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We sell used books and journals related to the subjects covered on the CONDOR TALES website, and some of our other personal interests, and we offer them  on these pages.  Our selling philosophy: we like money, but are not necessarily out to make it from used book sales. We try to price our books competitively, and charge postage based on the size and weight of the individual books.


We are beginning the process of closing out our used book "store," and have reduced the prices of almost everything. We've removed the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, at least for awhile, because we don't have time right now to edit them all. If you want to buy something, send an e-mail with your wants, and we'll send an invoice with the costs. Then, if you want to buy, you can pay electronically through PayPal.

To the prices given, $4.50 should be added to cover mailing. If you are ordering two or more books that can be sent in the same package, we will reduce the shipping costs accordingly: e.g., if $4.50 still covers our handling costs, that's all we charge; if we can send 3 books for $5.00, that's what it will cost you. Note: these are based on U. S. Postal Service Media Mail rates (the old "book rate").  If you would like expedited service  (e.g., Priority Mail), let us know, and that's the quote we'll show in the invoice we send you. Sorry, we are only shipping inside the United States, now.

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NOTE: These books are either used or new but "shop worn." Every copy is "good" or better, but they show some degree of wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


NOTE: Journals are all in good shape, but may have some underlining or yellow highlighting on some pages. Tell us what you're interested in, and we'll send you an invoice.

THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST. Incomplete run of 10 issues for 2000-2002. $25.00. We will sell individual issues for $2.50.
One of the best "professional" genealogical journals, with much original research. Strong emphasis on Eastern Seaboard states and British-European roots.

BULLETIN OF THE GENEALOGICAL FORUM OF OREGON. Incomplete run, about 40 issues between 1995 and 2005. $10.00.
This is the quarterly of the GFO, and has book lists, queries, book reviews, cemetery lists, bible records, and various family articles. Good source of Oregon information.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society issues this magazine five times each year, and it has become a very significant and useful publication. Every issue has two or more major research stories or genealogical aids, plus many regular columns on history and genealogy. A few recent titles: A guide to genealogical research in Vermont; A focus on Germans in New England; Slavery and two New England families; A genealogical perspective on the Salem witch trials. We have most issues from 2000 to date; enquire if you are looking for something in particular. Individual issues are $2.00; full years (5 issues) are $10.00.

This is the best journal for high quality genealogical reporting, predominantly on early New England. We have most issues from 1995 to date; please inquire if you are looking for something in particular. Individual issues are $2.50; full years (four issues) are $10.00.

NEXUS [New England Historic Genealogical Society] - Incomplete run of 21 issues between April 1995 and Dec 1999. $5.00.
This was the predecessor of "New England Ancestors," the current bi-monthly publication of NEHGS. Each issue has a special article or two, plus the regular "Notable Kin" features, and a good queries section.

OREGON HISTORICAL QUARTERLY - Volume 6, Number 2, June 1905. $10.00.
Contents include: Origin of Pacific University; The Political Beginnings of Washington Territory; Dr. John Scouler's Journal of a voyage to N. W. America [1824-25-26]; David Douglas' journal of his 1827 trip from Fort Vancouver to Hudson's Bay. Our copy is solidly bound, with no extraneous markings.

OREGON HISTORICAL QUARTERLY - Volume 29, Number 3, September 1928. $8.50.
Contents include: Historical review of Champoeg, Oregon; The Oregonian newspaper in Oregon history; The letters of Roselle Putnam (Douglas County, Oregon); journal of Capt. John Cook's approach to Oregon; journal of John Meares' approach to Oregon; The Log of the Lausanne. The front cover of our copy is torn along the spine and has some discoloration from water; otherwise, it is clean and solidly bound.

OREGON HISTORICAL QUARTERLY - Miscellaneous. Thirty-five issues, incomplete run 1994-2003. $55.00 (ask for mailing costs).
The scholarly journal of the Oregon Historical Society. Longer articles on many aspects of Oregon and Pacific Northwest history, fully referenced and indexed. NOTE: We will sell these as individual years or issues, also. If you have a particular need, let us know. Individual issues are $3.00.

THE REPORT [Ohio Genealogical Society]. Volume 35 (1995) - all four quarterly issues, plus 11 of the 12 monthly newsletters (No. 4 missing). $5.00. Another "good" state quarterly, with all the usual type articles.



BUTRILLE, S. G. 1993. Women's Voices for the Oregon Trail. Boise, ID: Tamarack Books. Paper. 251 pages. ISBN 0-9634839-0-0. $5.00.
In our opinion, nowhere near as good a "women's perspective" as some others of the genre, but good light reading. The latter part of the book is "a guide to women's history along the "Trail," in which the author compares historic sites and famous places along the trail with journal entries. Our copy of the book is very good.

FANSELOW, J. 1992. The Traveler's Guide to the Oregon Trail. Helena, Mt: Falcon Press. Paper. 196 pages. ISBN 1-56044-192-5. $3.50. 

A what to see, where to stay, where to eat directory to the Oregon Trail. Some interesting information; not as useful as some guidebooks. Our copy is good; only minor blemishes to the covers.

PERKINS, E. D., and T. D.CLARK (editor). 1967. Gold rush diary, being the journal of Elisha Douglass Perkins on the Overland Trail in the spring and summer of 1849. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 206 pages. LOC Number 66-26690. $20.00.
This is a very informative overland trail-Gold Rush journal, illustrated with nice line drawings. Our copy is overall very good, but is ex-library and has a number of inside cover defacements. It includes illustrations, maps, portraits, a bibliography, and an index.


BEAL, C. M., and R. A. BEAL. 2003. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: The Early Years--Never a Dull Moment. Austin, TX: Pacific Group. Trade paperback. 261 pages. ISBN 0-9629974-2-0. $7.00.
A very readable history of the development of the Santa Cruz, California, Boardwalk area, including considerable information on the principal families involved. It contains photos, a bibliography and an index. Our copy has a few nicks on the cover, but is very clean and well-bound.

CASEY, B. 1976. Padres and people of old Mission San Antonio. King City, California: Casey Newspapers. Trade paperback. 140 pages. $4.50. Very good history of southern Monterey County, California. Lots of footnotes and old photos. Like a lot of locally published histories, it suffers from lack of an index, but is well worth wading through. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

DURHAM, D. L. 2000. Place-names of California's North Coast. Clovis, CA: Word Dancer Press. Trade paper. 336 pages. ISBN 1-884995-26-8. $7.00. Latitudes, longitudes, and lots and lots of history. Great for history buffs in Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino and Trinity counties. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

POESCH, J. 1961. Titian Ramsay Peale and his journals of the Wilkes Expedition 1799-1885. Philadelphia, PA: American Philosophical Society. Hardbound, dust jacket, 214 pages. $15.00.
This is a general biography of Titian Peale, as well as presentation of existing parts of his journals covering his travels in the South Pacific, Oregon, California, and South America. Our copy is clean and tightly bound. The dust jacket is frayed, and in one place has been mended with Scotch tape.

RAYCRAFT, S. and A. K. BECKETT. 2006. Images of America, San Antonio Valley. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing. Trade paper. ISBN 0-7385-4668-2. 128 pages. $7.50. Like others in the "Images of America" series, this is mainly a book of historic photos of southern Monterey County, California. The picture captions and the chapter openers include quite a bit of history. There is no index, but a good bibliography. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

SPENCER-HANCOCK, D. 1980. Fort Ross: Indians, Russians, Americans. Jenner, CA: Fort Ross Interpretive Association. Paper, 43 pages. $3.00.

Succinct but informative review of the history of the Fort Ross area of northern California, with lots of historical photographs. Our copy is unmarked and in generally good shape.                                              

STILLMAN, J. D. B. 1967. The Gold Rush letters of J. D. B. Stillman. Palo Alto, CA: Lewis Osborne. Hardbound, dust jacket, 75 pages. $7.50.

Very entertaining journal of 1849-1850 in California's Sacramento Valley and Delta areas. Our copy is very clean and solidly bound; the dust jacket (plain paper, no design) is frayed on the edges.



CLARK, M. (editor). 1975. Pharisee among Philistines: The diary of Judge Matthew P. Deady. Portland: Oregon Historical Society. Two volumes. Paper. 662 pages. $9.00. Lots of names, places, and events of early Oregon, chronicled by a well known judge. Our copies are in nearly new condition.

HEIDER, D. and D. DIETZ. 1995. Legislative perspectives, a 150-year history of the Oregon Legislatures from 1843 to 1993. Portland, OR: Oregon Historical Society Press. ISBN 0-08-759525-7. Paper, 227 pages. $3.50.
Good summary of how Oregon was governed as territory and state, followed by highlights from each of the legislative sessions over 150 years. The cover of our copy shows light wear; otherwise, it is clean and solidly bound.

LENZEN, C. Oregon guide to genealogical resources. Portland: Genealogical Forum of Oregon. Paper. 377 pages. $2.00.
Lots of good information on where to find genealogical records in Oregon. Our copy shows general wear, but is clean and solidly bound.

LOMAX, A. L. 1941. Pioneer woolen mills in Oregon: History of wool and woolen textile industry in Oregon, 1811-1875. Portland, OR: Binfords & Mort, Publishers. Hard bound, no dust jacket, 312 pages. $20.00.
Tracing the wool industry in Oregon from the first introduction of sheep in the Pacific Northwest into the late 19th Century. Lots of quotes and good early source material. Our copy is clean and solidly bound.

NESHEIM, M. 1976. One hundred twenty-three year's search for community. The unwearied effort for public education in Jackson County, Oregon 1854-1976. Paper, privately published, 220 pages. $2.50.
Good historical information on southern Oregon, including the growth of education in the area. Ours is an ex-library copy, with all the usual associated blemishes, and one section of pages is coming unglued from the spine (but is still partially attached). A nice enough copy for reading.

WHEELER, L. M. (editor). History of Linn County, Oregon. Compiled by Workers Writer's Program, Works Project Administration. Paperback, side stapled. 128 pages. $5.50. This a retyped, but unabridged copy of the WPA history compiled in the 1930s. It has an excellent bibliography, and is indexed in several different fashions. Our copy is spotless and well bound.


BLACKBURN, T. 1963. A manuscript account of the Ventureño Chumash. University of California, Los Angeles - Archeological Ssurvey Annual Report 5:139-158. Paper, staple bound. $3.00.
This is a facsimile reprint by Coyote Press. There isn't much firsthand information on the Chumash, and this includes the Candalaria account from ca 1913, from an informant born in the late 1830s. Our copy is in essentially new condition.

GIFFORD, E. W. 1965. The Coast Yuki. Salinas, CA: Coyote Press. Paper. 97 pages. $3.50.
This is a facsimile reprint of Sacramento Anthropological Society Publication No. 2. Our copy is clean and well-bound.

HEIZER, E. W., et al (editors). 1960. Anthropological Records, Volume XIV. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Hardcover (library binding, no dust jacket issued). 418 pages. $8.00.
Included are papers on the Quileute, Atsugewi, Kwakiutl, Miwok and Washo. This is a former library volume, and has the usual inside cover defacements, but well-bound and clean.

HEIZER, R. F., and A. B. ELSASSER. 1980. The Natural World of the California Indians. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Trade paper. 271 pages. ISBN 0-520-03896-7. $1.50.
One of the California Natural History Guide Series, concise for the general reader, but replete with photos, line drawings, a bibliography and index. Our copy shows average shelf wear, but is clean and well-bound.

KARSON, J. (Editor). 2006. Wiyaxayxt / Wiyaakaaawn / As Days Go by: Our History, Our Land, Our Peoplethe Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla. Portland, OR: Oregon Historical Society Press. Trade paperback. 263 p. ISBN 0-295-98623-9. $7.00.
Overall coverage of Indian life in the mid-Columbia River area, past and present. It contains illustrations and an index. Our copy is in nearly new condition. 

LUTHIN, H. W (Editor). Surviving Through the Days: Translations of Native California Stories and Songs; A California Indian Reader. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Trade paper. 630 pages. ISBN 0-520-22270-9. $5.00. Back cover description: an "anthology of treasures from the oral literature of Native California." The book contains illustrations, maps, bibliography, and an index. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

MERRIAM, C H.(Editor). 1993. The Dawn of the World: Myths and Tales of the Miwok Indians of California. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. Trade paper. 273 pages. ISBN 0-8032-8193-5. $3.00.
This is a reprint of the 1910 edition, complete with illustrations, bibliography, and index. Merriam is a good story teller. Our copy has some obvious shelf wear to the cover, but is overall very nice.

PATEREK, Josephine. 1994. Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company. Trade paper. 536 pages. ISBN 0-393-31382-4. $6.00.
A review of Indian costumes from throughout North America, profusely illustrated and with good reference lists. Ours is a former library book, but has a minimum of stamps and labels, and is overall very nice.



ELLIS, J. J. 2002. After the Revolution: Profiles of Early American Culture. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company. Trade paperback. 256 pages. ISBN 0-393-32233-5. $3.00.
Very readable biographies of some of the personalities who helped shape the United States in the early years after the Revolution, including Charles Willson Peale, Hugh Henry Brackenridge, William Dunlap, and Noah Webster.Our copy looks nearly new, and contains illustrations, chapter notes and index.

KENDRICK, J. 2003. Alejandro Malaspina: Portrait of a Visionary. Seattle: University of Washington Press. Trade paperback. 200 pages. ISBN 0-7735-2652-8. $5.00.
One of the lesser known explorers of the Pacific Coast in the late 1700s, perhaps better known for his later political troubles in Europe that landed him in jail and kept much of his travel information suppressed. Our copy is in nearly new condition, no obvious blemishes. It includes illustrations, an index, and a bibliography.

SCHULTZ, E.B., and M.J. TOUGIAS. 1999. King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict. Woodstock, VT: The Countryman Press. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 416 pages. ISBN 0-88150-434-3. $15.00. This book documents the 1675-1676 conflict between the Wampanoag Tribe and English settlers in Massachusetts. Before the war's completion, it had involved most of New England. The authors make a careful analysis of the conflict, and also describe the setting in great detail [including landmarks that are still evident]. Our copy is in "new" condition.

WILKINS, THURMAN. 1988. Clarence King: A Biography. Revised and enlarged edition. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press. Trade paperback. ISBN 0-8263-1085-0. 524 pages. $9.00.
Clarence King was leader of the early topographic and geological surveys of western North America, climbed mountains not previously visited, had mining interests in the U. S. and Mexico, and served as first Director of the U. S. Geological Survey. This is a good read and a great biography. Our copy has a slightly scuffed cover,with a little curl on the edges, but is overall very nice. The book includes illustrations, an index, and a bibliography.



CHALMERS-HUNT, J. M. (compiler). 1976. Natural history auctions, 1700-1972: a register of sales in the British Isles. London: Sotheby Parke Bernet. Hard cover. 189 pages. ISBN 0-85667-021-9. $25.00.
A unique look at the selling of natural history memorabilia over the years. Our copy is very good in very good dust jacket. Spotless; one minor tear on back side of dustjacket. Included are bibliographical references and a good index.

STROUD, Patricia T. 2000. The Emperor of Nature: Charles-Luciene Bonaparte & His World. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Hardcover, with dust jacket. 371 pages. ISBN 0-8122-3546-0. $8.00.
Charles Bonaparte, a relative but not a descendent of the famed Napoleon, was an avid naturalist who visited the United States in the 1820s, and was an early leader in American ornithology. This is first biography written of him, and is full of natural history and European history and politics. A very entertaining book. Ours is a former library book, but there are only three small library stamps on the book, and none of the usual defacements. It is clean and well-bound, and includes illustrations, chapter notes, bibliography and index.


LIND, M. 1989. Immigration, migration and settlement in the United States, a genealogical guidebook. Cloquet, MN: The Linden Tree. ISBN 0-937463-08-6. Paper, spiral bound, 149 pages. $3.00.
Uneven but very useful presentation on information how and when folks arrived in America, how they dispersed, what factors influenced them, etc. Many maps, and a good bibliography. Our copy is clean and as well bound as a spiral-bound publication can be.

PARKER, J. C. 1996. Going to Salt Lake City to do Family History Research. Third Edition [Revised & Expanded]. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Company. Paper. 262 pages. ISBN 0-934153-14-0. $1.50.
Still useful guide on how to find and use all the different types of resources available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, but there are newer books that are more current. Our copy is slightly warped at the edges, but the copy is very clean and the binding is firm.

SCHWEITZER, G. K. 1996. Civil War genealogy. Knoxville, TN: Privately published. Paper. 117 pages. ISBN 0-913857-00-9. $3.00.
Like Schweitzer's state genealogy reviews, this is an excellent compilation of many records and repositories useful for researching Civil War ancestors (and history, in general). Our copy has some minor cover blemishes; otherwise, it is very good.



ANDERSON, R. C. 1998. Great Migration Newsletter, Volumes 1 through 5 (1990-1994). Boston, MA: The New England Historic Genealogical Society. Hardbound. 173 pages. ISBN 0-88082-083-7. $3.50.
This is a bound volume of the first five years of The Great Migration Newsletter, the companion periodical to NEHGS' Great Migration" series of books on early New England. A wealth of information on the founding of New England towns, local personalities, and information on genealogical resources. Our copy is in very good condition, with no significant scuffs or defects.

SANBORN, M. L. 1991. Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company. Hardcover, dust jacket not issued. 79 pages. ISBN 0-8063-1306-4. $6.50.
Our copy is in near mint condition.

SANBORN, M. L.. 1995. Second Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company .Hard cover, no dust jacket as issued. 106 p. ISBN 0-8063-1476. $6.50.
Our copy is in near mint condition.

SPEAR, B. W. 1992-1997. Search for the passengers of the "Mary and John" 1630. Toledo, Ohio: The Mary & John Clearing House. 

If you have ancestors who came to America around 1630, you will probably find something useful in these volumes. They are not easy to use, because they contain a hodgepodge of information, some carefully put together but some just bits and pieces from various sources. However, they have info not readily available anywhere else. All three of our copies are in nearly new condition.

*Volume 19, West Country Ancestries, 1620-1643, Part 3 (1993). Trade paperback. 177 pages. ISBN 0-941273-19-9. $7.50.

*Volume 26, New Ancestral Discoveries, Part 2 (1997). Trade paperback. 109 pages. $7.50.


SPERRY, K. 1980. Connecticut sources for family historians and genealogists. Logan, Utah: Everton Publishers. Paper. 112 pages. $1.50.
A very good summary of what kinds of genealogical records are available for Connecticut, and where. Included are maps and a historical chronology of the State. Our copy has a little bit of yellow highlighting, but is otherwise clean and sound.



SCHWEITZER, G. K. 1993. Pennsylvania genealogical research. Knoxville, TN: Privately published. Paper. 201 pages. ISBN 0-913857-09-2. $3.00. One in the series of Dr. Schweitzer's very useful state genealogy guides. Very detailed on the types of records available, and where to find them. Some of the addresses are undoubtedly outdated, but locations and types of references available are still valid. Cover is worn and there are a few pencil markings in the text. Binding is good.

SCHWEITZER, G. K. 1995. New York genealogical research. Knoxville, TN: Privately published. Paper. 250 pages. ISBN 0-913857-11-4. $3.00.
One in the series of Dr. Schweitzer's very useful state genealogy guides. Very detailed on the types of records available, and where to find them. Our copy has light wear, but is clean and solidly bound.



SCHWEITZER, G. K. 1996. North Carolina genealogical research. Knoxville, TN: Privately published. Paper. 193 pages. ISBN 0-913857-03-05. $3.00. One in the series of Dr. Schweitzer's very useful state genealogy guides. Very detailed on the types of records available, and where to find them. Our copy is in nearly new condition.



SNEDDEN, H. E. 1994. Hawkeye Heritage Topical Index, 1966-1993. Des Moines: Iowa Genealogical Society. Paper. About 90 pages. $1.50.
This is an index to the first 28 volumes of "Hawkeye Heritage," the quarterly of the Iowa Genealogical Society. It is divided into six individual indices for easier use: county records, misc. research and records, research articles, bible records, information on iowa centenarians, and information on the Iowa Genealogical Society. obviously not new, but still well bound and no markings on any of the pages.


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