1980: Potentials

 Where would I like to be the most?

I'd like to live from Coast to Coast.

Not in between, or everywhere

But just selective here and there.


I'd like to live on Mt. Rainier

With glacier lilies, bears and deer.

Or maybe make it Monterey

Where otters swim there in the bay.

Piedra Blanca sounds real nice;

It never will see snow and ice.


But, then again, what's wrong with snow?

New Hampshire may be where I'll go

To see the foliage in the fall

And climb upon the  mountain wall

Of granite gray and lichens bright

Where fireflies come out at night.


Oh, so many possibilities.


2010: Reality

 But, in the end, Life throws the curve

No matter want, or need, or nerve.

We mostly settle where we landed

When circumstances left us stranded.


We maybe dream of all we've missed.

We maybe make a "bucket list"

Defying Time - or so we think

Until we see we're on the brink.


We're suddenly about to leave

And realize we've been naive.

We never had that much to say

As life goes right on, anyway.


Sanford "Sandy" Wilbur - April 2016

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