Chapter Thirty-Six: The View out our Window

Monday 13 August 2007 -"Around 0700 two moose (last year's twins? - a bull and a cow) came up the field, and eventually went on out our road. Within five minutes or so, two more moose (both small bulls) came up the field. They wandered around just north of the house for ten minutes or so, then headed back down to the Glades."

"Sadie is an interesting cat. Whenever a moose or other large mammal came around, Dixie [our first Camp cat] would give her veterinarian's growl, and head for cover. Sadie is unafraid. Today, when the first two moose came near the house, she sat in the window and watched them. The second two came as close and stayed longer, but she just ignored them, and didn't even bother to come to a window. [I got some pretty good pictures of Sadie and Sally and the moose observing one another.]"

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