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We sell used books and journals related to the subjects covered on the CONDOR TALES website, and some of our other personal interests, and we offer them  on these pages.  Our selling philosophy: we like money, but are not necessarily out to make it from used book sales. We try to price our books competitively, and charge postage based on the size and weight of the individual books.


We are beginning the process of closing out our used book "store," and have reduced the prices of almost everything. We've removed the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, at least for awhile, because we don't have time right now to edit them all. If you want to buy something, send an e-mail with your wants, and we'll send an invoice with the costs. Then, if you want to buy, you can pay electronically through PayPal.

To the prices given, $4.50 should be added to cover mailing. If you are ordering two or more books that can be sent in the same package, we will reduce the shipping costs accordingly: e.g., if $4.50 still covers our handling costs, that's all we charge; if we can send 3 books for $5.00, that's what it will cost you. Note: these are based on U. S. Postal Service Media Mail rates (the old "book rate").  If you would like expedited service  (e.g., Priority Mail), let us know, and that's the quote we'll show in the invoice we send you. Sorry, we are only shipping inside the United States, now.

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NOTE: These books are either used or new but "shop worn." Every copy is "good" or better, but they show some degree of wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


gBOONE, P. 1970. A new son. Carol Stream, IL: Creation House. LOC number 75-13141. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 192 pages. $0.50.

   The Christian testimony of (a then much younger) singer Pat Boone. The dust jacket on our copy is faded and slightly scuffed, but intact. The book itself has a couple of previous ownership marks inside the front cover, but is very clean and well bound.

BUNYAN, J. 1966. The Pilgrim's progress. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House. Paper, 256 pages. $1.00.
An unabridged reprint of the Bunyan classic. Our copy has some cover wear, but is clean and well bound.

CALEY, K. Y.. 2002. The House Where the Hardest Things Happened: A Memoir about Belonging. New York, NY: Doubleday Books . Hard cover, with dust jacket. 160 pages. ISBN 0-385-50298-2. $i.00.
Inspirational. Essentially new condition.

CAMPOLO, T. 1992. How to Rescue the Earth without Worshipping Nature: A Christian's Call to Save Creation. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 213 pages. ISBN 0-8407-7772-8. $1.50.
In very readable fashion, the well-known Christian author and speaker seeks to persuade us that our faith should make us more concerned about our earthly environment, not less. The copy is very nice overall, but there are a few under linings [pencil only] in the text.

CAMPOLO, T. 2004. Speaking my mind. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group. ISBN 0-8499-1817-0. Hardbound, dust jacket, 240 pages. $1.00.
The well-known pastor and sociologist gives his own views on a lot of religious topics. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

CAROTHERS, M. R. 1972. Answers to praise. Plainfield, NJ: Logos International. Paper, 169 pages.
---1979. Victory on Praise Mountain. Plainfield, NJ: Logos International. Paper, 175 pages. Both for $1.00.
Inspirational writing by an ex-military chaplain and pastor. Both of our copies are in average shape for older paperbacks, clean and still well bound.

CROUCH, A., AND N. BALL. 1974. Through it all. Waco, TX: Word Books. Library of Congress catalog number 74-82311. Paper, 148 pages. $0.50.

   A popular '70s singer gives his personal Christian testimony. Our copy is clean and solidly bound, but clearly "used."

GIRZONE, J. F. 1990. The shepherd, a novel. New York, NY: Collier Books. ISBN 0-02-019908-2. Paper, 246 pages. $1.00.
Girzone's novels, focusing on the teachings of Jesus, are well written and a wonderful relief from the majority of modern "christian" novels, which focus on demons, destruction, hate, and retribution. Our copy is in very good condition.

HENRY, P. 1999. The Ironic Christian's Companion: Finding the Marks of God's Grace in the World. New York: Riverhead Books. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 273 pages. ISBN 1-57322-107-4. $2.00.
This is a fun book if you're not afraid to be a little challenged about what you believe. I especially liked his essay on "little brown jobs" [those birds that even the avid bird-watcher cannot identify]. The author suggests that some of those "religious" beliefs we hold so avidly may not be all that positively identifiable, either. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

HILL, HAROLD. 1974. How to live like a king's kid. Plainfield, NJ: Logos International. ISBN 0-88270-083-9. Paper, 213 pages. $0.50.
Harold Hill believes that, if you are a child of God, you should be living the part. This is a fun look at the better aspects of christianity. Our copy is in about average condition for a well-used paperback.

MILLER, D. 2004. Searching for God knows what. Nashville, TN: Nelson Books. ISBN 0-7852-6371-3. Paper, 246 pages. $1.00.
Miller's book is a blend of personal testimony and commentary, with lots of application of spirituality to everyday life. Our copy is in very good condition.

MILLER, K. 1965. The taste of new wine. Waco, TX: Word Books. Hardbound, dust jacket, 116 pages. $1.00.
In my opinion, one of the most honest (and fun) testimonies of personal faith ever put in print. The dust jacket is a little worn, but overall this copy is in very good shape.

MILLER, K. 1967. A second touch. Waco, TX: Word Books. Hardbound, dust jacket, 156 pages. $1.00.
I don't think Keith Miller's second book was anywhere near as exciting as "Taste of New Wine," but it's still very good. Our copy has some obvious wear, but is very clean and well bound.

RICHARDS, L. O. 1970. A New Face for the Church. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 288 pages. $1.50.
Still one of the classics about why we go to church, and if we are making the most of it. Lots of good ideas and food for thought. On our copy, the dust jacket is worn in places, but the book itself is still very good.

SCHULLER, K. 2002. Except for these chains, the trials and triumphs of Paul of Tarsus. Sussex, WI: Wolfendale Press. ISBN 1-931413-70-3. Paper, 227 pages. $0.50.
A novel about the life and ministry of the apostle Paul. Pretty good. Our copy is clean and well bound.

WALLIS, J. 2005. God's politics: why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn't get it. San Francisco, CA: Harper San Francisco. ISBN 0-06-055828-8. Hardbound, dust jacket, 384 pages. $1.00.
One religious voice addressing the issue of the current mixing of politics and religion. Our copy is in very good condition.

WIRT, S. E. 1969. Passport to Life City, a modern Pilgrim's Progress. New York, NY: Harper & Row. Hardbound, dustjacket, 207 pages. $1.00.
An attempt to present a contemporary version of Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress." As is often the case with allegories, I didn't always get what the author was aiming at, but still an interesting book. The dust jacket has some wear but, considering the age of the book, it is in very nice condition.

YANCEY, P. 1995. The Jesus I Never Knew. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 288 pages. ISBN 0-310-38570-9. $1.50.
A very easy to read, very thoughtful look at who Jesus was, and what he did. Voted "1996 Gold Medallion Christian Book of the Year." Our copy is in nearly new condition.


Most political books - even the very best of them - have a pretty short life, as far as either interest in them or their relevance is concerned. We have quite a few, which we offer pretty cheap. If you know the authors, or like the subject matter, you may find some interesting.

BROCK, D. 2003. Blinded by the Right, the conscience of an ex-conservative. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press. ISBN 1-4000-4728-5. Paper, 378 pages. $0.50.

   David Brock's personal account on why he left the Conservatives for a more progressive politics. Our copy is very good, without any obvious blemishes.


BROCK, D. 2004. The Republican noise machine: right-wing media and how it corrupts democracy. New York, NY: Crown Publishers. ISBN 1-4000-4875-3. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 420 pages. $0.50.

   A former conservative Republican, with his take on the media and politics. Our copy is spotless.


CARTER, J. 2006. Palestine, Peace not Apartheid. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster. ISBN ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-8502-13. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 264 pages. $1.00.

  Jimmy Carter was criticized for his criticisms of Israel's resistance to meaningful peace with Palestine. A very thoughtful book. Our copy is nearly new.


CLARKE, R. A. 2004. Against all enemies, inside America's war on terror. New York, NY: Free Press. ISBN 0-7432-6024-4. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 304 pages. $1.00.

   Richard Clarke, who served under Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush Sr. in various military and security assignments, with an early take on America's response to terrorism. Our copy is good, but there are a number of blemishes to the dust jacket and back pages.

CLINTON, B. and A. GORE. 1992. Putting people first. How we can all change America. New York, NY: Times Books. ISBN 0-8129-2193-3. Paper, 232 pages. $0.50.
The political platform of the Clinton-Gore run for the U. S. Presidency. Our copy is tightly bound and clean, but the cover has some scuffs and wrinkles.

CONASON, J. 2004. Big lies. The right-wing propaganda machine and how it distorts the truth. New York, NY: Thomas Dunne Books. ISBN 0-312-31561-9. Paperback, 255 pages. $0.50.

   Good writer, standard political commentary. The cover of our copy has slight dog-ears; otherwise, very nice.


CONASON, J. 2007. It can happen here. Authoritarian peril in the Age of Bush. New York, NY: Thomas Dunne Books. ISBN 0-312-35605-6. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 238 pages. $0.50.

   Overlooking the partisan subtitle, this is a book worth reading by anyone. Joe Conason compares today's American situation with the fictional United States of the 1933 Sinclair Lewis novel, "It Can't Happen Here." Our copy is in nearly-new condition.


DEAN, J. W. 2007. Broken government: how Republican rule destroyed the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. New York, NY: Penguin Group. ISBN 978-0-670-01820-8. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 334 pages. $1.00.

   Another (pretty good) take on what's wrong with American politics and government. Our copy still looks new.


DOWD, M. 2004. BushWorld: enter at your own risk. New York, NY: Berkeley Books. ISBN 0-425-20276-3. Paper, 540 pages. $0.50.

   A collection of Maureen Dowd essays, some not previously published. Our copy is clean, tightly bound, with only a few minor scratches on the cover.


FRANK, T. 2005. What's the matter with Kansas? How Conservatives won the heart of America. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0-8050-7774-X. Paper, 322 pages. $0.50.

   The author's attempt to show how Conservative politics came to dominate the American heartland. The cover of our copy shows some general wear, but the book is clean and solidly-constructed.


FRANKEN, A. 2003. Lies and the lying liars who tell them, a fair and balanced look at the Right. New York, NY: The Penguin Group. ISBN 0-525-94764-7. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 377 pages. $1..00.

   Political comedian (later, U. S. Senator) Al Franken with often funny, often biting satire. Our copy is very good; a few pages front and back stick slightly, like they might have had some contact with water.


FRANKEN, A. 2005. The truth (with jokes). New York, NY: The Penguin Group. ISBN 0-525-94906-2. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 336 pages. $1.00.

  Al Franken's satirical take on the politics of the time. The book is clean and well-bound; the dust jacket is intact, but has a few mars and creases.


GORE, A. 2007. The assault on reason. New York, NY: Penguin Press. ISBN 978-1-59420-122-6. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 308 pages. $1.00.

   Al Gore's well-reasoned and well-presented look at the U.S. from his perspective. Our copy appears new.


HARTMANN, T. 2004. What would Jefferson do? A return to democracy. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press. ISBN 1-4000-5209-2. Paper, 284 pages. $0.50.

   An attempt to compare the beliefs and actions of Thomas Jefferson to current American politics. Our copy is clearly "used," but very clean and tightly bound.


HEDGES, C. 2006. Christian fascists, the Christian Right and the war on America. New York, NY: Free Press. ISBN 978-0-7432-8443-1. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 254 pages. $1.00.

   Overlooking the inflammatory title, this book does have some interesting things to consider regarding the influences of religion on politics. Our copy is like new.

ISIKOFF, M., and D. Corn. 2006. Hubris: the inside story of spin, scandal, and the selling of the Iraq War. New York, NY: Crown Publishers. ISBN-10: 0-307-34681-1. Hardbound, dust jack, 463 pages. $1.00.

   The sub-title says it all. Our copy has a very minor scuff on the dust jacket; otherwise, in mint condition.


IVINS, M. 2004. Who let the dogs in? Incredible political animals I have known. New York, NY: Random House. ISBN 1-4000-6285-3. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 356 pages. $0.50.

   Satirical essays on a number of politicians and political situations. Our copy has very slight mars to the dust jacket; otherwise, excellent.


IVINS, M., and L. Dubose. 2005. Bushwhacked, life in George W. Bush's America. New York, NY: Random House. ISBN 0-375-50752-3. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 347 pages. $0.75.

   Ivins and Dubose aim more political satire at their favorite target. Our copy appears now.


IVINS, M. and L. DuBOSE. 2002. Shrub, the short but happy political life of George W. Bush. New York, NY: Vintage Books. ISBN 0-375-75714-7. Paper, 197 pages. $0.50.

Entertaining (if you are on the proper side, politically) view of former president Bush II. Our copy is nearly new.

JOHNSON, D. L. and V. MERIANS (editors). 2004. What we do now. Hoboken, NJ: Melville House Publishing. ISBN 0976140764. Paper, 202 pages. $0.50. Multi-author book of essays on political strategy, democracy, religion, etc., some very thought-provoking. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

KRUGMAN, P. 2005. The great unraveling, losing our way in the new century. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 0-393-05850-6. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 426 pages. $1.00.

   Whatever your political leanings, this review of what the United States looks like - and faces - in the early 21st century is worth reading. Our copy is very good.


MANN, T. E., and N. J. ORNSTEIN. 2012. It's even worse than it looks. How the American constitutional system collided with the new politics of extremism. New York, NY: Basic Books. ISBN 978-0-465-03133-7. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 226 pages. $0.75.

  Two well-known political pundits take on recent American politics. Our copy is very good.


MILLER, M. C. 2005. Fooled again, how the Right stole the 2004 election & why they'll steal the next one too (unless we stop them). New York, NY: Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-04579-0. Hardcover, with dust jacket, 364 pages. $0.50.

   Old news, now, but an interesting re-hash of the 2004 Presidential election. From the title, you can guess the perspective. The dust jacket of our copy has some mars and stains, but otherwise very nice.

PHILLIPS, K. 2006. American theocracy: the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st Century. New York, NY: Viking Press. ISBN 0-670-03486-X. Hardbound, with dust jacket, 461 pages. $1.50.

   Former Republican strategist Kevin Phillips, in what I consider one of the fairest and most reasoned discussions of the factors influencing today's politics. Our copy is nearly new.

SINGER, P. 2004. The President of good and evil, questioning the ethics of George W. Bush. New York, NY: Plume Books. ISBN 0-452-28622-0. Paper, 280 pages. $0.50. A professor of "bioethics" takes on President Bush II, and the influence of his religion and values on his decision making. Our copy is in nearly new condition.

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