My friend wants to go to Paradise Valley

She heard about it from a friend of hers, 

who thought it beautiful and well worth seeing

Its sounds to her like a good place to escape to

Someplace different than where she is

It probably is beautiful, if you like the stark beauty of the high sagebrush deserts

But I suspect in reality it is just as cold - and as hot - and just as subject to the persistent, numbing winds as is the place she wants to escape from

Still, it is out there, someplace she's never been

And she needs a Paradise Valley in her life.


As I grow older - and I'm considerably older than she is

I think a lot about Paradise Valley

Not the specific Paradise Valley she heard about

But someplace out there

Some place to escape to

Some place I haven't been

I feel I need to go there pretty badly while there still is time

Maybe it won't be beautiful

Maybe it will be just as cold, or just as hot, and just as subject to the persistent, numbing metaphorical winds as is my place in life right now

Still, I'd like to find out

I really need a Paradise Valley in my life.

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