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NOTE: These books are either used, or new but "shop worn." Every copy is "good" or better, but they show some degree of wear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



THE AUK (Journal of the American Ornithologists' Union) - miscellaneous individual issues, all in good to very good condition. $3.00 each.

Volume 113, Number 3 (July 1996). 
Volume 116: Number 2 (April 1999), Number 3 (July 1999), Number 4 (October 1999). 
Volume 122: Number 2 (April 2005), Number 3 (July 2005), Number 4 (October 2005)
. Volume 123, Number 1 (January 2006).

NORTHWESTERN NATURALIST (Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology) - individual numbers 2008-2010, all in good condition. $2.00 each. Ask us what is available.



BAGG, A. C., and S.A. ELIOT, Jr. 1937. Birds of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts. Northampton, MA: The Hampshire Bookshop. Hardbound, no dust jacket [may not have had one, originally]. 813 pages. $75.00. 

   One of the early New England ornithological "classics." Our copy has various outside blemishes, but the binding is very good, and the text is almost spotless.

BARROW, M. V., Jr. 1998. A passion for birds. American ornithology after Audubon. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Trade paper. 326 pages. ISBN 0-691-04402-3. $5.00.

   Entertaining and authoritative telling of the history of all things ornithological. Lots of literature citations. Our copy is very good.


BEISSINGER, S. R., et al. 2006. Modeling approaches in avian conservation and the role of field biologists. American Ornithologists' Union, Ornithological Monograph No. 59. 56 pages, paper. ISBN 0-943610-66-4. $2.50. 

   A review of ecological models, and discussion of their role in decision-making. Our copy is very good.


BENT, A. C. 1962. Life Histories of North American Wild Fowl. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. Two Volumes, Paper. 558 pages of text total. $10.00.

   These are Dover's unaltered reproductions of Bent's original works, first published by the Smithsonian in 1923 and 1925. The bindings are very good, but both volumes have stains and mars.


BERNER, M., B. GRUMMER, R. LEONG and M. RIPPEY. 2003. Breeding birds of Napa County, California. Vallejo, CA: Napa-Solano Audubon Society. ISBN 0-615-12290-6. Paper, 199 pages. $10.00.

   A very well done, very nicely illustrated breeding bird survey of Napa County, California, following more or less what has become the "standard" breeding bird atlas format. Our copy is in nearly new condition.


BLAKE, E. R. 1953. Birds of Mexico. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Hardbound [dust jacket missing]. 644 pages. $7.00. 

   There are newer treatments of Mexican birds available, but "Blake" remains a useful reference. The binding on this copy is solid, and overall the condition is very good.


BROWN, L. 1971. African Birds of Prey: A Study of Africa's 89 Diurnal Raptors and 31 Owls. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 320 pages. First American Printing. $7.00.

    Still an excellent contribution from one of the world's best raptor researchers. Our copy is in very condition, with only a few internal blemishes. The dust jacket is slightly worn, but binding is excellent.


CARAS, R. 1970. Source of the thunder, the biography of a California condor. New York, New York: Popular Library. Mass market paperback. 160 pages. Library of Congress No. 70-121419. $1.00.

   Amazingly awful fiction about one of the last 16 condors - shot, poisoned, definitely on his last legs, but still seeking a mate so he can fulfill his mission to help keep the population going. Definitely a "must" to complete any collection of condor literature, as it has to be read to be believed. Our copy is well-used, and has a former owner's name inside, but is still solidly bound.


CLARK, W. S., and B. K. WHEELER. 1987. A Field Guide to Hawks, North America. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. Trade paper. 198 pages. ISBN 0-395-44112-9. $2.00.

   One of the Peterson Field Guide Series, with many drawings, photographs and maps. It includes a bibliography and index. Other than "NEW" stamped on the inside cover, our copy is very good.


DARLINGTON, D. 1987. In condor country. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. Hardbound, dust jacket, 242 pages. $1.00.

   One of the least accurate of a number of popular attempts to tell the California condor story. Not much to recommend it, unless you just need to complete your condor library. (And Roger Caras' fiction - above- is much more fun.) Our copy is in nearly new condition.


DAVISON, V. E. 1967. Attracting birds: from the Prairies to the Atlantic. New York: Thomas J. Crowell Company. Hard-bound, with dust jacket. 252 pages. $5.00. 

   This book was done by a Soil Conservation Service biologist who devoted much of his career to wildlife and their food plants. There are sections on bird feeding and bird houses, but the emphasis is on plantings to attract various birds. Still very useful. Our copy is worn with some internal stains.


DeGRAAF, R. M. and K. E. EVANS (compilers). 1979. Management of North Central and Northeastern forests for nongame birds. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, General Technical Report NC-51. Paper, 268 pages. $7.50.

   These are the published proceedings of a January 1979 workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are about 25 individual papers on various aspects of forest management for nongame birds. Our copy is obviously old, but solidly bound and without extraneous markings.


D'ELIA, J., and S. M. HAIG. 2013. California condors in the Pacific Northwest. Corvallis, Oregon: Oregon State University Press. Trade paper. 208 pages. ISBN 978-0-87071-700-0. $8.00.

   Good summary of what is known about California condors in the region north of where condors occurred in the last half of the Twentieth century. The authors' conclusions about why condors disappeared from the area are probably not correct. Our copy is in nearly new condition.


ELKINS, Kimball C. Undated. A Checklist of the birds of New Hampshire. Concord, NH: Audubon Society of New Hampshire. Paper. 32 pages. $1.50.

  A good checklist by month and locality of birds to be seen in New Hampshire. Also included are descriptions of the various sections of the State, and the birds to be expected in each. Ours is a very nice copy.


ELLISON, W. G. 1981. A guide to bird finding in Vermont. Woodstock, Vermont: Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Paper, 134 pages. $3.00.

   A good guide to both general considerations and specifics of birding in Vermont. It is over 25 years old now, but Vermont has not changed so much that descriptions and directions are no longer valid. Our copy has clearly been well used, but the binding is still good and there are no loose pages.


FARBER, Paul Lawrence. 1997. Discovering Birds: The Emergence of Ornithology as a Scientific Discipline. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press. Trade paper. 191 pages. ISBN 0-8018-5537-3. $5.00.

   From the book jacket: "Tracing the study of birds from 1760 to 1850," this is a workmanlike study, if not always light and breezy reading. It has illustrations, chapter notes, and an index. Our copy is in nearly new condition.


FINCH, D. M. and P. W. STANGEL (editors). 1993. Status and management of Neotropical migratory birds. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, General Technical Report RM-229. Paper, 422 pages. $7.00.

   These are the published proceedings of  a September 1992 conference at Estes Park, Colorado. About 55 individual papers included, on all aspects of Neotropical migrant management. Our copy is very lightly worn, with solid binding.


FOSS, C. R. 1994. Atlas of breeding birds in New Hampshire. Dover, NH: Audubon Society of New Hampshire. ISBN 0-7524-0102-5. Hardbound, dust jacket, 414 pages. $25.00.

   Above average state breeding bird atlas, well referenced (which some of them aren't). The dust jacket on our copy is a little worn; the book itself is clean and well bound.


GABRIELSON, I. N., and S. G. JEWETT. 1970. Birds of the Pacific Northwest. New York: Dover Publications. Paper. 650 pages. $6.50.

This is the unabridged Dover version of the 1940 "Birds of Oregon," originally published by Oregon State College. It is still a very useful reference for birds in the Northwest. The cover of our copy shows wear, and there is slight dog-earing on the first pages, but overall a good, sound copy.


GOLDISH, M. 2009. California condors, saved by captive breeding. New York, NY: Bearport Publishing. ISBN 13-978-1-59716-741-3. Hardbound, no dust jacket provided, 32 pages. $4.00.

   An up-to-date, very nicely illustrated children's book on the condor recovery program, more factual than a number of the recent "adult" condor books. Our copy is new.


GREENWAY, J. C., Jr. 1967. Extinct and vanishing birds of the World. New York, New York: Dover Publications. Trade paper. 520 pages. LOC No. 67-29307. $1.50.

   The Dover reprint of the original 1958 edition, and still a great reference. Our copy is ex-library and has a lot of stamps and defacements, but the book is solid and the copy is clean. A good reader copy.


GRINNELL, J. 1924. Bibliography of California Ornithology: Second Installment. Berkeley, CA: Cooper Ornithological Club. Pacific Coast Avifauna No. 16. Paper. 191 pages. $7.50.

   This is the second of three publications, listing and annotating virtually all of the early literature pertaining to California birds. They are indispensible for anyone studying the history of California ornithology. Our copy is "like new," but it has a sewn binding that would not stand up to heavy use.


GRINNELL, J. 1939. Bibliography of California Ornithology: Third Installment. Berkeley, CA: Cooper Ornithological Club. Pacific Coast Avifauna No. 26. Paper. 235 pages. $7.50. 

   This is the third of three publications, listing and annotating virtually all of the early literature pertaining to California birds. They are indispensible for anyone studying the history of California ornithology. Our copy is "like new," but it has a sewn binding that would not stand up to heavy use.


GRINNELL, J., and A. H. MILLER. 1944. The Distribution of the Birds of California. Berkeley, CA: Cooper Ornithological Club. Pacific Coast Avifauna No. 27. Hardbound. 608 pages. $8.50. 

   One of the "musts" for students of early California ornithology. Our copy shows many signs of age and wear, but is reasonably clean, has no marks in the text, and is still bound well.


GROSSMAN, M. L., and J. HAMLET. 1964. Birds of Prey of the World. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc. Hardbound, Dust Jacket Missing. 496 pages. $7.00. 

   One of the nice, early coffee-table books on birds of prey, with much useful information, as well. Our copy is in good overall condition [clean, with solid binding], but is missing the dust jacket and also a one-page color chart ["Paint chip" samples of colors used to describe plumage].


HAWAII AUDUBON SOCIETY. 1967. Hawaii's birds. 88 pages, paper. $2.00. 

   Color photos or paintings of both native and non-native Hawaiian birds, with brief descriptions of each. Not significant, but still a nice, useful pocket guide. Our copy is solidly bound and has no writing or underlining in it, but obviously has seen some field use.


HEINTZELMAN, D. S. 1979. A guide to hawk watching in North America. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press. Paper. 284 pages. ISBN 0-271-00212-3. $3.50. 

   Very good book for its time, but surpassed by a spate of more recent hawk watching books. The species descriptions, photographs, and site descriptions are still useful. Our copy looks like it had a hard life, but is solidly bound.


HENDERSON, C. L. 2007. Oology and Ralph's talking eggs. Bird conservation comes out of its shell. Austin: University of Texas Press. ISBN 978-0-292-71451-9. Hardbound, dust jacket, 177 pages. $6.50.

   A very attractive, but very superficial, introduction to the collection of birds' eggs, focused around the small collection of one individual in Iowa. Our copy is spotless, and in early new condition.


HOUSTON, D. 2001. Condors and Vultures. Stillwater, MN: Voyageur Press. ISBN 0-89658-523-9. Trade paper, 72 pages. $1.00.

    Nothing special, but a quick, authoritative review of the vultures of the world, with range maps and excellent color photographs. Ours is an ex-library copy, and has a number of stamps and defacements on the back cover. The innards of the book are very good.


JEWETT, S. G., W. P. TAYLOR, W. T. SHAW and J. W. ALDRICH. 1953.  Birds of Washington State. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 767 pages. LOC number 53-9177. $12.00.

   In the style of the old state bird books, with extensive descriptions, range maps, photos, and references. Our copy is very good. The only blemishes are a former owner's name on the inside cover, and a little fraying of the dust jacket edges.


KAUFMAN, K. 1990. A Field Guide to Advanced Birding. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Paper. 299 pages. ISBN 0-395-53376-7. $3.50. 

   One of the  entries in the "Peterson Field Guide" series. A little different approach, in that it has detailed instructions on what to look for when you see some of the harder-to-identify species. Our copy is a little shopworn, but in nearly new condition.


KERTELL, K., and A. SEEGERT. 1984. Bird-finding guide to Denali National Park. Alaska Natural History Association. Paper. 33 pages. ISBN 0-9602876-7-1. $1.50.

   Nice introduction to bird-finding in Denali Park, emphasizing the Park's more unique species. A check-list is included. Our copy is in very good condition.


KOFORD, C. B. 1966. The California condor. New York, New York: Dover Publications. Trade paper. 154 pages. LOC No. 66-19044. $10.00.

   This is the Dover reprint of Koford's original 1953 Audubon Research Report Number Four. A lot was learned about the history and status of condors after Koford's studies in the 1930s and 1940s, but no one has come close to improving on his behavioral work. Our copy is very good.


MACKENZIE, J. P. S. 1977. Birds in peril, a guide to the endangered birds of the United States and Canada. Toronto, Ontario: Pagurian Press. Paper. 192 pages. ISBN 0-525-03035-2. $3.00.

   Pretty accurate accounts of a variety of North American bird species, emphasizing efforts being made to preserve them. Beautiful line drawings and color plates by Terence Shortt. Our copy shows a little wear on the cover edges, but is overall very clean and well-bound.


McCLUNG, R. M. 1979. America's Endangered Birds, Programs and People Working to Save Them. New York, NY: William Morrow and Company. Hardbound with dust jacket. 160 pages. ISBN 0-688-22208-0. $2.50.

   A pretty good review of some of the endangered species management occurring in the 1970s - California condor, whooping crane, bald eagle, brown pelican, Kirtland's warbler, etc. The illustrations by George Founds are excellent. Our copy looks nearly new.


McELROY, T. P., Jr. 1973. The New Handbook for Attracting Birds. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Hardbound, dust jacket. 262 pages. $2.00. 

   There are more comprehensive books now, but this is still a very useful book covering all aspects of attracting birds - houses, feeding, plantings, etc. Our copy has a frayed dust jacket and a few internal blemishes, but the binding is very good.


MEARNS, B., and R. MEARNS. 1998. The Bird Collectors. Academic Press. Hardcover. 472 pages. ISBN 0-12-487440-1. $25.00.

   Detailed but easily readable narrative about the people who killed and the people who collected birds all over the world. It leans heavily toward the European collectors, but runs the gamut worldwide. Our copy is very good in a very good dust jacket. Although Ex-library, it is spotless except for library stamp on top paper edges, and library card holder inside rear cover.


MEE, A., and L. HALL (editors). 2007. California condors in the 21st Century. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington, D. C.: Nuttall Ornithological Club and American Ornithologists' Union. Trade paper. 279 pages. ISBN 978-0-943610-74-0. $15.00.

   Multi-author collection of information on condors since the last were taken into captivity in the 1980s, the only really significant publication, so far, on the "new population" of condors. Our copy is in new condition.


MILLER, A.H., I. I McMILLAN and E. McMILLAN. 1965. The current status and welfare of the California condor. New York, NY: National Audubon Society Research Report No. 6. Paper. 61 pages. $4.00. 

   Often quoted report from the early years of condor studies. more of a "political" document than science, it sheds light on the beginnings of some of the well-known condor recovery controversies. Our copy is solidly bound; there are some mars on the front cover.


MONSON, G., and A. R. PHILLIPS. 1981. Annotated checklist of the birds of Arizona. Second edition, revised and expanded. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press. 240 pages, paper. ISBN 0-8165-0753-8. $3.00.

Still very useful, pocket-sized description of Arizona birds. Our copy is a little shopworn, but solidly bound and clean.


PENDLETON, B. G. (editor). 1989. Proceedings of the Western Raptor Management Symposium and Workshop. National Wildlife Federation Scientific and Technical Series No. 12. Paper. 317 pages. ISBN 0-945051-02-6. $7.50.

   Multi-author proceedings of a conference held in Boise, Idaho, October 1987. Our copy is very clean and well-bound.


PETERSON, R. T. 1980. A Field Guide to the Birds East of the Rockies. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. Hardbound with dust jacket. 384 pages. ISBN 0-395-26621-1. $3.00.

   This was the first major revision of the classic Peterson eastern bird guide. There are newer versions, but this is a nearly spotless copy, and a much better size for carrying with you than most of the newer "field guides." It doesn't have some of the very newest nomenclature, but the "lumpers" and "splitters" will soon make the newer books obsolete, too!


PETTINGILL, O. S., Jr. 1977. A Guide to Bird Finding East of the Mississippi. New York: Oxford University Press. Hard-bound, with dust jacket. 689 pages. $3.00. 

   This is the second, much revised edition of what was the first serious "bird-finding" guide. It and its companion Western guide [below] are now seriously out-of-date, as far as localities described, but the introductions for each state are still very helpful. Our copy has miscellaneous grease and liquid spots on the jacket. The binding and innards are very good.


PETTINGILL, O. S., Jr. 1981. A Guide to Bird Finding West of the Mississippi. New York: Oxford University Press. Hard-bound, with dust jacket. 783 pages. $3.00.

This is the second, much revised edition of what was the first serious "bird-finding" guide. It and its companion Eastern guide [above] are now seriously out-of-date, as far as localities described, but the introductions for each state are still very helpful. Our copy has miscellaneous grease and liquid spots on the covers, and the dust jacket is frayed, but the binding and contents are very good.


PIERSON, E. C., and J. E. PIERSON. 1981. A birder's guide to the coast of Maine. Camden, Maine: Down East Books. Paper, 224 pages. ISBN 0-89272-118-9. $3.50. 

   Even though over 25 years old, still a serviceable guide to good birding locations on the Maine coast. Our copy is well-used, but clean with solid binding.


PHILLIPS, D., and H. NASH (editors). 1981. The condor question: captive or forever free? San Francisco, California: Friends of the Earth. Hardbound. 297 pages. ISBN 0-913890-48-0. $1.50.

   A compilation of a variety of articles, essays and interviews, principally aimed at showing that California condors should not be taken into captivity. Particularly interesting are interviews with Carl Koford, Ian McMillan, and Eben McMillan, that are not available elsewhere. Our copy is ex-library with the usual defacements, but is nicely bound with a clean text.


POWER, D. M. (editor). 1989. Current Ornithology, Volume 6. New York, New York, and London, England: Plenum Press. Hardbound. 332 pages. ISBN 0-306-43056-8. $6.00

   Multi-author presentation of recent findings in bird study. Included are papers on population dynamics, migration, and evolutionary adaptations. Our copy is in new condition.


SCHAEFFER, P. P., and S. M. EHLERS. 1978. The current status of peregrine falcon populations in North America. Tiburon, CA: National Audubon Society, Western Education Center. Paper. 67 pages. $3.00.

   This a multi-author proceedings of a symposium held in Oakland, California, in October 1977. Our copy is very clean and very well-bound


SCHNEIDER, Kathryn J., and Diane M. PENCE (editors). 1992. Migratory nongame birds of management concern in the Northeast. Newton Corner, MA: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Paperbound. 400 pages. $5.00.

   A multi-author review of bird species of concern in the New England area. Very informative with maps and extensive literature cited lists. Ours is a very clean, well bound copy.


SCOTT, V. E., K. E. EVANS, D. R. PATTON and C. P. STONE. 1977. Cavity-nesting birds of North American forests. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Agriculture Handbook 511. Paperback, 112 pages. $1.00.

   Color illustrations, range maps, and general habitat requirements for a variety of North American birds, in a pocket-sized handbook. It has a nice bibliography. Our copy is lightly worn, but solidly bound.


SMITH, D. and R. EASTON. 1964. California condor, vanishing American. Charlotte, North Carolina: McNally and Loftin, Publishers. Hardbound, with original dust jacket. 107 pages. $7.50.

   This is still about the best popular book written on the California condor, even after all these years. Our book is very clean and well bound; the original dust jacket is somewhat frayed on the edges, but still very good.


SNYDER, N., and H. SNYDER. 2000. The California condor, a saga of natural history and conservation. London, England, and San Diego, California: Academic Press. Hardbound. 410 pages. ISBN 0-12-654005-5. $2.50.

   An uneven attempt to tell the whole California condor study in one volume. Some of the Snyders' personal observations are interesting, and not available elsewhere. Most of the historical information was poorly researched, outdated, and inaccurate.


SUMNER, L. and J. S. DIXON. 1953. Birds and mammals of the Sierra Nevada, with records from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Hardbound, no dust jacket (library copy), 484 pages. $4.50.

   One of the U. C. Press faunas of California regions, full of distribution information on all the birds and mammals of the central Sierra Nevada. Excellent historical coverage of some of the now very rare or missing mammals (wolverine, fisher, red fox, grizzly bear), and a good bibliography. Ours is an ex-library copy, with all the usual defacing inside front and back covers, but it is otherwise clean and solidly bound.


TEMPLE, S. A. (editor). 1983. Bird conservation 1. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. paper. 148 pages. ISBN 0-299-08984-3. $5.00.

   This is an annual report of the International Council for Bird Preservation, with lengthy papers on the current status of various bird species. Principal bird species covered in this issue are peregrine falcon, bald eagle and California condor, but there are shorter notes on dusky seaside sparrows, parrots, woodpeckers, and various raptors. Our copy is in very good condition.


TOWNSEND, C. W. 1905. The Birds of Essex County, Massachusetts. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Nuttall Ornithological Club. Hardbound [series did not have dust jackets]. 352 pages. $45.00.

    This is Memoir No. III of the Nuttall Ornithological Club. With its supplement volume [see below], it provides a baseline for bird studies in eastern Massachusetts, and then a review of what had changed 15 years later. Our copy is very good, except that the final page and map have come loose from the bindings.


TOWNSEND, C. W. 1920. Supplement to the birds of Essex County, Massachusetts. Cambridge: Nuttall Ornithological Club. Hardbound [series did not have dust jackets].196 pages. $25.50.

   This is Memoir No. V of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, and supplements the original study completed in 1900 [see above]. Our copy has various age marks, but overall is sound and very good.


TYLER, J. G. 1913. Some Birds of the Fresno District, California. Hollywood, CA: Cooper Ornithological Club. Pacific Coast Avifauna No. 9. Paper. 114 pages. $5.00.

   This is one of the important early local avifauna studies, describing the bird life of California's San Joaquin Valley before major agricultural development. Our copy has the title written in ink on the spine. It has good binding.


WILBUR, Sanford R. 1974. The literature of the California black rail. Special Scientific Report-Wildlife No 179. Washington, D. C.: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Paper. 17 pages.

   We have several copies, free for the cost of mailing: $2.50.


WILBUR, Sanford R. 1974. The literature of the California least tern. Special Scientific Report-Wildlife No. 175. Washington, D. C.: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Paper. 18 pages.

   We have several copies, free for the cost of mailing: $2.50.


WILBUR, Sanford R., and Roy E. TOMLINSON. 1976. The literature of the western clapper rails. Special Scientific Report-Wildlife No. 194. Washington, D. C.: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Paper. 31 p.

   We have several copies, free for the cost of mailing: $2.50.


WILBUR, S. R., AND J. A. JACKSON (editors). 1983. Vulture Biology and Management. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 550 pages. ISBN 0-520-04755-9. $55.00.

   This is still the comprehensive work on vultures of the world, a multiple author product from the International Symposium on the Vultures, held in Santa Barbara, California, in 1979. The book is out of print. Our copy is new.


YAFFEE, S. L. 1994. The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl: Policy Lessons for a New Century. Washington, D. C. and Covelo, CA: Island Press. Paper. 430 pages. ISBN 1-55963-204-6. $5.50.

   The author discusses the spotted owl - old growth forest issue in detail, giving his opinion on why the controversy reached such major proportions, and suggesting implications for the future. Interesting coverage. Our copy is very good, except for a couple of dog-eared pages.


ZIMMERMAN, D. R. 1975. To Save a Bird in Peril. New York, NY: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan. Hardbound, with dust jacket. 286 pages. ISBN 608-10671-7. $2.50.

   Well researched and well written accounts of efforts to save various threatened birds, including whooping crane, nene, California condor, bald eagle, osprey, etc. The dust jacket of our copy is a little worn on the edges but intact, and the book itself is very clean and well bound.



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