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"For thirty-five years, I worked in various aspects of wildlife conservation, mostly with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I began my career living and working on wildlife refuges in Nevada, Idaho, and California. I next took a job in our Portland, Oregon, regional office, studying refuge areas for possible inclusion under the recently-passed Wilderness Act. I moved on to Atlanta, Georgia, where I served as advisor on biological issues on wildlife refuges in the South. A change of pace from management to research took me back to California, there to study the endangered California condor and other rare birds. Then it was on to Portland again, first to administer the endangered species program in the West, and then to supervise the operations of the national wildlife refuges in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. I had come full circle, with a number of interesting stops along the way.

  "This is a book of reminiscences and opinions - my attempt to describe what it was like to work for a Federal wildlife agency from the '60s into the '90s. It's a lot about wildlife, but also about working with people, and budgets, and politics. In other words, it's my personal "what happened" story, developed from my field notes, journals, and memory."

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Sanford R. Wilbur (2012) ISBN 978-0-9651263-4-2
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The definitive history of humans and California condors, from the Pleistocene to the taking of the last wild condors into captivity in the 1980s. In addition to expanding on and correcting some of the information in "Condor Tales" (below), new insights are provided into such subjects as the role of Native Americans in condor survival; effects of strychnine, thallium, compound 1080, and lead poisoning; the importance of killing condors for their quills; the origins of the first condor specimen in a museum; and the relative importance to condor survival of sport shooting, hobby collecting, egg collecting, and acquiring specimens for museums.

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Sanford R. Wilbur (2012)

Searchable PDF Format, 582 pages

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The technical data behind "Nine Feet" and "Condor Tales," including specific information on each of 458 condor mortalities, records of 80 condor eggs collected, and an annotated bibliography of nearly 2,000 published condor references.

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Sanford R. Wilbur (2004) ISBN 0-9651263-3-1
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From 1969 to 1980, I was in charge of the efforts to save the endangered California condors.  "Condor Tales" is my personal story of the fight to arrest and reverse a decline that had been going on since the Pleistocene. Based on  intensive research, I give my explanation of what really happened to the condors. From my field notes and journals, I introduce the people who have fought for the condors, and  describe the events and circumstances that led to the disasters of the 1980s and the successes of the 1990s. These are some "Condor Tales" you have never heard before.

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A lot has happened with the Condor Program - much of it good - since I wrote "Condor Tales." This new edition still "ends" in the early 1980s, and does not cover more recent developments. However, my research since 2004 has taught me quite a bit more about the history of the species than I knew then. Chapters One through Fifteen have been brought up to date, with corrections made and new information added. Much greater detail on the historical aspects of the California condor can be found in my 2012 book, "Nine Feet from Tip to Tip: the California Condor through History" (Gresham, Oregon: Symbios Books).

   Because much of the book after Chapter Fifteen is my own, somewhat autobiographical, account of my years with the Condor Program, the only changes you will find from the First Edition are typographical and editorial. That part of the tale - both good and bad - remains the same.

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WILBUR, S. R., and S. H. WILBUR. 2000. The McCully Train: Iowa to Oregon 1852. Gresham, OR: Symbios. Paper. 200 pages. ISBN 0-9651263-2-3. $5.00.

Take part in the travels of one group of pioneers as their 1852 wagon train follows the Oregon Trail from Henry County, Iowa, to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Read the on-the-spot words of John S. McKiernan in his previously unpublished journal. Share reminiscences of a number of the travelers. Learn about the individual members of the party in biographical sketches compiled by the Wilburs. Complete your journey with a cross-referenced synopsis of the trip; explanatory footnotes; a full bibliography; and every-name indexes to people and places named in the text. Enjoy some of the trail landmarks in the original pen-and-ink drawings by Sara L. Ambarian. 

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Sanford R. Wilbur and Sally H. Wilbur (2014)

E-book (PDF) Format only - free computer download; $10.00 on CD-ROM

Records of 349 descendants of Samuel McCully of Londonderry, Nova Scotia, first known of this line in North America (late 1700s). Prominent names: Coshow, Crane, Creighton, Gailey, Hendershott, Love, Lutes, Maxson, McCully, Read, Steeves, and Waters. Principal locations: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta, Canada; Massachusetts, Ohio, Iowa, Oregon, Washington and California.  Has 287 pages, illustrations, and extensive references and chapter notes.

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Sanford R. Wilbur and Sally H. Wilbur (2015)

E-book (PDF) Format only - Free computer download; $10.00 on CD-ROM

Records of 477 ancestors and descendants of Daniel Prince Crane (ca 1751-1815) of the State of New Jersey, U. S. A. Prominent names: Baldwin, Burpee, Crane, Evers, Hennion, Junkerman, Meeker, Schoonover, Smith, Ward and Wooldridge. Principal locations: New Jersey - Mobile, Alabama - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Cincinnati, Ohio - Great Lakes states - and California.  Has 263 pages, illustrations, and extensive references and chapter notes.

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AMBARIAN, S. L. 1997. A Bride's Touch: A Handbook of Wedding Personality and Inspiration. Gresham, OR: SYMBIOS. Paper. 359 pages. ISBN 0-9651263-1-5. $8.50.

  Not just a wedding planner, or a picture book of recent wedding fads, but a full-scale presentation of what it takes to make a wedding uniquely and memorably yours. Sara Ambarian is the ideal wedding consultant: she doesn't tell you what to do, she gives you all you need so you can do what you want to do. Complete with line drawings, projects, and useful appendices, it is a true wedding "handbook."
  To quote our own Symbios publicity, this is "the ultimate wedding handbook." Seriously, it is a well-written, well-organized comprehensive guide, rather than a fad wedding planner. 

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WILBUR, S. R. 1996. If God is God: A Novel. Gresham, OR: Symbios. Paper. 383 pages. ISBN 0-9651263-0-7. $3.50.

  Pastor Josh Felton decides to make some changes in his church, and unleases a storm that turns friend against friend, jeopardizes his marriage, and threatens his job. Find out what happens to one congregation when they look at church, family, war, abortion, personal relationships , and other topical subjects with this question in mind: What would Jesus do?


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