Chapter Three: The Fall of Civilization

The summit area of Dummer Hill had been the most occupied through the years, and even in the 1980s retained more of the open appearance of past use than did most of the Hill. In 1948, one of the principal past residences was still standing, and even occasionally (illegally) occupied.

But abandonment of property in the North Country - either fields or houses - leads only one direction, and to one end. When I first saw the hilltop house in the early 1970s, it still had the outline of a residence, but....

And by 1977 ----

To 1980 ---

To 1985 --

And, finally, to a pile of rubble in 1986.

A few years later, new owners of the site bulldozed what remained, to clear the way for their own re-making of a part of Dummer Hill's past.

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