, Eugene, OR; and overseas program director with Army Special Services, Fort Carson, Colorado.


221.  Anonymous. 1969,1970. Jackson County Censuses for 1855,1856,1857 [James V. Waters]. Rogue Digger (Rogue Valley Genealogical Society) 4 (2):56-65.


James V. WATERS age 27 shown in 1855 census, but not later two censuses.


222.  Anonymous. 1990. Sonoma County marriages 1847-1902. Santa Rosa, CA: Sonoma County Genealogical Society.

   -Axley C. COX m. Mrs. Ella L. HASSETT 14 Mar 1898

-Benjamin F. COX m. Matilda SINGLEY  27 May 1867

-Hugh COX m. Lulu M. HOWARD 5 Nov 1896

-James C. COX m. Elizabeth FROST 1 Sep 1868

-Jessie C.COX m. Eviline WRIGHT 11 Feb 1866

-John COX m. Nancy RAINS  4 Nov 1858

-John N. COX m. Mary M. GRAVES  28 Aug 1897

-Joseph B. COX m. Sadie L. McCLISH  29 Sep 1869

-Nathan H. COX m. Ida Jane HOPPER 19 Nov 1876

-Thomas W. COX m. Sarah M. O'DELL  11 Sep 1876

-William J. COX m. Ann E. HARDIN  22 Sep 1857

-William M. COX  m. Eugena JAMISON  8 Apr 1896

-William M. COX  m. Rosa E. BEAVER   18 Aug 1884


223.  Anonymous. 1992. Patricia Mae Waters Hazelett.

   Patricia Mae (Waters) Hazelett 19 Jan 1925 - 12 Jul 1992; died in Portland, OR, from complications of diabetes; age 67; born in Salem, OR, a "sixth-generation descendant of Tabitha Brown who is the official mother figure of the state of Oregon and founder of Pacific University in Forest Grove".

  Patricia graduated from St. Helen's Hall (=Portland Episcopal School} in Portland, and Willamette University; secretary for the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist from the late 1970s to mid 1980s.

  Married Jackson R. Hazelett in 1947. 

  Survivors: brother Donald F. Waters of Salem, OR; sons Stafford (Hillsboro,OR), Marcus (Aloha, OR), and Karsten (Oakland, CA); daus. Alysa Hilton (Sherwood, OR) and Tabitha Hazelett (Portland, OR); 9 grandchildren; and 2 great grandchildren.



224.  Anonymous. 1995. 1925-26 Oregon Pioneer Necrology. Bulletin of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon 44 (3):124-131.

Dr. Norris R. COX - b. OR 1835, d. Portland 8 Jan 1925.

Robert T. COX - b. OR 1850, d. Walla Walla, Washington,

  23 Jan 1926.


225.  Anonymous. 2001. Necrology of Past Chancellors - Knights of Pythias, 1902. Bulletin of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon 50 (3):131, 145,146.

   Information on Past Chancellors of the Knights of Pythias were published in the Record of Proceedings of the Twenty-second Annual Convention of the Grand Lodge, Grand Domain of Oregon, held in Portland, OR, 13-15 Oct 1902. List was reprinted in this issue of the Forum "Bulletin." Among those Past Chancellors listed:


Harry Lee WATERS - of Friendship Lodge No. 1, Oregon, 1873; died 17 April 1890 at The Dalles, Wasco Co., OR, age 33. NOTE: I don't think he fits in with "our" WATERS, but not sure.


W. H. H. WATERS - of Central Lodge No. 18, Oregon, 1883; died 9 Sept 9 1892 Salem, OR; age 56.


226.  Ashtabula County (Ohio) U. S. Genweb. Geneva Township censuses.

   The U. S. Genweb site for Ashtabula County, Ohio, has lists of names from 1827 and 1830 censuses of Geneva Township. Included in 1827 were William Watrous, Henry Watrous, and Walter Watrous. In 1830 were W. Watrous and W. Watrous.


227.  Ashtabula County Genealogical Society. 1985. Ashtabula County history, then and now. Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Co. 654pp.

   Walter WATROUS - A member of a New England family; allegedly born in Massachusetts; maybe the Walter listed in the 1790 Federal Census in Chemungtown, NY, and in Cayuga Co. NY, in 1800, and Wayne County, NY, in 1810 [with 8 children]. He and 14 children lived in Williamson, Wayne Co., until moving to Geneva, Ashtabula Co., OH in 1820. He was listed in Geneva, OH, in 1840, in the 70-80 year age class.  He was in the Revolutionary War [sic - actually, War of 1812] in Major William Rogers' Batallion, Capt. Galley's Co. 1813-1814.

  Walter WATROUS was apparently married twice, the second wife's name being Hester SMITH. It isn't known which children belong with which mother. Only two children are known by name:

  -Hiram WATROUS/WATERS was apparently the youngest, b. 1815 and d. 1922; married Tartary CASE in Geneva, OH; moved to Wisconsin; children :

     (1) Melissa WATROUS 1839-1923, m. William ROGERS

     (2) Harvey WATROUS died young

     (3) Lyman M. WATROUS 1843-1922; m. Melissa ZERBA

     (4) John G. WATROUS 1845-1923; m. Helen BARDINE

     (5) Mary Louise WATROUS 1847-1927; m. A. J. BARTHOLOMEW

     (6) Charles S. WATROUS 1856-1864

  -Walter Jim WATROUS/WATTERS, thought to be the oldest child, b. 1800; married Eunice C. MOTT; moved to Warrick Co., IN in 1840 and to Jackson Co., IA, in 1852; children:

     (1) Jane Harriet WATROUS 1832-1913; m. Albert GEE

     (2) Charles WATROUS b. 1835

     (3) Hester WATROUS b. 1837

     (4) Elizabeth WATROUS 1838-1907; m. Martin Jonas ESTEY [NOTE: ESTEY family came to Jackson Co., IA from Clinton Co., NY - were descendants of Isaac and Mary Towne Estey of Massachusetts]

     (5) James WATROUS b. Ashtabula Co., OH Nov 1838; he was a carpenter; m. Caroline ESTEY; d. 1914; children:

           (a) Harriet WATERS 1865-1935; m. Joseph Thomas BRUSH

           (b) William Wallace WATERS b. 1869

           (c) Ulysses B. WATERS b. 1872

           (d) Walter W. WATERS b. 1875; m. Angeline EDWARDS

     (6) Harvey WATROUS 1840-1863

     (7) Angeline B. WATROUS b. 1843; m. Theopolus EATON

     (8) Henry Clay WATROUS b. ca 1843

     (9) Phebe WATROUS b. 1848; m. C. WARD


228.  Ashtabula County GenWeb. Waters/Watrous records in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

   1820 heads of households:

  William Watrous, Richfield Twp.


1827 Ashtabula Township heads of household census:

  Warren Watrous, Winthrop Watrous, William Watrous, Martin Watrous, John B. Watrous, A. Fitch Waters.


1827 Geneva Township heads of household census:

  William Watrous, Henry Watrous, Walter Watrous


1830 Heads of Households:

  Lenox Twp: B. Waters, T. Waters

  Harpersfield: W. C. Waters

  Rome: William Waters

  Saybrook: William Waters

  Ashtabula Twp: A. F. Watrous, J. S. Watrous, William Watrous, Winthrop Watrous

  Geneva Twp: W. Watrous, W. Watrous


1840 Heads of Households:

  Lenox Twp: Benjamin Waters, Benjamin Waters,  Timothy Waters

  Cherry Valley: George P. Waters

  Geneva Twp: Harvey Waters, Horace Waters, Walter Waters, William Waters

  Harpersfield: Hiram Waters

  Andover Twp: Lester Waters, Solomon Waters

  Orwell Twp: Nathan P. Waters

  Rome: Silas Z. Waters, William Waters

  Ashtabula Twp: John B. Waters, Martin Watrous, William Watrous, Withrop Watrous

  Monroe Twp: Samuel Watrous


1840  Pensioneers in census:

  Lenox Twp: Benjamin Waters, age 78?


229.  Ashtabula County-Ohio. [Ashtabula Co. land transactions involving William WATERS]. Jefferson, Ohio: Ashtabula County Courthouse.

   Deeds recorded at the Ashtabula County Courthouse.

  6 Nov 1828 - From Anson and Rachel F. HULL (Geneva,Ashtabula Co.) to William WATERS (Geneva) - for $85 - land adjoining Walter WATERS in lot #36 of Great Lot one, T12 R5 Western Reserve - 17 acres - witnesses: Walter WATERS, C. S. GAYLORD and Nancy AUSTIN.

  9 Jan 1835 - From William WATERS (Saybrook, Ashtabula Co.) to Jonas WATERS (Geneva) - for $100 - land described above - 17 acres - witnesses: Rufus B. MUNGER (?) and Aaron HOTCHKISS.


230.  R. Bestrom. 1997. [Inquiry on Ohio Cox family]. e-mail. 9 Jan 1997.

   “I am trying to find Daniel Cox 1801 and Phoebe Scott 1809, both born in Ohio-no further information.  They both moved to Indiana and were married in Delaware County in 1828.  They were the second marriage recorded there.  They subsequently moved thru Indiana, IL to Wisconsin(Vernon County.  They had children William, Ammanda and Edward.  Edward my GG-Grandfather was born 16 Feb 1830 in Muncie Indiana/died 11 Jun1917 at Genoa, Wisconsin.  I have family records from the move from INdiana onward, but my Cox record hits the brick wall in Ohio.


231.  G. P. Bonsall. 1950. Jacob Waterhouse of Wethersfield and New London, Conn., and some of his descendants. New England Historic Genealogical Register 104 (3):186-198.

    Jacob WATERHOUSE was in Wethersfield, Connecticut, by 1637, when he was one of eighteen men from Wethersfield who fought in the Pequot Indian Campaign 26 May 1637, under the command of Capt. John Mason. He had a house and 2 1/4 acres in Wethersfield. He moved to New London, Connecticut in 1645, where he died in 1676, his will probated 21 September 1676. His wife's name is not given. Children:

     1. Rebecca WATERHOUSE born Wethersfield; married about 1655 Thomas WILLIAMS Sr. of Wethersfield, who died there 5 February 1692. They had ten children between 1656 and 1680 (not named in article).

     2. Isaac WATERHOUSE born Wethersfield 1641; died 7 Oct 1713, age 72; married in Lyme, Connecticut, 20 April 1670, Sarah PRATT, the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Clark) Pratt (she was brn 11 April 1652, died 8 Dec 1725). They lived in Lyme, Connecticut.

     3. Abraham WATERHOUSE born Wethersfield, Connecticut 1644, died in Saybrook, Connecticut (after 10 Dec 1718). He married in 1674 Rebecca CLARK, dau. of Capt. John and Rebecca (PARKER) CLARK (she born in Saybrook 26 January 1652/3, died there 14 October 1704). Abraham was a carpenter, and an original grantee of Lyme, Connecticut. They moved from Lyme to Saybrook, Connecticut by 1686. Children: Abraham WATERHOUSE b. 23 December 1674; Rebecca WATERHOUSE born 20 Sept 1677; Isaac WATERHOUSE b. 17 April 1680; John WATERHOUSE born 3 Nov 1682/3; Joseph WATERHOUSE born 12 July 1690; Benjamin WATERHOUSE born 7 Feb 1692/3; and Sarah WATERHOUSE.

   [NOTE: Much of this article is about the descendants of Abraham WATERHOUSE and Rebecca CLARK. However, a later article notes a variety of errors and questions about this family, so I have not included the details here. See: D. L. Jacobus (1954), Waterhouse (Watrous) Corrections. New England Historic Genealogical Register, Vol. 108, pages 36-38.]

   4. Jacob WATERHOUSE died 3 January 1727/8; married in 1690 Ann DOUGLAS, daughter of Robert DOUGLAS, who was born 1669 and died 7 May 1713. Jacob served in King Philip's War 24 August 1676, under Capt. Joseph Sill. Jacob and Ann had sons John WATERHOUSE, William WATERHOUSE, Robert WATERHOUSE, Joseph WATERHOUSE, and Gideon WATERHOUSE, all born in New London, Connecticut. No daughters are known.

   5. John WATERHOUSE served in King Philip's War in Dec 1676. He died in 1687, and his widow Mary ___ married 2nd John HAYDEN of Saybrook, Connecticut. John and Mary are known to have had one son, Jacob WATERHOUSE, who was an infant in 1687.

   6. Joseph WATERHOUSE

   7. Benjamin WATERHOUSE died at sea; his estate was being administered 4 June 1702.

   8. Elizabeth WATERHOUSE was baptized as an adult 17 Sept 1693; she married 1st John BAKER in New London, Connecticut; married 2nd in New London 31 Aug 1699 Peeter HACKLEY.


232.  L. M. Boyce. 1983. Linn County Early 1850 Records. Portland, Oregon: Boyce-Wheeler Publishing.


  Legend:  t, territorial state; s, school tax; c, county tax; T, total tax assessment.

     John A. Waters - t, 0.34; s, 0.68; c, 1.36= T2.40.


233.  Bureau of Land Management. [Jordan Cox land purchase in California]. BLM webpage.

   On the U. S. Bureau of Land Management website of land transactions, we found Jordan COX making a cash purchase of Government land in Sonoma Co., CA, 10 Jan 1868 - T8N R8W Sec. 17, Russian River Township.


234.  A. Burton and C. Burton. 1989. Michigan Quakers, abstracts from fifteen Meetings of the Society of Friends 1831-1960. Decatur, MI: Self-published.

   The Battle Creek (Hicksite), Michigan, Monthly Meeting was established 1838.  On 11 July 1838, Jordan COX was reported as deceased.

   A list of members [1838?] includes: Jordan COCK/COX, wife Mary, and their eight children: Ambrose, Joseph, Dorothy, Phebe, Elizabeth, Chloe, Benjamin, and Jordan. [Author's note that Jordan (the child) may be the same as "Jordan Stephen".


235.  BYU Idaho. Western States Historical Marriage Record Index.

   Abner W. WATERS, age 59 of Harney County, Oregon, married Elizabeth W. HUSTON, age 44, of Harney County, 30 August 1893 at home of J. M. Vaughn, Harney County, Oregon. Marraige Records Volume A, page 83.


Eva WATERS of Harney County, Oregon, married Maurice FITZGERALD of Harney County, 26 January 1894 at home of J. B. Huntington, Harney County, Oregon. Marriage Book Volume A, page 89.


Maurice FITZGERALD, age 42, married Bessie NORTON, age 18, at home of Arthur Royse, Harney County, Oregon, 30 January 1897. Marriage Book A, page 145.


236.  California State Mining Bureau. 1926. [Location of gem materials in Sonoma County, California]. Report XXII of the State Mineralogist 22 (3):334.

   Report notes that two kinds of garnet are found in Sonoma County. Almandite (iron-alumina garnet) occurs in chlorite schist three miles west of Healdsburg, "notably on the Cox Ranch."


237.  City of Los Angeles. 1888. Los Angeles, California, City Directory.

   Jordan COX listed at 111 North Hope, Los Angeles, a contractor and builder. This is after his divorce from Faithy Ann TUCKER.


238.  M. J. Clark. 1981. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company. 3. 484pp.

   Pp.338-339, includes muster rolls for Captain SIMON KOLLOCK's Company, Loyal American Regiment, from New York 24 Oct 1780, and from Flushing, Long Island, 18 Jun 1781.  The only "family name" on either list is Pvt. Thomas COX (Flushing list).


239.  G. W. Cocks and J. J. Cox. 1912. History and genealogy of the Cock-Cocks-Cox family. New York, NY: Privately printed.

   The Ancestry of Rachel (COX) WATERS

NOTE: Numbers used are those given by the authors.


1. James COCK probably b. Northfield Co., England; some thought that he may have come to Long Island, New York, via Bermuda, as others in the LI community did. He was a Quaker. He was in Southold, Long Island, at least as early as 1657.  In 1659 he was one of the petitioners at Setauket, asking to join with Conetocoke (=Connecticut). In 1662 at Oysterbay, and for the rest of  his life at Matinicock-Killingworth, L.I.

  His will was written 23 Jul 1699, accepted 11 Dec 1699; his wife Sarah (possibly Sarah CLARKE) d. 16 Dec 1715 at Matinicock. Their children were all b. there.

   2. Mary b. 1 Jan 1655/56.    3. Thomas b. 15 Oct 1658. 

4. Martha b. Sept 1661, d. Nov 1670.     5. John b. 22 Jan 1666/67.    6. Hannah b. 5 Aug 1669.    7. Sarah b. 20 Sep 1672.     8. JAMES b. 4 Apr 1674.     9. HENRY b. 1 Apr 1678.    10. Martha b. 13 Feb 1680/81.


8. James COCK b. 4 Apr 1674 Killingworth upon Matinecock, Long Island, NY; d. Buckram (=Locust Valley), Long Island 26 May 1728; m. in Matinecock 1 Dec 1698 Hannah FEKE. Hannah b. Matinecock 6 Oct 1695, dau. of John and Elizabeth (PRIAR) FEKE of Killingworth; she d. at Buckram 28 Apr 1750.

  Children of James and Hannah:  20. Sarah b. 24 Feb 1700; d. unmarried ca 1784.     21. Samuel b. 20 Jul 1702; m. Martha Ailing.     22. Joshua b. 2 Sep 1704; d. Mar 1778 unmarried.     23. Elizabeth b. 22 Nov 1706; d. before 1720.    24. Josiah b. 27 Mar 1709; m. Rebecca Frost.    25. Jacob b. ca 1710; d. before 1728.      26. Hannah b. ca 1712; d. 10 Jan 1759; unmarried.     27. Martha b. ca 1714; m. Joseph Frost.    28. Robert b. ca 1718.     29. MARY b. 5 Aug 1722; m. Isaac FROST.


9. Henry COCK b. Killingworth 1 Feb 1678 [elsewhere says 1 Apr 1678 - confusion with "old calendar"?]; d. Killingworth 4 May 1733.  He and his family were Quakers.  He m. 1st Mary FEKE 28 Aug 1699. She was dau. of John and Elizabeth (PRIAR) FEKE, and was b. 30 Apr 1678 and d. 30 Dec 1715.

Henry and Mary's children were:

  30. Joseph b. 29Apr 1701; d. unmarried after 1733.    31. Benjamin b. 5 Dec 1702; m. Ann Brinton.     32. John b. 22 Mar 1705; m. Sarah Carpenter.     33. James b. 24 Dec 1707; d. between 1724 and 1733.     34. Amey b. 9 Feb 1708/09; m. Rees Jones.    35. Mary b. 8 Oct 1711; m. 1st Nathan Bane/Bean; m. 2nd Francis Meecham.     36. Henry b. 10 Aug 1713; m. Mary Bowne.    37. Sarah b. 14 Dec 1715; m. Joseph Shotwell.    38. Elizabeth (twin of Sarah); m. William Townsend.


Henry COCK m. 2nd Martha PEARSALL dau. of Nathaniel and Martha (SEAMAN) PEARSALL of Hempstead Harbour (=Roslyn), L.I. NY.  Their children were:

  39. Thomas b. 15 Sep 1718; d. before 1724.   40. SAMUEL.


29. Mary COCK b. 5 June 1722, Buckram [Locust Valley], Long Island; died Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY, after 1777;  m. 3 Mar 1737/8 Isaac FROST [b. Matinecock 3 Jun 1717, son of William and Hannah [PRIAR] FROST of Matinecock, Long Island, farmers and Friends; d. after 1798]. Isaac and Mary [COCK] FROST and family moved to Crom Pond, Cortlandt township, Westchester Co.,NY, and then to Clinton Township, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Children: James, RHODA [b. Long Island, d. Wheatland, Monroe Co., NY about 1832; m. 1st Joseph COCK, m. 2nd James BAKER], Elizabeth, Isaac, Obediah, Jordan, Solomon, Mordecai, George, Mary, Anna, Ethelannah, Sarah, and Hannah.


40. Samuel COCK b. Killingworth, L.I. about 1720; d. Lattingtown, L. I. between 10 Aug 1754 (will written) and 23 May 1755 (will proved).  The name of his wife is unknown.  He was Overseer of Highways at Matinecock from 1741 through 1745, and purchased over 100 acres in Lattingtown, L. I. in 1741/42.  His children were:   96. JOSEPH.             97. Levi,  m. Martha Wright.      98. Zoar, m. Ruth _____.    99. Martha, m. George Bayles.


96. Joseph COCK b. at or near Matinecock, L. I., NY; d. Crum Elbow, Dutchess Co., NY, prob. before 1790.  He m. Rhoda FROST about 1761 [see Mary COCK info, above]. They were Quakers and farmers.  Children of Joseph and Rhoda:

  252. Samuel b. ca 1762 probably in Westchester Co., NY; m. 1st Martha Thorn; m. 2nd Sarah Wood.

  253. Isaac b. 4 May 1764 at Crum Elbow, Dutchess Co., NY; m. 1st Phebe Underhill; m. 2nd Hannah (Fowler) Thorn.

  254. JORDAN

  255. James b. 18 Jun 1768; in Phillips Patent (now Putnam Co.), NY; m. Elizabeth Skinner.

  256. Levi b. 1783; m. 1st Elizabeth Weeks; m. 2nd Theresa Scofield.

  257. Martha m. Benjamin Mosher.

After Joseph COCK died, his widow Rhoda m. 2nd James Baker; they had no children. After Baker died, about 1815, she moved to Wheatland Township, Monroe Co., NY and lived with her sons Samuel, James and Levi.


254. Jordan COCKS or COX b. 18 Jun 1765 probably at Crum Elbow, Dutchess Co., NY. He d. in 1839 near Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan.  He married first about 1796, apparently to a non-Quaker because neither their wedding nor their children's names are included in Quaker records.  He was reinstated into the church following his first wife's death, which occurred sometime before 1815 at Wheatland, Monroe Co., NY.  Their children were: 

  609. William b. 1797. He enlisted 29 Aug 1814 in Capt. Levi Lacy's Company, and participated in the successful defense of Fort Erie 23 Sep 1814, but was taken prisoner by Indians and was held by them near the head of Lake Ontario until he escaped in May 1815. He was later given a bounty land warrant of 160 acres in IA, which he assigned to Samuel M. Ballard.

  610.  Levi.     611. Martha.     612. Rhoda.   613. RACHEL.   614. Polly.


After his first wife died, Jordan COX m. 2nd 1819 Mary OAKLEY, who was prob. b. Caledonia Twp., Livingston Co., NY 20 Aug 1799, and prob. d. Calhoun Co., Mich.  Their children were:  615 Ambrose b. 7 Jun 1820.   616. Joseph b. 6 Jun 1822; d. unmarried in Van Buren Co., Mich, before 1847.   617. Dorothy b. 2 Mar 1824.      618. Phebe b. 3 Apr 1826.   619. Elizabeth b. 26 Oct 1828.    620. Chloe b. 10 Dec 1830.   621. Benjamin b. 19 Feb 1833.    622. Jordan Jr. b. 3 Apr 1836.

  Jordan was a farmer. He moved from Crum Elbow to Caledonia. He was reinstated into the Friends church 22 May 1823, and he and Mary were prominent members of the Wheatland meeting, with him being an overseer in 1836.  They moved to a farm north of Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1837.


613. Rachel COX - authors had no information on her, presumed that all of the non-Quaker children had moved to OH.



1. William FOWNES of Saxby, Devonshire, England m. _____HYELTON (dau. of Robert HYELTON).

   2. George FOWNES m._____ MILBANCK.

     3. William FOWNES/FONES of Saxby, Devonshire, m. _____TELHAM.

       4. John FONES m. _____BRADLEY of Bedham.

         5. John FONES m. ____ LEWELL.

           6. John FONES of Dedford, Bromsgrove (=Brownsgrove), Worcestershire.

             7. Thomas FONES of Bristol.

               8. Thomas FONES, apothecary of London; d. 15 Apr 1629; m. 1st Anne WINTHROP [b. 16 Jan 1585/6; d. 16 May 1618, dau. of Adam and Anne (BROWNE) WINTHROP, of Groton.] He m. 2nd 28 Aug 1621 Priscilla (BURGESS) Shearman, dau of John Burgess and widow of Bezaleel Shearman.

                    9. Elizabeth FONES b. 21 Jan 1609/10, d. 1668; m. 1st 25 Apr 1629 Henry WINTHROP [son of John and Mary (Forth) Winthrop; he died 2 Jul 1630], had Martha Johanna who m. 1649 Thomas Lyon.

  Elizabeth m. 2nd Lieut. Robert FEAKE [see below], and 3rd William Hallett, had children William and Samuel.



1. Adam WYNTROPE of Lavenham, County Suffolk, England; m. 1498 Joane/Joanna BURTON.

  2. Adam WYNTHROPE b. 9 Oct 1498; d. 9 Nov 1562; in the clothier business in London; 1544 retired to Groton. He m. 1st 14 Nov 1527 Alice HENNEY/HUNNE, had children Thomas, William, Bridget, Christopher, and Thomas.  He m. 2nd 20 Jul 1534 Agnes SHARPE (b. 1516, d. 13 May 1565, dau. of Robert SHARPE of Islington), had Alice, Bridget, Mary, John, Adam (died as infant), and Adam.

      3. Adam WINTHROP b. 10 Aug 1548, d. 1623 Groton Manor, England; m. 1st 16Dec 1574 Alice STILL, who died with her newborn 24 Dec 1577. He m. 2nd Anne BROWNE (d. 19 Apr 1629, dau. of Henry and Agnes BROWNE of Edwardstone), and had children: Anne (died as infant), Anne, John, Jane, Lucy, Catharine, and Susan.

         4. Anne WINTHROP b. 16 Jan 1585/6; d. 16 May 1618, buried St. Sepulchre's , London; m. 25 Feb 1604/5 Thomas FONES [see above].

         4. John WINTHROP b. 12 Jan 1587/8 Edwardstone, England; d. 26 Mar 1649 Boston, MA; m. 1st 16 Apr 1605 at Great Stambridge, Essex, Mary FORTH (b. 1 Jan 1583/4; d. June 1615; dau. of John FORTH). John Winthrop m. 4 times.  One of his children by Mary FORTH was:

             5. Henry WINTHROP who m. Elizabeth FONES [see above].



1. William FROST first recorded on Long Island, NY, 1664; m. ca 1672-1673 Rebecca WRIGHT, dau of Nicholas and Ann WRIGHT (Rebecca b. Lynn, MA ca 1645, divorced from Eleazer Leverich of Oyster Bay, Long Island); William d. 1720; children William, Wright, and Mary.

     2. William FROST b. Matinecock, Long Island, about 1674/5; d. there 29 Nov 1728 when a beef he was slaughtering fell on him; m. ca 1700 Hannah PRIAR [b. Matinecock 22 Oct 1681, d. there 18 Dec 1771, dau of John and Elizabeth (BOWNE) PRIAR of Killingworth on Matinecock]. He was a farmer, and not a Quaker. Their children were William, George, Samuel, John, Benjamin, Rebecca, Isaac, Thomas, Hannah and Sarah.

         3. Isaac FROST b. 3 Jun 1714; m. Mary COCK [#29 in COX line, above].

               4. Rhoda FROST who m. Joseph COCK.



1. Matthew PRIOR/PRIAR in Salem, MA 1638; moved to Brookhaven, Long Island, NY, then to England, and back to L.I; prominent Quaker; d. prob. between 1686 and 1692; wife Mary _____; children John, Sarah, Martha, Mary, and Elizabeth.

     2. John PRIAR b. Feb 1650/1; d. Killingworth, L. I. 2 Jun 1698; m. at Flushing, NY, 9 Apr 1678 Elizabeth BOWNE [b. Flushing Oct 1658; d. Killingworth 14 Feb 1721, dau. of John and Hannah (FEAKE) BOWNE of Flushing; she m. 2nd Samuel Titus]. They were farmers and Quakers.  Children: John, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Matthew, Samuel, and Joseph.

         3. Hannah PRIAR b. 22 Dec 1681; m. William FROST; had Isaac FROST.

     2. Elizabeth PRIAR b. Aug 1653?; d. Killingworth, L. I., 25 Jan 1701/2; m. at Killingworth 15 Sep 1673 John FEKE, son of Robert and Elizabeth (FONES WINTHROP) FEAKE of Watertown, MA. They had Hannah FEKE who m. James COCK.



1. Thomas BOWNE bapt. 25 May 1595 Matlock, Derbyshire, England; children John and Dorothy; came to New England in late 1648 or early 1649.

   2. John BOWNE b. Matlock, Derbyshire, England 9 May? 1629; came to New England with father and sister 1648 or 1649; returned to England 1650-1651, returned to Boston May 1651; moved to Flushing, Long Island, NY, shortly after; 7 May 1656 m. Hannah FEAKE at Flushing [Hannah b. prob. Watertown, MA ca 1637, dau of Lieut. Robert FEAKE and Elizabeth (FONES) WINTHROP; lived in Greenwich and New London, CT, came to Flushing, NY before 1649].  Both John and Hannah became Quakers, and Bowne was jailed in 1662 for harboring Quakers; he refused to pay his fine, and was sent to Holland as a prisoner; eventually came back to Long Island. In later years, both he and his wife were ardent Quakers, travelling in England and Holland to spread the message.  Hannah became ill in the winter of 1677 while on such a trip, and died in London 31 Jan 1677-8.

  John d. 20 Dec 1695, after 2nd marrying Hannah BICKERSTAFF and 3rd Mary COCK 26 Jun 1693.  Children with Hannah FEAKE: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Abigail, Hannah, Samuel, Dorothy, and Martha Johannah.  Children with Hannah BICKERSTAFF: Sarah, Sarah, John, Thomas, John, and Abigail.  Children with Mary COCK: Amy and Ruth.

          3. Elizabeth BOWNE b. 8 Oct 1658; d. 14 Feb 1721; m. 9 Apr 1678 John PRIAR [see above].



1. Robert FEAKE came to Massachusetts Bay with the Winthrop Fleet 1630; in 1631 or 1632 m. Elizabeth (FONES) WINTHROP, widow of Henry WINTHROP. Robert admitted freeman to Mass. Bay Colony May 1631; from Sept 1632 to Mar 1636 he was lieut. to Captain Patrick, chief military officer at Watertown, MA; 1639-40 moved to CT; became mentally unbalanced; spent some time in England, returning to Greenwich, CT, before Sep 1649; d. Feb 1662. Children: Elizabeth, Hannah, and John.

      2. Hannah FEAKE b. prob. Watertown, MA ca 1637; came with mother and siblings to Flushing, NY ca 1649; m. 7 May 1656 John BOWNE [see above].

      2. John FEKE b. Watertown, MA ca 1638 or 1639; d. Matinecock, Long Island May 1724; m. 15 Sep 1673 Elizabeth PRIAR. Children: Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, John, Robert, Sarah, Martha, Abigail, and Deborah.

           3. Hannah FEKE b. 6 Oct 1675; m. James COCK.

           3. Mary FEKE b. 30 Apr 1678; m. Henry COCK.


240.  R. L. Colby. 1977. Henry County marriages, 1836-1857. Hartford, Kentucky: McDowell Publications.

   The following McCully marriages noted for Henry County, Iowa:

  - Asa A. McCully, 29, and H. K. Waters, 20, m. at William Waters' home; license 2 Sept. 1848, m. 5 Sept. 1848.


241.  E. Coshow. [Scrap book of news clippings].

   Emma (McCULLY) COSHOW kept a scrapbook of news clippings that is now in the possession of her grandson, Jim Van VALKENBURG. Dolly Sainsbury reviewed the scrapbook, and copied pertinent sections.  Most of the clippings do not have dates or sources on them.

  (a). OBITUARY - William Hamilton McCULLY died at the home of his dau. Emma (Mrs. James) COSHOW in Brownsville, OR, 20 Jan 1907, at 77 yrs.  Born in OH 2 Dec 1837, moved to New London, IA with his parents [sic -father dead] when he was quite young.  In 1852 crossed the plains to OR with 4 brothers and 1 sister [wrong - 3 brothers only on that trip].

    Fall 1856 m. Margaret CANNON, whose parents lived where Oakville now stands; had 1 son (educator in Olympia, WA) and 2 daus (Elsie McCULLY d. "in early womanhood"); Margaret CANNON McCULLY d. 28 Apr 1877.

     Lived in Harrisburg; went to Independence for 2 years where he was a merchandiser; lived in Salem a number of years; moved to Brownsville in 1877, operated flouring mills with John WATERS; 1883 went to Joseph, OR, and operated first flouring mill there; that mill burned, and he returend to Brownsville.


  (b). LISTER - Mrs. Carrie LISTER d. in Harrisburg, OR, Wednesday 5 Aug 1896, "of quick consumption"; recently moved to Harrisburg from Portland; survived by husband and 2 children.


242.  J. Cox. Quaker Records: Rochester Monthly Meeting, Monroe County, New York.

   The data from which these records come is with the Haviland Record Room of the New York Yearly Meeting, Society of Friends. I saw the version that is an on-line database at

   Jordan COX was disowned from the Creek Monthly Meeting for marrying out. He was reinstated by the Rochester Monthly Meeting; Jordan, Mary (Oakley) and 8 children were recommended to Battle Creek Monthly Meeting.


243.  W. Cox. 1845-1848. [Ledger book of William Cox].

   A ledger kept by William COX of Henry Co., IA, is in the possession of Leora Saurteig. Among the interesting entries in it are:

-1 Jan 1845 work was done for William WATRUS [=William WATERS] - materials for a weaver's loom?

-15 Feb 1845 work done for William WATRUS - framing, stable work, etc.

-1848  John STARKEY paid William COX for building a door, laying a floor, etc.


244.  M. Cox. 1999. [Cox and Ford in Iowa]. e-mail  5 Jan 1999.

   From Marian Cox: “My husband's Cox family were from Van Buren Co., Ia which is next door to Henry Co.  Before that (ca 1820), they were in Jefferson Co, Indiana.  We know nothing about before then. I don't think the Henry Co. Coxes were related to the Van Buren Coxes, but of course I could be wrong. We only know of two: Lorenzo Dow Cox b. 1817 and his brother Randolph Cox b.1821 Jefferson Co., Ind.  There surely were other siblings.  Their father Jesse Cox, was in the Battle of Tippecanoe.  This would have been ca 1811.  No one knows yet what happened to Jesse except they think he went off to war and didn't come back.


245.  W. G. Cutler. History of the State of Kansas. Part 12. Labette County.

   From: William G. Cutler, History of the State of Kansas. Part 12, Labette County.


JULIUS S. WATERS, editor of the Oswego Daily and Weekly Independent, published at Oswego, Kansas. Was born in Warrick County, Ind. March 25, 1838. The country was new at this time, and young Julius had arrived at the age of eleven before he had seen a schoolhouse, and not until the removal of the family to Henry County, Iowa, in 1848, did he enjoy the advantages of the common schools. His mother died when he was but fifteen years of age, by which the family was broken up, and at this early age, with little education and no means, he was cast upon his own resources. For a time he was employed as a farm hand, at four dollars per month. In 1854, he began to learn the trade of harness and saddle making at Galesburg, Ill., at which he was employed about three years. His spare moments were occupied in study and reading, by which his mind underwent cultivation and became stored with useful knowledge. Returning to Indiana in 1857, the next fall, he was made Republican candidate for the Legislature. The county was heavily Democratic and he was defeated in the election. In 1860, he assisted in the organization of his party in Spencer County, to which he had removed,

and was a member of the State Convention appointing delegates to the National Convention which met at Chicago Ill., and put Abraham Lincoln in nomination for the presidency, and was afterward actively engaged in  the campaign. He was married in 1860, and continued a resident of Spencer County, Ind., until the death of his wife in 1863, at which time he removed to Nebraska City, Neb., and became engaged as local editor on thePress, a paper published by his brother, W. H. H. Waters, at that place. Removing to Southwest Missouri in 1865, and not being satisfied with the country, he at once came to Kansas, settling upon the Osage Ceded lands in Labette County, where he now owns a fine farm of five hundred acres, upon which he resides. Having studied law, he was admitted to practice when the county was organized, and in which he continued with gratifying success for some years. In the fall of 1869 he was elected to the office of County Attorney, and subsequently was twice elected to the same office. He established a newspaper called the Sentinel at Labette City, in the summer of 1871, which he ran about a year and sold out, and two years afterward became editor of the Oswego

 Independent, upon which he is now engaged. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1880, and again in 1882, in which capacity he served with satisfaction to his constituents. He was commissioned a director of the State Penitentiary by Gov. St. John, in April, 1882, and still holds the position. He has been re-married and is  the father of an interesting family. He is a man of considerable ability, and figures prominently in politics, and enjoys a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.


245.  J. S. Douglas. 1931. Syracuse and Santiam City, 1845-61. Quarterly Oregon Historical Society 32 (3):195-212.

   The first store established in Salem, Oregon, was started in October 1847 by William Cox. Previously Oregon City was nearest store (70 miles away).  The store was apparently a welcome addition, even though the settlers didn't buy too much at stores.  On the Looney family's first visit to the store, they bought a variety of cloth and sewing supplies, paid $11.00 in cash, $10.00 in butter, and another $8.85 on credit.


246.  Douglas County-Oregon. 1866. [Divorce record - David and Araminth Waters]. Roseburg, OR: Douglas County Courthouse.

   Record of divorce, Douglas Co., OR - found on Douglas Co. genweb site.        


WATERS, David & Araminth; m 10 Jul 1844 in Ohio; filed for divorce 27

Sep 1866; children: Ellen WATERS, age 19y; Jesse WATERS, age 17y;

Frank WATERS, age 16y; Ada WATERS, age 14y; Emmett WATERS, age 6y;

divorce granted 17 oct 1866; disposition of custody not recorded.


247.  Douglas County-Oregon. 1911. [Marriage record - Nottage].

   From Oregon Marriage records on

Abraham NOTTAGE married 21 May 1911, bride name undetermined; in Douglas County, Oregon


248.  Fairfield County Connecticut. 1860. Household of Levi Cox.

   The following family was in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, at the time of the 1860 Federal census. The head of household, Levi Cox, is of the right age and right birthplace, to have been one of the non-Quaker children of Jordan Cox, but I don't know for sure.


Levi Cox, 62 (b. ca 1797), b. New York

Phebe Cox, wife (assumed), 60 (b. ca 1799) New York

Emily Cox, 32, b. ca 1827 New York

Horace Cox, 30, b. ca 1829 New York

Frelove LEWIS, 26, b. ca 1833 New York

Phebe J. Lewis, 6, b. ca 1853 New York


249.  Federal Writers' Project. History of Linn County, Oregon. Works Projects Administration.

     p.72 - "Dr. W. B. Maley ofthe Oakville region was born in Pennsylvania in 1809 and came to Oregon in the fall of 1845.  He was a member of the first Oregon legislature, and his farm was on the Peoria and Albany wagon road, about nine miles from Albany.  He died about 1853."

  "John McCoy, also of the Oakville section of the county, was born in Tyler County, West Virginia, July 18, 1814, and was a carpenter by trade.  He started for Oregon across the plains in 1845 and was eight months on the way.  He came first to Washington County and remained a year, went to Linn County in 1846 and took up land 4 1/2 miles north of Peoria.  His nearest neighbor was Anderson Cox, 12 miles distant.  McCoy had to travel the 100 miles to Oregon City for flour and supplies.  He was married to Sarah Junkin of Ohio in November, 1835, and was the father of numerous children.  He died at Oakville, April 24, 1889."


250.  F. A. Field, J. A. McVean and M. R. S. Whyte. Undated. Pioneer families of Wheatland by 1821. Privately printed.

   P.12 - "Brothers Joseph and Isaac [COX] came [to Wheatland, NY] in 1804; father Samuel and his family in 1805 or 1806.  Joseph located on the west side of the River Road between Oatka Creek and Quaker Road; Isaac on the east side of the River Road opposite his brother.  They built a rude log house for their parents and five younger children on the site where Delos Boutwell now lives.  Joseph, whose first wife was Dorothy Farwell and second wife was Chloe Agdrich, had six sons and four daughters.  Isaac married Anna Shadbolt and had four sons and five daughters.  Samuel purchased in 1809 lands on the east and west sides of the River Road which were later included in his son's lands.  The closest Cox family descendants who reside in Wheatland are:  Barbara Brown Gorton, John W.Brown, Dorothy Smart Paris and Walter J. Cushman, Jr."


On p. 12 there is a photo of a Crotch mahogany secretary that belonged to Isaac Cox, with Flow Blue Staffordshire dishes from the Cox family. It is now in the home of Florence A. Field.


P. 13 - "Joseph Cox was nineteen and Isaac was eighteen when they first arrived in Wheatland.  They came in the late winter in the old fashioned long sleigh, turning the box up on edge at night and sleeping in it before the fire, which served secondarily to warm them but primarily to keep the wolves away.

   "Bears were still common in the first decade of the nineteenth century and one seized a pig from the pen of Isaac and made off, but Isaac pursued and shot it without puncturing the skin, they being face to face at the critical moment and the shot entering the bear's mouth.  The Cox family emigrated from Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York but were originally from Long Island and latterly from Dutchess County."


A photo on page 13 shows a tureen from the Cox family, a small white octagonal vessel with attached base; now owned by the E. Brown family.


P. 31 - RHODA FROST COX, widow of Joseph Cox, came in 1815 to live with son Samuel; died in 1823; descendants are Dorothy Smart Paris and Walter Cushman Jr.


David and Elisha FARWELL - brothers who came to Wheatland about 1800; Elisha married to Sarah HEATH, had four daughters,  one of whom (Dorothy) married Joseph COX.


251.  E. L. Finley. 1937. History of Sonoma County, California. Santa Rosa, CA: Press Democrat Publishing Company.

P.266 - "A. J. Cox, who produced "The Sonoma Bulletin", the first newspaper in the county, also gave Healdburg its first paper; it was established in January, 1860, and called the "Review".  In June, 1864, it gave place to the "Advertiser", published by Fenno & Warren, with Cox as editor; in June, 1865, the name was changed to the "Weekly Advertiser". On August 5 of that year the paper became the property of Cox & Boggs, by whom it was published with the masthead of "The Democratic Review".


P. 270 - "E. M. Cox followed Doctor [Frederick F.] Burke as head of the Santa Rosa city school department, and after some years of devoted work went to Oakland and filled a prominent place in the schools of that city till the time of his death. For several years Mr. Cox was president of the California Teachers' Association." [NOTE: Dates not given, but appeared to be well into the 19th Century.]


252.  J. H. French. 1860. Gazeteer of the State of New York. Syracuse, NY: R. Pearsall Smith. 739p.p.

   Saratoga County - Ballston was formed from Saratoga in 1775, organized as a town 1788; Edward A. WATROUS one of early settlers.

  Wayne County - East Williamson: first settler was William WATERS 1803.


253.  J. Gaston. 1912. The Centennial history of Oregon, 1811-1912. Chicago, Illinois: J. S. Clarke. 1,2,3.

      Vol.3, pp.403-404, Edward.B. WATERS -born Harrisburg, OR, 8 Nov 1862, one of 5 children of Abner Waters. Received his primary education in public schools in LaGrande, OR, graduated from high school in Portland. He learned printing and followed that trade until he went to Harney Co. in 1884. He raised cattle until 1899, when he became Burns, OR, postmaster; served for 6 years, then was elected to present (1912) position of Harney County Clerk.  He was active in Knights of Pythias.

   Edward's father, Abner, came west from Iowa in 1852. He settled first in California, afterwards came to Josephine Co., Oregon, and later to Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon. In 1870 he moved to Umatilla County, then to LaGrande, Union County, where he engaged in the stock-raising business for a short time. In 1875 he bought a newspaper, The Statesman, in Salem, Oregon, which he ran for two years. In 1876 he was appointed U. S. Marshall and moved to Portland, but retained his interest in The Statesman. He held the office of Marshall until 1880 and when his term expired was elected State Senator from Multnomah County. He remained in that position until 1884, when he moved to Harney County, where he lived for 19 years. He was admitted to the bar there, and practiced law in Burns from 1884 until 1903 when he was forced to retire due to failing health. He moved to Weiser, Idaho, until 1906 when he died at 73 years of age.


254.  Geagua County-Ohio. [Waters-Watrous land records in Geagua County, Ohio]. Chardon, OH:

   We visited the Geagua County Courthouse on 15 Oct 1998, and reviewed the grantor and grantee land records.  All we found involved William C. WATROUS and his wife Angeline A. WATROUS. NOTE: this is the William WATROUS who came from Chenango, New York. He does not seem to be closely related to the Walter WATROUS group in nearby Ashtabula County.


-5 Aug 1826 - to William C. WATROUS from Amasa Merriam in Payne tract, Lot 2, Madison, OH - 30 acres [Vol. 11, p.317].

-18 Jul 1831 - to William C. WATROUS from Stephen Hyde - Madison Tract 2 - 85 acres  [Vol. 16, p. 100]



-12 Jun 1830 - from William C. WATROUS and Angeline A. WATROUS to Harlow Bailey - Madison, lot 2  [Vol. 14, p. 198]

-17 Aug 1833 - from William C. WATROUS to Elizabeth B. Wilcox [Vol. 18, p.140]

-31 Jan 1835 - from William C. WATROUS to Jared N. Stebbins - Madison, Payne lot [Vol. 20, p. 590].


255.  Genealogical Forum of Oregon. 1992-1994. Genealogical material in Oregon donation land claims. Portland, OR: 1, 5.

   WATERS information in Donation Land Claim files.

DLC 409, Linn Co., OR - Abner Walter WATERS b. 1833 Ashtabula Co., Ohio; arrived Oregon Jan 1853; settled claim 6 March 1855; m. Mary Ann McCULLY 1 March 1855 Linn Co., OR. Married 2nd Sarah McCARTNEY; m. 2rd Elizabeth W. [HUSTON] KNOWLES.  Claim was for 159.74 acres T15S, R4W, sections 2 and 3. James Bassett relinquished the claim to Abner Waters on 6 Feb 1855.


DLC 512 Linn Co., OR - John Morrison WATERS b. 21 Jan 1832? Ashtabula Co., Ohio; arrived Oregon Jan 1853; settled claim 10 Aug 1855. He married Nancy Ellen MOORE b. 12 June 1833, d. 1 March 1917 Jackson Co., Oregon.  DLM was 160.69 acres, T15S R4W section 2.


256.  General Services Administration. 1966. [Military service information on  Abner Walter Waters.] Washington, D. C.

   Abner Walter WATERS - first wife Mary A. McCully died Harrisburg, OR 1864.  He married Elizabeth W. Knowls Huston at Burns, OR 30 Aug 1893.  In 1898 in Burns his medical exam showed him to have extreme rheumatism, and a dislocated big toe that made it hard for him to walk.  He died in Weiser, Idaho 20 Mar 1906.  Wife Elizabeth applied for a widow's pension in Weiser 30 Aug 1908, when she was age 59.  She was dropped from the pension rolls in 1911 when she remarried (to _____ Luckey).

  Abner's children living in 1899: Mary b. 1860, Edward B. b. 1862, and Allie b. 1870.


257.  M. C. George. 1914. Address delivered at dedication of Grande Ronde military block house at Dayton City Park, Oregon, Aug. 23, 1912. Quarterly Oregon Historical Society 15 (1):64-70.

   Identifies Capt. A. W. Waters of Company F., 1st Oregon Infantry Volunteers.


258.  Greenwood Lodge (Nebraska) I.O.O.F. 1883. Resolutions of Condolence - James Waters.

   In the N. K. Wilson compilation of Waters information, there is a document entitled, "Resolutions of Condolence," issued by the Greenwood Lodge No. 98, IOOF, under the Grand Lodge of Nebraska. The document eulogizes James Waters, but it is mostly a pageful of lodge platitudes with almost no facts. It doesn't even give his death date. The only facts in the document are that James was born 31 August 1824, and that he was an Odd Fellow for over 20 years. It is noted that a copy of the eulogy was sent to the "Greenwood Eagle."

Note: The family returned a thank you card, signed by Mrs. James Waters and W. S. Waters (their son).


259.  T. Gregory. 1911. History of Sonoma County, California. Los Angeles, CA: Historic Record Company.

Pp.719-720, John Jackson COX, b. 17 Feb 1835 Knox Co., KY, one of six sons and two dau. of William and Lucy [BLAKELY] COX, both born and raised in Kentucky.  The family later moved to Missouri. The other children were -

  -William; Levi (died in MO); James (died in MO); Edward T. (died in the Army at Little Rock, Arkansas); Benjamin (lived at Hannibal, MO); Martin (d.near Nettleton, MO); and Armina and Talitha J. (both d. MO). NOTE: other family info included on descendants and spouses.

  John Jackson COX went overland to CA in 1850 when he was 15 years old.  He mined in El Dorado, CO., for 12 years, then in 1864 moved to Sonoma Co. There he and Mr. Trosper had a stock ranch near Cazadero. They sold this, and put the proceeds into their home ranches. COX had 162 acres, with about 8 acres in vinyard.

  NOTE: no wife or family noted.


260.  H. Haskin and H. Haskin. 1983-1985. Linn County Marriage Licenses. Albany, Oregon: Richard R. Milligan. I-IV.

  Mary Ann McCully and Abner W. Waters 1 March 1855.

  Mary J. Waters and J. B. R. Morelock 28 March 1875.

  Rachel E. Waters and William R. Cartwright 19 December 1875.

  Carrie E. Love and William L. Lister, 1 Sep 1883


261.  H. Haskin. 1984. Pioneer stories of Linn County, Oregon. W. P. A. interviews. Albany, Oregon: Linn Benton Business & Genealogical Services. 1. 136pp.

   Pp.24-26, interview with Alice Jane Belmont, 1937.

      “One of the  earliest important industries in Harrisburg was a large flouring mill one mile south of town; had the capacity of about 150 barrels of flour per day.  The power to run it came from damming Mill Slough.  "The owner of the mill in my day was 'Old Hiram Smith.'  I believe that there was also a man named Briggs interestd in it at one time.  Flour from the mill was hauled into Harrisburg and stored in warehouses to await the coming of the next river boat.  John Waters was the miller there for a long time.  Later, Waters removd to Brownsville with his son-in-law, Morelock, and they were operators of the flour mill there."


262.  D. F. Hendershott and M. F. Walton. Crossing the Plains.

   We have a copy of this in the files, the reminiscences of Delilah Frances Hendershott many years after the fact.  It has many known errors, but the info on the McCULLY-WATERS move to southern Oregon seems pretty accurate.

   Samuel McCULLY went with Abner WATERS, Mary McCULLY WATERS, and William WATERS to southern Oregon.  They had been going to Russian River, CA, but stopped in Josephine Co., OR, and built a log cabin and milk house on Louse Creek, sold butter at Galiceburg but lost $1,100 in the venture. They moved to Kerbyville, OR, where Samuel ran a road house for three years, then moved up Deer Creek with Abner three years, then returned to the Willamette Valley. 


263.  R. J. Hendricks. 1931. Bits for breakfast [Frank W. WATERS]. Oregon Statesman (Salem, OR), 28(?) Oct 1931:

   Cites an advertisement in a newspaper 21 Jan 1878: "Fine Poultry. I have some very fine thoroughbred Light and Dark Brahma and Light and Dark Leghorn Chickens, and am prepared to supply eggs of either kind on short notice. Also Turkey eggs in limited quantity. For particulars and prices apply to or address FRANK W. WATERS, Salem, OR."

  Frank Waters, son of W. H. H. WATERS, was 9 years old at the time, "the first importer of standard bred poultry to this section."  He apparently did quite well with the business, remembering selling two roosters and a hen for $10.

  The Waters home at that time was on Summer St. near Center St. Frank was Mayor of Salem 1905-1907, later was in the abstract business for a long time; currently (Oct 1931) working for his brother George E.WATERS in his wholesale tobacco business at 229 State Street, Salem.


264.  Henry County Bicentennial Commission. 1982. The History of Henry County, Iowa.

   P.161-162, WILLIAM COX and family

   William COX b. 1798 in New York; wife Elizabeth b. 1805 in PA; first home Liverpool, OH; moved to IN in 1844, and to New London, IA, in Oct 1846, where they lived until they died; both buried in Burge Cemetery.  William was a carpenter.

   They had 11 children:  Jordan went to CA during the Gold Rush; Mary died during the Civil War period; Rachel m. Ransom Day; Nancy m. James Waters; Martha m. Elias Stevens; Rebecca m. _____ Nottage; Hannah; Katie; Edward; and Julius.  Julius m. Hulda Brotzer, lived on a farm near Wayland, IA, and had two daughters:

   -Elizabeth m. Wilbur Roberts of Mt. Pleasant, IA, died with her infant dau. in 1903.

   -Emma m. Clarence Rhum, lived their entire married life in Wayland, IA; Clarence d. 26 Oct 1969, and Emma d. 26 Aug 1971.  They had two children: Leora who m. Walter Sauerteig (Leora is a retired schoolteacher); and Gordon J., who married Doris Anderson, had Cynthia Susan and Timothy Joel.  Gordon J. Rhum was professor at Univ. Northern Iowa, Dean of the Graduate School for 6 years; lived in Cedar Falls, IA.

    The CA Gold Rush attracted Jordan, William Jr., and Rebecca "and other relatives". When they reached Keokuk, IA, they wrote back to New London to tell people to look out for a loose cow that might come home.  Jordan remained in CA, while William and Rebecca went to OR; none ever came back to IA, but wrote long letters home [in possession of Leora Sauerteig and Gordon Rhum].  In one, William Jr. who was in poor health wrote thanking his brother Julius for $5 he sent him.

   Julius Cox enlisted in First Regiment Engineers, Missouri Volunteers 23 Sep 1861, served 3 years in Civil War; lost an eye and injured his arm; mustered out at Chattanooga, TN 1 Nov 1864; returned to New London and went into trade of molding and burning bricks; married Huldah Brotzer 4 Nov 1873.


P.422, SAMUEL WATERS family -

   Samuel WATERS was the oldest son of William WATERS and Rachel COX; b. 1822 NY, lived in IN; came to IA in 1847 and bought David McCully farm west of New London.  In the winter of 1847-1848, he returned to IN to bring to IA his wife, two children, father, mother, brothers and sister.

  1. Samuel Waters (1822-1900); m. Mary KETCHAM (1822-1876), who was the great-great-great grandau. of John KETCHAM (1622-1697) of England.

     2. William WATERS (1845-1850)

     2. Winfield WATERS (1847-1916) m. Anna FRY; served in Civil War; moved to Idaho.

     2. Rachel WATERS (1848-1934) - kept house for her father and reared James' son Frank after his wife died.

     2. Nancy WATERS (1852-1930)

     2. John WATERS (1854-1940) m. 1877 Sarah MOON (1855-1942 - Sarah's parents were Jessie MOON and Nancy WOODY). John was overseer of Henry Co., IA, poor farm when he was 21; Sarah Moon was an employee there - she had been born in Salem, IA; farmed north of New London until 1905, moved into town; John was trustee of North Beulah Church in 1886.

          3. Fred WATERS (1875-1965) m. Elizabeth PRICKETT (1880-1971); farmed several places in Henry Co., IA; later lived in New London and Mt. Pleasant.

               4.  Joseph WATERS m. Edna HERRON; moved to Oceanside, CA.

               4. John WATERS (1902-1977)

               4. Elizabeth WATERS m. Richard NOVAK; moved to Flagstaff, AZ.

               4. Howard WATERS m. Ada MIX; live in Danville, IA.

               4. Roger WATERS m. Glenna SARTOR; live in Portland, OR.

               4. Ross WATERS m. Vivian EICHER

                   5. Robert WATERS m. Jarol ORNDUFF

                       6. Scott WATERS

                       6. Michelle WATERS

                   5. Patricia WATERS m. Nile BUFFINGTON

                       6. Blair BUFFINGTON

                       6. Heather BUFFINGTON

               4. Winifred WATERS m. Frederic HARRIS of Morning Sun, IA

                    5. James D. Anderson of Burlington, IA

                         6. Jena Anderson

                         6. James Anderson Jr.

                    5. H. Eugene Anderson of Burlington, IA, m. Joy Rayman

                         6. Casandra Anderson

                         6. Blanc Anderson

               4. Pauline WATERS m. Raleight NUTSFORD; live in San Fernando, CA

          3. Bertha Jane WATERS (1880-1965)

     2. James WATERS (1856-1934) m. Alice CORNWELL (1868-1892); James was mail carrier in New London, IA.

          3. Frank WATERS

     2. Thomas WATERS (1859-1945)

     2. Charles WATERS (1866-1897)

     2. Robert WATERS (1863-1864)


265.  Henry County Genealogical Society. 1989. Henry County, Iowa, 1852 Special Census. Des Moines, Iowa: Iowa Genealogical Society. 43pp.


A. A. McCULLEY - 6M 4F 2 voters, 2 militia

James WATERS - 4M 2F 2 voters l militia

Samuel WATERS - 3M 3F l voter l militia

William COX - 3M 6F  2 voters  1 militia



Simeon WATERS - 2M 3F  1 voter 1 militia

William SCOTT - 2M 3F 1 voter  l militia

Jordan COX - 2M lF   1 voter  1 militia


266.  Henry County- Iowa. [Land transactions in Henry County, Iowa, involving McCULLY and related families]. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa: Henry County Courthouse. Deed Record Book K.

   The following documents from Henry Co., IA, deed record book K involve the McCULLYs or related families.

    Pp.482-483 ll Dec 1851 - To William COX Sr. from I. I. and Louisa KING - $30 - lot 4 in Block 1 of old plat of New London - witness: W. C. HOBBS.

  Pp. 600-601 29 May 1851 - To David and Asa McCULLY from Samuel and Mary WATTERS - $150 - S-1/2 of E-1/2 of NW-1/4 section 3, T70 R5 - witnessed: W. C. HOBBS and S. H. DOVER


267.  Henry County- Iowa. [Land records involving the McCULLYs and related families]. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa: Henry County Courthouse. Deed Record Book M.

   Deed Record Book M.

P.208 - 15 Feb 1854 - From William and Elizabeth COX to Samuel WATERS - $110 - NE-1/4 of NW-1/4 sec. 15 T70 R5 - witnessed: W.C. HOBBS.


P.208 - 6 Oct 1854 -  From David and Mary Ann McCULLY and A.A. and Hannah McCULLY  to Samuel WATERS - $1000 - NE-1/4 section 9 T71 R5 - 160 acres - witnessed: John LESTER and J. M. JACKSON [NOTE: this deed was registered in Linn County, Oregon Territory 6 Oct 1854]


268.  Henry County-Iowa. [Land transactions involving the McCULLYs and related families]. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa: Henry County Courthouse. Deed Record Book J.

   Deed Book J.

Pp.77-78  13 Apr 1850 - From David and MaryAnn McCULLY to William COX Sr. - $125 - Ne-1/4 of NW-1/4 of Sect. 15, T70 R5 - 40 acres - witnessed: W. C. HOBBS and J. L. STARKEY.


269.  G. H. Himes. 1907. History of organization of Oregon State Agricultural Society. Quarterly Oregon Historical Society 8 (4):317-352.

   Marion County Agricultural Society held first fair 11 Oct. 1854 - William Cox won 2 awards, Joseph Cox won 1 award.

   The Fruit Growers Association of Oregon organized 1858; William Cox one of original members.


270.  H. K. Hines. 1893. Illustrated history of the state of Oregon. Chicago, Illinois: Lewis Publishing Company. 1300pp.

   P.1251, John M. WATERS. Spring 1849, with his brother and Edward Ford, joined a train of 22 wagons to CA; arrived Sacramento 7 Aug 1849; broke his leg on the way, which made it hard for him to do much mining, so he hired to drive a team between Hangtown (=Placerville) and Sacramento for two months; spent the winter at Mud Springs (=Eldorado), where brother William died; spring 1850, bought a team and went to Redding's Diggings; Jan 1853, took a ship from San Francisco to OR; stayed around Harrisburg until 1858, then went to Josephine Co. and farmed for a year; returned to Harrisburg where he and Jack Hall purchased an old mill; in 1862 Hall sold out to Asa McCULLY, and Asa and John kept operating the mill muntil 1877, when John sold out and moved to Brownsville, where he purchased an interest in the Brownsville flour mill.  He joined with the Albany Woolen Mill Co., then in 1891 joined with a group planning to build a 200-barrel flour mill at Seattle, WA - venture was too great for their capital, and they closed out.

   He still (1893) hollds land in Merlin, Josephine Co., OR, as well as his residence in Brownsville.  In 1854 he m. Ellen MOORE, a pioneer of 1852; had 4 children: Mary J. (Mrs. J. B. R.) MORELOCK, Rachel L. (Mrs. W. R.) CARTWRIGHT), John, and William.


271.  A. V. D. Honeyman. 1914. Notes on the Vosseller Family. Somerset County Historical Quarterly III

   Jacob FUSLER,FUSSELLER/VOSSELLER, came from Germany prior to 1750, settled at Schoharie County, New York, then emigrated to New Jersey near Pluckemin. About 1751, he married Margaret TEEPLE, daughter of Lucas TEEPLE of Pluckemin.

   Lucas TEEPLE died ca 1 Jan 1774. His will is dated 20 Aug 1764, with a codicil 16 Nov 1773, and probated 26 Jan 1774 (Trenton Wills, Book L, p. 85). In the main will he mentions as his heirs his eldest son John; his sons Christopher and Peter; his daughter Ursula, wife of John APPLEMAN; and "my son-in-law, Jacob Fusler." Also, a son-in-law John Meyer. "A possible inference from this will is that Margaret Teeple, Vosseller's wife, was deceased when the will was made."

  "Teeple's codicil of 1773... states the interesting and unusual circumstance that Lucas Teeple had four grandchildren named 'Luke,' viz: sons of Christopher, Peter and John Teeple, and son of 'Jacob Fusler.'"


272.  O. W. Hoop. 1929. History of Fort Hoskins, 1856-65. Quarterly Oregon Historical Society 30 (4):346-361.

   Capt. A. W. Waters, Company F, First Oregon Infantry, at Fort Hoskins 21 Jan. 1865 to 10 April 1865. Fort Hoskins was in Benton County


273.  Iowa Genealogical Society. 1987. Index to Burge Cemetery, New London Township, Henry County, Iowa. Iowa Genealogical Society.

   Buried in Burge Cemetery, New London, Henry Co., Iowa -

  KETCHAM (Cox relations)

   -James F. KETCHAM, son of Perry and Susan, d. 22 Feb (1862 or 1882), age 16 yrs 10 mo 3 days.

   -Nancy KETCHAM, wife of John KETCHAM, d. 23 Mar 1870, 79 yr 10 mo 10 days.


COX family

   -Joseph A. COX, son of C. and M. J. COX, d. 9 Aug 1856, age 11 mo 2 days

   -Mary J. COX, wife of C. COX, d. 10 Dec 1856, age 35 yr 5 mo 2 days

   -Cyrenius COX, d. 22 Dec 1869, age 48 yrs 5 days

   -Elizabeth A. COX, wife of Cyrenius COX, b. 12 Aug 1838, d. 28 Mar 1902

   -William COX, b. New York, 30 Jul 1798, d. 30 Sep 1871

   -Elizabeth COX, wife of William, born in PA 6 Aug 1805, d. 19 Apr 1874


WATERS family

   -Mary WATERS b. 23 Aug 1821, d. 11 Apr 1876

   -Samuel WATERS b. 15 Sep 1822, d. 6 May 1900; Masonic emblem on stone

   -Robert H. WATERS, son of Samuel and Mary WATERS, b. 9 Oct 1863, d. 21 Aug 1864

   -William B. WATERS, son of Samuel and Mary WATERS, b. 22 Dec 1845, d. 22 May 1851.

   -Rachel WATERS b. 15 May 1802, d. 1 Apr 1848

   -Chauncy WATERS b. 7 Jan 1848, d. 24 Sep 1853 (son of William and Rachel WATERS)

   -George W. WATERS, son of William and Rachel WATERS, b. 19 Dec 1844, d. 20 Jan 1848

   -George WATERS, son of James and Nancy WATERS


STEVENS family

  -Addah E. STEVENS, daughter of E. and H. K. STEVENS, died 10 February 1866, age 3 months and 11 days.

  -Elias STEVENS died 28 May 1872, age 36 years 11 months and 13 days


274.  Jackson County Oregon U. S. GenWeb. Point Rock IOOF Cemetery records.

   Buried in the eastern section of Point Rock IOOF Cemetery near Gold Hill, Jackson County, Oregon:

James B. R. MORELOCK b. 1844 d. 1926

Mary Jane MORELOCK b. 1854  d. 1942


275.  D. L. Jacobus. 1954. Waterhouse (Waterous) Corrections. New England Historic Genealogical Register 108 (1):36-38.

   The author offers a number of corrections and raises some questions about information onAbraham WATERHOUSE (Abraham-2, Jacob-1) of Saybrook, Connecticut and his descendants, as given in:

G. P. Bonsall (1950), Jacob Waterhouse of Wethersfield and New London, Conn., and some of his descendants. New England Historic Genealogical Register 104(3):186-198.


276.  Josephine County-Oregon. [Land records in Josephine County, Oregon, involving the McCULLYs and related families]. Grants Pass, Oregon: Josephine County Courthouse.

   The following deeds were identified in Josephine County, Oregon, records.

  Deed Book 2, pp.5-6 - 13 Jan 1859 - From John R. REEVES to William COX - $690 - property [half interest, apparently] in land in T38S R8W, commencing near section corner between sections 27, 28, 33, and 34, S 133.5 rods, W 192 rods, N 133.5 rods, then E to start - 160 acres.


Deed Book 2, pp.8-9 - 24 Jan 1859 - From James G. DAVIS to William COX - $1500 - the donation land claim of John R. REEVES [previously conveyed by REEVES to DAVIS], T38S R8W - 160 acres. [NOTE: according to Gen. Forum of Oregon 1987, John R. REEVES DLC cert. #1060 was 159.54 acres in Section 33 T38 R8]


Deed Book 2, pp.120-131 - 28 Aug 1860 - From Abner and Mary Ann WATERS to David P. ABBOT - part of the DLC of John R.REEVES, Section 33 along the Illinois River - 110 acres. [Note: this appears to be part of the land that William COX bought from James DAVIS in 1859. Apparently, Abner bought it from Wm.COX, but I have been unable to find a record of the transaction]


  Deed Book 2, pp.168-169 - 23 Nov 1860 - From Abner and Mary Ann WATERS to Moses MEINSFIELD and Mather MUSFIELD - part of DLC of John R. REEVES, sect. 33 along Illinois River - 60 acres [see above - land Abner obtained from William COX]


  Deed Book 2, pp.277-278 - 24 Feb 1861 - From William COX to George HALVER (?) - $525 - the Bush mill near Kerbyville, subject to 24 Dec 1860 mortgage between William COX and Abner WATERS - Mortgage Book 2, pp.192-192 [We don't have a copy of the Cox-Waters document yet]


277.  J. Kidd. 1997. Report of the Chief Engineer: fires and alarms January 1 to December 31, 1895. Bull. Genealogical Forum of Oregon 46 (4):168-178.

   All in Portland, Oregon

-Friday 25 Jan 1895 - fire from defective flue (not serious), two storey frame house owned and occupied as residence by L. B. COX, 970 Lovejoy Street.


278.  Lane County Oregon. 1905. State Census - Lane County, Oregon. 14 April 1905.

   From the 1905 State census for Florence, Lane Co., Oregon:

Abrah H. NOTTAGE, age 66, born Maine, occupation farmer

Prudence NOTTAGE, age 56, born Tennessee


279.  H. O. Lang. 1885. History of the Willamette Valley. Portland, Oregon: Himes and Lang.

   P. 726 Abner W. WATERS. Came to OR 1850. B. Ashtabula Co, OH, 1833, later lived in IN and IA.  Settled in Harrisburg, OR, took donation land claim, "dealt in merchandise".  Recruited Company F of the First Oregon Volunteers, served 3 years as its captain during the Civil War, commanding at various times forts at Hoskins, Vancouver, Lapwai, and Walla Walla.  Raised stock in Union County several years; managed the "Statesman" newspaper in Salem 1874-1876.  U. S. Marshal for 4 years.  Two wives, both deceased - M. A. McCully and Sarah McCartney.  Elected to State Senate from Multnomah County in 1880.


P. 791 W.H.H. WATERS. Came to OR 1852. Born OH 1835, lived in IN and IA; to CA in 1852, then to OR, where he stayed a year, then back to CA, where he mined for 2 years; back to IA and went to school; lived in Nebraska 1859-1875, running "The Nebraska Press". Came to OR again 1875, bought the Salem "Statesman", ran it for awhile, then opened a law and real estate office; admitted to bar 1865; member of Nebraska Legislature 1862; resigned to take office of Receiver of U. S. Land Office; delegate to Baltimore Convention in 1864, which nominated Abe Lincoln as President.  Married E.E.North in 1862, five children: W.F., Eleanor, George E., Fred, and Harry W.


Arthur M. COX.  Born in Salem, OR, in 1852; moved to Linn Co. in 1875; blacksmith by trade, located in Harrisburg.  Married Annie PAINE in 1876, children: Howard, Addie, Fred, and Nellie.


Ethan COX. Born in Chataqua Co., NY, 11 May 1819; moved to OH, then MO. Came to OR 1852, worked as a painter in Portland; moved to Polk Co. in 1858, and "currently" resides there. Owns property in "old" Independence, and manufactures the Champion Fruit Dryer, which was invented by W. C. Dougherty in Albany in 1881, and for which Cox currently hass the sole agency for Benton and Polk Cos.  Married Emeline RYNER 8 Sep 1844, one child died in infancy.


280.  E. L. Latimer. 1937. History of Sonoma County, California.

P.298, George Washington COX b. 29 Oct 1856, Missouri, son of Samuel and Louisiana [RAINS] COX. Samuel COX had been born in KY; they were married in MO.  In 1857 the family came overland to CA, first settling near Petaluma.

   George went to public school in Petaluma until his parents moved them to a ranch near Cloverdale, which remains the home of George and his family.  His father ranched and raised sheep, as did the son. In 1879 in Cloverdale, he m. Mary Francis COOPER. Their son, George Mervin COX, was born there in 1882.


281.  Liahona Research Inc. 1990. Iowa marriages, early to 1850. Orem, Utah: 373pp.

Jordan COX m. Faithy Ann TUCKER 30 Oct 1850

Mary COX m. Alfred BEESON 18 Apr 1846

Mrs. Margaret J. COX m. Thomas D. THOMPSON 15 Apr 1841

Nancy Ann COX m. James WATTERS 3 Aug 1848

Rachel COX m. Ransom DAY 3 Oct 1850


282.  Linn County Museum. [Linn County cemetery records]. Brownsville, Oregon:

   MUDDY CREEK CEMETERY is on Carl Keen farm, 358 Power Line Road, south of Diamond Hill Road, SE of Harrisburg, Oregon. T15S R4W sec. 12,13, about 1/4 mile east of Power Line Road, accessible only by foot.  This cemetery was used 1851-1902 by residents of Lane Co. living north of Coburg, as well as Linn Co. people.

  Samuel McCULLY d. 28 Feb 1890 - age 77y11m16d.

  Catherine, wife of Samuel McCULLY - d. 1867, age 50y

  Nettie, dau. of A.A. and H.K. McCULLY, d. 1860, age 2 mo.

  Mary A. WATERS, wife of A.W. WATERS, d. 15 Nov 1863, age 24y9m.

  William d. 1860, and Elizabeth d. 1858, children of J. M. and N. E. WATERS.


283.  Livingston County-New York. [Cox and Waters deeds]. Geneseo, NY:

   The Livingston County Complex was visited 15 Oct 1998, and we went through the grantor and grantee books beginning with 1821 [earlier records are now located in other counties because of boundary modifications].

Grantee: there were many COX listings, but none for Jordan COX; no COCKS listings; a few WATERS listings well after 1821, mostly around Avon, NY; WATEROUS, mostly Edward WATEROUS and mostly around Avon, beginning 1821.

Grantor: WATEROUS around Avon, but only one [Edward WATEROUS] before 1830.

  COCK [COX] -

    - From Jordan and Mary COCK of Caledonia, NY, to Isaac COX of Caledonia - 17 March 1837 - for $1000 - 20 acres, part of Lot 89  in township number 1 in the first range of township in Caledonia; this is land that Jordan had acquired 1 Sep 1836 from Joseph Fellows and attorney for the Gordons. Samuel COX of Wheatland, NY, appeared before the commissioner of deeds to vouch for Mary Cock's identity.

    -From Isaac and Anne COX of Wheatland, NY, to Ambrose COX of Wheatland - 1 Dec 1841 - for $1200 - 125 acres in Caledonia - near the land of Darius COX.

    -From Joseph and Chloe COX to John Hazard - for $30 - 25 Mar 1841 - land in Caledonia, NY, which Joseph had obtained from Isaac Lewis 20 Aug 1831.


284.  F. Lockley. 1981. Conversations with Bullwhackers, Muleskinners, Pioneers, Prospectors, etc. Eugene, Oregon: Rainy Day Press. 365p.

   pp.64-65 - Quoting John Bentley, Pendleton, Oregon, 13 Aug 1923 - "J. H. Turner and I owned the "East Oregonian" for a while.  We sold it to L. B. Cox. He sold it to C. S. Jackson.  Cox said he bought the paper on jawbone, ran it on credit and was selling it for cash, so nobody could say he was not a successful newspaper man."


285.  M. C. MacNab. Undated. First footers: settlers around Monroe County before 1820. Privately printed.

   This is a compilation of names showing up in Monroe County, NY, before 1820.


ISAAC, JOSEPH, and SAMUEL COX - shown in 1810 Caledonia census.


WM. WATROUS - name shows up in Tryon Store books 1797-1818.


286.  Maine Chapter DAR. 1934. Vassalboro town records.

   In Book II of the DAR compiled records for Vassalboro, Lincoln Co., Maine, page 172:

  Henry NOTAGE married Susanna STEVENS 14 Feb 1819.


287.  Marion County Oregon. Probate Records. Volume 3 (R-Z).

   p.270 - WATERS, Col. W. H. H., File #1383. Intestate. Died 7 Sept 1892. Adm. Frank W. WATERS, 24 Sep 1892. Heirs: Elizabeth E. WATERS, widow, 46, "all of children": Frank W. WATERS, 28: Ella WATERS, 25; George E. WATERS, 24; Fred R. WATERS, 19; H. Wayne WATERS, 10, all of Salem.


288.  Marion County Oregon. Marriage Records. VII (1891-1894).

   WATERS, Frank W, over 21, and Jessie S. NORTHRUP, over 18, married 14 June 1893 at house of John HUGHS by C. R. Kellerman M. G.  Aff: John H. McNary. Witnesses: J. M. Keene and Ethel B. Hughs.  #4474, page 355


289.  Mary Chesney Chapter DAR. 1955. Census of pioneer women of Ashtabula County, Ohio, who came to, or were born in this county before the year 1850. Warren, Ohio: Daughters of the American Revolution.

   Rachel Cox (Mrs. William Waters) came to Geneva, Ohio, from Thompson, Ohio; last known residence Indiana. [NOTE: they confuse the two William WATERS; the Thompson, Ohio William WATERS was from Chenango, New York, and his wife was not named Rachel.]


290.  L. A. McArthur. 1992. Oregon geographic names. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society Press. 957pp.

     Cox Creek, Linn County, Oregon - named for Anderson Cox, prominent Linn Co. citizen and member of the Oregon Constitutional Convention; had donation land claim on this stream.

  Cox Island, Lane Co. - named for Captain William Cox, prominent early day resident; island apparently acquired by Cox from John Lyle in 1890s; about 1902, Cox build "a fine two story house to which were later added several ancillary buildings"; in 1979, house was listed in National Register of Historic Places.


291.  B. McKelvey. 1971. Flour milling at Rochester. Rochester History 33 (3):1-19.

   Historical information on the William Waters-Rachel Cox family frequently notes that their ancestors (don't know which side) were involved in early flour milling at Rochester, Monroe Co., New York. This article gives detailed history of the earliest operations. It may be useful at some point, but right now I cannot tie any of the early names given in the article to any early names in either the Waters or Cox lines. The early names this author cites are Ebenezer Allan, Christopher Dugan, Josiah Fish, Charles Harford, Rochester, Fitzhugh, and Carroll.

  The first mill was in 1789 (Allan), with more substantial activity in 1807, 1815 and 1817.


292.  E. McMunn. 1923. Our friend - Fred Waters. Statesman? (Salem, OR), 22 Oct 1923:

   Editorial on Salem resident Fred Ralph WATERS, who died Oct 1923 - "He could do many things, but I believe that his greatest interest was in writing, although he made little or no effort to commercialize the talent, giving freely without recompense.  One of his stories, 'The Bakersfield Secret', appeared in a local paper several years ago, and was the best story I had ever read before that time or since.  It was the sort of story the big magazines today are paying $800 for, and yet he gave it away, and modestly hid his authorship under the name 'Gray'.  He also wrote many fine, snappy criticisms on the moving picture business, appearing in California magazines under the name 'Miller' or any name that occurred to him at the moment."


293.  A. D. Mellick Jr. 1889. The Story of an Old Farm; or Life in New Jersey in the Eighteenth Century. Somerville, NJ: The Anionist-Gazette.

   P. 164 - "...settlers began to multiply in the vicinity of Pluckamin... On the east side of the [Raritan] river, on part of the tract (Winder) that George Willocks sold to Daniel Axtell, lived George Teeple and his sons, George and Christopher. He emigrated from Germany as early as 1700, and his grandson William was recently living in Pluckamin at an advanced age. The records show George Teeple to have been living in the township in 1745, and his name and that of his son John also appear, in 1756, as subscribers to the building of St. Paul's Lutheran church. From a gravestone in the churchyard we learn that John married Margaret Castner on the tenth of January, 1756, and after living together for fifty-seven years they died within three hours of each other on the seventeenth of March, 1813, and were buried in the same grave."


294.  Michigan Department of Community Health. Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System.

   Included in the Michigan Department of Community Health death data base:

Isaac COX, died 26 May 1876 Newton, Barry County, Michigan; age 38 years 1 month 10 days


295.  J. Miles and R. R. Milligan. 1983. Oregon Territory families in Linn County, Oregon, to the end of 1855. Albany, Oregon: Linn Benton Genealogical Services. 1.

   JOHN M. WATERS - b. 21 Jan. 1833 Ashtabula Co., Ohio; m. 19 Jan. 1854, Linn Co., Oregon; d. 24 Dec. 1903, buried in Brownsville, OR, cemetery.  Oregon DLC #512 OC, Linn Co.

  Wife:  Nancy Ellen Moore, b. 21 June 1833, d. 1 March 1917, Jackson, OR (buried in Brownsville Cemetery)

  Children:  (1)  Mary Jane - b. 1855 OR, m. J. B. R. Morelock 28 March 1875, Linn Co.

   (2) Rachel Ann - b. 1856 OR; m. William R. Cartwright 19 Dec. 1875, Linn Co.

   (3) John Hamilton - b. 1862 OR; m. Mary Love Reece 30 Sept. 1890, Linn Co.

   (4) William W. - b. 1867 OR; m. Iva E. Moore 30 Sept. 1890, Linn Co.


Info from scrapbook by Stanard in Albany, OR, Public Library:  In 1849, John Waters joined Mr. Ikenberry's Company which left 13 April from Henry Co., Iowa, for California via Platte River, forts Laramie and Hall, Humboldt Sink, and Carson River.  They arrived in Hangtown (Placerville) 7 Aug 1849, then went to Mud Springs (El Dorado) where they built "the first house or cabin ever built in that vicinity".  In the spring of 1850, John Waters went with 2 horses to meet his brother A. W. Waters, who had started that year (?) for California.  They met on the Carson River and returned safely to Mud Springs.

  John came to OR on the steamer "Oregon", arriving in Portland 1 Jan. 1853.  He walked up the Willamette Valley.  The river was in flood, and he reported seeing "a large hotel building drifting away with the flood".  He went on to Harrisburg where his brother-in-law Asa McCully was living.  He helped David McCully erect the first store building.  Asa went east for merchandise, returning in 1853.

  IN 1856 or 1857, John bought an interest in a grist mill near Harrisburg with Hiram Smith and others - the mill became one of the largest makers and shippers of flour in OR.  He remained with the mill 19 years. In 1877 he moved to Brownsville and bought the old McHargue grist mill; ran it for several years, sold out in 1890, moved to Seattle, Washington to start a grist mill on Lake Washington; the venture failed, and he returned to Brownsville, OR, to live the rest of his life.


296.  J. Miles and R. R. Milligan. 1994. Oregon Pioneers. Albany, Oregon: Linn Benton Genealogical Services. 19.

   SARAH A. McCARTNEY - b. 1842 Warren County, Illinois; m. Abner W. Waters; d. 5 March 1882, Portland, Oregon, buried at Lone Fir Cemetery, Multnomah County.

  Sarah was the daughter of Henry A. and Margaret (Finney) McCartney, who came to Oregon in Aug. 1851 (Donation Land Claim 658 Linn County).


Anderson COX came to OR 1845; born of Quaker parents 22 Sep 1812 near Dayton, OH; moved to New London, IA in 1838.


297.  B. J. Morehead. 1997. [Inquiry on Cox family in California]. e-mail. 22 Jan 1997.

   “Am looking for descendants of Rev. John Tolliver COX, d. 1860 near Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co.   He was a Methodist minister, and traveled all over the state. His children were: Nancy T. COX MURCHISON; Mary Adeline COX TONEY; Sarah R. COX; William J. COX, md. Ann Eliza _____; John T. COX md. Mary C_____  _____; James C. COX; Thomas C. COX; Louisa E. COX. 


298.  R. M. Morton. 1938? Cemeteries of Marion County, Oregon. Salem, Oregon: Chemeketa Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. 1,3,4.

   Vol. 1 - Mary Waters 1858-1905, wife of John Waters, buried at Lone Oak Cemetery, about l mile N of Stayton.


299.  Norcal genealogy list. 1997. [E-mail on Cox families].

   Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 Bonnie Stockton wrote:  “I am looking for information on my grandfather Walter William Cox, born in Texas in 1882. He married Bessie Mae Farres in Beckham Co.,Oklahoma on May 13th 1910. He died in Murphy's, Calif. in 1963, but buried in Oxnard, Ventura County, California. He and Bessie had 4 children in Purdy, Oklahoma.”


Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997

Sandra J. Harris identified THOMAS COX, Born 4-6-1861, died Aug.20, 1940, and his wife, SOPHRONIA COX, Born 7-2-1874, DIED March 13, 1951. They lived in the Los Angeles area and are buried at Rose Hill Memorial Cemetery, Whittier, California


300.  Ohio State. 1830. Ohio State Census.

   Rome, Ohio - William Waters [the Chenango County, New York, William]

  Males under 5 - 1

  Males 5-10 - 2

  Males 15-20 - 1

  Males 40-50 - 1

  Females under 5 - 1

  Females 10-15 - 2

  Females 30-40 - 1


301.  Ontario County-New York. [Deeds and probate search, Cox and Waters/Watrous. notes. 14 Oct 1998.

   At the Ontario County, NY, Records & Archives, we checked for deeds and probate records for the COX and WATERS/WATROUS families.  There were no Waters probate records, and no Cox records for any known family members.

  -COX names in the grantee index: Caleb Cox 1809, Joshua Cox 1803, Micajah Cox 1814, William Cox 1843, and William Cox 1843. None of these are known family names.

  -WATROUS names in the grantee index:

    -1817 Walter WATRUS to Benjamin WATRUS, at Williamson, [now] Wayne Co., NY - vol. 27, p. 134

    -1820 Otis Hathaway to Benjamin WATEROUS et al - vol.35, p. 249.

    -1821 Walter and Esther WATRUS to Samuel WATERS, at Williamson, Wayne Co., NY - vol. 38, p.107.


302.  Oregon State Archives. 1910. Estate papers - Prudence Nottage.

   Prudence NOTTAGE died at age 61, 20 March 1910 Lane County (probably Florence), Oregon; left estate of personal property in Lane County valued at ca $3000. Family:

  Husband A. H. NOTTAGE, age about 70, Florence, Oregon [NOTE: Abraham's name is written in ink on the otherwise typed papers, as if the other heirs didn't recognize him? He is not mentioned in any of the other probate papers, and apparently did not get anything from the estate.]

  Children:  William SAFLEY, 44, Florence; John SAFLEY, 35, Florence (executor); Walter H. SAFLEY, 33, Florence; Dave SAFLEY, 28, Florence; Ella (SAFLEY) TATOM, 30, Florence; and Minnie (SAFLEY) FOX, 38, Glenada, Oregon.


303.  Oregon State Library. 1995. (Oregon Pioneer index card file). Salem, Oregon:

   Vital statistics found in the Pioneer card index, Oregon State Library, Salem:

FRANK WATERS - d. 19 Jan 1895, age 35; buried at Sublimity Cemetery, OR. Funeral ordered by John Orewiler. W.T. Rigdon, Funeral Directors, Salem.


HARRY L. WATERS, M.D. - died 17 Apr 1890, at The Dalles, Oregon; born Bloomfield, Pennsylvania.


MARY E. (WATERS) WILCOX - DIED 1886; parents were William and Sarah Waters.


304.  M. A. Pekar and E. Mingus. 1961. Soldiers who served in the Oregon Volunteers: Civil War period. Portland, Oregon: Genealogical Forum of Portland. unnumberedp.

   Abner W. WATERS - Capt. Served 31 Aug 1865 to 31 Nov 1865, Company F, 1st Infantry.



305.  S. Perley. 1924. The history of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem, Massachusetts: Self-published. 1.

   Pp.382-384 - genealogy of Waters family of Salem, MA.  None that have any obvious connection to our New York - Ohio Waters. [NOTE: we reviewed a typed abstract from the book - there may be more details in the book]

  1-Richard WATERS m. Rejoice _____ [NOTE: other reference says "Joyce"], probably in England; d. summer 1677

     2-Sarah WATERS b. 1630; m. Joshua REA

     2-Phebe WATERS m. Thomas WEST

     2-William WATERS - noted in father's will as "to be maintained" by his brother - a minor, or disabled some way?

     2-Martha WATERS

     2-John WATERS bapt. 27 Nov 1640; m. Sarah TOMPKINS 1 Aug 1633; d. winter 1707/8.

        3-John WATERS (twin) b. 30 Jun 1664; d. Jul 1664

        3-Richard WATERS (twin) b. 30 Jun 1664; d. Jul 1664

        3-John WATERS b. 4 Jul 1665; m. Mary ____; d. winter 1741/2

           4-John WATERS bapt. 19 Jul 1702; m. 1st Elizabeth GARDNER 30 Nov 1721 (she died 1744 or later); m. 2nd Abigail HUTCHINSON, widow of Benjamin Putnam, May 1760.  Lived in part of Salem that became Danvers, MA in 1752. All children by Elizabeth.

              5-John WATERS b. 30 Nov 1722; lived in what is now Danvers, MA; m. 6 Apr 1763 Rachael ___, widow of Nathaniel Tarbell; d. Carlisle, MA 1812, age 90.

              5-Israel WATERS bapt. 1724/5; died young.

              5-Elizabeth WATERS bapt. 26 Mar 1727; m. Henry JACOBS 23 Apr 1748

              5-Abel WATERS bapt. 4 May 1729; lived in Danvers, MA; m. Hannah PROCTOR 9 Jul 1751

              5-Mary WATERS bapt. 13 Jun 1731; died young

              5-Sarah WATERS bapt. 15 Oct 1732; prob. m. Benjamin FELT

              5-Mary WATERS bapt. 4 May 1735; m. William SHILLABER

              5-Lydia WATERS bapt. 29 May 1737; m. Aaron PUTNAM

              5-Ruth WATERS bapt 28 Oct 1739; died young

              5-Abigail WATERS bapt. 26 Apr 1741

              5-Eunice WATERS bapt. 28 Oct 1744

           4-Mary WATERS bapt 19 Jul 1702; m. John FELTON

           4-Sarah WATERS bapt 19 Jul 1702; unmarried in 1741

           4-Lydia WATERS bapt. 12 Mar 1703/4; m. John PROCTOR

           4- Eunice WATERS bapt. 18 Aug 1706; m. Thomas GARDNER

           4-Abigail WATERS bapt. 12 Jun 1709; m. Eleazer PORTER

        3-Sarah WATERS b. 30 Aug 1667; m. John SYMONDS

        3-Richard WATERS b. 13 Nov 1669; cooper; m. 3 Mar 1697; moved to Sutton, MA 1721.

           4-Hannah WATERS b. 4 Mar 1699

           4-Richard WATERS b. 22 Nov 1700; m. Anne HOLMAN 12 Jun 1732; d. 7 May 1787 Sutton,MA

           4-Abigail WATERS b. 1 Aug 1702; m. Samuel DUDLEY 17 Feb 1728/9

           4-Samuel WATERS b. 1 Sep 1703; mariner; lived in Sutton and Salem; m. Rachel HOLMAN of Newbury 13 Nov 1729; d. 1785

           4-Mercy WATERS bapt. 24 Jul 1707; m. Solomon HOLMAN 28 Aug 1729

           4-Ebenezer WATERS bapt. 10 Jul 1709

           4-Mary WATERS bapt 30 Sep 1711

           4-Lois WATERS bapt 16 May 1714

           4-Amos WATERS bapt 9 Jun 1717

        3-Nathaniel WATERS b. 6 Feb 1670/l; fisherman; m. Elizabeth KING 12 Dec 1699; d. winter 1717/8

           4-Elizabeth WATERS m. Isaac COOK

           4-Hannah WATERS d. unmarried before 1736

           4-Mehitable WATERS bapt. 15 Oct 1704; died young

           4-Ruth WATERS bapt 15 Oct 1704; m. Benjamin MARSH of Sutton, MA

           4-Mehitable WATERS bapt. 13 Jul 1707; m. Samuel FOSTER

           4-Nathaniel WATERS b. 22 Oct 1708; mariner; m. Mary GARDNER 29 Nov 1737

           4-Sarah WATERS bapt 20 Jul 1712; d. before 1736

           4-Jonathan WATERS bapt. 31 Jul 1715; m. Mehitable GYLES 10 Aug 1738

        3-Samuel WATERS b. 29 Mar 1674; d. ca 1 May 1674

        3-Samuel WATERS b. 6 May 1675; m. 1st Bethia ARCHER 1 Jan 1694/5; m. 2nd Hannah ___; no children by either marriage; d. 1729

        3-Elizabeth WATERS b. 10 Jan 1677; d. unmarried in 1734

        3-Abigail WATERS bapt. 6 May 1683; m. John JACOBS

     2-Elizabeth WATERS bapt 26 Feb 1642/3; d. unmarried 4 Feb 1661/2

     2-Mary WATERS m. Clement ENGLISH

     2-Abigail WATERS bapt. 18 May 1645; m. William PUNCHARD

     2-James WATERS lived in Topsfield, MA; m. 1st Mary STALWORTHIE 24 Mar 1668/9; m. 2nd Rachel HART of Ipswich 22 May 1695; d. 11 Sep 1704

     2-Ezekiel WATERS bapt. 4 Apr 1647; wife not named in article

        3-Samuel WATERS b. 3 Sep 1673; mariner; m. Mary HAWKINS 2 Aug 1698; d. 4 Aug 1715

          4-Mary WATERS b. 29 May 1700; m. Henry WILLIAMS

          4-Barbara WATERS b. 2 Dec 1703

          4-Samuel WATERS b. 2 Oct 1707; prob. m. 1st Silence [Rogers or Phillips] 9 Jan 1726/7; m. 2nd Sarah PURCHASE 21 Sep 1733; m. 3rd Mary ROPES 1 May 1760

          4-Mercy WATERS b. 20 Sep 1712

       3-Mary WATERS b. 19 Apr 1676

       3-Elizabeth WATERS b. 4 Aug 1678; m. ___ McMARR

       3-Ezekiel WATERS b. 1 Aug 1680

       3-Sarah WATERS b. 9 Aug 1682

       3-Rejoice WATERS b. 9 Mar 1684; m. 1st Robert LEE in Boston 13 May, 1709; m. 2nd Tristram BULLOCK of Boston 7 Nov 1716

       3-Susanna WATERS b. 1 Jan 1685/6

       3-Elias WATERS b. 11 May 1688; d. 30 Jun 1688

       3-Ebenezer WATERS bapt. 26 Oct 1690

       3-Martha WATERS bapt Oct 1692; m. ___ COATS

       3-Priscilla WATERS bapt Feb 1693/4

       3-Daniel WATERS bapt. 9 Feb 1695/6

    2-Susannah WATERS bapt. 1 Apr 1649; m. Benedict PULSIFER of Ipswich Feb 1673/4

    2-Hannah WATERS bapt. 30 Jan 1652/3; m. Joseph STRIKER


306.  R. D. Peterson. 1975. History of New London, Iowa. New London, Iowa: New London Journal.

   P.18 - In 1839, a new log Methodist church was built northwest of the town square. "School was also held in the church, with Jonathan Roberts and Jane Mason being two of the early teachers."

P.19 - "Firsts" given in Hiram Allen's 1911 "History of New London" - Mr. Tully, first blacksmith shop; William Cox in 1847 framed a house for the town's first physician, Dr. Maynard; Jane Mason, first school teacher.

P.29, early land owners:  Section 9 - Anderson Cox, William Waters (1848), Abner W. Waters (1849).  Section 10 - David McCully (1845).  Section 32 - Moses Price Cox.

P.30, Anderson Cox on 1840 list of voters.

P.62, picture of Julius Cox, and names of Civil War participants from New London. Elias STEVENS, husband of Hannah COX, was a Private in Company A, 4th Iowa Cavalry.

P.71, pictures of various Waters family members


COX FAMILY - William COX (1798-1871) b. New York; wife Elizabeth (1805-1874) b. PA; had 11 children, some of them b. in Liverpool, OH; moved to Warrick Co., IN 1844; moved to New London, IA, 1847.  Wm. was a carpenter, but did any sort of labor - a ledger still exists that shows various wages and prices he charged. Wm and Elizabeth are both buried in Burge Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, IA.

   -Dau. Hannah Caturah COX b. New London, IA, 3 Nov 1847

  -Son Jordan COX was in CA during 1854-1857 period at least; other New London people there were one of the SHANERS, John and Bill CROCKERS, and Tim BARTON.  Jordan had acquired a ranch worth $800-900, but wanted to come home to IA.

  -Son Julius COX b. 1841; served in the Civil War (enlisted Sep 1861 in Engineer Regiment of the West, with the Missouri Volunteers; lost the sight in his left eye while at Lake Providence, LA; After the War, he and Elias Stevens formed a partnership to become bricklayers; was in Nebraska City in 1865, and running a brick yard in New London, IA, in 1867.  Julius m. Huldah BROTZER  of Wayland, IA, and stayed in Wayland.  Their dau. Emma m. Clarence RHUM.

  -Dau. Mary died during Civil War; dau Rachel m. Ransom DAY: dau Nancy m. James WATERS [her cousin]; son Edward; son Will; dau Martha (STEVENS); dau Rebecca (NOTTAGE); dau. Katie.

   The COX family has been traced back to James COCK, born in England about 1650.  James came to the north shore of Long Island, NY, where his son Henry  was born (1678-1733). Henry's son Samuel COCK (1720-1754); Samuel's son Joseph (d. 1780); Joseph's son Jordan COX (1765-1839); and Jordan's children William COX and Rachel COX WATERS.



   William WATERS b. 1795 Genessee Co., NY; died OR 1875; at age 17, served in the War of 1812, probably a hired substitute for a man who was drafted.  He m. Rachel COX in NY.

   Their son Samuel WATERS had come to New London, IA, in 1847.  In the winter of 1847-48 he returned to IN to bring his wife and two chldren, his father, his mother, and brothers and sisters to New London.

   Their son George WATERS died in IA Jan 1848, and mother Rachel died 1 Apr 1848; thirteen year old William WATERS and baby Chauncey WATERS were cared for by Samuel WATERS and his wife.  After Chauncey died, father William went west to OR to live with Asa and Hannah Keziah WATERS McCULLY.


307.  V. T. Peterson. 1999. [Descendants of Walter Watrous]. e-mail < 5 Jan 1999.

   From Mrs. Virginia Peterson: " I am descended from the Romulus, New York,  WATERS.        

Descendants of: Walter WATRUS of Romulus, NY

1 Walter WATRUS

   2 James WATRUS b. Jun 1772 d. 30 Dec 1841

     m. Elizabeth

      3 Paulina WATRUS b. Jan 1802 d. 8 Mar 1868

        m. Joshua SIMPSON b. 1801 d. 27 Jan 1852

         4 Erastus SIMPSON b. 1836 d. 13 Jun 1837

         4 Frances Cornelia Ann SIMPSON b. 1839 d. 12 Aug 1841

      3 Temperance WATRUS b. 1809 Varick, Seneca Co. NY d. 24 Jun 1865

Seneca Co. NY

        m. 25 Jul 1849 Seneca Co. NY  John SAYRE Jr. b. 22 Sep 1806

Romulus, Seneca Co. NY d. 5 Mar 1872 Seneca Co. NY

         4 Susan Leaphe SAYRE b. 12 Jul 1850 Romulus, Seneca Co. NY d. 2

Apr 1936 Romulus, Seneca Co. NY

           m. 1 Feb 1871 Seneca Co. NY  Newman Potter CORYELL b. 15 Apr

1845 Romulus, Seneca Co. NY d. 13 May 1937 Geneva, Ontario Co. NY

            5 Charlie CORYELL b. 15 Apr 1872 Kendaia, Seneca Co. NY d. 1872

            5 Louise CORYELL b. 22 Apr 1874 Kendaia, Seneca Co. NY d. 15

Apr 1961 Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY

              m. 22 Mar 1896 Seneca Co. NY  Foster Leaell REIGLE b. 29 Apr

1874 Varick, Seneca Co. NY d. 12 Jul 1940 Kendaia, Seneca Co. NY

            5 Leaphe D. CORYELL b. 3 Apr 1879 Kendaia, Seneca Co. NY d. 1879

            5 Jay CORYELL b. 5 Feb 1886 Kendaia, Seneca Co. NY d. 13 Oct 1984

              m. 7 Feb 1912 Helen Stewart FOLWELL

              m. 25 Nov 1936 Helen Isabel WHITE d. 21 Feb 1984

         4 Charles SAYRE b. 1852 Seneca Co. NY

      3 John WATRUS b. 1814 NY

        m. Melinda b. 1817? NY

         4 Alex WATRUS b. 1841 NY

         4 Mary WATRUS b. 1845 NY

         4 Cordelia WATRUS b. 1849 NY

      3 Vincent WATRUS b. 1828 NY

        m. Mary J. b. 1829 NY

         4 Ellen WATRUS b. 1842 Seneca Co. NY

         4 Elizabeth WATRUS b. 1844 NY

         4 Augusta WATRUS b. 1845 Seneca Co. NY

         4 Mary WATRUS b. 26 Feb 1848 Seneca Co. NY d. 16 Sep 1851 Seneca

Co. NY

      3 Sally WATRUS

        m. ____ COMBS

      3 Susan WATRUS

        m. John SIMPSON

      3 Elizabeth WATRUS

        m. Thomas FITZSIMMONS

      3 Harriet WATRUS

        m. Asa S. FENTON

         4 Frances Ann FENTON b. May 1839 d. 12 Aug 1841

      3 Almira WATRUS b. _____ d. 27 May 18??

        m. Jacob COMBS

   2 Walter WATRUS

      3 Walter James WATRUS

         4 James WATROUS

            5 Harriet Elizabeth WATROUS


307.  A. Rahamut. 2005. Norwich, Ontario, Cox records. e-mail  7 April 2005.

   From Anne Rahamut:

The following information is from the Norwich Archives in the village of Norwich, Ontario. 

# In 1841, Henry Sackrider to Henry Cox 75 acres of lot 6 con 4. A mortgage for £200 was held by Henry

Sackrider, finally released in January 1846 to Henry Cox.

source: instruments 4813, 4844, and 6717 for lotNorth Norwich Twp, Oxford Co ON


# 14 day of 12th month of 1842, James Henry Cox was received into Yarmouth Monthly meeting.

source: index of Register of Friends, Sparta Meeting House, South Yarmouth, Elgin Co, typescript sheets,

seen in Norwich Archives Apr 2005


# In 1842, Henry Cox occupied lot 6, con 4, North Norwich Twp, Oxford Co ON

source: taken from North Norwich Collectors Roll, p 8


# In Dec 1845, Henry Cox sold his land at lot 6 con 4 to Ephraim Cook.

source: instrument 6684, North Norwich Twp, Oxford Co ON


# In 1851, Henry Cox was 41  years old, Quaker, born US, farmer, in a log house, with Matilda 30, born US,

Lenora 3 born Canada, Sarah E 1, born Canada, and Phebe 35, born Canada single.

source: 1851 census, North Norwich Twp, Oxford Co ON


# In 1853, Henry Cox owned Con 5, lot 10 south 1/2, except for a piece belonging to John Stover

source: Norwich, Farms and Villages 1853, published by Norwich Archives 1999, copy seen Apr 2005

note: We looked at the land registry microfilms but could not see any instrument pertaining to Cox and

this land, Norwich Archives, Apr 2005


# In 1861, John Cox was 12 years old, born UC, no church, no further details.

source: 1861 census, north Norwich Twp, Oxford Co ON, typescript sheets only, seen at Norwich Archives

Apr 2005


308.  A. E. Sheldon. 1931. Nebraska: the land and the people. Chicago, IL: Lewis Publishing Co. 2.

   "In the spring of 1858 C. W. Sherfy initiated in Nebraska City the publication of a weekly paper to which he gave the name of People's Press.  A few weeks later this pioneer newspaper plant and business were sold to L. L. Survey and Colonel O. H. Irish, and after the death of the former, Colonel Irish continued as editor and publisher until 1860, when the property and business were sold to J. E. La Masters and Alfred Mathias, who, in the following year, sold to and were succeeded by W. H. H. WATERS and Royal Buck, who changed the name of the publication to the Nebraska City Press and Herald. In 1862 Mr. Buck retired and Mr. Waters remained at the helm, he having dropped the name of Herald, and retained the title of Nebraska City Press.  In 1863 was instituted the publication of a daily edition, and when this ambitious project proved a negative success, it was abandoned."


309.  M. J. E. Sibley. 1932. A Waters ancestral line. Jul 1932.

   This WATERS genealogy is, with the exception of some information on Abner WATERS Sr. and Abner WATERS Jr., is said to be abstracted from "David Waters and Consider Law" by Mrs. Charles H. Jenkins (Lincoln, NE, 1929).

  1-James WATERS of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, London, England; m. Phebe MANNING, dau. of George MANNING of Downe, Kent Co., England; James WATERS died and was buried in London 2 Feb 1617. Phebe m. 2nd William Plasse, a gun-maker, and they came to America in 1637, settled in Salem, MA, where Plasse d. 1646.

    2-John WATERS bapt. 1600

    2-Phebe WATERS bapt. 1602

    2-Richard WATERS bapt. in London 3 Mar 1604; probably came to America with his mother and step-father in 1637; gunsmith in Salem, MA; m. Joyce ______ [NOTE: another reference says "Rejoice"] ca 1638; granted 10 acres at Salem 1637, and admitted as freeman 23 May 1639; will dated 16 Jul 1676, proved in Salem 28 Sep 1677.

      3-James WATERS b. Topsfield, MA, where he died 11 Sep 1704; m. at Topsfield 24 Mar 1669/70 to Mary STALLWORTHIE; took oath of allegiance in Topsfield Jan 1677/8.

        4-Mary WATERS b. Topsfield, MA 1669-1670

        4-Elizabeth WATERS b. Topsfield 1672

        4-Abigail WATERS b. Topsfield 1677

        4-Samuel WATERS b. Topsfield, MA 22 May 1679; m. probably in Lyme, CT, ca 1702 Anne ___ (possibly Anne Sterling, dau. of William and Anne Sterling, b. Haverhill, MA 14 Mar 1684); he lived in Saybrook, CT by Dec 1706, and purchased land in Hebron, CT in 1708 [at which time he was recorded living at Saybrook]; was commissioned as ensign in a trainband Oct 1722; died at Hebron, CT, 12 Feb 1743 [Anne still living Jul 1749].

           5-Stallworthy WATERS b. probably at Saybrook, CT, 18 Mar 1703; moved to Hebron, CT with parents, and married there 27 Oct 1727 Sarah CARRIER; called Worthy WATERS in some records; d. at Hebron 1761.

             6-Sarah WATERS b. 1728

             6-Abner WATERS b. 15 May 1729 Hebron, CT; m. Lydia ROOT at Hebron 11 Jun 1752; died ca 1771.

                 7-Abner WATERS b. Hebron, CT Apr 1758; while residing at Hartford, CT Mar 1776 enlisted and served as a private for just under a year in Capt. Libbeus Ball's Company, Learned and Shepard's Continental Regiment; granted a pension 4 Jan 1833 while a resident of Gustavus, Trumbull Co. OH; m. Anna BREWSTER, probably of New Haven, CT; died at Kinsman, Trumbull Co., OH Dec 1838.  They left Berkshire Co., MA in Sep 1813 moved to Gustavus Co., OH, purchased 400 acres of land [in 1932, land still in possession of Waters descendant, Clinton D. Waters].

                  8-Abner WATERS b. 1782; d. 1869; m. Lucy MANLEY

                  8-Solomon WATERS m. Anna PELTON

                  8-Lester WATERS m. Laura TURCHELL

                  8-Hiram WATERS b. 1787; d. 1860 Fairfield, IL; m. 1st Ester HOUGHTON; m. 2nd ___ GIDDINGS.

                  8-Chene WATERS m. Luther SIMONS 1814

                  8-Azuba WATERS m. Elijah YEOMANS

                  8-Laura WATERS m. Joshua GIDDINGS

                  8-Lura WATERS [twin of Laura] m. Frederick UDELL

                  8-Phebe WATERS m. Lyndes JONES

               7-Benjamin WATERS

               7-Lydia WATERS m. Timothy GILLETT

               7-Merriam WATERS m. John GILLETT

               7-Olive WATERS m. Abijah BUTTOLPH

            6-Irene WATERS b. 1731

            6-Stallworthy WATERS b. 1732/3

            6-Lydia WATERS b. 1734/5

            6-Gideon WATERS b. 1736

            6-Temperence WATERS b. 1738/9

            6-Miriam WATERS b. 1740

            6-Abiathar WATERS

            6-Isaac WATERS

         5-Anne WATERS b. 1704

         5-Mary WATERS b. 1707

         5-Gideon WATERS b. 1710

         5-Lois WATERS b. 1713

         5-Eunice WATERS b. 1715

         5-Samuel WATERS b. 1719

         5-Adam WATERS b. 1720

         5-Joseph WATERS b. 1723

         5-Temperence WATERS b. 1724/5

       4-Daniel WATERS b. 1682

       4-Stalworthie WATERS b. 1685/6

       4-Roger WATERS

     3-daughter bapt. 1640

     3-John WATERS bapt. 1640

     3-Elizabeth WATERS bapt. 1642

     3-Abigail WATERS bapt 1645

     3-Ezekiel WATERS bapt 1647

     3-Susanna WATERS bapt 1649

     3-Hannah WATERS bapt 1652/3

     3-Sarah WATERS

     3-Phebe WATERS

     3-Mary WATERS

     3-Martha WATERS

     3-William WATERS

  2-Judith WATERS bapt. 1607

  2-Elizabeth WATERS bapt. 1610

  2-Mary WATERS bapt 1613


[In a handwritten note on this paper, it says that Clinton D. WATERS of Kinsman, OH (owner of the Abner Waters farm in 1932), when a boy went with his grandfather Abner WATERS (1782-1869) to visit some of Abner's cousins in Ashtabula Co., OH. This led the writer of the note to speculate that they might be the children of Benjamin WATERS, and that Benjamin might be the father of "our" William WATERS (m. Rachel COX). It would be a reach, as we know there were other families of WATERS/WATROUS in Ashtabula Co. by that time.]


310.  E. B. Spooner. 1929. The Brown family history (Tracing the Clark Brown line). Laurel, Montana: The Laurel Outlook. 231pp.

   The BROWN family ties into our WATERS line, as follows:

1-Clark BROWN m. Tabitha MOFFATT. Their only daughter was:

   2-Pherne Tabitha BROWN b. Montpelier, VT, 22 March 1805; d. 21 May 1891 Salem, OR. She married Virgil Kellogg PRINGLE 4 May 1827 [in Missouri?]. He was born 29 July 1804 Harrington, CT, and died 24 March 1887 [probably Salem, OR].  They lived in St.Charles, Warren Co., MO until 1846, when they came overland to Oregon and settled in Salem. They had eight children, one of whom was:

     3-Sarelia Lucia PRINGLE b. 3 June 1836 Missouri; m. Rev. Charles H. NORTHRUP 21 Aug 1858. He was a Methodist minister in California, and they lived near Healdsburg, Sonoma Co., CA. He died "several years" before 1875. She died 2 Apr 1878.

       4-Lulie Bliss NORTHRUP b. 31 July 1859 Eureka, CA; d. 2 July 1880 Salem, OR. Never married.

       4-Charles Henry NORTHRUP b. 7 Jan 1861 San Francisco, CA; m. Minnie KUHL 18 May 1887. Living in San Jose, CA 1929.

           5- Lucia NORTHRUP b. 1887 Mojave, CA

           5-Charles NORTHRUP II b. 14 Apr 1889 Mojave, CA

           5-Mildred Ethel NORTHRUP b. 3 May 1906

      4-Willard Arthur NORTHRUP b. 24 Apr 1866 Grass Valley, CA. Not married.

      4-Jessica Sargent NORTHRUP b. 23 May 1867 Nevada City, CA; m. F. W. WATERS 14 June 1893; d. 22 Feb 1926 Salem, OR.

           5-Frank Northrup WATERS b. 9 Feb 1895 Salem, OR; m. Lizzie Mae URSCHEL 4 Oct 1920; lived in Salem, OR, 1929. He served in the Navy during WWI, in transport service between France and Americ from the time the U.S. entered the war until the armistice.

                6-Patricia Mae WATERS b. 19 Jan 1925

                6-Donald Frank WATERS b. 21 Oct 1926

          5-Louemma WATERS b. 28 Feb 1899 Salem, OR; m. Willis Jay ROUGHTON 23 Aug 1924.


311.  E. B. Spooner, J. Young and C. Platz. 1992. The Brown family history II: Tracing the Clark Brown line. Newton, Kansas: The Mennonite Press. 493 pagesp.

   This is an update and continuation of Ella Brown Spooner's 1929 publication. See that reference for earlier generations. I have picked up here where the NORTHRUP name enters the family.

1-Sarelia PRINGLE m. Rev. Charles Henry NORTHRUP

  2-Lulie Bliss NORTHRUP b. 31 July 1859 Eureka, CA; d. 2 July 1880 Salem, OR.

  2-Charles Henry NORTHRUP II b. 7 Jan 1861 San Francisco, CA; d. Healdsburg, CA; m. 18 May 1887 San Jose, CA Wilhelmina (Minnie) KUHL [who was b. 23 Feb 1864 or 1865 Davenport, IA; d. Dec 1942 San Jose, CA].

      3-Lucia Marian NORTHRUP b. 2 Feb 1887 Mojave, CA; d. 17 May 1980 Palo Alto, CA; m. 1910 Santa Cruz, CA [groom not mentioned by name].

      3-Charles Henry NORTHRUP III b. 14 Apr 1889 Mojave, CA; d. 18 Oct 1962 Palo Alto, CA; m. 1 Aug ____ Marion Emelene FOWLER (who was b. 18 July 1896 Saratoga, CA). They had three children: Bonnie, Gloria, Charles Henry IV.

      3-Mildred Ethel NORTHRUP b. 3 May 1906 San Jose, CA; m. 10 Nov 1944 San Jose, CA, Matthew COX [who d. 1963].

  2-Willard Arthur NORTHRUP b. 24 April 1866 Grass Valley, CA. Did not marry.

  2-Jessica Sargent NORTHRUP b. 23 May 1867 Nevada City, CA; d. 22 Feb 1926 Salem, OR; m. 14 June 1893 Salem, OR, Frank William WATERS [b. 22 Aug 1865 Nebraska City, NE; d. 6 Dec 1944 Salem, OR].

      3-Frank Northrup WATERS b. 9 Feb 1895 Salem, OR; d. 11 Aug 1975 Salem, OR. Married 1st 4 Oct 1920 Escondido, CA Lizzie Mae Urschel PORTER [b. 6 Nov 1896 Almena, KS; d. 29 Jan 1959 Los Angeles, CA - NOTE: another reference and later in this reference makes it look like URSCHEL was her family name; maybe married a PORTER first?]. He married 2nd Elma Sarah Grimm WILSON [another second marriage?]. Two children were by Lizzie Mae.

          4-Patricia Mae WATERS b. 19 Jan 1925 Salem, OR; m. 23 Aug 1957 Portland, OR, Rev. Jackson Reiser HAZELETT [b. 12 June 1926 Salt Lake City, UT]. They divorced.

               5-Stafford Jackson HAZELETT b. 4 Feb 1949 Salem, OR; m. 26 Mar 1977 Brookings, OR, Nancy Kathleen WALLAM (b. 13 Apr 1951 Alhambra, CA). Two children.

               5-Marcus Saddler HAZELETT b. 8 Aug 1951 Salem, OR; m. 1st 8 May 1970 Tigard, OR, Susan Levan HUNTLEY [divorced; l child]; m. 2nd 29 Oct 1972 Tigard, OR, Christine Marie Wood PEARSON. 3 children.

               5-Karsten North HAZELETT b. 31 Mar 1953 Salem; m. 25 Aug 1973 Lake Oswego, OR, Josephine Laura PEGRUM. 2 children.

               5-Alysa Patricia HAZELETT b. 8 Jun 1960 Salem, OR; m. 6 Oct 1984 Lake Oswego, OR, Lawrence Jacob HILTON. 1 child.

               5-Tabitha Serena HAZELETT b. 29 Jan 1962 Salem, OR; m. 21 Mar 1987 Lake Oswego, CA, Phillip Russell STERET.

          4-Donald Frank WATERS b. 21 Oct 1926 Salem, OR; m. 5 Dec 1950 Vancouver, WA, Patricia Ann McILWAIN [b. 17 Aug 1929 Silverton, OR; d. 2 Jan 1989 Salem, OR].

               5-Daniel George WATERS b. 28 Jul 1951 Camp Cook, Santa Barbara Co., CA; m. Nancy MANTHE (b. 10 Apr 1952). 1 step-dau., and two of their own children.

               5-Donald Frank WATERS b. 18 Dec 1952 Salem, OR

               5-Rollie Wayne WATERS b. 22 Jan 1954 Salem, OR

               5-Elizabeth Ann WATERS b. 4 Sep 1955 Salem, OR

               5-David Scott WATERS b. 2 June 1958 Salem, OR; m. 4 Aug 1984 Sheryl Lea KAHUT. 3 children.

   3-Louemma WATERS b. 28 Feb 1899 Salem, OR. Married 1st 23 Aug 1924 New York, NY William J. ROUGHTON - had l child; m. 2nd 11 Feb 1942 William Brice ROBINSON; m. 3rd 1972 George William SCHOELEL; m. 4th Albert Daniel BOOSING.

         4-Elinorlu ROUGHTON b. 22 Aug 1928 Salem, OR; m. 18 Nov 1950 Houston, TX, James C. REEVES [b. 18 Aug 1907 Gorman, TX; d. 6 Apr 1981 Houston, TX].


312.  M. Standish-Carey. 1977. Past Times: Brownsville, 1881. Brownsville Times (Brownsville, Oregon), 8 Dec 1977:

   From the 1881 Oregon State Directory, Brownsville writeup:  "Waters and Morelock, Linn Mills".


313.  M. Standish-Carey. 1984. Past Times: John M. Waters, pioneer. Brownsville Times (Brownsville, Oregon), 7 Jun 1984:

   John M. WATERS story: repeats information from Hines' "Illustrated History of the State of Oregon".


314.  M. Standish-Carey. 1985. Past Times: Brownsville in 1890, Part II. Brownsville Times (Brownsville, Oregon), 14 Mar 1985:

   1890 advertisers in "Brownsville Times" included: O. P. Coshow & Company, real estate; and O. P. Coshow, Notary Public.  In 1890, O. P. Coshow as also City Recorder, and president of the Board of Trade.  J. M. Waters was on the Board of Trade membership committee.


315.  State of Oregon. 1912. Death certificate - William W. Cox.

   Oregon Death Certificate #2259

William W. COX, widowed, carpenter, born Canada; father William COX born New York, mother Elizabeth STAPLE (sic - TEEPLE) born New Jersey (Pennsylvania?)

Died 8 August 1912 Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon; of rectal cancer

Buried 9 August 1912 Soldiers Home Cemetery, Roseburg, Oregon

Informant: W. W. Elder, Roseburg


316.  State of Oregon. 1915. Death certificate - Abraham H. Nottage.

   Oregon Death Certificate #6083

Abraham H. NOTTAGE

Florence, Lane County, Oregon

Birthplace Maine; occupation farmer; divorced

Died 23 December 1915 of influenza and paralysis, age 76

Buried 25 December 1915 at _________ Oregon [NOTE: looks like it could be "Ac---"

Undertaker Jerry Scott; death certificate signed by Dr. George P. Edwards, M. D., Florence, Oregon

No informants, referrals or relatives named


317.  E. Talburt and R. Smart. 1986. Douglas County, Oregon Marriage Records. Book 1, 1853-1871. Roseburg, OR: Genealogical Society of Douglas County.

   P. 130 (in original register) - William COX married Catherine WALKER 12 Dec 1866.


318.  G. Toftdahl. 1995. Oregon newspaper death notices 1864-1902. An index to death notices published in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon newspapers. Springfield, OR: Privately printed. 139pp.

   In "Oregon State Journal"

  -John Waters, 29 Sep 1883, p.5


In "Daily Eugene Guard"

  -W. H. H. Waters, 7 Sep 1892, p. 4


In "Eugene City Guard"

  -Mrs. Mary Waters, 4 Jan 1890, p. 5 (d. Junction City, OR)


319.  Town of Starks. 1995. The people and places of Starks. Starks, Maine: Locally published. 151p.p.

   P.51, Civil War enlistees from Starks, Maine include:

  William H. NOTTAGE, age 38, Private in 19th Infantry, Company A.  Enlisted 25 Aug 1862. 


320..  G. S. Turnbull. 1939. History of Oregon newspapers. Portland, Oregon: Binfords & Mort. 560pp.

   P.137 - Capt.A. H [sic:A.W.] and W. H.H. WATERS bought the "Oregon STATESMAN" in 187(5?); W. H. H. Waters became Editor; they sold to W. H. Odell in June 1877.


321.  O. Turner. 1851. History of the pioneer settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase and Morris Reserve. Rochester, NY: William Alling. 588pp.

   P.414 - Village of Scottsville [Monroe Co., NY] had Samuel COX among its early settlers.

  P.402 - Pultneyville - prior to 1806, William WATERS was the only resident.


322.  U. S. GenWeb. Idaho Tombstone Project.

   Knob Hill Cemetery - Shoshone, Idaho

Amy Pitt WATERS 1837-1923

Julius S. WATERS 25 March 1838 - 21 May 1900


323.  U. S. GenWeb-Barry County Michigan. Johnstown - Iden Cemetery.

   The U. S. GenWeb site for Barry County, Michigan, lists the following COX family members buried in Iden Cemetery, Johnstown:

  Arvilla A. COX 4 April 1865 - 19 September 1943

  Benjamin M. COX 1833-1907

  Hannah A. COX 1832-1917

  Jordan COX died 22 May 1876, 38 years

  Mary COX died 2 January 1863, 64 years


324.  U. S. National Archives. 1814. Military Service Records - William Cox.

   The National Archives had only two items related to William Cox' service record during the War of 1812:

Company C, Jedediah Crosby's Regiment, New York Volunteers

William COX, Private, Captain Levi Lacy's Co. of New York Volunteer Militia

Company Muster Roll for 29 August to 29 September 1814, Fort Erie

Date of Appointment: 29 August 1814

Enlisted to 29 September 1814


Company Pay Roll for 29 August 1814 to 29 September 1814

Roll dated: 29 May 1815

Commencement of Service: 29 August 1814

Expiration of Service: 29 May 1815

Term of Service charged: 9 months 1 day

Pay per month: $8.00

Amount of Pay: $67.53

Signer's name: William Cocke

Remarks: "Landed at Lewiston May 26, 1815 after being kept by the Indians. See voucher No. 4."


325.  Warrick County- Indiana. 1847. [Land deed, William Watrus to H. Griffin].

   Warrick Co., IN, deed: 23 Sep 1847 - William WATRUS to H. Griffin for $800 - S 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec. 26 T4 R8 - 60 acres


326.  Washington State Digital Archives. 1889. Clallam County, Washington, census.

   14 May 1889 Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington

A. H. NOTTAGE, 50, born Maine

R. J. NOTTAGE, wife, 48, born Iowa


327.  A. J. Waters. 1901. Query - Nathan Waterhouse. New England Historic Genealogical Register 55: 225.

   A. J. Waters was seeking information on:

  Nathan WATERHOUSE/WATERUS/WATERS married Esther MANN. They moved from New London, Connecticut to Leyden, Massachusetts, and between 1780 and 1800 had children Nathan WATERHOUSE, William WATERHOUSE, Daniel WATERHOUSE, Timothy WATERHOUSE, Luther WATERHOUSE, Mercy WATERHOUSE, Betsey WATERHOUSE, Sarah WATERHOUSE, and Abigail WATERHOUSE. Nathan Sr. had a brother named John WATERHOUSE>


328.  M. E. J. Westensee. 1993. Walter Watrus/Watrous/Waters - concerning the known children of Walter and Hester Smith Watrus. genealogical report.

   The following information was in a report in the Wayne Co., NY, county historian's office, prepared by Mrs. Emil J. Westensee, 2330  24-1/2 Street, Rock Island, IL 61201.

[1] Walter WATROUS - born probably about 1765 [from age of children, and the fact that he was 70-80 years old in the 1840 census], birthplace uncertain (in later years, his children thought MA, CT, and NY); he apparently was married twice, the marriage to his second wife Hester SMITH would likely have occurred about 1800.

  Other background: In Seneca Co., NY in 1801, there was a Walter WATRUS who was on the list of electors. There was also a James WATRUS. This Walter allegedly had a daughter Elizabeth WATRUS (b. 1761) who married Eldad Kellogg in 1783. Elizabeth would have been more or less a contemporary of Walter WATROUS b. 1765.

  According to a descendant, Walter WATROUS had 14 children. Only about nine names are known (counting suspected first family).

     [2] William WATERS - b. 1795, m. Rachel COX - placed in this family mainly because of the obituary of Walter Jim WATROUS which names William WATERS of Warrick Co., IN, a neighbor of Walter, as a "half brother". Presumably he was a child of Walter Watrous' first wife.

     [2] Mariah WATROUS b. 1799; m. Silas NASH in Williamson, Wayne Co. NY in 1815

     [2] Walter James WATROUS b. 1800 m. Eunice MOTT

     [2] Henry WATROUS b. 1803 m. Betsy NORTON

     [2] Calista WATROUS b. ca 1805

     [2] John Smith WATROUS b. ca 1807

     [2] Jonas WATROUS b. 1808; m. Lucinda BARTHOLOMEW

     [2] Eliza WATROUS b. 1813; m. 1st Hiram WILCOX; m. 2nd Fred WEBB

     [2] Hiram WATROUS b. 1815; m. Tartary CASE


329.  S. R. Wilbur and S. H. Wilbur. 1994. [Cemetery inscriptions, Masonic Cemetery, Harrisburg, Oregon].

   Wm. WATERS born in Genesee County, NY 9 Jun 1795, died 9 Feb 1875.

George D., son of J.M. and N.E. WATERS, died 4 Apr 1878, 8y6m12d.

J. F. WATERS, died 18 Sep ____, age 23y 8 m.


330.  N. L. Williamson. 1981. E. E. Stanard scrap books. Albany, Oregon: State Savings and Loan Association.

   In the Albany, Oregon, Public Library, there are two xerox copies of the scrapbooks of E. E. Stanard. They are photocopies of Stanard's original workbooks that were prepared  (without any editing or explaining) by N. L. Williamson in 1981, and copied courtesy of State Savings and Loan Association.  The few items for which a date can be determined are from the 1920s and 1930s.  There are handwritten notes, typed notes, and copies of news articles, all interspersed with no explanation.  Some info was probably copied from books, but some looks like it might be from unpublished sources [at least, I've never seen some of it in any publication].


Volume 1

  P.18, JOHN M. WATERS - Born 21 Jan 1831 Ashtabula Co. OH, son of ______ and Rachel (COX) Waters, both of whom were born in NY. They moved to OH several years before John was born, moved in IN in 1838, then moved to Henry Co., IA, in 1847.

  In 1849, John went with Mr. IKENBERRY's company to CA, leaving 13 Apr 1849. Their route took them up the Platte, past Forts Laramie and Hall, then via Humboldt Sink and the Carson River to "Hangtown" [Placerville,CA], arriving 7 Aug 1849.  He went from there to Mud Springs [El Dorado], built the first house/cabin in that vicinity, and lived there through the winter of 1849-50.

  While at Mud Springs, Indians ran off about 35 head of horses belonging to the miners, including those of John Waters and his partners. About 20 miners went after the horses, traded gunfire with them killing at least 3 Indians, and burning their village. They got all the horses back.

  After he had built his cabin at Mud Springs in 1849, he took a wagon into Sacramento and purchased a load of flour, pickled pork, beans, dried fruit, etc. "One day two men came into his cabin to buy some flour offering him a dollar a pound for same.  He did not wish to sell at any price fearing he might run out himself.  As the mud was simply awful and the roads impassable for teams between there and Sacramento.  These men said he had more supplies than any one man should have, so they just took possession of one bbl of flour, paying him 200 dollars, and he got along all right without the flour. He says he handled many a thousand bbls of flour since then and made less money on them."

   In the spring of 1850, he took two horses and went to the Carson River to meet his brother Captain A. W. Waters, who was coming from IA. They returned safely to Mud Springs.  In the fall of 1850, he went to the site of present-day Colusa, CA, and built one of the first houses in the vicinity (maybe the first).  In 1852 he took the steamer OREGON north, arriving in Portland, OR, 1 Jan 1853. He went up the Willamette Valley on foot to Harrisburg, where his brother-in-law A.A.McCully was living. It was a major flood period, and theWillamette River above and below the falls at Oregon City was almost level. He saw a hotel floating down the river.

  In Harrisburg, he helped David McCully build the first building in town (a store, later used as annex to a hotel), while Asa went east to buy merchandise. The goods were shipped around the Horn, and arrived in OR the fall of 1853.

   John Waters married Ellen More in 1854.  That same year he built what was probably the first brick kiln in Linn County. In 1856 or 1857 he, Hiram Smith and others bought a grist mill that became one of the largest makers and shippers of flour in OR. He remained with the mill for 19 years. In 1877 he moved to Brownsville, OR, and bought the McHargue grist mill. In 1890 he moved to Seattle to build a grist mill on Lake Washington. The venture failed, and he returned to Brownsville within a year or so, and lived there until he died.


Volume 2

P.33 more notes on John WATERS - married Ellen Moore in 1854; she died in 1917. John died in 1904. "Waters built the first house at H[arrisburg] and became half owner of the old flouring mill there. A brother-in-law, Asa A. McCully, bought an interest in 1862, and they ran it until 1877.  Waters sold out and moved family to Brownsville, where he bought interest in mill. Changed from old buhr mill to roller process, capacity enlarged, quality and output increased."

   They had seven children, 3 alive when Mrs. Waters died in 1917: Mrs. Mary J. Morelock of Gold Hill, OR; Mrs. Rachel Cartright of Emmett, ID; and John Waters of White Swan, WA.


331.  N. K. Wilson. (Biographical information on the Waters family.). unpublished manuscript. p.68.

   Mary Ann McCULLY WATERS - b. Guernsey Co.,OH, 15 Feb 1839; m. Abner WATERS in Linn Co., OR, 1 Mar 1855; d. Harrisburg, OR, 1854 [INCORRECT ]; children Mary C. WATERS b. ca. 1860 and Edward B. WATERS b. 8 Nov 1862.


Abner Walter WATERS - b. Ashtabula Co., OH 30 Nov 1833; m. 1st Mary Ann McCULLY in Linn Co., OR, 1 Mar 1855; m;. 2nd Sarah McCARTNEY 1866 (she d. 1882 [?1892?]; m. 3rd Elizabeth W. (HUSTON) KNOWLES 30 Aug 1893; d. Weiser, ID 20 Mar 1906.

   Abner came to OR in 1850 from Mt. Pleasant, IA via CA where he stayed a year; lived on his donation land claim at Harrisburg, OR for 18 years during which time he was engaged in merchandizing and real estate transactions; 1864, he recruited and served as Captain, Company F, First Regiment of Oregon Volunteer Infantry for 3 years during Civil War - he was commanding officer at Forts Hoskins, Vancouver, Walla Walla, and Lapwai.

   In 1868 he moved to Union Co., OR, engaged in stock raising for several years; 1874, purchased a controlling interest in the "Oregon Statesman" newspaper in Salem, managed it until 1876; appointed U. S. Marshall, served for 4 years [elsewhere says 5 years].  He was in Masons, Knights of Pythias, A.O.U.W., GAR; in 1880 he was a State Rep. from Multnomah Co. (Republican).

  Left Salem about 1884, went to Harney Co., ID [sic - OR]; practiced law there until 1901 or 1902; helped settlers secure titles to lands despite the terrorist tactics of local cattlemen; moved to Weiser, ID, 1900 [elsewhere says 1902] where he died 20 Mar 1902; he had been partially paralyzed for 2 years.

  Children:  Mary C. WATERS b. ca. 1860; Edward B. WATERS b. 8 Nov 1862; and Allie WATERS b. ca. 1870.


Alice (Allie) WATERS LISTER, dau of Abner WATERS and Sarah McCARTNEY; news account 27 Nov 1898 says she m. W. L. LISTER "Thanksgiving night"; they will live at 151 N. 17th [city?].


Hannah Keziah WATERS McCULLY - b. Ashtabula Co., OH, 25 Apr 1828; m. Asa McCULLY in Mt. Pleasant, IA, 5 Sep 1848; in Salem, OR they lived on N. E. Center Street between N.E. Winter and Cottage - house still there, converted to apartments, in 1969; d. Portland, OR 1 Aug 1905 after a 2-week illness; she had lived in Portland last 18 years of her life; she was a charter member of the Ladies Auxilliary of the Oregon Pioneers Association.


William WATERS - b. Genesee Co. NY, 9 Jun 1795; m. Rachel COX in Genesee Co., NY 15 May 1802 [sic-1822]; d. Harrisburg, OR 9 Feb 1875.

   William apparently served in the War of 1812 as a substitute for N.C. Handy, who was drafted but didn't serve. An application for bounty lands based on this service was written from Linn Co., OR 11 Jul 1857; the request was denied.  He  claimed to be a private in Capt. Durphey's company, Col. Howell's regiment; entered into service at Cananadagua, NY about 1 Mar 1813; honorably discharged 3 months later at Eleven Mile Creek, NY.  Elsewhere in the article [but not included in letter] it says he served undser General Scott in the battles of Bridgewater/Lundy's Lane and Chippewa, near Niagara Falls, in 1813 and 1814.

   William was in Genesse Co., NY in Sep 1822, in Ashtabula Co., Aug 1824; moved to Boonville, Warrick Co., IN, about 1838; about 1848, moved to Henry Co., IA; 1853 moved to OR, lived either with or near his dau Hannah McCully in Harrisburg from 1853 until his death in 1875 [INCORRECT]; died 9 Feb 1875 [in whatever town "Weekly Mercury" was published in], body was taken to Harrisburg, OR.

   William's father may have been [no confirmation] William WATERS who established himself at Pulteneyville, NY, and/or established the first flouring mill in the Rochester, NY, area.


Rachel COX WATERS, dau. of Jordan COCKS/COX; born in Genesee Co., NY 15 May 1802; d. Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., IA 1 Apr 1848; buried Burge Cemetery, New London, IA - age 45 yrs 10 mo 17 days.


John Morrison WATERS b. Ashtabula Co. OH 21 Jan 1831; m. Nancy Ellen MOORE from TN, in Harrisburg, OR 1854; had 7 children, 3 still living in 1903 - Mary J. WATERS MORELOCK, Gold Hill, OR; Rachel A. WATERS CARTWRIGHT Boise City, ID; and John Hamilton WATERS Emmett, ID.

  Nancy WATERS d. 1 Mar 1917 at her dau. Mary Morelock's home in Gold Hill, OR.  She was a member of the Brownsville Baptist Church for about 35 years. After John died "about 13 years ago" [1903], she continued to live alone on Averill Street, Brownsville, only going to stay with her dau. a few months prior to her death.

  In 1862 John sold [part of?] his interest in the Harrisbur flour mill to Asa McCully; they operated the mill together until 1877, when John sold out and moved to Brownsville, OR where he purchased an interest in another flouring mill. "Under the management of Mr. Waters the mill was changed from an old buhr mill to the roller process and the capacity greatly enlarged and the quality of the output greatly improved."  He later sold out to the Brownsville Woolen Mills Co., which became identified with the Albany Woolen Mills.

   In 1917 son John Hamilton WATERS was living in White Swan, WA, and dau. Rachel L. [Rachel A.?] CARTWRIGHT lived in Emmett, ID.


William WATERS son of William and Rachel (COX) WATERS - b. Ashtabula Co. OH 22 May 1826; d. 5 Dec 1849 Mud Springs, El Dorado Co., CA.  William, his brother John WATERS, and Edward FORD were part of a wagon train  of 22 wagons that came to CA in 1847 [sic-1849]. They were involved in the Big Bar gold strike.  They built the first cabin in Mud Springs.


Samuel WATERS b. Genesee Co., NY 15 Sep 1822; d. New London, IA 6 May 1900; buried Burge Cemetery,  Married Mary KETCHAM 2 Dec 1844 Warrick Co., IN [ Mary was dau. of John KETCHAM and Nancy KETCHAM, b. 23 Aug 1821 in Ashtabula Co., OH; d. New London, IA 11 Apr 1876; buried Burge Cemetery]. Children:

   -William Byron WATERS born Warrick Co., Indiana 22 Dec 1845; died 22 May 1850

   -Winfield Scott WATERS born 13 Jan 1847 Warrick Co., Indiana; died `1916

   -Rachel A. WATERS 20 Nov 1848-1934

   -Nancy Keziah WATERS 5 Apr 1852-21 Feb 1930

   -John Newton WATERS 10 Dec 1854-31 May 1940; m. Sarah _____, children Fred WATERS and Jennie WATERS

   -James Monroe WATERS 29 Apr 1856-28 Aug 1935

   -Thomas Samuel WATERS 26 Jan 1859-1 Feb 1945

   -Robert H. WATERS 9 Oct 1863-21 Aug 1864

   -Charles E. WATERS 1 Jul 1866-2 Feb 1897


James WATERS b. Ashtabula Co., OH 31 Aug 1824; m. Nancy Ann COX Henry Co., IA 2 Aug 1848; had at least one son William WATERS who m. Lettie ___, had 3 daus. and 1 son James WATERS (James and Lettie apparently lived in Elmwood, Ashland and Lincoln, NE).

   James d. in Nebraska, Greenwood Lodge of IOOF eulogized him.


William Henry Harrison WATERS b. Ashtabula Co., OH 27 Nov 1835; m. Elizabeth Eleanor NORTH 21 Oct 1863 Nebraska City, NE. (She was b. England, dau. of George NORTH;  she was 22 at time of March 1865 NE territorial census; she was 51 yrs 5 mo old in Jan 1897); d. Salem, OR 2 Sep 1892.  Children (all still living 1892):

  -Frank William WATERS b. 22 Aug 1865; later Maybe of Salem, OR; son Frank Northrup WATERS was father of Patricia Mae WATERS HAZELETT and Donald Frank WATERS).

  -Eleanor (Lella) WATERS b. 26 Aug 1866

  -George Eben WATERS b. 16 Nov 1869

  -Frederick Ralph WATERS b. 26 Dec 1873

  -Harry Wayne WATERS b. 26 May 1882

William served for a year as a "devil" in a printing shop [in IA?]; at age 16, crossed the plains to CA, crossing the Missouri River near Omaha; travelled around CA and NV for two years, then returned via Panama and New York to IA; entered Iowa Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, IA, but then changed to S. L. Howe Academy in the same town - went there 2 years, then studied law for 2 years; he wa in Nebraska City, NE, in 1856, but didn't settle there until 1859;  in 1860 census he was recorded as a laborer living in the home of DanielB. Stevens (Stevens was a brick maker, who W.H.H. worked for along with 3 other employees); in 1860 had 40 acres of unimproved land, and probably some investment in Stevens brickyard - total value $200; in 1861 purchased the "Nebraska City Press", a weekly" - ran it for a year, then published a daily newspaper until 1865 when he sold out. [An accompanying article says he and Royal Buck, an experienced newsman, bought the Peoples Press in Sep 1861, changed name to "Nebraska Herald".  W.H.H. bought out Buck in Apr 1862, changed the name back to "Peoples Press".]

  In Oct 1862 he was one of two members of Territorial Council from Otoe Co., NE; no meetings were ever held, and he resigned in 1863 he was commissioned as receiver in the U. S. Land Office in Nebraska City, held it until removed by Pres. Andrew Johnson in 1866; 1868 began publishing the "Morning Chronicle" as a daily; 3 other dailys were being published in 1870, but all except the "Chronicle" folded.

  In 1866 he had a grocery store with a Mr. Spurlock; Jan 1867 moved to Albany, MO, went into partnership with T.B. Glenn; Feb 1868 moved back to Nebraska City; also in 1868, he was admitted to the bar; around 1861 served for several years on the staff of Governor Alvin Saunders; 1872 elected to the State Legislature from Otoe Co., NE.

   In Jul 1874 moved to Salem, OR, where he edited the "Oregon Daily Statesman" until 1884.  At some point he was Deputy Collector of Customs At Port Townsend, WA. 

   W.H.H. was a Republican, previously an Abolitionist; he was religiously inclined to "be fully persuaded in his own mind" that most denominational dogmas are just subterfuges to control the masses!


George Eben WATERS b. 16 Nov 1869 Nebraska City, NE; father W.H.H.WATERS came to OR 1872, his wife brought the family to Salem, OR in 1873, at which time George was 4 years old; went to school until age 11. In Jan 1891 he went into business for himself, with a Salem cigal store; in 1907 he expanded into a wholesale tobacco business.

  Married in 1905 to Margaret McGUIRE (b. Des Moines, IA). George was an Elk, and member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce.


Fred Ralph WATERS d. Oct 1923 Salem, OR.


Julius Spencer WATERS b. Warrick Co., IN 25 Nov 1838; lived in Henry Co. IA, driving oxen for a living until 1853, when he moved to Galesburg, IL, where he apprenticed to D. M. Chapin, a saddler, for 3 years; moved to Burlington, IA, then in 1857 went back to Warrick Co., IN; made an unsuccessful bid for State Rep. from Warrick Co. (Republicans not popular there); moved to Spencer Co., IN, m. S. M. GLENN in July 1860. She and 3 infants all died in a 2-year period.

   Julius moved to Nebraska City, NE, served as local editor for his brother William Henry Harrison WATERS' newspaper, and studied law; moved to Labette Co., KS (the Neosho Valley) in 1865; admitted to the bar 1867; elected County Attorney 1869-1878; 1880-1884 served 2 terms on KS State Legislature.

  In March 1879 m. Amy (PITT) MYERS of Spencer Co., IN, an old acquaintance. They had one child, Maud WATERS.

  In 1883 he was appointed receiver of lands for the U. S. Land Office, Hailey, ID; served 4 years; 1888 elected district attorney for Alturas Co., ID; 1896, State Rep. from Lincoln Co., ID.

   Wife Amy died at age 49 of pneumonia, 5 Dec 189__; Julius died in Hailey, ID.


Charles WATERS son of William and Rachel b. Warrick Co., IN 12 Sep 1840; d. Warrick Co., IN 15 Sept 1841.


Charles Byron WATERS son of William and Rachel b. Warrick Co., IN 14 Dec 1842; d. Warrick Co., IN 15 Nov 1843.


George Washington WATERS son of William and Rachel b.Warrick Co., IN 19 Dec 1844; d. New London, IA 20 Jan 1848.


Chauncey WATERS son of William and Rachel b. Warrick Co., IN 7 Feb 1848;   died near New London, IA 24 Sep 1853 (age 5 yrs 9 mo 23 days). [NOTE: this reference says father William went to OR shortly after Chauncey's death; if this is correct, he left before.]


332.  A. B. Yates. 1911. Early Rochester Family Records: Records of burials in the Cox Cemetery, Wheatland, New York. Post-Express (Rochester, New York),

   Isaac COX 19 November 1846

Anna COX, wife of Isaac COX, 20 August 1879 (?), age 91

Melissa COX, daughter of Isaac and Anna: 30 June 1847, aged 12

Francis E. COX, 1836

Harriet M. COX, wife of F. E. COX, 1844-1905

Fannie C. COX, wife of Robert B. COX, 1873-1900 


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